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Over the last years I have carefully gathered bits and pieces of the information, that was available, on the 'misterious' Philadelphia experiment - that took place over half a century ago. And I gave it a lot of thought and, as I believe now, have found a lot of sense in it. Further in this article I will also assume Your basic knowledge of the side effects that were encountered then, because I will often refer to them.

It seems that the experiment proved hyper-space and time travel possible before they were ready to believe it, not to mention the lack of theoretical knowledge - even though the mastermind Einstein was present. So they stumbled upon something completely new and soon decided to cover it up in a known governmental manner.

They just wanted to make the ship invisible. That happened alright, but it also relocated and the sailors onboard remained blurred and 'frozen' until somebody touched them. This sounds like a bad sci-fi story, but it makes sense if You consider the theory that follows.

Space and time are, as we know, connected (S. Hawking calls it 'Spacetime'). Spacetime is not linear, it bends according to the level of gravity. Travelling through space with some combustion rockets (like NASA insists) is not just primitive, but also insane, because it takes ages to get to anywhere. While travelling through time was known to be impossible. Until now. In fact I'm quite sure it wasn't just me, that came up with this kind of theory. The U.S. Army has probably been working on space/time travel in the last 50 years as a logical progression from the Philadelphia experiment, it would be illogical not to.

So what happened was a 'Wormhole'. When they applied a powerful enough energy-force field, spacetime bent in a tunnel like formation that we call a wormhole (see the background) that connects current spacetime location with some other, mostly lightyears away. Entering a tunnel like that means instanteanously exiting it at the other end. It is not easy to predict/calculate the location of the other end, but it is possible. As far as I know the scientists are having problems to maintain the wormhole for a longer period of time, since it only exists for a fraction of a second. So, the ship disappeared, appeared in a harbour miles away and then reappeared again. The fact is, that the sailors were 'blurred' and transparent. This is where my theory kicks in.

Time can also be seen as a three dimensional space. The origin (0,0,0) can be seen as the beginning of time. Soon after the Big Bang time also started expanding and the timeline difused and allowed infinite 'screenplays' to be realized or predicted if You will; where each point on a 3D timeline represents a whole universe. The 3D time can be represented by the usual set of coordinates x,y and z or some other, like in the picture bellow.

This brings us a whole new set of possibilities, which I will soon describe, but let's first explain the basics here. Let's take the World War II and Hitler for example. According to the picture bellow the present moment in time is the point B. We have seen Adolf rise and start a world war which ended five years later. This is our reality, but suppose the war took a dramatic turn in a specific point in time (we now know that it was close indeed) and that he won the war. That would change the course of history dramatically, resulting in point B'. If that was the case, we would consider that course of history the ONLY reality and dream how nice it would be otherwise.

That was a well known example. It's just that now I'm telling You it's possible. We can travel to point B' and see what it's like there. We can even go to A and make a change for ourselves (till now that was considered impossible), but that would result in a complete new scenario, making it to a new B'', unlike B or B'. In fact there are numerous possibilities, which are all possible and therefore realizable, creating infinite number of alternative universes that are all happening at the same time. This raises some BIG questions, which I will discuss a bit later.

So, if there is a slightest possibility that You could ever be a millionaire, then it also happened, but in it's own universe. The more a breaking point event (A) has an impact on the course of history, the bigger is the deviation in timelines. Which means, the bigger is the arc distance between B and B' (later called 'time impact' or shorter 'timpact'; see picture bellow), the bigger are overall changes that the event in A caused. So, when You catch an egg from falling of the table (A) You in fact make a change, because there is a scenario where that happened (B') but it didn't have much of an impact on the course of history. So the timpact is neglectable, but still present.

Let me get back to the Philadelphia Experiment and the blurred people. The insufficient power that was used, caused men to travel partially to a point in spacetime, where they don't exist or are dead (big timpact). This is one of the toughest things that can happen to a man - being trapped in time. So, when they saw a transparent sailor, they touched him and brought him back - it somehow decreased timpact and helped them find their way back. In general the main problem with wormhole travelling is coming back in the exact same timeline. Just imagine the precision required with 3D timelines, not to mention the three dimensions of space. To get it right you need to set 6 dimensions.

The same force field, that is used for spacetime travel, can also be applied to generate gravity fields. Yes, that's right. By creating wormholes - bending spacetime - it influences gravity fields, either amplifying or diminishing them. In theory it is therefore possible to create local negative gravity and cause objects to float. The first commercial use of this would definitely be in the flying cars. I'm sure the current automobile industry lobby is fighting hard to prevent this to happen. But I don't want to get into this now.

The three dimensions of time give us new options of interactive time travel and also raises questions like: which of these parallel universes is real then? I say: All and none. In each of them we would feel total immersion and would experience it as real, but none of them actually exists. It's just a set of possibilities - by setting the right combination of universal parameters you can make a universe of your own. Quite something I am hoping to be able to do with a computer in a few years time - virtual reality.


So, if I provoked Your mind, mail me and let me know what You think of it.

The theory of three dimensional time is the idea of Borut Majcen a.k.a. Beester. Nov. 9th 1997

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