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Area 51 UFO Poster signed by Bob Lazar
This is a poster of the alien craft that was housed at the top secret research facility in the Nevada desert known as Area 51. Government scientist Bob Lazar was allegedly part of a "back engineering" team & released the information to the public in late 1989. A basic overview of the craft & dimensions are shown as well as the gravity propulsion system. The entire background image is a photo taken by a Russian Spy Satellite directly over Area 51. The photo was purchased by the Testor Corporation in 1992. Dead center in the satellite photo is the craft hovering during a test flight. Poster dimensions are 34"x 22" and is printed on heavy high-grade poster paper. The poster was hand signed by Bob Lazar. Mr. Lazar does not lecture, and rarely will even discuss the topic of UFOs. Anything signed by him is quite difficult to come by. It will be rolled & shipped in a tube (not folded).


          Bob Lazar Spacecraft Poster ( 98 x 62 )

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