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By Ian J. Darlington

The definition of a classic UFO is the disc-shaped craft; during daylight they appear like shining silver jewels reflecting the sky and scenery around them, at night they are often self-luminous. Perhaps the single most striking characteristic is their phenomenal manoeuvrability twinned with mind-blowing acceleration. So what makes them tick? In this article we will take a look at some theories to explain these abilities and also at a number of human attempts to build craft that match the UFOs capabilities.

Anti-Gravity And Anti-Matter

In his book ‘UFO Quest’, Alan Watts presented a theory that a curved (bell) surface of a saucer can have the ability to create lift and drive forces from within the material of the surfaces. All that was needed was a very large current flowing in the surfaces - this would only work if as well as electrons there were positrons involved (these are electrons anti-particles, effectively anti-matter).

The theory continues to describe how the flat surfaces, through electromagnetic forces within can create lift. Watts envisaged four ‘force arms’ rotating around a saucer-sized disc. Along each of these arms is an equal upward force, so the disc lifts. When the controls increase the rate of rotation, the lift also increases. This explains upward lift, but to enable forward motion requires a rim where the force arms also provide a drive force. Watts believes the UFOs seen have the correct ratio of 5:1 between projected horizontal area and side area to provide the kind of performance witnessed by so many people.

The electromagnetic (EM) forces involved may also, says Watts, explain why during many sightings where there are two or more people present often it is only one person that sees the UFO - the light that shows up the UFO is bent around it by the EM forces so that it appears invisible to other observers.

Further speculation has come from such diverse sources as Dr Hermann Oberth, one of the designers of the V-2 who subsequently assisted the Americans in anti-gravity research; and William F. Hamilton who is noted as saying: ‘the saucers appear to have an absence of inertia and it is surmised that they generate a cone-field of electric energy which could divert the force of gravity.’
The resultant effect of such a resonating gravitational field would be to render the craft weightless, allowing it to be thrust forward at phenomenal speed with very little thrust.

A rather less dramatic theory has been presented by Kenneth Behrendt who believes the craft create an anti-mass field around them to buoy themselves on the atmospheric air whilst within Earth’s atmosphere. When in space he thinks they would use ‘standard’ methods such as that proposed by the British Interplanetary Society’s ‘Project Daedalus’ - nuclear pulse rockets using deuterium and helium-3 pellets as fuel.

However, the extreme importance of anti-gravity research is indicated by the fact that in the USA in the 1960s there were a total of 46 unclassified projects under way. Who knows how many are still on-going under top-secret restrictions? This leads nicely to the modern era of Area 51 and one Bob Lazar who claims to have helped ‘back-engineer’ retrieved discs. The now-famous ‘sports-model’ is said to use anti-gravity and a new element as a ‘fuel’ that was named Element-115. The drive can distort space-time to achieve interstellar travel in normal time-spans.

However, long before Lazar came along, Billy Meier was talking of precisely this method of propulsion with regard to the Pleiedian’s craft - information which was backed up in the ‘70s by the investigation team Wendelle Stevens and Lee Elders when they spoke to NASA scientists theorising about advanced propulsion. It was Alan Holt and David Froening at the end of the ‘70s who were working on an extension of
Einstein’s Unified Field Theory (which in turn was based on Nikola Tesla’s work in the early part of this century). This involved what they referred to as a ‘field propulsion’ craft that was a ‘morphing’ craft which changed colour and shape as it entered different stages of flight - this is similar to many UFOs that are reported around the globe. Stevens and Elders were told that the craft would jump out of space and time to reduce the transit times between origin and destination; taking about eight hours to travel 500 light years from the Pleiedes to Earth - the same amount of time that Meier was told it took.

We were told then that this work was all just theory, but how far are NASA and the US government along the road to flying these craft? According to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, nothing can move faster than the speed of light (300,000km/sec) - however, Holt and Froening were talking about ‘tachyons’ being able to do this back then. It seems that since the 1970s scientists seem to have conveniently forgotten about this ground-breaking work; or perhaps they are keeping a tighter lid on it now.

Another theory that is also backed-up by ‘received’ information is that the propulsion and drive systems are somehow controlled or created by crystals. A number of contactees and abductees have been given this information. This has been backed up by some UFO sightings - one black triangle was seen to have a large, glowing crystal structure underneath at its centre. Perhaps more dramatically, the Hudson Bay sightings resulted in similar descriptions. Indeed, it was rumoured that the US forces managed to shoot one of the craft down and inside it contained
control panels full of crystals.

Aurora, Halo and Waverider

Since the Second World War and the Cold War following that, advances in anything that could feasibly be used by the military have been kept a very secure secret as far as possible: the U-2 spy plane, the SR-71 Blackbird and the Stealth Bomber and Fighter were all kept under a veil of secrecy until their useful lives had ended. However, the Stealth Bomber and Fighter are still supposed to be in active service, so this leads to the conclusion that maybe they have something even more advanced.

In August 1996 an article appeared in the Sunday Times announcing that NASA had revealed its next project for fast aircraft for the next millennium. Codenamed ‘Waverider’ it is a development of the stealth craft that have been flying since the 1970s/80s. It looks suspiciously like the description received by many investigators of the ‘Aurora’ craft that the US government has continuously denied exists. Waverider is a joint project between NASA and USAF and is capable of speeds in excess of twice the speed of Concorde - 3,000mph. The official name of the craft is LoFlyte (Low Observable Flight Test Experiment) and is thought to have actually had world-wide flight tests; this could explain at least some of the sightings of Flying Triangles (FTs).

The aircraft gained it’s nickname due to being able to surf on a ‘wave’ of air, this is different to conventional aircraft which simply fly through the air. The advances do not stop there. Its controls are so complicated that special software has been written that will teach the craft to fly itself after basic instruction from a pilot; the neural network is also said to be more like the human brain than a computer.

It is rumoured by many sources that the US government has acquired (indeed, some say been given) extra-terrestrial craft from which a lot of the new ideas were gained. As to what the ETs can gain in return some say the permission to abduct people at will - this is unlikely as the ETs are so far ahead of us in terms of technology and spiritual development that they do not need permission. More probable is that it is a kind of test, just to see what we do with the technology - make war or work for peace; join the United Federation of Planets or destroy ourselves. Only time will tell which way we go.
As well as the American Waverider/Aurora, Britain is also believed to be developing its own version of the advanced craft code named ‘HALO’ (High Altitude, Low Observable). Said to be based out of the British Aerospace factory at Warton in Lancashire, it’s purpose is thought to be a test craft for a field-effect propulsion system. The aircraft has been seen as an FT escorted by conventional RAF fighters.

One clear sighting was described as being a silver triangle half the size of the escort aircraft and leaving no con-trail unlike the jets. It was seen flying past Southport in broad daylight travelling towards Liverpool - Warton lies along the same stretch of coastline. At one point the silver triangle ‘dropped like a stone and just carried on’ the jets had to descend much slower.

With all the fuss about the stealth projects in the States and the EuroFighter in Britain, it seems apparent that many of these are mere covers for much more secret and advanced projects.
As well as the new bombers and fighters, many sightings of so-called UFOs could in fact be RPVs (remotely piloted vehicles). These are used by the military to reconnaissance dangerous battle zones such as during the Gulf War and the war in Bosnia. They use advanced remote control and have very alien-looking designs. One in particular named ‘DarkStar’ was rolled out of Lockheed’s ‘Skunk Works’ in California and looks just like a flying disc. It can travel 500 miles to a certain location and then operate for eight hours at up to 45,000 feet.

Will We Journey To The Stars Or Become Extinct?

In conclusion, although I know for a fact that the ETs are visiting us in vastly advanced craft - we must also bear in mind that we are gaining that technology in leaps and bounds. However, many of these projects are going on in private workshops around the world and until mankind is ready to take up the challenge of being part of an interstellar species it will not be revealed to the world. The lesson we are being shown by the ETs is not going to be learned - the human race is still divided and continues to participate in tribal warfare.

Until the day when we can put our Neanderthal past behind us and realise our true heritage, I fear that all of the technology gained from the ETs will be wasted on the petty pursuits of greed and wealth. There needs to be a fundamental change in our psyche as a race before we can journey beyond our own moon and be a part of the Bigger Picture that is going on out there in the cosmos.


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