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Contactees: George Adamski

George Adamski (1891-1965)
The first contactee of history's been George Adamski (1891-1965), absolutely convinced, against any critics or skeptics, that he'd been contacted by aliens from Venus, Mars, Saturn known as "Space Brothers".
Adamski was a Polish-American man coming from a poor family. For that, he could not go to a University.
Nevertheless, he "studied" by himself while taking little jobs here and there. In particular, he was to become a follower of Theosophy, a questionable "spiritual movement" that'll lead his life.

He joined the Army from 1913 to 1916 and fighted during the Mexican war, and got married in 1917 with Mary Shimbersky. He claimed to have been alcohol bootlegger during the Prohibition (1920-1933). He also gave lectures about astronomy and philosophy in New Mexico, California and Arizona during cold winters, when there was no TV. In the late '20s he settled up at Laguna Beach teaching "Universal Law"...practically a mix of Theosophy and of Christianism.

At last, he settled up on Mount Palomar, California, working as waiter for a local restaurant property of Alice Wells. His interest for flying saucers and astronomy was high. Most every night he spent hours looking at stars through a modest telescope. And belive or not, his speeches interested scientists and FBI, for he had the power to attract masses and change their mind!
Contacts begin

Paint of Orthon

Adamski met with one Nordic, surnamed by himself "Orthon", in 1952 at Desert Center while his friends witnessed from distance the encounter. This contact is probably true. Adamski wrote this first account in "Flying Saucers Have Landed" (1953) with his friend Desmond Leslie: this Lord was brilliant and precise, while Adamski was excited and quite childish in telling the story (following Colin Bennet, Adamski was bisexual). The dialogue, if we can call it so, is quite ridiculous. The story did go on: later, two more Nordics ("Firkon" and "Ramu") met and invited Adamski inside their ships, out of Los Angeles, discussed with him topics like "universal law" and problems of our planet. They showed him their engines and their space ships. Adamski decided to spread such accounts through the book "Inside The Space Ships" in 1955 and world conferences. Let's say that this case did not stop with the end of the book.

A group was formed and his close friend Lucy McGinnis was charged to manage it. It's strange how, during the encounters, he acted as he was hitted by a hammer on his head: the aliens did quite a monologue, he did not ask anything but if they organized parties! There's a clear influence of his beliefs. Nevertheless, interest in his stories was high. Worldwide. His world tour brought him around the world, getting in contact with colllegues like Maj. Hans Petersen of Danish Air Force and Lou Zinsstag. On stage, the real Adamski revealed for what he really was: a non speaker. Furthermore, whenever he started talking about Universal Law he was such a bore. Europe welcomed him in a skeptical way, especially in Switzerland where his mind melt down.

In the '60s, George Adamski was a disappointed man. Lucy McGinnis had lefted him, Europe was not interested in him anymore and his visions had fallen: the paradisiac venusian world had not come true.
The Adamski puzzle

Adamski's second bestseller, published in 1955
His claims have split the ufological comunity in two: fake or genuine? Both, I think...although this case is so confused: from the one hand he could be gullible, idealistic, non practical and from the other hand he could be intelligent, self confident, calm. It depended from which side of him was on.

What's more, the alien technology suffered from a too electromechanical view, plausible with '50s industrial hopes but surely not with ours: Adamski described no no microchips, no fiber optics etc. but all kind of mechanisms in a general way. There's no life on Venus, Mars and Jupiter, nor on the Moon. And no animal running on the Moon surface.

He even declared the FBI approved his photos to be genuine, which is wrong and caused him some troubles.

  Let's see a bit an image found on a film, featuring a mothership's insides. What do you see? Not much:every interesting, technical detail is missing, it's just corridors!

Top: cigar shaped UFO with scout ships around it; below: a "Venusian" scout ship (© GAF)
Surprizes come when less expected: his video footages can be said to be partly genuine, especially the Madeleine Rodeffer video, shot before his death, in which there's a close view of the scout ship hovering over the trees, with one landing spheres moving up and down and a side of the saucer changing shape!! This is not all: Adamski surely had telephatic capabilities. In 1958, travelling with Carol Honey towards Grants Pass, Oregon, he suddenly had a "telephatic hunch" and told Honey to come back to a café they just had passed: as they entered, a small blonde woman (looking 12 years old at distance) approached the two. George changed attitude, acting like a drunkard, which made Honey suspicious. The woman demonstrated strong telephatic powers, so Honey concluded she must've been around a (45 years old) space person. You can laugh at this, but next day, in a Seattle hotel, Adamski took a call during which a voice told him the woman was not 45 and not who he thought, but her sister. In fact, George Adamski was sure she was Kalna! Useless to say nobody knew they were there...

And there's a lot more: his famous "venusian symbols" have received an astonishing confirm, ten years later, from an archeologist, Marcel Homet, who published in '65 very similars symbols in his book! Adamski described, in his second book, what he saw through a ship window and the same phenomenon has been described by our astronauts ten years later...also, he reported an area of light, just in the space area out of Earth that has been observed during space missions; finally he reported about what later will be called Van Allen strings!! Simply, he could not know about these. To be precise, he even told there was water on the Moon. I must mention the genuine feeling of charm and trust that George Adamski generated in his friends: Adamski stated space travels were just scientific, not religious at all...

What about his famous photos?


The Adamski myth found further confirmations even outside of his own best hopes, maybe for a lucky period for himself and his claims. Many questioned the genuinity of his photos: most ufologists consider his photos as faked (a lamp or a part of a hoover), while scientists like Leonard Cramp, Alan Watts, William Sherwood, Colman Von Keviczky and Bob Oechsler have analyzed the photo, concluding it's an object of at least 10 meters wide, built to fly. What's more, such discs have been sighted in other countries.

A famous one was teenager Stephen Darbshire who, in '54, photographed a UFO similar to the "Venusian scoutship"...without having seen Adamski's! In other places and times similar objects have been photographed. To this, add the fact that Adamski was poor, living in primitive groups, in a period when complex engines were out of reach for anyone outside a Government R&D lab. He surely could not use remotely controlled models, nor the more classic strings.

Adamski lives on
  But there is more! The Adamski case went on even after his death in 1965, and it didn't spread on from his close friends. A day after Adamski's death, Arthur Bryant, at Scoriton, England, met casually a group of Nordic aliens. One was young and, introduced himself as "Yamski", gave Bryant a message for "DesLes". In fact a nickname for Desmond Leslie, used only by George Adamski. After that, a second UFO landing left on the ground two objects: a small wreckage of airplane (Mantell's?) and a glas phial. It contained silver sand and a sheet with a Greek message: Adelfo's Adelfo ("from Brother to Brother"). Was it for Leslie? It's curious to notice how Bryant looks like George Adamski!
The 7th July 1957 or '59 Luciano Galli, a mechanical from Bologna, Italy, while going at his workshop, was approached, towards 14:30, by a black Fiat 1100 car and a tall, handsome man with black hair and very dark eyes came out. He kindly invited Galli to go with him. What followed, is a perfect Adamski-like experience...with many similar aspects. The man looks like Ramu, and like him, he is on a black car. Galli was a very simple, modest and humble workman. He wrote no book, earned no extra money, did nothing after that day. And he didn't care about UFOs.
Problem is, in that year Adamski's books were unknown in Italy, so were his tales.

Finally, a hoax arrived in the '80s, from Italy, trying to emulate the Adamski experience, in a more Chirstian and New Age way. It all culminated in a very badly written book.

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