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Black Boxes and Reversed Engineered Area- 51/Watertown Craft/Saucers?

Were Einstein and others involved in the initial program?


It has been reported over the last several years that in Reverse Engineering these reportedly recovered UFOs the Air force and others were required to design our own control systems around the "Alien" technology: It was said that the "Alien" control systems were so far advanced that we had no hope of understanding them if we were to get a working device within a reasonable amount of time. Well, what's reasonable? Fifty years? The Cash Landrum case, a well known case in UFO circles, circa 1980; is said to have been one of these "Reversed Engineered Devices" having all sorts of problems see Cash-Landrum Art Work by James Neff, Bergstrom AFB Interview Of Betty Cash, Vickie & Colby Landrum and, Diamond in the Sky. One reporting source, a Ret AF Lt Col, has stated that a few of these reversed engineered prototypes have been lost in the Gulf of Mexico due to problems with the "Black Boxes:" These reportedly control the "Anti-Gravity Force Fields" around the device. It can be noted that the Cash Landrum case occurred close to the Gulf. Aside: The power plant in the Cash Landrum case was reported to be Nuclear because we didn't understand the "Alien's" power system.  Also, this is probably one good reason why we still fly Space Shuttles and their forecasted updates still on the drawing board. Each reverse engineered craft is reportedly costing up to 5 billion each  with a reported total of 17, that comes out to be ~ 85 billion in Black Funds: Quite a hefty hunk of change. Related to this please see a book review by Hal Puthoff entitled "Synopsis of Unconventional Flying Objects by Paul Hill."

Tim Cooper writes on 09/08/01: By extension I believe NASA was involved in propulsion work at Watertown (Area 51) since the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958 allowed NASA officials and technicians access to Restricted Data (Atomic Energy Act of 1954).  I have done some historical research on the CIA and Lockheed complex for black birds. The SOM1-01 document suggests (see The Majestic Documents SOM1-01, page 11, the SOM1-01 is number 13 on the list of documents) that hardware and propulsion items were studied at Site 4 in the 1950's.  I know NACA cooperated with CIA projects at Area 51 and in 1958 Eisenhower signed into law the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958 reconstituting NACA and authorized the AEC, DoD, and NASA for data sharing on Restricted Data. The Tonopah test range (Nellis AFB) and Papoose Lake range area became part of Groom Lake Area 51 facility (part of the AEC Indian Springs, Nevada Proving Ground) sometime in the late 1950's.  For a description of the S4 facility please see Watertown Area 51/S4 Facility ? And, Albert Einstein, Robert Oppenheimer and Theodore von Karman were reported members of the Scientific Advisory Group dealing with reverse engineering efforts. See Twining's "White Hot" report of 19 September 1947 and Relationships with Inhabitants of Celestrial Bodies draft copy, written by Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer, June 1947. This document establishes a UFO connection for Einstein and Oppenheimer a  month before the reported Roswell crash of July 1947.........

Comments: An "S4 type facility" in the Groom Mountains?  If the reader will go to a good topographical map of Area 51 and retrace the steps made by Frank Batts in report below you'll see I believe that the angle they were at while having their "sighting" only gave them a primary view of the Groom Mountains: They would of only been able to see a small corner of the Groom Lake facility: Also, reference Proto Type Reversed Engineered Flying Saucer? which shows a picture of a "disc" not UAV that was taken in the same general area in1990: Does this data imply an "S4 type facility" in the Groom Mountains?

This "Saucer" not UAV was seen in a hangar at Indian Springs, Nevada in 1978 by a number of people including source.  But, source isn't sure this is exactly what he saw. This is supposedly a hybrid saucer or our Avionics and their propulsion system....

Private Industry looking into Gravity Control?

From the New
York Herald article of 1955...

"Private industry is also looking at the question of gravity control with new seriousness. A large number of giant corporations, including Bell Aerospace, General Electric, Hughes Aircraft, Boeing, Douglas and many others, have set up gravity projects." 

And, von Karman, Ley, von Braun, the secret Aero Group under Goring and other Germans were working on Gravity Control prior to and after WW II ended. Most of these engineers and scientists came to the USA and were working for Martin, Lockheed, McDonnell- Douglas, Aerojet General, General Dynamics, etc......Clark McClelland

Anti-Gravity to a Warp Drive?

Is the Zero Point Energy Field (also see, Polarizable-Vacuum (PV) representation of general relativity) or, the Scalar Field in Inflation Cosmology responsible for the reported cosmological repulsion and  the main contributor to Einstein's famous cosmological constant  ? This Cosmological Constant is defined in terms of the expectation value of an energy density of a quantum vacuum state (symbol "<rho>" above) which is the definition of the Zero Point Energy Field. Is there a way to couple to this positive cosmological constant to produce a local "repulsive" force that apposes gravity? Perhaps yes, see New Scientist--Antigravity.

For the Alcubierre Warp Drive and how it might relate to the above please see SETI, the Velocity-of-Light Limitation and, the Alcubierre Warp Drive: An Integrating Overview.

If the reader has a background in Physics at or above a bachelors degree then you may want to take a look at the following links: Static Test for a Gravitational Force Coupled to  TYPE II YBCO Superconductors Gravitational Modification---Super Conductors, varying magnetic field Possible quantum gravity effects in a charged Bose condensate under variable e.m. field Impulse Gravity Generator Based on Charged YBa_2Cu_3O_{7-y} Superconductor with Composite Crystal Structure  and,  Role of a "Local" Cosmological Constant in Euclidean Quantum Gravity Also, related to this please see Stiff challenge to space-time, Einstein's theory of relativity tells us that gravity bends space. Now a physicist at the University of Portsmouth, UK, has worked out that magnetic fields may smooth bent space. 

Area 51 Saucer?

Intelligence sources have stated that they observed a 75ft + diameter saucer being stored in a hangar at Indian Springs in 1978 and another one up on jacks in a hangar at Area 51. Now, reference report below: Is this the same saucer(s) that they are trying so hard to fly in Area 51 at this moment and having stability problems ? Please refer to the above discussion of "black boxes" and stability problems in the past.

This comes from CNI News: By Michael Lindemann


[Frank Batts works as Administrative Coordinator for AIDS Project Central Coast in Santa Barbara, California. With his friend Joe, he spent the night of April 30-31, 1997 looking for UFOs in the vicinity of Area 51 in central Nevada. Despite much recent speculation that America's "most secret air base" may be shutting down, this report suggests that strange things are still going on out there. This is Frank's first-person account of what happened. CNI News cannot confirm the validity of these events, but we are impressed by the intensity of Frank's emotional reaction to what he saw. Frank can be contacted by email at tiedup@silcom.com .]

By Frank Batts

April 30th, 1997, a friend and I went to Area 51. We arrived in Rachel Nevada at 2200 [10:00 pm] and my friend got directions to the "Mailbox". By 2220 we were on the road.

[Note: Rachel, Nevada is the small town on Highway 375 which serves as the starting point for most investigative forays toward Area 51, which is located at Groom (dry) Lake almost due south of Rachel, just inside the Nellis Air Force Range. The "Mailbox" (or Black Mailbox) is a well-known landmark along the road between Rachel and the boundary of Area 51. -- ed.]

We saw red and yellow lights on the ground out in the desert by around the 19 mile marker. We never found the mailbox, but went back to where we saw the lights. They seemed much closer and bigger than any shots of the base I had ever seen in films.

We parked on the side of the road by the Rachel 20 miles sign, and waited. After about an hour, we saw a blue "ball" appear above the mountain ridge and hover. After about one minute it began hopping in a pattern that looked like the letter "n". It did this twice and did some other left-to-right and right-to-left maneuvers. The whole thing seemed to last about two minutes, but I was excited and blown out. Then the blue light lowered below the ridge.

We waited about another 45 minutes watching what we thought was the Base -- the red, yellow and white lights. We noticed sometimes the red lights flashed -- like a revolving light announcing the opening of doors or something. Sometimes they were on, but constant. The yellow lights went on and off. We assumed the red lights announced someone bringing a new craft out to test, and excitedly waited to see if anything else appeared above the ridge. But nothing ever did.

After about an hour and a half, I was watching the Base and it suddenly lifted off the ground, hovering. The white light reflected off the desert floor and the starlight above suddenly revealed the perfect shape of a very large silver saucer -- the curved saucers on top and bottom with the middle being a bank of lights.

This thing was huge. I don't know sizes, but it was really big -- maybe 200 feet across. We watched it do side-to-side hovering maneuvers from left to right, right to left, and up and down for over an hour and fifteen minutes.

My video camera was suddenly not working and I could not get anything on film, though it worked fine in Rachel that night and the next day when we went back to the same spot to confirm the terrain we had been observing in the dark of night.

The lights on the craft, both red and yellow, did many sequencing events -- from left to right, right to left, and alternating runs, though I couldn't figure out if they had anything to do with which maneuver the craft was going to do next.

After an hour and 15 minutes, a mist or fog was coming up off the desert floor and began to obscure our vision, and we gave up and left.

The next day I was so upset by the whole event I asked to speak with someone at The Ale Inn [the "Little A'Le'Inn," a landmark in Rachel, Nevada where many UFO watchers gather]. We found out we had gone 20 miles the "wrong way" and had ended up at the back end of the base, but had had a great sighting by fluke anyway. The person, Bob, who goes there once a month was really excited by our story and was going to go that night (Thursday) to see what was going on. He said they shifted testings from time to time, and that area had been inactive for months but obviously was reactivated.

That is my experience. I saw unmistakably a saucer with MY OWN EYES. It has been a really upsetting experience -- which surprises me. I thought I was so cool, and that it would be so cool. The reality totally topples the order of beliefs and leaves one confused and vulnerable. I ended up a crybaby, but I have gotten through it and I'm definitely going back.

It was incredible to me, and I need to share the experience with people -- the reality is so powerful, beyond any ideas that I thought I had... These "whatever they were" were absolutely stunning and beautiful to watch.

[In a followup letter to CNI News, Frank wrote: "I continue to have big feelings from this sighting, especially after the recent Air Force Roswell explanation {i.e. about parachuting dummies}. A part of me has difficulty accepting the magnitude of what I saw. Their stance makes me doubt myself further. But I KNOW WHAT I SAW! The blue luminous ball behaved like nothing in the air I've ever seen, and the huge clearly definable silver saucer/disc is too far beyond explaining away -- even to my own self. I hate to say 'they' are liars, but the powerful reality of what I saw forces me to that."]

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