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MHD and flying saucers

MHD means "magnetohydrodynamics", and is a branch of physics that studfies the behaviour of magnetic fields immerged fluids. The atmosphere is a fluid. Such theory has been especially well accepted by French ufology, especially by Jean-Pierre Petit, research director at the CNRS, who has conceived a theroric model of flying saucer using MHD. The solution supplied by MHD in part confirms the previous chapter, in part develops furtherly without involving black holes.

MHD, of course, was never developed for flying saucers nor for ufology. The most comprehensive explanation of a ufological application can be read in the special edition of the French magazine "Science & Vie",  published in 1997 with the title "1947-1997 50 Ans D'OVNIS". While the magazine contains a lot of mistakes and skepticism, we can read a divulgative article by Bertrand Lebrun. It is not my intention to fully translate a rather long article, but to make a résumé for you to understand the principles of a hypothetic MHD propulsion. In fact, it can explain part of the effects observed by witnesses.

Drive my flying saucer

Despite the fact that MHD is a contemporary science, its principle is known since the XVIIIth century: I'm talking about Pierre Simon de Laplace (1749-1827). This principle is being used nowadays in electric motors and in every field involving an electric current into force. More precisely, a conductor crossed by an electric current, and placed in a perpendicular magnetic field, is submitted to the Laplace force. If this works for a solid, i does also for liquids and gazes. For exemple, this works well with submarines, whose salted water is a good conductor thanks to the ions.

The Laplace force formula: F=iBL>, where L is the lenght of the conductor, i the intensity of the elerctric current and B the perpendicular magnetic field. (source: Science et Vie)

I'd work with aircrafts as well, if it weren't for the fact that the mix of gazes is an excellent electrical insulator! to make the air a good conductor, we need to ionize it. How? the most common way'd be through High Frequency (HF) electromagnetic waves. they're able to heat locally the air as much as 3'000°C, around the craft. In fact (here we are explaining one common effect of flying saucers!), the ionization produces halos of light around the craft. The energy communicated by HF waves is stored by the air, who restores it, in form of visible light. The variations of the colour around flying saucers may be explained as variations required to keep the stability of the craft in flight. A second interesting correlation would be in the portholes, sometimes visible in photos or noticed by witnesses, could be areas of more intense ionization, maybe ad hoc electrodes. Furthermore, the ionized layer around the saucer made it invisible to radars, absorbing their waves!

Possible functioning of a flying saucer.

As far as HF waves are concerned, they could explain the physical effects observed on the vegetation: such saucer is like a big, powerful, open microwave hoover. Same story with the sudden stop of cars and the malfunctioning of electrical apparatuses.

The odors described by UFO witnesses may be explained with ozone created during the ionization, bur also by other elements used to ease such process, like the cesium.

Shapes and flight

MHD forces have the same effects as the helicopter's blades: they push the upper air below the craft. The depression obtained up the craft and the surpression below the same craft must be enough to let it fly. The ideal shape is the disk, for it offers the most important surface in contact with air; but, after you've added the instruments, it's the saucer.

How can such saucer fly like lightning, and not create the typical bang shockwave? Simply, MHD allows it not to create one such wave. Controlling the air scrolling all around the saucer isn't easy and must be precise. With incrasing speed, waves tend to accumulate. So: no shockwave, no sound! Petit has demonstrated that MHD can suppress shockwaves in the air.

The flying saucer can control the air around itself.

Are we ready for a working flying saucer?

Wait. Unfortunately, we're far away from building a flying saucer. THe prototype cannot be built yet.

To let tons of metal fly, we need to procude an end-of-the-world EM field. The air must be as conductive as a stell wire rope. Industrial magnets produce an EM of 1.2 to 2 Teslas, while for a flying saucer we needed tens of Teslas! Not to forget that these huge EM fields make the ionized air itself unstable, thus compromising the conductive features.

Common materials would surely melt, under such heavy heat. Superconductors are the solutions, for they offer no resistence to currents, so they'd not heat. Problem is, this only works at -52°C and with liquid azote...which is really heavy.

To produce the required EM field, we need the equivalent of a portable power plant. To control the ionization correctly, we need fast computers. Our computers'd not work inside an EM field, for the supports are magnertic. Lasers or fiber optics computers maybe, which are being developed.

Which alloys could stand the great accellerations, not to talk about the delicate electrodes? None we have. How could we ever communicate, if no radio wave can go through ionized air?

These are big problems that, one day, may find a solution.

The flying saucers science

In a century when physicists discuss about space-time tunnels, wormholes, hyperspace and parallel universes, the possibility that a space ship could leave its planet getting ridd of Einstein laws (considering time warp, where inside it time goes on slowly, and outside very fast-so the eventual astronaut would never see his family alive again) is not that fantastic anymore.

Ufology has witnessed different temptative explanations of the propulsion system of flying saucers: while certain subjects  pretended to know more having worked at such secret projects, some physicists like Petit, Meessen and Friedman have studied MHD. In this article, I'm going to examine two approaches: the Italian black holes theory and the MHD so popular by French researchers.

Flying saucers and black holes

How can the famous flying saucers work? A temptative hypothesis has been conceived by research chemist Corrado Malanga of University of Pisa for the Italian magazine "Notiziario UFO" (n.112). "By observing most photos with UFOs", wrote Malanga, "not declared faked by ufologists, we deduce one thing. The simulation made by a computer fully respects the laws of lights and shadows; the same laws are not respected, it seems, in the true photos of our files. With simple words, there are big differences between computer simulations and real photos: in fact while these objects have very bright areas, due to energy emissions in the visible spectrum, there are some dark areas not only where there are shadows but also where areas are enlighted by sun or other sources.

UFOs shooted and sighted at Crosia, Amay, Mount Rainier showed a black hole at the centre. Other UFOs show dark areas along the equatorial zones of the object or real black holes at the centre of the simmetry axis.
The existence of such areas can be related to electromagnetical effects these objects produce on the radiations they hit. In fact, we know cases where these objects give out light beams (known as solid light) that do not spread normally but curve in the space. Such effect isn't only produced by light beams coming from the objects (electric torches a. s. o.).

There is a very similar behaviour with X rays or radar rays sent towards the UFO; who nearly never come back signaling the presence of the object, in stead they are absorbed or diverted by the object itself. Similar effects can be found on radio waves and voltage current (on an electromagnetical field) close to such UFOs (radios, lights cars blackouts). Again, such an effect can also be found on the wrist-watch of the witnesses who went too close to the object: near a UFO, time goes slower! There are very famous cases of subjects abducted aboard UFOs who later had been carried back on Earth, and told they'd been away for few hours but in reality many days had passed on Earth.

Another peculiar effect these objects produce in flight is the acceleration, that raises infinite values for short distances. Following official sources ( Belgian and Russian Airforces) published by every newspaper, when these objects accelerate, they bounce suddenly from a speed to another one, without accelerating through intermediate speeds: with simple words, in a quantized way.

Just this last effect can help us understanding how UFOs may work and fly in space. Let's think that a UFO moves in space like an electron does. When it is excited it can spring to a second atomic orbit. How? The answer in mathematic functions is very clear. The electron has disappeared here to go there! In fact it isn't possible finding the electron in a part of space between two orbits; since for quantum mechanics everything is quantized, that means expressed by energy quantums that cannot be divided.These energy packets would allow the electron to be here or there but not somewhere between as they'd allow it to gain a certain speed or another but never a speed value between the two. The acceleration of electrons could be the one of UFOs: the motion of a UFO would be quantized and expressible through physical laws similar to the Schroedinger equations.

The black hole, the electrons and UFOs share one common pattern. Both three spin around an axis. The theory of curved spaces tells us how a black hole attracts every radiation, just like a UFO opens a door, a hole in space-time giving it instant access to a far area of the universe.

Jumping to another area of universe by opening a black hole, coming out the other side in a moment, using this method as a shortcut.

The final result is that flying at a much inferior speed than lightspeed the flying saucer could travel for great distances. In stead of increasing the speed that cannot spread beyond lightspeed, I can warp space-time. The UFO must spin, as the electron, and must generate a gravitational field or something similar to be able to open a hole in space-time..."

An interesting approach, but black holes are unstable. An interesting approach though, but not fully clear.

A more indepth approach was later developed in 1996 by Malanga and Magenta, with the title of "Super Spin Hypothesis".

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