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The craft sits 16 feet tall and 52 feet, nine inches in diameter. The exterior skin of the disc is metal which is the color of unpolished stainless steel. The sport model sits on its belly when its not energized and not on the stereotypical tri-pod legs that folk lore usually associates with this type of craft. As you can see the entry hatch is located on the upper half of the disc, with just the bottom portion of the door wrapping around the center lip of the disc. The interior of the disc is divided into three levels. The lower level is where the three gravity amplifiers and their wave guides are located. These are the integral components of the propulsion system that are used to amplify and focus the gravity A wave.

The Reactor is located directly above the three gravity amplifiers on the center level and is in fact centered between them.

The Center level of the disc also houses the control consoles and seats, both of which were too small and too low to the floor to be functional for adult human beings. The walls of the center level are all divided into archways. At one point in time, when the disc was energized, one of the archways became transparent and you could see the area outside of it just as if the archway was a window.

Then, A form of writing which was unlike any alphabetic, scientific, or mathematical symbols Lazar had ever seen, began to appear on the one side of the transparent archway. Lazar was never given access to the upper level of the disc so we can't illustrate what the porthole like areas are.  We can however assure you that they are  not portholes.

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