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    Some scientists think that wormholes exist and some don't.  If scientists could harness a wormhole it would be quite a discovery.  Kip Thorne, an American physicist, in 1984, was one of the first to think of the idea of a wormhole.

        Black holes are believed to be a tunnel to another universe.  This could be true but it would be very unstable.  The tunnel would only be open for a few minutes, so it would be too dangerous to try to fly through one, unless scientists could turn their theory into a reality and turn the ferocity of a black hole off with anti-gravity.
    Scientists believe that anti-gravity would turn off the black hole's feasting and create a fast safe tunnel to another universe.  A black hole uses gravity to suck in matter and the tunnel would be unsafe because the black hole contracts, but if the anti-gravity worked the tunnel would expand and create stronger walls in the tunnel as well as stop the feasting of the black hole.

    If scientists could do this, space travel would be easier than walking to a local food store.  A person would simply take a step into the wormhole and would end up at the other side, possibly billions of light years away.

    The black hole wouldn't always go to the spot you wanted to go.  So in that case you would need to make a wormhole.  Making a wormhole sounds pretty impossible but if scientists could find a way, to make a hole in space with one end in his house and the other end where  he would want to go, the possibilities of space travel would be endless.

Entering a wormhole on future Earth

Exiting wormhole on the future Moon


Don't get too excited though, the possibility of making a wormhole in your lifetime is a very low one.

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