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"The Source of the Gravity A-Wave and the fuel used to amplify it."

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 Arranged in standard form, some of the known properties follow:

Robert Lazar described from his work at the S-4 facility south of area 51 his exposure to the technology of alien space craft. Lazar described the fuel cell as a triangular shapped wedge made from a heavy metal element with a rounded tip. This metal shape was important to the creation and manipulation of gravity. Producing Gravity waves in both A and B allowed the alien space ships to manipulate gravity as well as create it.

Element 115 is a theıretical element that up until afew years ago has never been created in a physics lab. Recently scientist werw able to create element 115, yet only a few atoms that lasted less than a second.Lazar said that the US Government had a stock pile of this rare metal for their own experimentation. This Alien artifact is an interpretation of what the US Airforce manufatured fuel cell would look like.

General Properties

Name Ununpentium Symbol Uup
atomic number 115 Atomic weight  
Density @ 293 K 31.5 g/cm3 Atomic volume 13.45 cm3/mol
Group Superheavy elements discovered 1989


state (s, l, g) s
melting point 1740 C boiling point 3530 K
Heat of fusion kJ/mol Heat of vaporization kJ/mol


1st ionization energy 531 kJ/mole electronegativity  
2nd ionization energy 1756 kJ/mole electron affinity kJ/mole
3rd ionization energy 2653 kJ/mole Specific heat J/gK
heat atomization kJ/mole atoms

Appearance & Characteristics

structure fcc: face-centered cubic color reddish-orange
uses Reactor fuel toxicity unknown
hardness mohs characteristics Stable


reaction with air   reaction with 6M HCl  
reaction with 6M HCl   reaction with 15M HNO3 passivated
reaction with 6M NaOH  


ionic radius (2- ion) pm ionic radius (1- ion) pm
atomic radius pm ionic radius (1+ ion) pm
ionic radius (2+ ion) pm ionic radius (3+ ion) pm


thermal conductivity 6.1 J/m-sec-deg electrical conductivity 7.09 1/mohm-cm
polarizability 20.5 A^3


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