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Alien Encounter: Pancakes From Space

Humanoid - Eagle River, Wisconsin, April 18 1961.


The following case description is one of weirdest in ufology. On April 18, 1961, Mr. Paul Simonton, a chicken farmer in Eagle River, Wisconsin claimed he witnessed a disc-shaped craft land vertically on his farm. A hatch opened, and when he approached he saw three human-looking 'men' inside. They asked him for some water. They appeared to be cooking pancakes on a griddle, and in exchange for the water they gave him four of the pancakes from griddle. The episode survived a rigorous assessment by the U.S. Air Force and is carried in their files as "unexplained."


Two photographs of Joe Simonton with one of the "alien pancakes". (source of first photo: Vilas County News-Review, April 27, 1961)

Incident: Wisconsin 's strangest close encounter of the third kind must surely be the incident during which Joe Simonton was given three pancakes by "Italian-looking" aliens.

A close encounter of the third kind is an actual meeting between humans and extraterrestrials, and Simonton's is easily the state's best known. Despite the unlikely manner in which the story unfolded, the episode survived a rigorous assessment by the U.S. Air Force and is carried in their files as "unexplained."

Simonton encounter USA 18-4-1961. "Joe Simonton watched a UFO land in his farmyard near Eagle river. A human like alien handed him a jug and gestured for water. In return he was given four small pancakes before they departed. On examination by researchers they were found to be made of terrestrial ingredients and tasted like cardboard. There was much publicity and Simonton regretted telling anybody about it." (Ilustration by Michael Buhler.)

In 1961, Joe Simonton was a plumber; auctioneer and Santa Claus - annually, for the Eagle River Chamber of Commerce. He reported his age as 55 or 60, depending on the interviewer: At 11 a.m., April 18, Simonton was having a late breakfast when he heard a sound like that of a jet being throttled back, something like the sound of "knobby tires on wet pavement." He went into the yard and saw a flying saucer drop out of the sky and hover over his farm. It was silver and "brighter than chrome," 12 feet in height and 30 feet in diameter. On one edge were what appeared to be exhaust pipes, 6 or 7 inches in diameter.

The disc landed and a hatch opened. Inside were three dark-skinned aliens, each about 5 feet tall and weighing about 125 pounds. They appeared to be between 25 and 30 years old and were dressed in dark blue or black knit uniforms with turtleneck tops, and helmet-like caps. They were clean-shaven, Simonton said, and "Italian-looking."

The aliens did not speak in his presence, but they had a silvery jug with two handles, heavier than aluminum but lighter than steel, about a foot high. It seemed to be made out of the same material as the craft. Simonton said it was "a beautiful thing, a Thermos jug-like bottle quite unlike any jug I have ever seen here [on Earth]."

Through ESP or something, Simonton got the idea that the aliens wanted water. He left the visitors, filled the jug from the water pump in his basement, then returned to the craft and gave the jug back. To do this, he had to brace himself against the UFO's hull and stretch up. From the subsequent Air Force report: "Looking into the [saucer] he saw a man 'cooking' on some kind of flameless cooking appliance." The alien was preparing pancakes.


Sketch of the UFO, based on a drawing supplied by Joe Simonton. (credit: FSR)

The interior of the UFO was dull black, even the three "extremely beautiful" instrument panels, and had the appearance of wrought iron. The contrast between the dark interior and shiny exterior so fascinated Simonton that he later said that he "would love to have a room painted in the same way."

In return for the water, one of the aliens - the only one with narrow red trim on his trousers - presented Simonton with three of the pancakes, hot from the griddle. As he did so, the alien touched his own forehead, apparently a salute in thanks to Simonton for his help. Simonton saluted back. Each of the pancakes was roughly 3 inches in diameter and perforated with small holes.

The head alien then connected a line or belt to a hook in his clothing and the hatch closed. The saucer rose about 20 feet and took off to the south, at a 45-degree angle. Its wake left a blast of air that tossed the tops of nearby pine trees. The craft took only two seconds to disappear from view.

Simonton ate one of the pancakes, ostensibly in the interest of science. "It tasted like cardboard," he told the Associated Press. The other two pancakes he gave to Vilas County Judge Frank Carter, a local UFO enthusiast. Carter, who called the aliens "saucernauts", said he believed Simonton's story since he could not think of any way in which the farmer might profit from a hoax. Carter's son, Colyn, today a lawyer in Eagle River, told me, "I recall as a youngster that my dad took it very seriously."

Judge Carter sent the pancakes to what was then the country's top investigative group, the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). They refused the opportunity to check it out. That put a damper on Judge Carter's plans; he had wanted to hold a seminar on the incident.

By this time, Simonton said, he was "irked by reporters making fun of the situation and laughing."

In response to all this, the Air Force dispatched its civilian UFO investigator, J. Allen Hynek. Hynek at the time was an astronomer at Northwestern University. He later became convinced that UFOs are real, and founded his own investigative agency, which took over NICAP's files after that group folded. Thanks to Hynek, a Northwestern University committee and the Air Force's Technical Intelligence Center analyzed one of Simonton's pancakes and found it to be made of flour, sugar and grease; it was rumored, however, that the wheat in the pancakes was of an unknown type.

The official Air Force assessment of it all: This case is unexplained. "The only serious flaw in the story is the disappearance of the craft in 'two seconds.' The rest of the story did not contain any outrages to physical concepts," reads the report. Simonton "answered questions directly, did not contradict himself, insisted on the facts being exactly as he stated and refused to accept embellishments or modifications. He stated he was sure that we wouldn't believe him but that he didn't care whether he was believed. He stated simply that this happened and that was that."

The private Air Force response was unearthed after a little detective work. It comes from a UFO handbook for Air Force personnel, written by Lloyd Mallan and issued in a popular edition by Science and Mechanics Publishing Co. In the book, Mallan refers to "J.S., a highly regarded, much respected citizen of Eagle River, Wis. -- a small rural community noted for its attractiveness to tourists."

(Unless there are more space-pancake recipients in Eagle River than otherwise reported, we can safely see through Mallan's clever attempt at disguise and positively identify "J.S." as Joe Simonton.)

One Air Force investigator, according to Mallan, said that Simonton "appeared quite sincere to me, did not appear to be the perpetrator of a hoax." But an Air Force Aeronautical Systems Division psychiatrist believed that Simonton had suffered a hallucination and subsequent delusion. The Air Technical Intelligence Center investigator said, "cases of this type could be injurious to the mental health of the individual if [he] became upset due to the experience. ...It was pointed out that experiences of this type, hallucinations followed by delusion, are not at all uncommon and especially in rural communities."

Additionally, according to Mallan, the Air Force took to heart an unsubstantiated rumor circulated by, among others, Raymond Palmer, a publisher of pulp flying-saucer and science-fiction magazines. Palmer reported to the Air Force his belief that Simonton had been hypnotized by an Eagle River real estate broker and was fed the pancake story so that he would repeat it and appear truthful. The motivation for this was economic, for the purpose of "a miniature Disneyland that is or was being built in the area."


To understand how incredible the rumor was, it is useful to look at the credibility of Palmer himself. One of his favorite theories was that flying saucers came from a secret hollow-Earth civilization ruled by a race called Detrimental Robots, which he abbreviated as "Deros." According to Palmer, the Deros manipulated humanity with their projected thought rays. Palmer's primary source -- actually, his only source -- was a Pennsylvania welder who drew upon "racial memory" for his accounts. (There apparently is no mention in Air Force files of the possibility that the Deros' thought-ray had been turned upon real estate agents, or Palmer, or even the Air Force, though I believe there is as much evidence for that as for an Eagle River Disneyland.)

But based on such sound "evidence," the Air Technical Intelligence Center, which headquartered Air Force UFO investigations, let the matter drop. Publicly, it was a mystery. The classified reason, revealed to Mallan, was that the Air Force would not pursue the matter "due to the possibility of causing [Simonton] embarrassment which might prove injurious to his health." This was an uncharacteristic kindness on the part of the Air Force; they regularly had been dismissing reports from pilots - even their own - as misidentifications or, worse, hallucinations. "There are sufficient psychological explanations for reports not otherwise explainable," concluded the Psychology Branch of the Air Force's Aeromedical Laboratory in 1949. Pilots, police, professors, besides regular folks -- all nuts. In the 60's, though, for a brief, shining moment, the Air Force took on a human face and it its collective tongue, bending over backwards to carry the case of a part-time Santa and full-time chicken farmer as unexplained. Some may smell a conspiracy here.

As for Simonton himself, in the end he was left with a bitter taste in his mouth, and it wasn't from the pancakes. "I haven't been able to work for three weeks," he told United Press International. "I'm going to have to start making some money." He said that the next time he saw a flying saucer he would keep it to himself.

He lied. In 1970 Simonton was visited by Lee Alexander, a UFO enthusiast active in a Detroit-based investigative group. Simonton told Alexander that he had had more visits from the aliens, but he had not told anyone because of the way his first report had been received.


Few mentions of "contacts" were made and the only one receiving a featured presentation was the "Pancake" case of Joe Simonton. This is because FSR regular Bernard Finch had queried Simonton by mail about his alleged meeting with three extraterrestrials in Eagle River, Wisconsin. Simonton, who always comes across as one of the open-eyed "just-plain-Joes" of all UFO history, wrote Finch a letter which then FSR printed. It's to the left. As you can read, Joe is claiming forthrightly that his experience was real and that he thinks he has good reasons to believe that these critters were ETs. He is obviously a bit miffed that the USAF took three of his four pancakes, and has been tardy about their analysis. He thinks that the pancakes were not made of Earth ingredients, although later test results disagreed with that. He is happy to "tell all" but is waiting for the Air Force to tell him it's OK to talk about the testing.



UFO drawings as depicted by witnesses in the Uintah Basin. The originals were done with color pencils on the bottom of the reports. A photograph was made, and then a tracing from the photograph.




July 1965 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia by Denis Crowe

Witness' sketch of UFO at Vaucluse, Australia, July 19, 1965.

UFO on Australian Beach (Vaucluse Beach)

Date: July 19, 1965
Location: Vaucluse Beach, Australia

Disc-shaped object glowed as it sat on a beach. As witness approached the object, the object lifted off from the ground, quickly climbed in the air, and disappeared. Investigation revealed landing traces and effects on the nearby plant life.

UFO on Australian Beach

Vaucluse Beach, a suburb of Sydney, would be the location of a close encounter of the eerie kind. On July 19, 1965, Dennis Crowe, a one-time technical artist for English aircraft companies, would have the most unusual event of his life occur. A little after 5:00 P.M. Crowe was strolling along the beach, located not far from his home. The sea had been rough that day, with high winds and frequent rain showers, and Crowe was enjoying a calm between the storms. In the distance, he began to see a glow, and as he moved closer, he could make out the shape of a disc-shaped object, sitting on legs on the sandy beach.

Crowe guessed the object's diameter at 20 feet, and he could now see a glowing blue-green hue rim around it, with the craft's two parts a dullish gray. The top appeared to be a transparent dome. The disc shaped craft was sitting silently. The only sound he heard at the time was barking from some dogs. They were barking directly at the object. Crowe had made his first observations at several hundred feet, and as he came to within about 60 feet, the object lifted itself from the ground. Crowe could now hear a sound..a sound like air being forced out of f a balloon.

The disc shaped UFO quickly climbed into the air, and within about 10 seconds, it had disappeared. The dogs were now silent. Crowe had been the only human to see the strange craft. Crowe made a report of what he saw, and a geologist came to make an inspection of the landing site. He stated that some type of object had definitely rested where Crowe had seen the UFO. The plant life in the area of the landing was all dying.

The sighting gained enough publicity to bring in The Royal Australian Air Force. They offered a possible explanation for the event. They said that it could have been a "tornado." Crowe categorically rejected this theory. For lack of more information, no other research was forthcoming on this strange sighting. Crowe stood by his account of what he saw that day, and no other evidence is available to deny his claims. The UFO that landed on Vaucluse Beach that day remains an "unknown."


Albino Humanoids - Pelham, Georgia, Aug 6 1977.

Date: August 6th, 1977
Location: Pelham, Georgia, United States
Retired automobile salesman Tom Dawson, 63, was walking with his two dogs from his trailer home to a nearby farm when a “circular shaped space ship” with a dome and portholes, 40-50 ft in diameter and 12-14 ft high, set down in a field in front of him. He found he was unable to move a muscle. A hatch in the object opened, a ramp was extended, and 7 strange looking humans 5 ft tall emerged, five men and two women.


Drawing by Billy Norris as described by the witness.

Full Report / Article     



Source: Billy Rachels / Ronald Story (2001)
August 6, 1977, near Pelham, Georgia (20 miles north of Thomasville), in Mitchell County. At 10:30 a.m., retired automobile salesman Tom Dawson (sixty-three years old, at the time) took a walk down to his favorite pond to see how it looked for fishing later that day.
Just as he got inside the fence surrounding the pond, a circular space ship zipped right in between the trees and hovered just a few feet above the ground. At the same time he found himself, his two dogs and twenty head of cattle, frozen in place by an unseen force.
Dawson said the craft was about 15 feet high and 50 feet in diameter. It had portholes all around and a dome on top. It made no sound and changed colors rapidly from one to another. Suddenly, a ramp came down and out came seven hairless, snow-white beings, about 5 feet tall, with pointed ears and noses.
Some had on tight-fitting one-piece suits while others wore nothing. They talked in a high-pitched’ gibberish he could not understand.
They conducted what he thought to be a medical exam of some kind. They placed a skullcap-like device on his head and a large hula hoop-shaped thing (connected to a box) around his midsection. After they had collected “some leaves and stuff,” they got back on the ship and were gone in the blink of an eye.
Once free, Mr. Dawson ran uphill (about 300 yards) to his trailer. He was having trouble breathing and talking, so he was taken to the Mitchell County Hospital, where the doctor said he had been shaken both mentally and physically from his encounter with the UFO and its occupants. He was treated for hysteria (given something to calm him down) and later released. Dawson said he believed that if he had been a younger man the extraterrestrials would have taken him away.
— Billy J. Rachels
[Another summary of this case from Albert Rosales' Humanoid Catalog. This summary describes an interesting and bizarre aspect of this case which is not included in the above account.]
Location. Pelham (Mitchell) Georgia
Date: August 6 1977
Time: 1030A
Tom Dawson, 63 and retired, was walking with his two dogs from his trailer home to a nearby farm when a “circular shaped space ship” with a dome and portholes, 40-50 ft in diameter and 12-14 ft high, set down in a field in front of him, hovering several feet off the ground. He found he was unable to move a muscle, and his dogs, as well as the cattle in the field, seemed likewise to be immobilized. A hatch in the object opened, a ramp was extended, and 7 strange looking humans 5 ft tall emerged, five men and two women. The first to leave stepped down cautiously, as if to test the solidity of the ground; then the rest followed, with two taking up sentry positions at the hatch. They were all hairless, with skin “as white as a flour sack,” their noses were sharp and turned up, their ears were pointed, and they had no necks. One of the men and one of the women were completely nude. The clothing of the rest-males and females alike-was very beautiful with silk like shoes with pointed, turned up toes. The humanoids cautiously approached Dawson, and gave him a kind of physical examination, placing on his head a skullcap with cords connecting it to a hoop bearing dials. They dropped his trousers and lifted his shirt for the examination, passing the hoop over his body. While the examination was in progress, a loud voice came from the object, shouting three times ” I am Jimmy Hoffa” (!) a fourth repetition was cut off, and the voice was not heard again. After completing the examination, all returned to the craft except two men, who walked about 10 feet away and “went into a conference.” They had very shrill voices, and although Dawson was unable to comprehend what it was they said, he thought he heard the word “Jupiter.” He had the impression they were debating whether or not to take him onboard; at any rate, they did not, and the leader passed his palm across his chest as though to signal good-bye. They reentered the ship, closed the hatch, and took off. He saw the object rise to 75 feet, and then in a wink it was out of sight. Dawson was then freed of his paralysis; he ran directly to his next-door neighbor, but was so excited he could say nothing more than “space ship!” He was taken to a hospital and treated for hysteria.
Humcat 1977-43
Source: Billy Rachels, UFO Bureau of Georgia
Type: B
NOTE: Jimmy Hoffa, the famous labor leader, had disappeared about 2 years earlier under mysterious circumstances. Here is more information from the Wikipedia Encylopedia.:
“Jimmy Hoffa (14 February 1913 – 30 July, 1975?) was a noted American labor leader who is also well-known in popular culture for the mysterious circumstances surrounding his still-unexplained disappearance and presumed death… [He] disappeared on 30 July 1975 from the parking lot of the Machus Red Fox Restaurant in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, at about 2:30 p.m. His fate is a mystery that continues to this day and there are many guesses as to what happened to him.” — Wikipedia

Case ID: 657 edit: 657





Illustration of the encounter (credit: Madison Co. Herald).


UFO hovers over two policemen in patrol car

Date of sighting: February 10, 1977
Location of sighting: Flora, Mississippi, USA

Source: Madison Co. Herald (Canton, MS), Feb. 17, 1977

"UFO Spotting Focuses On Deputy Creel"

When Madison County Sheriff's Deputy Kenneth Creel left on a routine patrol drive last Thursday evening, he didn't expect to find his attention completely focused on an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO).

Since he reported the incident to the Mississippi Highway Patrol that evening lastweekhowever, Creel has now found even more national attention focused on himself.

"I know I'm not crazy .. I've always said I didn't believe in this stuff," said Creel. "I don't know what I saw, but I know I saw something . . It's just hard to describe what happened."

Deputy Creel first saw the object while driving down the Smith School Road four miles west of Flora, near the county line. He was with Constable James Luke at the time.

"It looked like an evening star or something," said Creel, "but it kept getting brighter and bigger."

Then, when the shape of the object began to form, Creel said he contacted the Mississippi Highway Patrol with his car radio equipment.

"I kind of thought it was an airplane flying low, or like it could have been."

But when the strange object came within "about 200 yards" of his car—"out across the field"—then, Creel said, "I stopped and cut my engine and my lights to listen."

What he heard was a whirring noise—"like a blender . . Like it was straining, when you first put ice in it"—and then the UFO started coming closer.

"The thing came right over the car," said Creel. "It came right to us, like it was being piloted."

How "the thing" got there is another question, because Creel says he could not tell if anything or anyone was inside.

"The thing just hovered over us, about 20 or 30 feet up, for more than a minute," said Creel, who at this time was looking straight up, from his patrol car window.

"I didn't get out, I wouldn't."

According to Deputy Creel, there was little way to tell much about the craft. "There was light coming out from little windows," he said. And the light apparently changed colors several times, from soft blue to red to green and other colors.

The UFO was reportedly about 30 to 40 feet in diameter, and perfectly round. "It didn't spin or anything. It just hoovered around there."

After about a minute, Creel began backing up his patrol car "about 100 yards, to a place where I could turn around."

By this time, however, Highway Patrolman Louis Younger drove up in his patrol car within a short distance of the UFO, and reported seeing the same object—with the same description Creel had given.

"Then the thing just picked up and took off, north west, toward Satartia."

An unidentified object of the same general description was reported the same evening by other Flora residents, and Deputy Charles Bowering and Highway Patrolman Joe Chandler and others said they saw lights from an unidentified craft "from a distance."

Since the sighting last week, Creel has tried to play down the incident.

There have been no more reports, but dozens of inquiries have come to Creel and the Sheriff's Department for further investigation.

Some are "real cranks," according to one department official.

Others, apparently are more serious investigators.

But as far as Creel is concerned, he would rather not have the attention. "If I had known how much trouble it was going to cause, I wouldn't have reported the thing in the first place," he said from the Sheriff's Office last Friday.

And moments later the telephone rang. It was another radio station wanting to talk to Deputy Kenneth Creel.




Aztec, New Mexico UFO Crash Recovery of 1948

Date: , 1948
Location: Aztec, New Mexico, United States

It was the columnist Frank Scully who first alerted the world to sensational stories of recovered flying saucers and little men in his best-selling book Behind the Flying Saucers published in 1950. Scully claimed that up to that time there had been four such recoveries, one of which was alleged to have taken place around Aztec, New Mexico, when sixteen humanoid bodies were recovered together with their undamaged craft.


Left: Artist's impression of the small bodies found aboard the downed craft, based on eyewitnesses' descriptions relayed through intermediary contacts. (artist: Chan Johnson) Right: Line drawing of the 100' diameter disc-shaped craft. (source: Steinman/Stevens)

Artist's impression of the craft on the ground. Dr. Vannevar Bush, team leader, and Dr. Jerome Hunsaker, Aeronautical Engineer at MIT. (artist: Chan Johnson; source: Steinman/Stevens)

A cabin window in the dome of the craft was broken out and a pole thrust through which tripped a release and an access port opened. Dead occupants inside were found slumped over elaborate control panels. (artist: Chan Johnson; source: Steinman/Stevens)


Belgium Triangle UFO Sightings

Date: October, 1989
Location: Belgium

From October 1989 throughout 1990, hundreds of reports of lighted objects, frequently described as enormous and triangular in shape were recorded in Belgium. Air Force supersonic F-16 jets chased these strange objects, which were simultaneously tracked by both airborne and ground radars. The Belgian Government cooperated fully with civilian UFO investigators, an action without precedent in the history of government involvement in this field.


Montage of eyewitness drawings and reconstructions of triangular craft seen in Belgium between 1989 and 1993.
Courtesy of SOBEPS.

Belgium Triangle UFO Sightings

Date of sighting: October 1989

Location of sighting: Belgium

From October 1989 throughout 1990, hundreds of reports of lighted objects, frequently described as enormous and triangular in shape were recorded in Belgium. Air Force supersonic F-16 jets chased these strange objects, which were simultaneously tracked by both airborne and ground radars. The Belgian Government cooperated fully with civilian UFO investigators, an action without precedent in the history of government involvement in this field.

The Chief of Operations of the Royal Belgian Air Force, Colonel Wilfred De Brouwer (now Major General and Deputy Chief of the Belgian Air Force), set up a Special Task Force Unit to work closely with the Gendarmerie to investigate the sightings as soon as they were reported. Among the thousands of witnesses were many military and police officers, pilots, scientists and engineers. The wave was documented by the Belgian Society for the Study of Space Phenomena (SOBEPS), a private organization from Brussels, which published two thick volumes on the UFO wave.

The first important case was a multiple-witness observation of a strange aircraft, reported by gendarmes on patrol near the town of Eupen, not far from the German border. Auguste Meessen, professor of physics at the Catholic University in Louvain and a scientific consultant of SOBEPS, summarized the case:

“On November 29, 1989, a large craft with triangular shape flew over the town of Eupen. The gendarmes von Montigny and Nicol found it near the road linking Aix-la-Chapelle and Eupen. It was stationary in the air, above a field which it illuminated with three powerful beams. The beams emanated from large circular surfaces near the triangle’s corners. In the center of the dark and flat understructure there was some kind of 'red gyrating beacon.’ The object did not make any noise. When it began to move, the gendarmes headed towards a small road in the area over which they expected the object to fly. Instead, it made a half-turn and continued slowly in the direction of Eupen, following the road at low altitude. It was seen by different witnesses as it flew above houses and near City Hall.”

Sightings continued to be logged by SOBEPS and the Gendarmerie during the fall and winter of 1989-1990. Most witnesses described seeing dark, triangular objects with white lights at the corners and a red flashing light in the middle. Many of the objects were said to have hovered, with some of them then suddenly accelerating to a very high speed. Most of the objects made no sound, but some were said to have emitted a faint humming like an electric motor.


Public interest in the wave reached its peak with a radar/visual and jet scramble incident on the night of March 30-31, 1990. This scramble was seen and reported by hundreds of citizens. A preliminary report prepared by Major P. Lambrechts of the Belgian Air Force General Staff was released to SOBEPS. The “Report concerning the observation of UFOs during the night of March 30 to 31, 1990,” includes a detailed chronology of events and dismisses several hypotheses such as optical illusions, balloons, meteorological inversions, military aircraft, holographic projections, etc.

The incident began at 22:50 hrs. on March 30 when the Gendarmerie telephoned the radar “master controller at Glons” to report “three unusual lights forming an equilateral triangle.” More gendarmes confirmed the lights in the following minutes. When the NATO facility at Semmerzake detected an unknown target at 23:49 hrs., a decision to scramble two F-16 fighters was made. The jets took off at 0:05 hrs. from Beauvechain, the nearest air base, on March 31 and flew for just over an hour. According to Major Lambrecht’s report:

“The aircraft had brief radar contacts on several occasions, [but the pilots]… at no time established visual contact with the UFOs… each time the pilots were able to secure a lock on one of the targets for a few seconds, there resulted a drastic change in the behavior of the detected targets… [During the first lock-on at 0:13 hrs.] their speed changed in a minimum of time from 150 to 970 knots [170 to 1,100 mph and 275 to 1,800 km./hr.] and from 9,000 to 5,000 feet [2,700 m. to 1,500 m.], returning then to 11,000 feet [3,300 m.] in order to change again to close to ground level.”

The Electronic War Center (EWC) of the Air Force undertook a much more detailed technical analysis of the F-16 computerized radar tapes, led by Col. Salmon and physicist M. Gilmard. Their study was completed in 1992 and was later reviewed by Professor Meessen.

Although many aspects of this case still remain unexplained, Meessen and SOBEPS have basically accepted the Gilmard-Salmon hypothesis that some of the radar contacts were really “angels” caused by a rare meteorological phenomenon. This became evident in four lock-ons, “where the object descended to the ground with calculations showing negative [emphasis added] altitude… It was evidently impossible that an object could penetrate the ground, but it was possible that the ground could act as a mirror.” Meessen explained how the high velocities measured by the Doppler radar of the F-16 fighters might result from interference effects. He points out, however, that there is another radar trace for which there is no explanation to date. As for the visual sightings of this event by the gendarmes and others, Meessen suggests that they could possibly have been caused by stars seen under conditions of “exceptional atmospheric refraction.”

In a recent interview, Major General De Brouwer summarized his reflections on this complex case:

“What impressed me the most were the witnesses, some of whom I know personally and convinced me that, in fact, something was going on. These were credible people and they told clearly what they saw.

"We always look for possibilities which can cause errors in the radar systems. We can not exclude that there was electromagnetic interference, but of course we can not exclude the possibility that there were objects in the air. On at least one occasion there was a correlation between the radar contacts of one ground radar and one F-16 fighter. This weakens the theory that all radar contacts were caused by electromagnetic interference. If we add all the possibilities, the question is still open, so there is no final answer.”

The Belgian UFO wave yielded a rich volume of good quality cases and many videos and photographs. One strikingly clear photograph of a triangular-shaped craft was taken at Petit-Rechain in early April 1990. As of 1994, it remained unexplained after numerous analyses, including a thorough computerized study at the Royal Military Academy. (see below)

Although public interest in the Belgian wave reached its peak in the 1990-91 period, SOBEPS was still documenting cases in late 1993. Marc Valckenaer listed the main characteristics of the Belgian UFOs in the latest SOBEPS study. Various shapes such as round, rectangular and cigar were reported, but the wave was dominated by triangular objects. Some of their characteristics included:

“Irregular displacement (zig-zag, instantaneous change of trajectory, etc.).

"Displacement following the contours of the terrain.

"Varying speeds of displacement (including very slow motion).

"Stationary flight (hovering).

"Overflight of urban and industrial centers.

"Sound effects (faint humming… to total silence).”

Because the bulk of the Belgian sightings described triangular-shaped objects, many European and American researchers and journalists speculated that these were caused by either F-117A stealth fighters or some other revolutionary U.S. secret military aircraft. However, the only truly unusual characteristic of the F-117 is its near-invisibility to radar and infrared detection - it looks, flies and sounds like any other sub-sonic jet airplane. Similar claims about the presence of other American advanced airplanes are even harder to substantiate: the A-12 Avenger II was never built, and the existence of the TR-3A “manta” is unconfirmed. Neither has even been rumored to be able to fly in the manner reported for the Belgian UFOs.

Despite the fact that the secret military aircraft hypothesis has been denied officially over and over again by the Belgian Ministry of Defense and Air Force, as well as by the U.S. Embassy in Brussels and the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, some publications continue to champion the stealth fighter theory.

In a letter to French researcher Renaud Marhic, the Minister of Defense at the time of the UFO wave, Leo Delcroix, wrote:

“Unfortunately, no explanation has been found to date. The nature and origin of the phenomenon remain unknown. One theory can, however, be definitely dismissed since the Belgian Armed Forces have been positively assured by American authorities that there has never been any sort of American aerial test flight.”




November 2, 1967, Ririe, Idaho:

Guy Tossie and Will Begay, two Indian youths, were driving south on Highway 26 just outside Ririe on November 2, 1967, when, about 9:30 p.m., there was a sudden blinding flash of light in front of their car, followed by the abrupt appearance of a small, domed UFO. The dome was transparent and in it were seen two small, strange-looking occupants.

The car was brought to a stop - Begay, driving, did not have to apply the brakes - and the object hovered about five feet above the highway immediately ahead of them. It was about eight feet wide, and flashed green and orange lights around the rim. The area was bathed in a vivid green light. (Compare this with Mrs. Moreland's report, above)

The dome opened as if hinged and one creature emerged, apparently floating to the ground. It was about three and a half feet tall, and on its back was a kind of pack that protruded above and behind its head. Its face was oval and heavily pitted and creased. Two small, round eyes and a straight, slit-like mouth completed the facial features. Large ears stood high on the hairless head.

Approaching the driver's side of the car, the alleged being opened the door and slid behind the wheel. Horrified, the two witnesses pushed over to the right. The car began to move - whether driven by the being or "towed" by the UFO was uncertain. It was taken well out into a field of stubble wheat, and the UFO kept a fixed position a few feet in front of it.

As the car stopped, Tossie, sitting next to the door, suddenly opened it and bolted, running for the nearby farmhouse of Willard Hammon about a quarter of a mile away. He later reported being followed by a bright light - presumably carried by the second occupant.

Meanwhile, in the car, Begay cowered in the front seat in a state of near-shock while the first creature jabbered unintelligibly at him, making sounds that were high and rapid, "like a bird." The second being, who had apparently given up chasing Tossie, returned to the car. The first then got out, and the two beings "rose up and into the UFO," which then ascended in a zigzag path.

Meanwhile, at the home of Willard Hammon, Tossie could scarcely make himself understood by the astounded farmer and his family. After having calmed the Indian down, they accompanied him back to the field, where they found the car. Begay was sitting nearly speechless with fright, his eyes tightly closed.

The engine was running and the lights were still on - about 15 minutes had elapsed from the moment the young men had seen the flash. Hammon listened to their story and then followed the frightened youths home in his car. Perplexed, he later stopped in a local bar and grill to see if he could learn anything more. While there, a county deputy sheriff stopped in and Hammon told him the story. Later, both witnesses also came by and voluntarily told the deputy sheriff, in their own words, what had happened. State Police were summoned and an investigation was begun. It was discovered that a number of local farmers had reported that their cattle had bolted during the evening for unknown reasons. Others claimed to have seen lights in the area.

The report was investigated for NICAP by C.R. Ricks, of Idaho Falls. During his investigation, he learned of a man who claimed that, on the same night, he had a similar encounter. Ricks eventually tracked this man down and confirmed the report, although the witness was emphatic about not revealing his name, and was reluctant about discussing the details of his encounter.





Canada Close Encounter and Radiation Burns

Close UFO Encounter: The Case of Stephen Michalak

On May 20, 1967, fifty-one-year-old Stephen Michalak was on vacation with his wife and children and he was searching for minerals along Falcon Lake, 80 miles east of Winnipeg, Manitoba, when a UFO appeared from the sky. Looking up he saw two glowing oval-shaped objects. One abruptly stopped its downward flight while the other continued, landing on a flat rock outcropping 160 feet away.

Michalak carefully approached the strange craft, which looked like a bowl with a dome on top, forty feet wide and 15 feet high.

He claims that he saw a grid-like exhaust vent on the side of it, which shot out a large amount of gas that set his clothes on fire. Mysterious burns also appeared on his body.

The UFO then went up into the sky and flew away. Stephen went to the hospital complaining of pain and sickness due to the encounter.

When doctors examined Michalak in a Winnipeg hospital a few hours later, they noted a dramatic burn pattern all across his chest-exactly like the grid Michalak had described on the UFO's underside.

Michalak's health problems continued and brought him to Minnesota's Mayo Clinic the next year.

A few weeks after the encounter, he took RCMP to the location of the landing site and a semicircle from it was still there.

To this day, no one has been able to explain what happened to him or what the UFO was.

Stephen died in 1999, but the burns remained on his body. Currently, the Canadian Government identifies the case as "unsolved".


Falcon Lake Manitoba — Stephen Michalak of Winnipeg was prospecting near Falcon Lake, Manitoba, when he encountered two UFOs. Canada’s most noteworthy and dramatic UFO report occurred on May 20, 1967. Around noon on that day, an amateur geologist named Stephen Michalak was chipping rock samples when he was startled by the appearance of two craft descending to the earth close to him. While one merely hovered briefly, then shot upward into the cloud cover, the other settled to the ground about 160 feet from him. It slowed and made a sound that Michalak said, “It sounded like an engine.” As it cooled down, its color changed from red to gold.

Michalak, managed quickly to sketch the UFO (above) to be 12 feet high and about 35 feet across at the base. His sketches included slots surrounding a dome-like projection at the top, and ventilation or exhaust grids along the sides. He also observed purplish light glowing through the side grates and powerful odors of sulphur coming from the ship. Suddenly, a hatch opened at the side of the UFO, and Michalak was able to make out voices just inside the hatchway. He tried calling out, in several different languages, to no avail, there was no response. He approached the craft, and the hatch shut abruptly, as though the UFO discouraged any further attempts at communication.

The geologist was wearing heavy, protective clothing, including gloves and goggles. Still, he could detect warmth radiating off the structure’s surface. When he reached out to touch it, his glove melted. Then, without warning, Michalak was blown off his feet by a blast of incredible heat from one of the UFO’s side vents. As the craft shot upward, Michalak was left lying on his back, stunned, with his clothing on fire. Michalak’s fantastic tale might have been dismissed as the product of an overactive imagination had he not been admitted to a hospital with severe radiation burns and many symptoms indicative of radiation poisoning. His stomach even showed a pattern of 30 circular burns exactly matching the grid pattern of the UFO’s side vents. Specialists who examined him advised him that any additional exposure to the radioactive source would have proved fatal.


Falcon Lake, Manitoba
May 20, 1967

A Winnipeg-based UFO researcher has combed through years of data and determined unidentified flying objects have been spotted more than 2,000 times in the skies over Manitoba in the last 200 years.

Chris Rutkowksi has been researching reports of UFOs across Canada since the 1980s and has prepared the annual Canadian UFO Survey for the last 25 years.

This year he also decided to probe historical records, American and Canadian military and government documents, media reports, and private databases in his home province and published the findings on his Ufology Research blog this week. . . .


Sketch of UAC Michalak encountered at Falcon Lake, with diagrams of the hatch and exhaust vent that could blend into the rest of the craft's outer shell seamlessly. Note its estimated size to be between 35 and 40 feet across, and its height to be tall enough for a grown man to stand up in (10 ft).

By A sketch from a famous UFO sighting in Falcon Lake, Man. in 1967.

 Injuries on his abdomen product of a blast of hot fumes from the aircraft.

A handout photo of a sketch of a UFO reportedly observed in Falcon Lake, Man. in 1967.


Chris Rutkowski has been researching the phenomenon for 25 years, compiling an annual Canadian survey of sightings.

He says records from the government, the RCMP and the United States show Manitoba has a long history of sightings.

The earliest documented encounter came in 1792 from two explorers in northern Manitoba, who say they saw several bizarre meteors crash into the ice.

Rutkowski says other sightings were reported by police, pilots and average people, who saw everything from unusual lights in the sky and flying saucers to silver-suited aliens.

[ Falcon Lake, Manitoba, Canada | 1967

The sighting occurred Saturday, May 20, 1967, in an area near Falcon Lake, Manitoba, Canada, approximately 75 kilometres north of the American border in the rocky edge of the great Canadian Shield. Stefan Michalak was an amateur geologist and had worked the area many times. In his pursuit in finding silver deposits he traveled from his home in Winnipeg to Falcon Lake to try his luck. Around 12:15 p.m while working, Michalak was startled by the cackling of some geese, who were obviously disturbed by something. He looked up and was surprised to see two cigar-shaped objects with “bumps”. The objects now clearly a disc-shaped objects descent together from the SW at an angle of 15°-20° above the horizon. One stopped 10-12 ft. above the ground; the other continued downward, and landed on the flat top of a rock outcropping 160 ft. from him.

The one in the air when departed was changing colours from a bright red to orange to grey and so on as it flew into the west, where it disappeared into the distance. Now focusing his attention to the object on the ground, Michalak saw that it, too, was turning from bright red to orange to grey, until it finally was the colour of iridescence of hot stainless steel, surrounded by a golden-hued glow. The craft had no markings. Intense purple light shone from apertures around the dome of the craft. For the next half-hour he stayed near the rock, making a sketch of the object and noting various features. The craft was saucer-shaped, about 35 to 40 feet in diameter and approximately 8 feet high. Its upper cupola or dome was an additional three feet high. Michalak became aware of waves of warm air radiating from the craft, accompanied by the “smell of sulphur.” He also heard the whirring of what sounded like a fast electric motor, and a hissing, as if air were being taken in.

He noticed that a hatch on the side of the craft had opened. Initially, he could see nothing inside, because the light was too bright after adjusting his googles he can see like beams of purple light forming a column on the centre of the craft. Michalak approached to within 60 feet of the craft, and heard two humanlike voices, one with a higher pitch than the other. He was sure that the craft was an American experimental test vehicle, and walked closer to it, sarcastically asking, “Okay, Yankee boys, having trouble? Come on out and we’ll see what we can do about it.” When no response was heard, he tried Russian, German, Italian, French, and Ukrainian. The voices stopped. Suddenly, three panels slid over the opening, sealing it “like a camera shutter.” Michalak had noticed that the craft’s walls were about 20 in. thick, with a honeycombed look or something similar to what he described as “grate pattern”.

After the hatch closed, Michalak touched the craft with his gloved hand, burning the fingertips of his glove. The craft tilted slightly and started to spin rapidly. He was standing near a patterned ventilation or exhaust area on the craft’s side. When the craft started moving, a blast from this opening burned his upper abdomen and set his shirt and undershirt afire. He tore off the shirts and threw them to the ground, stamping out the fire. His outer shirt was almost totally burned, but he retrieved the remains of his undershirt. A hole also was burned in the front of the top of the cap he was wearing. He was left with burns on his abdomen and sickened, apparently as a result of inhalation of vapours from the machine. He looked up in time to see the craft depart like the first, and felt a rush of air as it ascended. The craft was turning orange and was clocking speed far exceeding known aircraft capability and disappeared in the direction from which it came

When the craft had left, Michalak noticed a strong smell of burning electrical circuits mixed with the original smell of sulphur. He walked over to where he had left his belongings, and saw that the needle on his compass was spinning erratically. He went back over to the landing site and immediately felt nauseous and a surge of pain from a headache. He reached the highway and requested help from a constable of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) who was driving by. The constable refused to help. He also failed to get help at the park headquarters and went back to his motel were he stayed the night before. After several hours, he took a bus to Winnipeg. While waiting for the bus, he telephoned the Winnipeg Tribune to request assistance, asking, at the same time, he said, that they give his experience no publicity. Michalak was met by his son, who took him to hospital for medical attention. The burns on his abdomen were diagnosed as superficial, and returned home. He continued to complain of nausea, headache, offensive odour from his lungs, lack of appetite, and rapid weight loss.

Two days after the alleged event, Michalak was attended to by a personal physician, whom he had not visited since Spring 1966. The following day he was taken to hospital to be checked for radiation trauma by the hospital’s Department of Nuclear Medicine. A radiation pathologist found no evidence of the effects of radiation on the burned area, in his blood, or on his clothing. He reported that the burn was thermal. A week after his sighting MIchalak was checked in the whole-body radiation counter at an Atomic Power Installation. This counter detects and measures gamma radiation from isotopes in the body. The test showed no count above normal background. MIchalak said he lost a total of 22 lb. over the next seven days, but had regained his strength and some weight 11 days after his sighting.]



The UFO Crash in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 is rightfully considered the paramount case thus far experienced by the public in the history of the UFO enigma. Yet, there was another disc recovery disclosed to me in 1994, and it apparently occurred in the State of Arkansas in October/November, 1946.

A former United States Army Air Force Private stationed at Wright Patterson A. F. B., recently came out of the closet and disclosed his experience witnessing a recovered disc which was being stored at building 18 (not yet called Hangar 18). The Private was delivering documents to the building when a friend in his unit, on guard duty asked him if he wanted to see a strange craft stored in the building. He followed him inside and to his surprise, a disc shaped object was sitting on the deck. It was 15 feet in diameter and about 7 feet in width. He said it looked like two soup bowls sealed together. In the center was an 18 inch divider with 10 x 15 inch rectangular “windows” set about 8 to 10 inches apart circling the disc.

This sketch was drawn during the interview session with the witness.

The guard told the Private that several scientists were attempting to gain entry into the interior. They tried to use a diamond drill to penetrate the “glass” yet the drill had no effect on the clear material. There were no visual doors or entry hatches. No insignias, flags, no writing, no numbers. The material appeared to be a mold of one continuous material. It appeared to be brushed aluminum yet it wasn’t. The body inside and out had no weld seams, no rivets, no apparent joining of the skin. They both looked into the interior and did not see anything of apparent interest. No control panels, no seats, no hatches, no entities, nothing. A cylinder was in the center and its wall was about 6 feet from the window. The cylinder was about 3 feet in diameter and possibly housed the power unit

The Private was a Clerk Specialist assigned to interview and classify new recruits to their specialty school on base. The base Commander was Colonel Nathan Twining who would years later be the Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon.


Police Officer Herbert Schirmer Abduction

Date: December 3, 1967
Location: Ashland, Nebraska, United States

Sgt. Schirmer was on patrol when he encountered a UFO hovering above the road, which shot up when he flashed his high beams at the object. Soon, Schirmer realized he had experienced "missing time", and a red welt appeared on his neck. Hypnotic sessions revealed that the occupants of the landed craft came and took Schirmer aboard, and communicated with him through some form of mental telepathy. They told him that they would visit him twice more and that some day he would "see the universe".


Sketch by Schirmer of the craft.


Schirmer's drawing of the crew leader. (credit: Wendelle Stevens)


Schirmer on board the UFO. Sketch by Wes Crum, after information given by the witness under hypnosis. (credit: Hesemann)



Drawings by Schirmer of the propulsion unit and the alien being.


The upper level of the craft as depicted by Schirmer under hypnosis. In the centre is a TV-like screen on which he was shown a star system and told: "This is where we are from: a galaxy next to yours." To the left of the screen was a map, with a sun and planets and writing that Schirmer could not understand. There also appeared to a number of computers in the room.


Sgt. Herbert Schirmer.

1967 Alien Abduction Case of a Nebraska Police Officer

On December 3, 1967, around 2:30 a.m., in the vicinity of Ashland, Nebraska, police sergeant Herbert Schirmer, 22, noticed some red lights along Highway 63. Thinking that it was a stopped truck he approached and shown his high beams on it. Soon he realized it was no truck. Instead it was a disc-shaped object with a shiny, polished aluminum looking surface, and a catwalk that went around it. The red lights, which were blinking, were shining out from windows in the object. The UFO appeared to be a mere 6 to 8 feet above the road, and was hovering in the air with a slight tilt. Then the object began to slowly ascend, making a siren kind of noise, and issuing a flame-like display from the underside. Sticking his head out the window, Sgt. Schirmer watched the UFO pass nearly overhead. Then suddenly it shot up and out of sight.

Schirmer then got out of the police car and, with a flashlight in hand, inspected the surface of the road where the object had hovered so low to the ground. After this he drove to the police station and wrote in the log book, “Saw a flying saucer at the junction of highways 6 and 63. Believe it or not!” He was puzzled to notice that it was now 3 a.m., as the sighting seemingly lasted no more than ten minutes. As the morning wore on, Schirmer was to suffer a headache, a “weird buzzing” in his head, and would discover that he had a “red welt” on his neck. It was about two inches long and approx. half an inch wide, and was located on the “nerve cord” below one of his ears.

A few hours later, Chief Bill Wlaskin would visit the alleged encounter site and find a small metallic artifact. Chemical analysis revealed it was composed of iron and silicon. Investigators from the Condon project out of the University of Colorado speculated that it was probably “ordinary corroded earthly waste.”

Later, under hypnosis, Schirmer would recall for investigators how humanoid beings, between 4 1/2 to 5 feet tall, escorted him from his car and into the ship, where the “leader” gave him a tour and explained various things about themselves and their mission on earth.

The entities had slightly slanted “catlike” eyes (that didn’t blink), gray-white skin, long and thin heads, with flat noses and slitlike mouths. They wore silver-gray uniforms, gloves, and helmets (which had a small antenna on the left side around their ear), and at the left breast of each suit they had the emblem of a winged serpent. Schirmer had the impression that the small antennas were somehow a part of their communication process with him - that part of their contact with him was mental and part of it was physical.

A few years back, I discussed this case with noted UFO author Brad Steiger, who was involved in the initial hypnotic regression work with patrolman Schirmer. He recalled: “He was describing, ‘Well I’m walking here,’ ‘Well I’m walking there.’ We asked him to make certain sketches and so forth, and then all of a sudden the control seemed to slip away instantly. I guess I shouldn’t say slip away. It was an abrupt kind of thing, and he began to speak as though he were one of the occupants and said he would be, from time to time, returning in one way or another to keep tabs on Herb.”

What did Brad make of this? “Either it’s a case of extreme identification or some sign of hypnotic contact that we seem to uncover as we probe deeper and deeper into the unconscious,” he replied.

Psychologist R. Leo Sprinkle of Wyoming, had also been involved in hypnotic regression work with patrolman Schirmer at the University of Colorado. He offered, “In a few cases (e.g., Herb Schirmer) the UFO witness claimed to experience ‘mental communication’ with UFO occupants at the moment of the interview. I have no way of knowing whether the claim is ‘true’ or whether the observer had been ‘programmed’ to experience such a feeling when hypnotic time regression procedures were followed; however, to the person, the experience was ‘real.’”

So what did Dr. Sprinkle think? “I believe that each person is ‘monitored’ by spiritual guides, but in regard to the UFO contactee, the monitoring process seems to be unusually intense,” he stated. “Perhaps someday, we will learn if the prophecies about “good” vs “evil” and predictions of earth changes....are related to this monitoring process.”


Police constable Alan Godfrey's abduction in West Yorkshire, England

Date: November 28, 1980
Location: Todmorden, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Police officer Alan Godfrey was on routine patrol when he encountered a metallic disc with a dome and a row of windows. Suddenly, there was a burst of light, and he found himself 100 yards farther down the road, and the UFO was gone. Under hypnosis later, Godfrey recalled being struck by a beam of light which floated him into the craft, and meeting a human-like being named Joseph, whose clothing was very Biblical in nature. Aboard the craft, he was physically examined and asked questions.

Alan Godfrey, with a drawing of the craft. (credit: Evans and Stacy)


In November and December 1980, the eastern side of Britain was experiencing a major UFO sighting wave. There were chases of UFOs by police cars near the coast, a UFO that overflew an oil rig in the North Sea, and the wave culminated in the famous events on the East Anglian coast at Rendlesham Forest. Just a month before these landings beside those NATO air bases, one of the most impressive alien abduction cases took place in the small Penninemill town of Todmorden, West Yorkshire, right in the centre of Britain's most active window area known locally as "UFO Alley".

Police Constable Alan Godfrey was on patrol on the night of 28 November 1980. Just before dawn he drove along Burnley Road on the edge of Todmorden looking for some cows that had been reported missing. They were only found after sun-up, mysteriously relocated in a rain-soaked field without hoofmarks to indicate their passage.

Giving up his nocturnal hunt, Godfrey was about to go back to base to sign off duty when he saw a large mass a few hundred yards ahead. At first, he thought it was a bus coming towards him that took workers to their jobs in town and that he knew passed about 5:00 a.m. But as he approached, he realized that it was something very strange. It was a fuzzy oval that rotated at such speed and hovered so low over the otherwise deserted highway that it was causing the bushes by the side to shake. The police officer stopped, propped onto his windscreen a pad that was in the patrol car to make sketches of any road accidents, and drew the UFO. Then there was a burst of light, and the next thing he knew he was driving his car again, further along Burnley Road, with no sign of the UFO.

Godfrey turned around and examined the spot where the UFO had hovered. The road was very wet as it had rained heavily earlier in the night. But just at this one location was a circular patch where the roadway had been dried in a swirled pattern. Only when back at the police station did he realise that it was a little later than he had expected - although any missing time was probably no greater than 15 minutes from estimates later taken on site.


November 1980 Todmorden, West Yorkshire, England by Police Constable Alan Godfrey

Concerned as to possible ridicule, Godfrey at first chose not to make an official report, but changed his mind later that day when he discovered he was not alone. After breakfast that morning, a driver who had been on Burnley Road three miles further out at Cliviger reported seeing a brilliant white object and contacted Todmorden police. The time matched that of Alan Godfrey's. Furthermore, a police patrol from an adjacent force (Halifax) had been engaged in a stakeout for stolen motorcycles on the moors of the Calder Valley and had witnessed a brilliant blue-white glow descending into the valley towards Todmorden shortly before Godfrey experienced his close encounter. Their story, when it reached Todmorden police station, formed a second match.

Encouraged by this news Godfrey filed an official report, but was surprised when police chose to release the story to the local newspaper the following week. From here, UFOlogists discovered the case and a lengthy investigation was mounted by a Manchester-based UFO group.

Although Alan Godfrey had no further conscious recall of the missing time, he did have increasingly confused memory of the sequence of events surrounding the sighting (with an unexplained image of seeing himself outside the car during the sighting). There was also puzzling physical evidence. His police-issue boots were split on the sole, as if he had been dragged along the floor and they had caught on something. He also reported a previous history of seeing other strange things and having experienced at least one earlier time lapse as a youth—factors that UFOlogists have come to recognise as common with abduction cases.

When sure that all conscious testimony had been recorded, Godfrey agreed to be hypnotically regressed by a Manchester psychiatrist eight months after the incident. He eventually had several other sessions with different therapists, and his recall in later sessions was video-taped. The doctor refused permission to the UFO group for the first session to be recorded.

The hypnotic testimony is very odd, and Godfrey was never to be sure what really happened. Under regression he told of the bright light stopping the car engine, causing his radio and police handset both to be filled with static and then to be swamped by blinding light as he lost consciousness. His next recall was of being inside a strange room, more like a house than a spaceship, complete with a most unexpected large black dog. He was studied by a heavily bearded man who telepathically conveyed that his name was "Yosef" and whose clothing was very Biblical in nature. Assisting Yosef were several small robot-like creatures "the size of a five-year-old lad" and with "a head shaped like a lamp". They are reminiscent of the "Grays" of UFO lore; although with major differences.

Godfrey was supposedly asked questions, told that he "knew" Josef, and was promised a later encounter. But apparently he was not subjected to the more familiar indignities of abduction stories (especially from the US), such as bodily fluid samples and rectal probes. Although there were periods of missing memory, the hypnotic recall that did emerge was a curious hybrid of mythic images, UFO case elements and dream like sequences.

When asked his opinion as to the reality status of this hypnotic testimony, Alan Godfrey was refreshingly honest. He told me he was certain that the UFO encounter was real, but he could not determine whether the story offered by hypnosis was a dream, a fantasy, reality, or a mixture of all three.

Unhappily, Alan Godfrey suffered terribly after this encounter. When I first wrote up the investigation (just before the regression hypnosis began) for Flying Saucer Review magazine in 1981, I deliberately changed his identity to help protect him; although this was probably futile because the story had already been featured in the local press under Godfrey's real name.

However, despite my refusal to assist them, a tabloid reporter traced the witness and devoted a front-page banner headline article to the story — read by millions over the Sunday lunch—which led to the officer being called to explain himself before his superiors. He was forced to undergo medical investigation to determine his "status", but was pronounced psychologically fit and healthy. Yet after some years feeling that he would never be allowed to forget his sighting, he took advice to honorably resign over an unrelated physical injury incurred during an incident in which he bravely intervened to avert a crime.

Todmorden, both before 1980 and in the years since, has been a hotbed of alien contact activity with several other major encounters having been investigated, including another abduction of a truck driver from Burnley Road only a little further out of Todmorden and on the same highway.


Brightly lit silvery colored craft during period of heavy UFO activity

Date: February 8, 1977
Location: Louisiana, United States

The first two months of 1977 brought heavy UFO activity to the state of Louisiana and eastward. On Tuesday, February 8, Mrs. Gayle Rodriguez and her son, Brian, were driving east on St. Bernard highway they saw a brightly lit silvery colored craft which flew across the highway in front of them and began a course parallel to the road.


Ted Peters, APRO Bulletin, Vol. 25, No. 9, March, 1977

Low Lights in Louisiana

By Ted Peters

The first two months of 1977 have brought heavy UFO activity to the state of Louisiana and eastward. On the night of January 15, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Digangi of Chalmette watched a bright light hovering near a water tower just off Judge Perez Highway. They were driving west and through the windshield viewed what appeared to be three lights chained together. Mrs. Digangi told me that it seemed "very close" and remained steady at an altitude of approximately 500 feet for a ten to fifteen minute period. The following Tuesday, January 18, their teenaged daughter and girlfriend saw the same object near their home on Jackson Blvd.

On Friday night, January 21, two nutria hunters, Irwin Menesses and Robert Melerine, were given a dramatic fright when an intensely bright object which emitted heat closed in on them. While motoring along a bayou near the Yscloskey Shell refinery, the giant light dropped down on them to an altitude of 65 to 75 feet. Melerine's hair stood on end and the boat stopped. Although the outboard engine continued to churn water, the boat remained stationary. The men ceased to move — although they could speak — as if their bodies were being held in suspended animation. When the light suddenly left, the boat lurched forward with such force that the men were thrown down in the boat. The UFO could be seen for another half hour making a sort of inspection tour of the Shell refinery and the Yscloskey water tower.

Two different sightings have been reported for the following night, Saturday, January 22. Two brothers, Mark and Damian Boudreaux, stood on the porch of Mark's house on Milan Street and watched the maneuvers of a reddish-orange light over the western part of the city. It was first seen hovering. Then it moved southward, stopped, reversed direction, and headed north. Damian had worked at the airport and knows how conventional aircraft appear at night. This object, he told me, "was much bigger and brighter and did things airplanes cannot do."

On the same night and to the east of New Orleans, a near landing was witnessed in Chalmette. A car full of six, three adults and three children, turned north off Judge Perez on to Jean Lafitte Parkway. Through the left windows they watched a dome-shaped craft with red and yellow lights and what were thought to be propellers which danced about in the sky. The witnesses parked in the middle of the boulevard to watch the show through the windshield. The machine bounced and dipped behind the trees only 2,000 feet in front. After 10 minutes it angled sharply and .dipped down into the forest for the last time. The frightened group drove home in awe, deciding to tell no one. It was not until February 12, that another UFO field investigator, James La Chute, and I were called in. An examination of the area revealed no landing traces.

On Tuesday night, January 25, Mrs. Claire Wetta spotted a mysterious glowing light just north of the 1-10 expressway near City Park. It was a cigar-shaped object, longer and narrower than the Good year Blimp and it emitted two distinctly different shades of bright green. She described it to me as "phosphorus looking . . . and long and bubbly . . . and glowing." After 15 seconds, it suddenly blinked out. It did not fly away but simply turned off. It was too high to have slipped behind a tree or building.

On Tuesday, February 8, Mrs. Gayle Rodriguez and her son, Brian, watched a similar UFO show by a rather differently shaped object. Driving east on St. Bernard highway they saw a brightly lit silvery colored craft which flew across the highway in front of them and began a course parallel to the road.

Its movement was in uneven spurts, shooting forward and then stopping. On one stop it tilted toward the car. It was shaped like an upside down saucer with a flat bottom and a dome on top in the middle. Near the bottom edge could be seen a row of individual lights which merged into a single blur when rotating. The lights changed color, alternating between blue, green and bright white. Atop the dome were three lights on the ends of which appeared to be antenna: two small white lights, and one larger red light.

The following night, February 9, an unusual object was sighted east of the Louisiana border in Madison County, Mississippi. Deputy Sheriff Ken Creel along with Deputy James Luke responded to a call that a UFO was seen in the area five miles west of the town of Flora. They were driving along Coxferry Road toward the house of Fred Grant when suddenly an unidentified aircraft flew to a position directly above the car. It hovered at an altitude of 20 to 50 feet. It shone a bright light and caused radio communication interference.

It was watched from further away by five independent witnesses one of whom was Hubert Roberts of the Flora Police Department. Roberts' police car was standing on a gravel road off the main highway near Bogue Chitto Creek. The officer blinked his headlights as a signal, and the UFO reportedly blinked two of its lights in apparent response. Mr. Roberts told investigator La Chute that it was "sort of round" with portholes and "very bright". When it departed, it shot off with great speed.

And there is one more. Two Navy Patrol Gunboats, the USS Tacoma and the USS Welch, were sailing to New Orleans for Mardi Gras on February 17 when they encountered a strange light about 4:00 A.M. Their position was 85° 50' x 25° 45', 140 miles west of Ft. Meyers, Florida, when the light approached them from the west. I talked to the officers on the bridge of both ships and was told the light appeared white at first. It then grew in intensity and turned amber. Then all of a sudden it blinked out.

A few observations are in order. Although UFO activity seems to have been quite heavy, the individual sightings together do not reveal any pattern. Independent confirmation of some of the cases have come in, but there seems to be no relation between cases other than geographical proximity. Witnesses in no two cases seem to report the same object; each object's description is quite different from the others'. However, all of these are night sightings — some are close encounters type I — and it is more difficult to see shapes in the dark. It would be premature to rule out the possibility that the same craft was seen more than once.

We have here such a large number of sightings in such a short period of time that it appears we have a flap on our hands. Skeptics argue that flaps are caused by the media, that is, reports of UFO's on TV and in the newspapers cause others to begin to see things in the sky. It is important to note that the media has played no role in this flap. There has been only modest reporting of UFO's in the news. The people who claim to have witnessed mysterious flying objects have been for the most part unaware that others have too. Is there really somebody or something out there that has come to visit us?


Giant Aliens Floating In Crystal UFO Sphere Encounter

Giant humanoids - Canary Isles, June 22 1976.

Classification (Hynek): CE2.


The giants in the sphere, Canary Islands, Spain 1976

Location: Galdar Canary Islands Spain
Date: June 22 1976

Time: 2230

Dr. Francisco Julio Padron, a physician, was being driven to Galdar, on Grand Canary Island, when he and his chauffeur saw a spherical object “about the size of a 3-story building” 60 yards off the road. It was of grayish blue color, but transparent—we could see the stars through it.” Near the center of the sphere were 2 figures well over 6 ft tall, who were either red in color or dressed in bright red; they had human faces with large eyes, and their heads gave off a glow. They wore cloth like helmets hiding their ears. On the ends of their arms they had “wing-like appendages that they moved slowly, like hands.” The car’s radio went out, and the witnesses felt an intense cold. Then the object began to rise, apparently growing larger as it did so. Many other witnesses, including 3 astronomers at the observatory, saw the object take off; it approached the observatory, then made a sharp 90-degree turn and took off “like a streak of light.” Onions in the field over which the UFO hovered were found later to have been “cooked” as if by burning.

One of the most bizarre reports of unusual phenomena occurred in 1976 in the Spanish Canary Islands. Although the case features a most extraordinary description of aliens and their craft, the occurrence is extremely reliable in that it includes multiple witness reports which agreed in all aspects of the case.

The phenomenon began on the night of June 22, 1976, as residents of Tenerife, La Palma, and La Gomera began reporting the sighting of unusual lights in the sky.

These lights and their maneuvers were different from anything residents of the area had seen before. Newspaper headlines the next morning proclaimed that "thousands of people" had witnessed a "spectacular phenomena" which lasted "twenty minutes." The most sensational aspect was the sighting of the aforementioned "sphere" occupied by strange alien beings.

Three days later, the Commanding General of the Canary Island Air Zone named an "Investigative Adjutant" to make sense of the events. His findings were forwarded by a Spanish Air Force General to journalist J. J. Benitez in 1976, and the details of the case quickly reached beyond the scope of the Islands to the outside world. Benitez's investigation would be the basis of his book, "UFOs: Official Documents of the Spanish Government."

The case would regain momentum in 1994, when files of the investigation were released as part of the unveiling of Spanish records, a type of "Freedom of Information" act. The 1976 report was massive, containing over one hundred pages of testimony, evaluations, drawings, and more.

The official Air Force report of the incident was headlined by depositions of fourteen witnesses. A type of standard was established with witness reliability based on social status. A doctor's report was considered a high priority, whereas a common laborer's report was given little, if any, weight.

In this particular case, this unfair standard did not take away from the acceptance of the facts, since all involved were in full agreement as to what they saw. The report was very detailed, and presented chronologically.

The initial report of the Canary Island UFO came from the Navy's armed escort ship, the "Atrevida." The ship was located off the coast of Fuerteventura Island. The ship's captain gave a detailed report of what he and his crew observed at 9:27 P.M. on June 22.

The entire crew saw an extremely bright yellow-blue light moving from the shore in the direction of the ship, located three and a half miles at sea. Several of the crewmen at first thought they were seeing a conventional aircraft with its landing lights on. The lights soon faded, and a type of beam began to rotate, similar to a lighthouse effect.

Afterwards, an intense halo of yellow and blue could be seen from the fantastic craft. Amazingly, the crew watched the craft for a full forty minutes. The craft seemed to be playing tricks with its lights, as they constantly changed from one form to another. Even though the light show was observed for a long period of time, no signature was evident on the ship's radar of any flying craft.

Actual transcript-Captain of Atrevida.

"At 21:27 (Z) hrs. on 22 June, we saw an intense yellowish-bluish light moving out from the shore towards our position. At first we thought it was an aircraft with its landing lights on. Then, when the light had attained a certain elevation (15 - 18 degrees), it became stationary.

The original light went out and a luminous beam from it began to rotate. It remained like this for approximately two minutes. Then an intense great halo of yellowish and bluish light developed, and remained in the same position for 40 minutes, even though the original phenomenon was no longer visible.

"Two minutes after the great halo, the light split into two parts, the smaller part being beneath, in the center of the luminous halo, where a blue cloud appeared and the part from which the bluish nucleus had come, vanished. The upper part began to climb in a spiral, rapid and irregular, and finally vanished.

None of these movements affected the initial circular halo in any way, which remained just the same the whole time, its glow lighting up parts of the land and the ocean, from which we could deduce that the phenomenon was not very far away from us, but was close."

Only a few minutes later, this same object was seen by residents of Canary Island proper. The bulk of the sightings were by citizens of three villages; Galdar, Las Rosas, and Agaete. A cross section of professions were involved; medical doctor, schoolteacher, farmer, taxi driver, and housewife, among others.

 A thorough search of records by the Investigator Adjutant determined that there were no reports of "aerial traffic or military exercises at the time of the reports" that could possibly account for the sightings of the unknown object . The Adjutant, for the sake of clarity, divided the investigation into two different categories.

One was the larger craft observed by ship crewmen and others, and the second the smaller globe with the aliens aboard. By his own admission, and consistent with human nature, the Adjutant had no problem believing the reports of the larger craft, but had reservations accepting the orb since occupants were observed which were not consistent with human beings.

The Investigator General's last word on the subject was: "The fact that a very strange and peculiar aerial phenomena occurred on the night of 22 June is a true and proven fact, as incredible as its behavior and conditions may seem."

The incredible account of the sphere was submitted by Doctor Francisco Padron Leon, who lived in the city of Guia. His report is the most voluminous of the entire investigation. His background was thoroughly investigated, and he was found to be an upstanding, sane professional, whose word was considered truthful.

Padron had been summoned to make a house call, and commissioned a cab to take him to the location; the town of Las Rosas. As they rode along, the doctor and cab driver were engaged in light conversation. Suddenly, the car lights pointed out a slightly luminous object in the shape of a sphere.

The object was either landed, or hovering just above the ground. The object was made of a totally transparent and crystalline-like material. The doctor and driver both observed stars through the sphere. The object was bluish in color, with a radius of about 100 feet. The lower part of the orb contained a platform of aluminum-like material with three consoles. At each side of the center there were two huge figures from eight to ten feet tall. They were dressed in red, and always faced each other.

The beings were humanoid in shape, with large heads covered with a type of helmet. The doctor, hardly believing his own eyes, asked for confirmation from his cab driver.

"Are you seeing what I am?" he asked.

The driver exclaimed, "My God! What is that?"

The cab was only a short distance from the patient's house, and upon arriving, the doctor observed a type of bluish smoke coming from a tube rising through the center of the object.

 The doctor stated:

"We were talking about hunting... as we entered the last part of the road, the car lights pointed at a slightly luminous sphere that was stationary and very close to the ground, although I can't say for sure if it was touching it.

It was made of a totally transparent and crystalline-like material, since it was possible to see through it the stars in the sky; it had an electric blue color but tenuous, without dazzling; it had a radius of about 30 m. [100 ft.], and in the lower third of the sphere you could see a platform of aluminum-like color as if made of metal, and three large consoles.

At each side of the center there were two huge figures of 2.50 to 3 m. [8.5 to 10 ft.] tall, but no taller than 3 m. [10 ft.], dressed entirely in red and facing each other in such a way that I always saw their profile."

"Then I observed that some kind of bluish smoke was coming out from a semi-transparent central tube in the sphere, covering the periphery of the sphere's interior without leaking outside at any moment.

Then the sphere began to grow and grow until it became huge like a 20-story house, but the platform and the crew remained the same size; it rose slowly and majestically and it seems I heard a very tenuous whistling."

The sphere grew to an enormous size as it began to ascend into the sky. The doctor ran into the house, and told the family about what he had seen. Running outside, they observed the orb, which was now extremely high in the sky. It reached an enormous speed, accelerating toward Tenerfie.

Finally it dissolved into a smaller size, and disappeared. Another witness, a lady who was a relative of the patient, was watching television when suddenly the screen went blank, and her dogs began to bark outside. Running to a window, she saw the doctor's cab, and the blue sphere above it. She also noted that the sphere was transparent, with two beings inside. Shocked, she closed the windows and doors, and began to pray.

 There were several other sightings of a similar nature throughout the year of 1976 on the Island. The final "official" report was ambiguous at best.

The observance of the craft by all who saw it was accepted as genuine, although no "earthly" explanation was offered for its unique look and behavior.

On the other hand, although the witnesses of the smaller orb with aliens were classified as totally reliable, the actual presence of the beings was questioned. In other words, the witnesses were telling the truth, but what they saw was too far fetched to believe.

No other explanation was forthcoming on an official level, and the Canary Island phenomenon remains today as an authentic, well documented sighting of an unidentified flying craft with occupants.


Benítez, J.J., OVNIS: Documentos Oficiales del Gobierno Español, Barcelona, Plaza & Janes, 1977.

Deposition No. B-07 of the Captain of Corvette in the Spanish Air Force file; English translation by Gordon Creighton, Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 23, No. 3, 1977.

Adjutant's Report, Las Palmas Aerial Sector, July 16, 1976.

Deposition No. A-01 by Dr. Francisco Padrón León in the Spanish Air Force file.

Deposition No. A-02 by taxi driver and No. B-05 by woman in Galdar, in the Spanish Air Force file.


JAL 1628: Capt. Terauchi's Marvellous "Spaceship"

A recent email circulating among certain UFO researchers asked, where is the best on-line statement of the skeptic's position on the famous JAL 1628 sighting by Capt. Terauchi on Nov. 17, 1986? Despite it being one of the most celebrated cases in the recent UFO literature, it turns out that there wasn't a lot. To remedy this perceived lack, I scanned all of the press clippings and other papers in my file on the case, and placed it on the Historical Documents page of my website. It contains original press clippings from when the case was first reported, a press release by CSICOP, FAA information, and a "Summary White Paper" about the case by Philip J. Klass. (Page numbers given refer to this PDF document. MUFON, it turns out, has scanned some 377 pages relating to this case, now available in John Greenwald's The Black Vault).
Capt. Terauchi (from People Magazine).
Japan Air Lines Captain Kenju Terauchi describes the encounter with three UFOs over Alaska.
The San Francisco Chronicle reported on December 30, 1986, "The crew of a Japan Air Lines cargo jet claimed that a UFO with flashing white and yellow strobe lights followed them across the Arctic Circle in route from Reykjavik, Iceland, to Tokyo" (p.1). On January 1, 1987, that paper reported, "A veteran pilot whose UFO sighting was confirmed on radar screens said the thing was so enormous that his Japan Air Lines cargo jet - a Boeing 747 - was tiny compared with the mysterious object" (p.2). In fact, Terauchi said that the object was larger than an “aircraft carrier.” Feeling the heat, the FAA soon re-opened its investigation of the incident. "The reason we're exploring it is that it was a violation of airspace," said FAA spokesman Paul Steucke. "That may sound strange, but that's what it was" (p. 4).

The FAA reviewed its data, and found reasons to doubt its earlier statements. By Jan 8, the press was reporting,

The FAA has concluded that the unidentified object on radar now appears to be an unexplained split image of the JAL Boeing 747 and not a separate object .... The review of radar data indicates that no second object was present and represents a reversal of earlier FAA statements that a second object was confirmed on radar. "The bottom line is that this tells us that we don't have any radar confirmation of the object that the pilot said he saw," Steucke said (p. 5).

The scanned documents from MUFON include a detailed technical analysis from the FAA of the “uncorrelated primary return” on the radar (p. 50-53).

Philip J. Klass investigated, and soon CSICOP issued a Press Release, written by Klass (p. 7):

 At  the  time  the UFO incident began near Ft. Yukon, the JAL airliner was  flying  south  in  twilight  conditions  so  that  an extremely bright Jupiter  (-2.6  magnitude) would have been visible on the pilot's left-hand side, where  he first reported seeing the UFO, according to Klass. Jupiter was  only 10 degrees above the horizon, making it appear to the pilot to be at  roughly  his  own  35,000  ft.  altitude.  Mars,  slightly lower on the horizon, was about 20 degrees to the right of Jupiter but not as bright....Although  the  very  bright  Jupiter,  and less bright Mars, had to be visible  to JAL Capt. Kenjyu Terauchi, the pilot never once reported seeing either  -- only a UFO

 Many  of  the  colorful  details  of  the incident carried by the news media, largely based on the six-week-old recollections of the pilot of JAL Flight  1628,  are  contradicted by a transcript of radio messages from the pilot to FAA controllers while the incident was in progress. For  example, news media accounts quoting the 747 pilot said that when he  executed  a  360 degree turn, the UFO had followed him around the turn. But  this  claim  is contrary to what the pilot told FAA controllers at the time.

An interesting historical footnote: in the press release, Klass credits "astronomers Nick Sanduleak and C. B. Stephenson, of Case   Western   Reserve  University,  in  Cleveland,  for  their  valuable assistance  in  computing  the  positions  and bearings of bright celestial bodies relative to the 747 airliner at the time of the incident." In February 1987, the month after this press release was issued, southern hemisphere astronomers discovered Supernova 1987a, in the Large Magellanic Cloud. It was the brightest supernova seen from Earth since 1604, easily visible to the naked eye. Researchers discovered that the progenitor star (before the Supernova explosion) was a blue giant star known as  Sanduleak -69° 202. Yes, that Nick Sanduleak (1933-1990). He catalogued the stars of the Large Magellanic Cloud. He also discovered Sanduleak's Star, a very unusual object in the Large Magellanic Cloud, with a "giant, highly-collimated bipolar jet." In his spare time he attended CSICOP conferences, where I met him several times, a very friendly fellow. Unfortunately, he died of a cardiac arrest a few years after this.

The FAA issued an in-depth report, with primary references and interviews included. Unfortunately, the FAA charged $194.30 for the complete package, including all written records, photographs, and all tape recordings. It wasn't exactly a best-seller: not too many people were sufficiently interested to send in almost $200 for information about a UFO report. In fact, it sounds very much like the FAA constructed this expensive package to deter the many persons badgering them for information on the case. But that didn't deter Philip J. Klass.


Capt. Terauchi's UFO, as he reported it

Capt. Terauchi's drawing of the huge object.

Klass wrote an article in The Skeptical Inquirer, Summer 1987: "FAA Data Sheds New Light on JAL Pilot's UFO Report." It was reprinted in the book, The UFO Invasion (Prometheus Books, 1997), Kendrick Frazier, Barry Karr, and Joe Nickell, eds.

Klass wrote,

The FAA data package reveals Terauchi to be a "UFO repeater," with two other UFO sightings prior to November 17, and two more this past January, which normally raises a "caution flag" for experienced UFO investigators. The JAL pilot is convinced that UFOs are extraterrestrial and when describing the light(s) Terauchi often used the term spaceship or mothership.

Illustration of the object, with the Boeing 747 airplane on the right. (International UFO Reporter)

 During his January 2 interview with FAA officials, Terauchi said that he believed the "mothership" intentionally positioned itself in the "darkest [easterly] side" of the sky because "I think they did not want to be seen." This enabled the UFO to see the 747 "in front of the sunset and visible for any movement we make." In his report to the FAA, he expressed the hope that "we humans will meet them in the new future"... [On January 11] he again reported spotting unusual lights in roughly the same area while on a repeat flight from Paris to Anchorage...

[Terauchi] always failed to mention that two other aircraft in the area that were vectored into the vicinity of the JAL 747 to try to spot the UFO he had been reporting were unable to see any such object... [Flight Engineer Yoshio Tsukuba] "was not sure whether the object was a UFO or not"... When the copilot [Takanori Tamefuji] was asked if he could distinguish these lights "as being different" from a star, he replied: "No."

Bruce Maccabee has written a very long report (as is his habit) on the JAL 1628 UFO. If you want to read every detail of Capt. Terauchi's account, it is here. Maccabee wrote,

CSICOP was not finished with the case.  Evidently even Phil Klass could see that his Jupiter-Mars explanation had failed. In the Summer, 1987 issue of the Skeptical Inquirer he published a new analysis.  [Actually, Jupiter was still part of Klass' analysis, but the fainter Mars was not.] This time the lights were explained as reflections of moonlight from the clouds and “turbulent ice crystals.”   (Recall that the air crew reported thin clouds below them.)   According to Klass the turbulent ice crystals “could have generated flame-colored lights” and “this would also explain why the undulating lights would periodically and suddenly disappear and then reapper as cloud conditions ahead changed.  When the aircraft finally outflew the ice clouds and the initial ‘UFO’ disappeared for good (the Captain) would search the sky for it, spot Jupiter further to the left and conclude it was the initial UFO.”  Klass attributed the airplane radar sighting to “an echo from thin clouds of ice crystals.”

KLASS’s explanation verges on scientific garbage.  There is no reason to suppose that moonlight reflected off ice crystals in the clouds would generate “flame colored lights.”   Klass’ explanation certainly could not account for the heat which Terauchi felt on his face.  Nor would it explain the distinct arrays of flames or lights associated with two independently flying objects that appeared ahead of the plane and ABOVE for many minutes (the clouds were reported to be below the plane).

While I tend to agree that moonlight reflecting off clouds would probably not make a very good "UFO" display, there are so many sources for 'lights in the sky' (including 'lights on the ground,' which Terauchi agreed with the FAA was an explanation for his January 11 UFO sighting) that once the main "UFO" has been demoted from a giant "mothership" to 'unexplained lights,' it no longer impresses us as much of a mystery. Even J. Allen Hynek was dismissive of  'lights in the sky' UFO reports. The bottom line is, Terauchi's own flight crew saw only 'lights,' and other aircraft checking out the situation saw nothing unusual.
Artist's conception of Capt. Terauchi's UFO


The case merits a chapter (#22) in Leslie Kean's book, UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record. Written by John J. Callahan, he claims that Terauchi's crew "both saw it, too." Of course this is false - they saw only lights, not the giant spaceship that Terauchi reported. Callahan also claims that "it flew alongside his jet" after he turned, but (as Klass notes), this contradicts what Terauchi told FAA controllers at the time. Callahan ices the cake with his claim that the CIA has over 30 minutes of radar data confirming Terauchi's UFO, but they refuse to release it, to prevent public panic.

How credible is Callahan’s account? In 2011, UFO Blogger Ryan Daube wrote,

At this point, Callahan’s credentials and story has never actually been independently confirmed. In fact, back in 2007, as we were attempting to verify his claims, we contacted CIA Science Analyst Ron Pandolfi. Ron admitted that both he and Maccabee had in fact attended an FAA meeting like the one Callahan described. However, he did not recall anyone making any statement that the meeting never happened, or that the data should be covered up…. We contacted Maccabee and he also confirmed that he was at such a meeting and received all of the data for his analysis and report, but he also did not recall anyone at the meeting trying to cover it up.


We reported this contradiction to Leslie Kean of the Coalition for Freedom of Information – the only listed contact for Callahan – and she initially did not believe us. Therefore, I put her in direct contact with Pandolfi and Maccabee, who both told her exactly what they told us. Kean refused to let us speak directly with Callahan to resolve the discrepancy, and eventually refused to cooperate regarding getting any clarification from Callahan.

In fact, Kean completely ignored the contradictory witness statements that she received first-hand, and instead went on to publish a book in 2010 titled UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record, where she repeated Callahan’s testimony in full on page 222, and even focused on the “this never happened” statement.

She completely left out the fact that she had received direct testimony from both a CIA analyst and Bruce Maccabee, stating that they were at such a meeting that matched the meeting John described, and that no one said anything about covering-up.

So much for the credibility of John Callahan. And of Leslie Kean.

Kean is enormously impressed by pilot sightings, which she describes as “a unique window into the unknown.” She writes that pilots “represent the world’s most experienced and best-trained observers of everything that flies… these unique circumstances potentially transform any jet aircraft into a specialized flying laboratory for the study of rare anomalous phenomena.” Dr. J. Allen Hynek, the late USAF Project Blue Book consultant who Kean repeatedly cites as a respected UFO authority, came to exactly the opposite conclusion. On  page  271  of his 1977 book The Hynek UFO Report, he  wrote, “Surprisingly, commercial and military pilots appear to make relatively poor witnesses.” Kean actually quotes from other pages of that book, but makes absolutely no mention of Hynek’s low opinion of pilot sightings.

Re-reading Terauchi's own statements about the incident, I don't think that anyone could call him an unbiased or objective observer. 

(Revised July 24, 2014).

What Did Japan Air Lines Flight 1628 Encounter?

Japan Air Lines flight 1628 was a UFO incident that occurred on November 17, 1986 involving a Japanese Boeing 747 cargo aircraft. The aircraft was en route from Paris to Narita, Tokyo with a cargo of Beaujolais wine. On the Reykjavík to Anchorage section of the flight, at 5:11 PM over eastern Alaska, the crew first witnessed two unidentified objects to their left. These abruptly rose from below and closed in to escort their aircraft. Each had two rectangular arrays of what appeared to be glowing nozzles or thrusters, though their bodies remained obscured by darkness. When closest, the aircraft’s cabin was lit up and the captain could feel their heat in his face. These two craft departed before a third, much larger disk-shaped object started trailing them, causing the pilots to request a change of course. Anchorage Air Traffic Control obliged and requested an oncoming United Airlines flight to confirm the unidentified traffic, but when it and a military craft sighted JAL 1628 at about 5:51 PM, no other craft could be distinguished. The sighting of 50 minutes ended in the vicinity of Mt. McKinley.

On November 17, 1986, the Japanese crew of a JAL Boeing 747 cargo freighter witnessed three unidentified objects after sunset, while flying over eastern Alaska, USA. The objects seemed to prefer the cover of darkness to their left, and to avoid the brighter skies to their right. At least the first two of the objects were observed by all three crew members: Captain Kenju Terauchi, an ex-fighter pilot with more than 10,000 hours flight experience, in the cockpit’s left-hand seat; co-pilot Takanori Tamefuji in the right-hand seat; and flight engineer Yoshio Tsukuba.

The routine cargo flight entered Alaska on auto-pilot, cruising at 565 mph (909 km/h) at an altitude of 35,000 ft (11,000 m). At 5:09 PM, the Anchorage ATC advised a new heading towards Talkeetna, Alaska.

Two objects
As soon as JAL 1628 straightened out of its turn, at 05:11 PM, Captain Terauchi noticed two craft to his far left, and some 2,000 ft (610 m) below his altitude, which he assumed to be military aircraft. These were pacing his flight path and speed. At 5:18 or 5:19 PM the two objects abruptly veered to a position about 500 ft (150 m) or 1,000 ft (300 m) in front of the aircraft, assuming a stacked configuration.

In doing so they activated “a kind of reverse thrust, and [their] lights became dazzlingly bright”. To match the speed of the aircraft from their sideways approach, the objects displayed what Terauchi described as a disregard for inertia: “The thing was flying as if there was no such thing as gravity. It sped up, then stopped, then flew at our speed, in our direction, so that to us it [appeared to be] standing still. The next instant it changed course. … In other words, the flying object had overcome gravity.” The “reverse thrust” caused a bright flare for 3 to 7 seconds, to the extent that captain Terauchi could feel the warmth of their glows.

Air traffic control was notified at this point (i.e. 5:19:15 PM), who could not confirm any traffic in the indicated position. After 3 to 5 minutes the objects assumed a side-to-side configuration, which they maintained for another 10 minutes. They accompanied the aircraft with an undulating motion, and some back and forth rotation of the jet nozzles, which seemed to be under automatic control, causing them to flare with brighter or duller luminosity.

Each object had a square shape, consisting of two rectangular arrays of what appeared to be glowing nozzles or thrusters, separated by a dark central section. Captain Terauchi speculated in his drawings, that the objects would appear cylindrical if viewed from another angle, and that the observed movement of the nozzles could be ascribed to the cylinders’ rotation. The objects left abruptly at about 5:23:13 PM, moving to a point below the horizon to the east.

Where the first objects disappeared, Captain Terauchi now noticed a pale band of light that mirrored their altitude, speed and direction. Setting their onboard radar scope to a 25 nautical miles (46 km) range, he confirmed an object in the expected 10 o’clock direction at about 7.5 nmi (13.9 km) distance,[4] and informed ATC of its presence. Anchorage found nothing on their radar, but Elmendorf ROCC, directly in his flight path, reported a “surge primary return” after some minutes.

As the city lights of Fairbanks began to illuminate the object, captain Terauchi believed to perceive the outline of a gigantic spaceship on his port side that was “twice the size of an aircraft carrier”. It was however outside first officer Tamefuji’s field of view. Terauchi immediately requested a change of course to avoid it. The object however followed him “in formation”, or in the same relative position throughout the 45 degree turn, a descent from 35,000 to 31,000 ft, and a 360 degree turn. The short-range radar at Fairbanks airport however failed to register the object.

Anchorage ATC offered military intervention, which was declined by the pilot, due to his knowledge of the Mantell incident. The object was not noted by any of two planes which approached JAL 1628 to confirm its presence, by which time JAL 1628 had also lost sight of it. JAL 1628 arrived safely in Anchorage at 18:20.

Captain Terauchi cited in the official Federal Aviation Administration report that the object was a UFO. In December 1986, Terauchi gave an interview to two Kyodo News journalists. JAL soon grounded him for talking to the press, and moved him to a desk job. He was only reinstated as a pilot years afterwards, and retired eventually in north Kanto, Japan.

Kyodo News contacted Paul Steucke, the FAA public information officer in Anchorage on December 24, and received confirmation of the incident, followed by UPI on the 29th. The FAA’s Alaskan Region consulted John Callahan,[note 4] the FAA Division Chief of the Accidents and Investigations branch, as they wanted to know what to tell the media about the UFO. John Callahan was unaware of any such incident, considering it a likely early flight of a stealth bomber, then in development. He asked the Alaskan Region to forward the relevant data to their technical center in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where he and his superior played back the radar data and tied it in with the voice tapes by videotaping the concurrent playbacks.

A day later at FAA headquarters they briefed Vice Admiral Donald D. Engen, who watched the whole video of over half an hour, and asked them not to talk to anybody until they were given the OK, and to prepare an encompassing presentation of the data for a group of government officials the next day. The meeting was attended by representatives of the FBI, CIA and President Reagan’s Scientific Study Team, among others. Upon completion of the presentation, all present were told that the incident was secret and that their meeting “never took place”. According to Callahan, the officials considered the data to represent the first instance of recorded radar data on a UFO, and they took possession of all the presented data. John Callahan however managed to retain the original video, the pilot’s report and the FAA’s first report in his office. The forgotten target print-outs of the computer data were also rediscovered, from which all targets can be reproduced that were in the sky at the time.

After a three-month investigation, the FAA formally released their results at a press conference held on March 5, 1987. Here Paul Steucke retracted earlier FAA suggestions that their controllers confirmed a UFO, and ascribed it to a “split radar image” which appeared with unfortunate timing. He clarified that “the FAA [did] not have enough material to confirm that something was there”, and though they were “accepting the descriptions by the crew” they were “unable to support what they saw”. The McGrath incident was revealed here amongst the ample set of documents supplied to the journalists.

The sighting received special attention from the media, as a supposed instance of the tracking of UFOs on both ground and airborne radar, while being observed by experienced airline pilots, with subsequent confirmation by an FAA Division Chief.



August 4, 1972. Baakline, Shuf Province, Lebanon
Source: APRO, Jan/Feb 1973


Line drawing of the Lebanon object by artist Brian James. (credit: APRO)

Mr. Walter Hamady. Hamady described the object seen through, the binoculars as two saucers placed on top of each other with a perpendicular plane of windows that went all the way around the craft. There was a light inside that was not strange, simply looking like house lights at night, warm and yellow in appearance. On top of the craft, he said, was a dome also lit up in the same way as the windows. In back of it or in the lee of the direction it was moving were two lights. Hamady can no longer recall what color these lights were but his wife recalls that one was red and the other was green. There was no exhaust, noise or visible means of propulsion, and the movement was steady. The object proceeded steadily into the southeast, at about the speed of a propelior-driven aircraft, and disappeared from view. See line drawing of the Lebanon object by artist Brian James.

APRO, Jan/Feb 1973

"UFO Over Lebanon"

Mr. Walter Hamady, a professor of art, was one of several witnesses to the presence of an unidentified flying object over Baakline, Shuf Province, Lebanon, early in the evening of August 4, 1972. Mr. Hamady is a resident of the United States, but we will not pinpoint his location. At the time of his sighting he was visiting at his Uncle's summer home at Chemlan which overlooks the Beirut airport. At about dusk Mr. Hamady, his wife Mary and Mr. Hamady's aunt went to Baakline and as they pulled into the driveway of the house Hamady's cousins were very excited, exclaiming they had just seen a "flying saucer". The small company made their way onto the terrace and saw a bright red light moving "straight off into space". Two pairs of binoculars were on hand— a Bushnell 7x35 and a Trinovid 8 x 32.

The first sighting, which occurred prior to Mr. and Mrs. Hamady's arrival, is described by the cousin as follows (in Mr. Hamady's words):

He and his wife and brother were sitting out on the terrace enjoying the early evening when the power failed. They looked around, noting that the power at their uncle's home was still on, as was that of the village. Power outages are not unusual in Lebanon so there was no alarm felt. After a bit Mr. Hamady's cousin's wife exclaimed, "Look at that beautiful red star, it must be Mars!" They all looked directly overhead and observed a very bright red star. As they were admiring it it emitted a big puff of black smoke and began to move off into the southwest. They ran and got their binoculars and shortly after, Mr. Hamady and his wife and aunt arrived.

After the object moved off the power returned but Mr. Hamady did not keep track of the time so he does not know how soon after the object left. The group continued to sit on the terrace enjoying the cool evening and the usual mountain breeze.

The night was clear, no clouds and no wind other than the slight breeze.

Mr. Hamady, his wife, aunt, and two cousins walked across the yard to the railing and were admiring the town of Deir El Quamar where a celebration was taking place and the entire village was very brightly lit. Someone asked about the location of the Big Dipper and Mrs. Hamady located the constellation and was surprised to see a bright red light moving in it. She brought it to the attention of the others and they trained their binoculars on it. Mr. and Mrs. Hamady passed their binoculars around and one of the cousins yelled for his wife to join the group and bring their binoculars.

Hamady described the object seen through, the binoculars as two saucers placed on top of each other with a perpendicular plane of windows that went all the way around the craft. There was a light inside that was not strange, simply looking like house lights at night, warm and yellow in appearance. On top of the craft, he said, was a dome also lit up in the same way as the windows. In back of it or in the lee of the direction it was moving were two lights. Hamady can no longer recall what color these lights were but his wife recalls that one was red and the other was green. There was no exhaust, noise or visible means of propulsion, and the movement was steady. The object proceeded steadily into the southeast, at about the speed of a propelior-driven aircraft, and disappeared from view. See line drawing of the Lebanon object by artist Brian James.



Valley, Alabama, USA, UFO Photograph Taken, 1996

An ISUR NEWS Special: a local radio station and newspaper received six different photos from an anonymous source that show a capsule-shape UFO hovering over a farm pasture. In a letter accompanying the photos, the source claims to have taken the remarkable UFO photographs on the 16th of September, 1996, in Valley, Alabama, USA.

According to the phototaker, he was repairing a fence on his property when his dog started barking loudly. Going over to where his dog was he looked up to see a low-flying capsule-shape UFO hovering and moving slowly over one of his cow pastures. The UFO captured in each of the photos resembles the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space capsules that the United States launched in the early years of its space program.

Black to dark green, the cone-shaped capsule, when blown-up, shows a black teflon-like covered bottom and a flange or rim that goes around near the top of the unknown object. In each photo the UFO is shown at a slightly different position and elevation, making it more difficult to hoax, according to researchers who have examined the photographs.

The photos and a copy of the letter were aired publicly for the first time on TV-33 in Lagrange, Georgia on 26 September 1996. On the "Heston & Steve" show, the two hosts, Heston Yates and Steve Smoots, along with John C. Thompson and Jimmy Smith, field investigators for the International Society for Ufo Research (ISUR), speculated about whether the UFO photos are real.

All of them agreed that if the photos were part of a hoax, it was a most strange and clever one. Mr. Thompson said on the program that he was "most favorably impressed by the photos."

He also has stated since then that he has two witnesses who saw similar shaped UFOs in May and July in the LaGrange area which is only 20 miles from Valley.

Another witness that he has located, says he and others saw the exact craft, incredibly, 25 years earlier in Atlanta. Mr. Smith, a long-time investigator and actual sightee of UFOs, said the photos appeared genuine. He also said that he himself, in 1971, had seen a UFO with a likeness of what the photos depict. He then went on to relate that the 1971 UFO had cut off power to his pickup while he observed it.

The photos, along with a copy of the letter from the alleged phototaker, have now been sent to Jeff Sainio, a photography expert who specializes in analyzing UFO video and photos. Mr. Sainio, who often does photo analysis for the popular TV Sightings program, will determine if the photos really show a UFO.

In the meantime, it is hoped that the person who took these amazing photos will step forward and allow access to the negatives that the photos were made from. All persons involved in investigating the photos are assuring the phototaker over TV and radio that if he wishes, his anonymity will be kept.

Editor's Note: This case has good detail and a nice, clear photograph. I rarely ever add my own opinion into articles that are kept on the UFO Casebook. In this case, however, I must say that there is something just not quite right about the photograph.

It has the look of a wooden water bucket turned upside down. In all fairness, I have NO proof to back up this statement, and I am keeping an open mind. Does anyone else agree with me on this?


Paul Villa Photo and Contact Case

Date: June 16, 1963
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States


Apolinar (Paul) Villa, a mechanic of Albuquerque, New Mexico, had a unique privilege having prearranged meetings with Space People for the specific purpose of taking pictures of their craft. They told him they came from the galaxy of Coma Berenices, many light years distance.


Photo taken June 16, 1963. The occupants of the UFO "permitted Villa to take photo's of their ship which posed and hovered close to the surface between 2 and 4P.M. while he took various shots of the craft framed by the trees in the foreground. He used a Japanese-made Rokuoh-Sha camera with an f4.6, 75mm lens loaded with 120 Kodak film."


Photo taken June 16, 1963.


Photo taken April 18, 1965, from another contact. Another of the Paul Villa photographs.

Gabriel Green, UFO International, 1965

June 16, 1963-near Albuquerque, N.M. Apolinar(Paul)A. Villa, Jr., 49(born Sept. 24, 1916), a mechanic of 601 Niagara N.E.; Albuquerque, New Mexico, had a unique privilege having prearranged meetings with Space People for the specific purpose of taking pictures of their craft.

Apparently, contacts of one kind or another with space people are not new to Mr. Villa. He says that he has been taught telepathy by extraterrestrial intelligence since he was five years old. Although he did not complete the tenth grade of school, he seems to have a good knowledge on such subjects as mathematics, electricity, physics, and mechanics, and has an unusual "gift" for detecting defects in engines, generators, etc.

Villa says that prior to photographing his first series of saucers in 1963, he had seen about five Flying Saucers in the previous five years, and he had talked with a spaceman previously. He said that his first picture-taking contact was his second in-person meeting with extraterrestrial beings. The first was in 1953 while he was working for the Department of Water and Power in Los Angeles. While on the job one day in Long Beach, he had a strong urge to go down to the beach, a feeling he did not understand. There he met a man about 7 feet tall. At first Villa was a afraid and wanted to run away. But the man called him by name, and told him many personal things about himself. "Villa realized that he was communicating with a very superior intelligence, and he then became aware that this being was a spaceman. "He knew everything I had in my mind and told me many things that had happened in my life," Villa says. " He then told me to look out beyond the reef. I saw a metallic looking disc-shaped object that seemed to be floating on the water. Then the spaceman asked me if I would I like to go aboard the craft and look around, and I went with him." He said the saucer occupants were entirely humanoid in appearance, although better looking in general than Earth people, as they were definitely more refined in the face and the body. Also they had an advanced knowledge of science, as evidenced by their craft, and by their talk with him." They told Villa that the whole galaxy to which our Earth belongs is a grain of sand on a huge beach, in relation to the unfathomable number of inhabited galaxies in the entire Universe. Because of their technological advancement, their spaceships can penetrate the Earth's radar detection system, so that they are picked up on our radar screens only when they choose to call attention to their presence in our skies. It seems that their craft are constantly active over our surface, and that they plan more sightings and landings in order to increase public awareness of their existence. They said they were here on a friendly mission to help our people; that they have bases on our moon; that Phobos, one of the two moons of Mars is hollow and is artificially constructed; and that their is a Superior Intelligence that governs the Universe and everything in it.

For his first series of pictures, Mr. Villa says his space contacts told him, telepathically, to drive his pick-up truck on June 16, (1963), to the meeting place, alone. There he saw a landed Flying saucer which he estimated to be about 70 feet in diameter. There were nine people aboard the ship: four men and five women. They disembarked through a hermetically sealed door. These beings, he says, ranged in height from seven to nine feet and were well proportioned. Some were blond; some were red-headed; (like polished copper); and some had black hair. They told him they came from the galaxy of Coma Berenices, many light years distance. They were able to speak many languages, as well as to communicate telepathically. Villa was told the craft operated as a Mothership for its nine remotely-controlled monitoring disks which were 14 inches in diameter, and were controlled from instrument panels in the Mothership. They could pick-up pictures and sounds from any area from which they were directed, and then could then relay them to TV panels aboard the Mother Craft. They permitted Villa to take photo's of their ship which posed and hovered close to the surface between 2 and 4P.M. while he took various shots of the craft framed by the trees in the foreground. He used a Japanese-made Rokuoh-Sha camera with an f4.6, 75mm lens loaded with 120 Kodak film. Two of the photo's show the ship in a vertical position, on its side, to indicate that the Space People have created an artificial gravity within the craft, and thus are completely comfortable no matter what position the ship is in, relative to a planet's surface.. Incidentally, in photo 7...???, the vents in the hull, thought by some to be port holes, are not windows, but are openings directly concerned with the propulsion of the ship. Villa says they told him that the vents are opened only within a planets atmosphere---never in outer space.
(UFO International Oct,1965 Gabriel Green)

Another contact... for his second set of pictures, Villa was telepathically guided, to another area near Bernalillo, New Mexico---about 15 miles north of Albuquerque. This was on Easter Sunday, April 18, 1965. The ship seen in photo's #1,2 and 3, projected a ray which caused a small brush fire. The smoke from the fire is visible(more clearly in color)in the trees just below the craft, and just above and to the left of the tailgate of Villa's truck.(Note: I have the photo's..Dex) In one photo they singed a tree top---by use of a ray directed from the ship. These things were done to demonstrate some of their capabilities. The ship landed and Villa judged it to be 300 feet in diameter. It had telescopic, tripod landing gear, which are protruding from the bottom of the craft in photo's ???(Note: I don't have...Dex). The three crewman had light brown hair and tan skin. They appeared to be about 5'8" or 5'9" tall. Villa talked with them for nearly two hours about personal as well as general matters. They told him that our Astronauts, Edward White and James McDivitt, on their now-famous GT-4 flight, were really seeing a spaceship when they reported sighting the Pegasus-like object. They also said our Government won't release the Mariner-4 photo's because they show pumping stations for the canal systems on Mars. They added, that by 1966, 17 nations will have the Atomic Bomb. Villa says they conversed both in Spanish(his native language)and in English. On their advice, the Contactee says, he stopped smoking so as to enhance his ability to receive telepathic communications.
UFO International Oct,1965 Gabriel Green


Rex Heflin UFO Photographs

Date: August 3, 1965
Location: Santa Ana, California, United States


Rex Heflin, an Orange County highway inspector, was at work in a county vehicle at 12:37 P.M when he saw a hat-shaped (disc with dome) object hovering above the road. He grabbed his Polaroid camera and took three photographs of the metallic-appearing object and a fourth of a black "smoke ring" left behind by the object.


Rex Heflin, an Orange County highway inspector, was at work in a county vehicle at 12:37 P.M when he saw a hat-shaped (disc with dome) object hovering above the road. He grabbed his Polaroid camera normally used to record highway obstructions or other problems and took three photographs of the metallic-appearing object and a fourth of a black "smoke ring" left behind by the object after it departed at high speed. He reported seeing a rotating band of light on the underside of the object (like the sweep of a radar beam).

Heflin twice tried to radio his base, during the sighting, but the radio would not work. (It functioned normally after the object departed.) One of the photographs was published by the Santa Ana Register on September 20, 1965; then the story was picked up by the national newswire services.

The Los Angeles Subcommittee of NICAP, headed by Idabel Epperson, conducted a thorough investigation of the case, including a detailed character and background check, on-site investigation and measurements (by engineer John Gray), and photoanalysis. Both Heflin and the newspaper cooperated fully in the investigation.

Computer enhancement and photoanalysis was conducted by Robert Nathan at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, working with first-generation prints and copy negatives made by the newspaper. Among other things, the analysis established photographic evidence to confirm the "light beam" on the underside of the object. The Air Force issued a statement declaring the photographs a hoax, which was strongly disputed by NICAP. Nathan specifically ruled out a model suspended by a string as the explanation.

Unknown parties later attempted to tamper with the evidence and manipulate information. The copy negatives were obtained from Heflin under false pretenses, by someone pretending to be from the North American Air Defense Command. (Click here for copy of letter from Lt. Gen. Wheless). Years later, Bill Spaulding of Ground Saucer Watch using computer enhancement techniques reported finding a linelike marking above the object, suggestive of a supporting string, implying that the UFO was hoaxed by using a small model. However, the alleged "line" clearly was either an artifact created by multigenerational copying of the photographs or a deliberately introduced marking to discredit Heflin. No such line was found in the originals by Nathan, the newspaper, or NICAP analysts.


  • August 3, 1965. Santa Ana, California.

  • In 1993, MUFON photoanalyst Jeffrey Sainio re-examined Spaulding's work and rejected the string hypothesis.

    Technical data: Polaroid Model 101,114 mm focal length, variable aperture, built-in light meter, automatic settings; Type 107 black & white film, ASA 3000.

    Still others have come to similar conclusions. Another researcher indicated that he had conducted a graphic analysis of the Heflin photos. He had secured a "O" Gauge model toy train wheel from a set of 3-Rail Andrews Trucks (Item #6033) by manufacturer Atlas O. He then digitally compared this toy train wheel with the Heflin "UFO" image using a Photoshop ImageReady animated gif program. He created a digital overlay comparison of the wheel unto the UFO image. It is not claimed that this is the very wheel Heflin had used, but it is highly persuasive that a toy wheel was just what the "UFO" was. The analyst adjusted the brightness and contrast and then applied a film grain filter for matching the two images. He indicates that he did not stretch or shrink the relative proportions of the "UFO" image to the train wheel image. Here are the striking results:

    Blow-Up of Heflin UFO

    Screen Capture of Toy Train Wheel -- Digitally Overlayed with Heflin UFO


    Saucer-shaped UFO with dome seen in Western Pennsylvania

    Date: October, 1965
    Location: Pennsylvania, United States


    "I saw this saucer shaped disc with a dome on top about 500 to 800 feet up in the sky in front of me. It was silver yellow in color and about 30 feet in diameter. It went vertical for about 1000 feet, then made a sharp angle and disappeared at a high rate of speed, 2 or 3 seconds, no noise."

    Summary: "I saw this saucer shaped disc with a dome on top about 500 to 800 feet up in the sky in front of me. It was silver yellow in color and about 30 feet in diameter."

    Date Reported: 11/14/2005 8:49:00 PM
    Sighting Time: 7:00AM
    Day/Night: Dawn
    No. of Witnesses: 2
    Duration: 1 or 2 seconds

    Appearance / Description of Object(s):
    About 30 feet across, color silver gold, saucer shaped, round bottom, dome on top

    Distance to Object(s) & Altitude:
    500 to 800 feet up in the sky.

    Description of Area / Surroundings:
    I was going east on Route 70 getting ready to go onto the Pennsylvania Turnspike.

    Full Description & Details:
    I was driving east on route70 early morning going to Pensylvania Turnpike. It was starting to get light. I saw this saucer shaped disc with a dome on top about 500 to 800 feet up in the sky in front of me. It was silver yellow in color and about 30 feet in diameter. It went vertical for about 1000 feet, then made a sharp angle and disappeared at a high rate of speed, 2 or 3 seconds, no noise. I had a corvett with the top down. It was a very clear day. I looked to the right to see if I could still see it. I saw nothing but a small white cloud. I wondered if it was hiding in it. It was a very small cloud and it was the only thing in the sky.

    Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?
    No never. There was nothing else in the sky.

    Witness Background:
    Retired CEO of a electronics corporation.

    Views on UFOs, before and after sighting:
    Nothing before other then the news. Now I believe in UFO and watch scientific TV channels.

    Reported Sighting? Yes
    Reported To: Stan
    Name: Byron H. Ritchey
    Location: Dana Point, CA., USA
    Age: 77


    Trans-en-Provence Physical Trace Case

    Date: January 8, 1981
    Location: Trans-en-Provence, France


    On the afternoon of January 8, 1981, a strange craft landed on a farm near the village of Trans-en-Provence in the Var region in southeastern France. Physical traces left on the ground were collected by the Gendarmerie within 24 hours and later analyzed in several French government laboratories. Extensive evidence of anomalous activity was detected.

    Artist's impression of the landed craft. (source: Lumieres Dans La Nuit)


    On the afternoon of January 8, 1981, a strange craft landed on a farm near the village of Trans-en-Provence in the Var region in southeastern France. Physical traces left on the ground were collected by the Gendarmerie within 24 hours and later analyzed in several French government laboratories. Extensive evidence of anomalous activity was detected.

    The case was investigated by the Groupe d'Etudes des Phénomènes Aérospatiaux Non-identifiés (GEPAN), or Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena Study Group, established in 1977 within the National Center for Space Studies (CNES) in Toulouse, the French counterpart of NASA. (The functions of GEPAN were reorganized in 1988 into the Service d'Expertise des Phénomènes de Rentrées Atmosphériques or SEPRA). The primary investigator was Jean-Jacques Velasco, the current head of SEPRA.

    The witness was the farmer Renato Nicolai, 55, on whose property the UFO landed and then took-off almost immediately. Thinking that it was a military experimental device, Nicolai notified the local gendarmes on the following day. The gendarmes interviewed Nicolai and collected soil and plant samples from the landing site within 24 hours of the occurrence, notifying GEPAN on January 12 as part of a cooperation agreement for UFO investigation between the two agencies. Further collection of samples and measurements of the site were undertaken by the GEPAN team, and the samples were thoroughly analyzed by several government laboratories.

    The first detailed report on the case was published by GEPAN in 1983 in its "Technical Note No. 16, Inquiry 81/01, Analysis of a Trace." Nicolai's testimony to the police was simple and straightforward: "My attention was drawn to a small noise, a kind of little whistling. I turned around and I saw, in the air, a ship which was just about the height of a pine tree at the edge of my property. This ship was not turning but was descending toward the ground. I only heard a slight whistling. I saw no flames, neither underneath or around the ship.

    "While the ship was continuing to descend, I went closer to it, heading toward a little cabin. I was able to see very well above the roof. From there I saw the ship standing on the ground.

    "At that moment, the ship began to emit another whistling, a constant, consistent whistling. Then it took off and once it was at the height of the trees, it took off rapidly... toward the northeast. As the ship began to lift off, I saw beneath it four openings from which neither smoke nor flames were emitting. The ship picked up a little dust when it left the ground.

    "I was at that time about 30 meters [100 feet] from the landing site. I thereafter walked towards the spot and I noticed a circle about two meters [7 feet] in diameter. At certain spots on the curve of the circle, there were tracks (or traces).

    "The ship was in the form of two saucers upside down, one against the other. It must have been about 1.5 meters [5 feet] high. It was the color of lead. The ship had a border or type of brace around its circumference. Underneath the brace, as it took off, I saw two kinds of round pieces which could have been landing gear or feet. There were also two circles which looked like trap doors. The two feet, or landing gear, extended about 20 centimeters [8 inches] beneath the body of the whole ship."

    The samples of soil and wild alfalfa collected from the landing site, as well as the control samples from varying distances from the epicenter, were subjected to a number of analyses: physico-chemical analysis at the SNEAP laboratory, electronic diffraction studies at Toulouse University, mass spectrometry by ion bombardment at the University of Metz, and biochemical analysis of the vegetable samples at the National Institute of Agronomy Research (INRA), among others.

    The Trans-en-Provence case is very likely the most thoroughly scientifically documented CE- II (Close Encounter of the Second Kind) ever investigated. Some of the scientific findings included: "Traces were still perceptible 40 days after the event.

    "There was a strong mechanical pressure forced (probably the result of a heavy weight) on the surface.

    "A thermatic heating of the soil, perhaps consecutive to or immediately following the shock, the value of which did not exceed 600 degrees.

    "The chlorophyll pigment in the leaf samples was weakened from 30 to 50 percent... The young leaves withstood the most serious losses, evolving toward the content and composition more characteristic of old leaves."

    "The action of nuclear irradiation does not seem to be analogous with the energy source implied with the observed phenomenon; on the other hand, a specific intensification of the transformation of chlorophyll... could be tied to the action of a type of electric energy field.

    "On the biochemical level, the analysis was made on the entirety of the factors of photosynthesis, lipids, sugars and amino acids. There were many differences between those samples further from the spot of the landing and those that were closer to the spot.

    "It was possible to qualitatively show the occurrence of an important event which brought with it deformations of the terrain caused by mass, mechanics, a heating effect, and perhaps certain transformations and deposits of trace minerals.

    "We cannot give a precise and unique interpretation to this remarkable combination of results. We can state that there is, nonetheless, another confirmation of a very significant event which happened on this spot."

    Most of the puzzling biochemical mutations were discovered by Michel Bounias of INRA. Describing the young leaves to a journalist from France-Soir magazine, Bounias stated in 1983 that: "From an anatomical and physiological point, they [leaves] had all the characteristics of their age, but they presented the biochemical characteristics of leaves of an advanced age: old leaves! And that doesn't resemble anything that we know on our planet."

    In a technical report published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration, Bounias concluded that: "It was not the aim of the author to identify the exact nature of the phenomenon observed on the 8th of January 1981 at Trans-en-Provence. But it can reasonably be concluded that something unusual did occur that might be consistent, for instance, with an electromagnetic source of stress. The most striking coincidence is that at the same time, French physicist J.P. Petit was plotting the equations that led, a few years later (Petit, 1986), to the evidence that flying objects could be propelled at very high speeds without turbulence nor shock waves using the magnetohydrodynamic effects of Laplace force action!"

    Out of a total of 2,500 reports collected officially in France since 1977 and investigated by GEPAN, this case and three other ground trace incidents (where strange ground traces were left after alleged UFO landings) continue to puzzle the original investigator, Jean-Jacques Velasco. At a meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) in Glasgow in 1994, Velasco summarized the "four noteworthy cases" with "effects observed on vegetation":

    "These cases have all been the subject of enquiries by the police, then GEPAN or SEPRA. In each of these situations, a UAP [Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena] was observed in direct relation in a zone perturbed by the phenomenon.

    "1. 'CHRISTELLE' case of 27/11/1979: Persistence of flattened grass several days after the observation. The samples taken and analyzed by a plant biology laboratory at Toulouse University did not give unequivocal evidence of chemical or biological disturbance of the samples taken from the marked area relative to controls. A study of the mechanical properties of grass tissue subjected to strong mechanical pressure showed that the duration is a more important factor than the mass.

    "2. 'TRANS EN PROVENCE' case of 8/01/81: Apparition of a circular print in a crown shape after observation of a metallic object resting on the ground. The vegetation, a kind of wild alfalfa, showed withering of the dried leaves in the central part of the print. The analyses revealed damage of a specific kind affecting the functional relationships of the photosynthetic system.

    "3. 'AMARANTE' case of 21/08/82: Severe drying of the stems and leaves on a bush (amaranth), punctuated by the appearance of raised blades of grass before the phenomenon disappeared. Biochemical analyses revealed that no reported outside agent could be the cause of such effects. Only a corona effect due to powerful electromagnetic fields could partially explain the observations.

    "4. 'JOE LE TAXI' case of 7/09/87: Leaf damage on a tree (birch) and functional disturbance of the photosynthetic system after an intense light and sound phenomenon had been observed. This case demonstrated the importance of good sample collection and preservation for biochemical analysis."

    Of these four cases, Trans-en-Provence still remains the best documented one. Velasco concluded that, after years of investigations: "The laboratory conclusion that seems to best cover the effects observed and analyzed is that of a powerful emission of electromagnetic fields, pulsed or not, in the microwave frequency range."

    SEPRA's latest thrust in the investigation has centered on "experimentally reproducing in the laboratory, continuous and pulsed emissions of microwave fields at various powers and frequencies so as to verify biochemical effects on plants." While the studies are still preliminary, Velasco concluded his SSE presentation with the following statement: "However these initial studies carried out to validate the hypothesis of microwave action on the biological activity of plants in relation with UAPs need to be extended if we are to understand the mechanisms involved at molecular scale. Similarly, an investigation of the frequency range, the power and the exposure time would be useful to confirm the hypothesis of microwaves combined with other fields of electromagnetic forces coming into play in the propulsion of UAPs."


    Huge disk like object with dome top, gray metallic, with rainbow lights

    Date: , 1966
    Location: Lunenburg County, Virginia, United States

    I observed a huge UFO in 1966. It was gray-silver metallic...disk shape with dome top. Had windows (portholes as I call them). I could see the turning of the bottom of it going in one direction as the top rotated the other direction. It had rainbow colored lights.

    Day/Night: Nighttime
    Duration: around 30 minutes
    No. of Witnesses: 3
    No. of Object(s): Single

    Full Description & Details

    I observed a huge UFO in 1966. It was gray-silver metallic...disk shape with dome top. Had windows (portholes as I call them). I could see the turning of the bottom of it going in one direction as the top rotated the other direction. It had rainbow colored lights. I did not see any beings. This UFO hovered over a pond. When it got ready to go, it went up slow as not to harm anything. As it got a little ways up, it shot off into space(heaven) in the twinkling of an eye, it was gone. It was an awesome sight...

    Personal Background

    I do not believe this need to be given...what does it matter what someones background is as long as someone is telling the truth.

    Other Comments

    I will never call anyone a liar...or mental. They are real...I know from my own experience.

    Reported Sighting? No
    Reported To: I didnt want people being judgemental.
    Location: Appomatox, Virginia
    Age: 52

    Comments by the witness regarding the drawing:
    "This is my best description..since I am not an artist. I saw a UFO in 1966 and never reported it, because I didnt want people being judgemental. I was 14 years old when I saw it. (They are real...i will never forget what I saw that night.)"


    Two children encounter UFO and small humanoid beings in Cussac, France

    Date: August 29, 1967
    Location: Cussac, France

    Two children saw a sphere-shaped UFO, 2 meters in diameter, and "four little devils" on the ground. One of the humanoid beings was bending over, apparently busy with something on the ground, and another held a mirror-like object. They were observed to levitate before quickly entering the UFO and flying away. The UFO was said to make a soft whistling sound and smelled of sulphur.


    Artist Michael Buhler's impression of the Cussac encounter.


    Another artist's impression of the Cussac UFO and occupants, by Joël Mesnard, published in "Phénomènes Spatiaux" n°16.


    Claude Pavy of GEPAN (the offical French UFO study program) in 1967, with the two children at the site of the encounter.



    A strange account from the Cussac Plateau in France By Joel Mesnard and Claude Pavy

    Translated from Phenomenes Spatiaux for June, 1968, by John C. Hugill

    ON the Contal plateau in a setting of pastures divided by little stone walls and curtains of trees, a liny village stands on a hill—Cussac, 20 km. east-south-cast of St.-Flour. It is 10.30 a.m. on August 29, 1967. In a meadow beside Route D.57 ten or so cows are grazing in the care of Francois Delpeuch (131) and his sister Anne-Marie (9) accompanied by their little dog Medor. The weather is fine, the sky is clear, and a light wind is blowing from the west.

    As the cows make a move to cross the low wall, Francois gets up to bring them back, turns round and sees, on the other side of the road, what he takes at first to be four children. They are behind a hedge 40 metres or so away. He climbs on top of a few stones the better to see these children whom he does not recognise. Francois and Anne-Marie make out, near the strangers, a large sphere half hidden by the hedge. It is very brilliant and shines so much it is painful to look at.

    One of the little beings is bending over and seems to be busy with the soil, while another, holding in one hand an object which reflects the sun (which Francois likened to a mirror), is waving his hands, apparently making signs to his companions.

    Francois then called out, "Have you come to play with us?" At this moment the small beings, who did not seem to be interested in the children, became aware that they were under observation. The first one (see sketch) took off vertically and then plunged head first through the top of the sphere. The second followed in the same way, and the third, after getting up, did likewise. The fourth also got up, but before diving into the machine, came down again and seemed to pick up something from ihe ground (his mirror, Francois thinks). Then he took off again and caught up with the sphere which during this time had begun to rise in a small spiral, and was already 15 or so metres up in the air. He then disappeared inside like the rest. When climbing, the sphere made a soft, fairly piercing whistling noise, mingled with the sound of a breeze which neither of the children felt.

    The sphere then made several more circles, climbing al! the while, and in doing so the intensity of the light given off by it increased considerably. Then the sound stopped and the sphere flew off at full speed to the north-west. At the same time, a smell of sulphur began to spread, reaching the children. The cows started lowing and gathered near to those of Francois and Anne-Marie.

    The dog Medor barked at the object and wanted to follow it. The children did not see the object disappear, as they had to look after the cows, which were very upset, and which they drove home half an hour earlier than usual.

    Details of the object are scanty. It was a perfect sphere, about 2 metres in diameter, of a very brilliant luminous silver colour, and dazzling. Francois, who wears spectacles and so must have sensitive eyes, experienced running eyes for a quarter of an hour after seeing the object, and every morning on waking for several days afterwards. His sister, who does not wear glasses, felt nothing.

    No details were noticed on the sphere itself; it was perfectly smooth, without marking or visible opening. The little beings seemed to pass through the wall of the sphere. The only detail noticed, and one of the points of difference in the children's stories, was by Anne-Marie. She says she saw beneath ihe machine a landing gear consisting of three or four straight legs, equipped with round "shoes" 10 cm. in diameter. They were no longer \ isible beneath the machine in flight. Anne-Marie did not sec them retract into the machine. One minute they were there, the moment after, they were there no longer. It may be thought that, as the machine rose and the intensity of the light increased to a point where it was unbearable, the visible details of the object would have been swamped by this dazzling light, which would explain why Francois, with his sensitive eyes, could not see the legs at the point of take-off, since at that instance the machine was very luminous.

    The smell of sulphur spread as the machine began to climb in a spiral or, more precisely, helical course. The light west wind was blowing from the object towards the children. The cows started to low as soon as the machine moved off. It may be noted that in sufficient concentration, ozone has a smell which could be confused with that of sulphur (i.e. of sulphurous gas) and that a smell of ozone has already been noticed in a number of UFO landings.

    Details of the small beings are more numerous and interesting. They were 1-1-20 metres tall, not all of the same height. Nos. I and 2 (see sketch) were the smallest, and the tallest was No. 4, the one with a "mirror" in his hand. They were "completely black", but with a shiny look which Francois compared to that of silk. The children could not be certain whether the colour was that of the beings' skin, or of some sort of protective suit, for there was no visible dividing line between any possible clothing and the heads of the beings, which were bare. If there was a protective suit of some kind, it was perfectly fitted.

    The limb proportions were not completely in accordance with the norms of our species. The arms were somewhat too long and thin (see sketches). The children could not distinguish anything which might serve as hands. The legs were short and thin. The head seemed of normal proportions relative to the body, but the cranium was pointed and the chin equally was very much accentuated. The nose also was pointed, and here was a second point of difference in their stories...

    Although they did not appear to wear any apparatus on their backs, the beings flew with great ease and speed...


    We then went to Cussac where we found little Anne-Marie with her mother and her younger brother, Andre, and were very well received. We questioned Anne-Marie for nearly an hour. There were two of us and we asked questions in turn, in a continuous stream, reverting from time to time to the same questions but differently formulated, in an effort to try to make the child contradict herself. She is a timid little girl, bui she never once did so. After this interrogation she took us off to find her brother Francois who was working in the fields with his other brother Raymond. We walked back with Francois to his parents' home, interrogating him as we had done his sister. He too never contradicted himself. Again, when questioning them together, both at home and at the scene of the incident, and asking them ever more specific questions, we never saw any conniving looks pass between them. They never seemed embarrassed by our questions; either they had seen the detail asked for, or they had not. For example, Francois told us: "From the first day, Anne-Marie has said she saw legs beneath the object, but I didn't see any, so I can't tell you anything!" On this point, incidentally, he thinks she mistook the branches of the hedge for "legs".


    All the above only strengthen the feeling, which we had had throughout the enquiry, that we were confronted by a passionately believed and deeply serious case, whose significance and importance we could not overemphasise...


    Circular object with dome and two 'figures' inside

    Date: December 8, 1967
    Location: Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States

    The object was circular in shape, "about as big as a car." She was able to see that it had a domed top. In the dome, which was transparent, she could make out the indistinct outlines of two figures. At its closest, the object was no more than 100 yards away, and from 50 to 100 feet above the ground.

    December 8, 1967; Idaho Falls, ID:


    A more recent report that contains some striking similarities to Mrs. Moreland's story of more than eight years before was investigated by C. Reed Ricks, who sent NICAP the details. On the night of December 8, 1967, Marilyn Wilding, age 15, of Idaho Falls, went out on her front step to look for a friend coming by to pick her up. It was about 7:40 p.m. The evening was dark and overcast, cold, with snow on the ground. Miss Wilding's attention was attracted to a light source reflecting on the snow and glancing upward she saw a large light above, partially obscured by the roof of her house.

    Stepping out into the yard, she saw a large, brightly lighted object hovering not far above the end of her home. It was so bright that she was unable to perceive any other color than white. The object was circular in shape, "about as big as a car."

    She told the NICAP investigator that it was close enough for some one to have thrown a rock at it and hit it.

    As she stood looking, the object tipped and rotated partly so that she was able to see that it had a domed top. In the dome, which was transparent, she could make out the indistinct outlines of two figures, but she was unable to make out any details because of the glare. She ran into her house and called for her younger sister to come and look, but the youngster was barefoot and did not come out. Miss Wilding then ran back outside in time to see the object begin to rotate, in a clockwise direction as seen from below. It maintained its tilted attitude while rotating, and therefore gave the appearance of wobbling. With this motion, it began moving away toward the north. As it receded into the distance, the light dimmed and turned orange in color.

    The UFO's departure was observed from inside the house by Miss Wilding's younger brothers and sister, who had been alerted by the witness. (Mr. and Mrs. Wilding were not at home at the time of the incident occurred.) In her written report, Miss Wilding also gave the names of the Schuldt family, neighbors, as witnesses.

    At its closest, the object was no more than 100 yards away, and from 50 to 100 feet above the ground. The incident lasted for approximately three minutes. Besides containing a number of details similar to those described by Mrs. Moreland, Miss Wilding's sighting may also be compared with another incident that occurred at Ririe, Idaho, a little more than a month earlier.


    UFO and occupants seen near Cowichan Hospital in BC, Canada

    Date: January 1, 1970
    Location: Duncan, British Columbia, Canada

    Miss Doreen Kendall, a practical nurse at the Cowichan District Hospital on Vancouver Island, was looking out the window of the ward, when she saw 60 feet away an "object so big and bright I could see everything clearly." There were two male-like figures in the craft, one behind the other. One of the "men" eventually looked right at Doreen, and the craft started to move away, but not before Freida Wilson, a registered nurse, also saw the object.


    Drawing of the sighting by artist Brian James. (Canadian UFO Report)


    It was turning five in the morning on New Year's Day 1970, when Miss Doreen Kendall, a practical nurse at the Cowichan District Hospital on Vancouver Island, noticed that one of the elderly patients in her ward was restless. Deciding the patient was too warm, she went to a window and parted the drapes to let in a little air.

    "Just as I pulled the drapes a brilliant light hit me in the eyes," she said. "It was still dark outside, but about 60 feet away right above the children's ward to my left there was this object so big and bright I could see everything clearly."

    "The object was circular and had what I guess you would call a top and bottom. The bottom was silvery, like metal, and was shaped like a bowl. There was a string of bright lights around it like a necklace. The top was a dome made of something like glass. It was lit up from inside and I could see right into it."

    Continuing her account in question-and-answer form, Miss Kendall told me there were two male-like figures in the craft, one behind the other, facing to her right away from the hospital. The one in front appeared taller, or perhaps was positioned higher, than the other. Their heads were encased in close-fitting dark material.

    As she watched with intense curiosity, yet completely unfrightened - "I never felt so peaceful in all my life. I wish I could have talked to them" - she became aware of seeing more of the interior of the craft and realized it was tilting. In a moment she could see to a point just below their knees and noticed they were standing in front of what looked like stools.

    "They looked like fine, tall, well-built men," she said. "They were dressed in tight-fitting suits of the same material that covered their heads but their hands were bare and I noticed how human they looked. Their flesh seemed just like ours."

    Intrigued as she was by the appearance of the two figures, Miss Kendall found her interest centered on what looked like an instrument panel facing the one in front.

    "The man in front was staring at the panel as if something very important was going on, and I wondered if they might have had mechanical trouble. I even thought they might have landed on the roof of the hospital and then had trouble taking off."

    She described the panel as a very large one, taking up almost half the interior of the object and reaching nearly to the top of the dome. The instruments, if that is what they were, seemed to be inset in the chrome-like metal of the panel and there was a variety of sizes.

    The total sight was so absorbing that at first Miss Kendall's thoughts were lost to everything else, and for a moment she forgot Mrs. Frieda Wilson, a registered nurse, was in the same room.

    "Then when I did think of it, I guess I hesitated. I felt I mustn't make a noise or do anything that would break the trend of what was happening."

    At this point, almost as if her thoughts were being read, she saw the figure in the rear turn slowly and face squarely in her direction.

    "He seemed to look right at me but I couldn't see his face. It was covered by a darkish material that looked softer than the rest of his suit. I'm sure he saw me because then he touched the other man on the back. When he did this, the man in front reached down and took hold of something like a lever beside him. I'll never forget how deliberately he did it. He pushed it back and forth and the saucer, or whatever you'd call it, started to circle slowly, still close to the building, in an anticlockwise direction."

    The motion seemed to break the spell for Miss Kendall, for then she remembered Mrs. Wilson was there and called her over.

    Later I spoke separately to Mrs. Wilson, who said, "I noticed Miss Kendall standing at the window and wondered what she was looking at. In fact, I was just going to see when she beckoned to me, and then I saw this great big light over the patio outside the children's ward. I'd say it was quite a bit larger than a car. (By the estimate of both witnesses, the object spanned a width of about five windows of the children's ward. This gave it a diameter of at least 50 feet.) It looked circular in shape and the far side seemed to be higher than the side near us. It was moving around slowly and then it started to move away. I didn't really see any top or bottom to it. It was all just tremendously bright."


    Occupant Encounter In Argentina

    Date: October 28, 1973
    Location: Bahia Blanca, Argentina

    On Sunday, 28 October 1973, in the first hour of the morning, truck driver Dionisio Llanca had a fantastic experience. Dionisio, a calm and quiet bachelor arrived at a hospital in Bahia Blanca in a state of total amnesia. Three days later as he regained his memory he related his extraordinary experience - - a night encounter on route H3 with a flying saucer and beings that talked with "chillidos" and who took a sample of his blood.


    Drawing of Llanca encounter by APRO staff artist Norman Duke

    APRO Bulletin, Vol. 22 No. 3 (Nov/Dec 1973)

    On Sunday, 28 October 1973, in the first hour of the morning, truck driver Dionisio Llanca had a fantastic experience. Dionisio, a calm and quiet bachelor arrived at a hospital in Bahia Blanca in a state of total amnesia. Three days later as he regained his memory he related his extraordinary experience - - a night encounter on route H3 with a flying saucer and beings that talked with "chillidos" and who took a sample of his blood.

    Dionisio Llanca got up late on Saturday, 27 October 1973 and put on old pants, shirt and dark sweater and lounged about the modest painted cottage on Calle Chubut, only ten minutes from the center of Bahia Blanca. He ate lunch early and napped during the siesta period because he would have to drive all night long.

    He arose about six P. M. and watched a television serial, which it should be noted was realistic and direct, and without fantastic elements. About 10:00P. M. he ate a dinner of beef, salad, and two glasses of Cepita, a non-alcoholic beverage, with his uncle Enrique Ruiz. A few minutes after midnight Llanca said goodbye to his uncle and got into his truck, a Dodge 600, loaded with construction material to be delivered to Rio Gallegos, a two day trip. After 12 years of driving the eyes become accustomed to observing conditions, even in the shadow of the street. He discovered that the right rear tire was low. He was of a mind to change it but decided to leave instead. When he left the house it was 12:30. Sunday had already begun. The truck began to roll down route #3. The tire got lower and there was nothing to do but change it. Dionisio regretted not having changed it at the ESSO service station on Calle Don Bosco where he stopped at 15 minutes to 01:00 to get gasoline. Now he would have to get out on the dark and desolate shoulder in the cold of the morning and change it. It was now 01:15 and he was removing tools, wrenches and jack with no one to help. He began changing the tire. "I braked the truck on the shoulder, got down, took out the jack and the tools and began to change the tire. The road was completely deserted. All at once the road was illuminated with an intense yellow light that seemed to be about 2,000 meters distant. Because of the color I thought that they might be the headlights of a Pugeot and continued with my work. A few seconds passed and I had my shoulder to the light but it became so bright that it lighted the whole area. Now the light had changed to a bluish color similar to an electric arc welder. I tried to get up but could not rise; I had no strength, and a strange thing - - my legs would not respond. I was on my knees. I wanted to get up and look towards the woods that grew along one side of the road. Then I saw a great thing in the form of a plate suspended in the air at some seven meters altitude, and three persons at my shoulders looking at me. I tried once more to get up but could not. The paralysis became total and I could not even talk. The three beings stood looking at me for a long time, perhaps five minutes. They were two men and a woman. The woman was between the two men. I believed it was a woman because of the form of the breast and the long hair, blonde, reaching to the middle of her shoulders. The men were also blond with shorter hair in back. The three were about the same height, one meter and 70 or 75 centimeters, and dressed in the same manner: single piece smoky gray coverall suits well fitted to the figure, % yellow boots and long gloves reaching to the middle of the arm of the same color. They had no belts, nor weapons, nor helmets nor anything else. Their faces were like ours except for high foreheads and elongated eyes, like the Japanese and a little tilted. They talked among themselves in a language impossible for me to inderstand. They had no vocal inflections but sounded like a...... like a radio badly tuned with chirps and buzzes. One of them grabbed me by the neck of my sweater and lifted me firmly but without violence. I tried to talk but my voice would not come out. While the one held me up another put an apparatus in the base of my index finger on the left hand. They looked closely at the apparatus. It was like a razor but had a small tube. They applied it to me for several seconds. It did not hurt. When they left I had two drops of blood on my finger. I believe I then passed out because I can remember nothing else."

    Dionisio could not remember when he a-woke. The time is calculated to be between 2 and 3 A. M. on Sunday. When he opened his eyes he was among the rail cars in the yard of the Sociedad Rural de Bahia Blanca, exactly 9 kilometers 600 meters from the point where the encounter took place. He could remember nothing, not even his name, nor the episode, nor the truck, nor his home. He was nauseated and cold. He began walking toward the road guided by the lights of the vehicles. Recently, on the 30th when he awoke in a bed in the Municipal Hospital of Bahia Blanca he remembered the experience in detail. His clothes were intact, folded in the drawers of the bed. He felt a desire to smoke and to know what time it was. He went to his clothes and discovered that his watch was missing, and also his cigarette lighter and cigarettes in a meta! box were missing. The pockets of his pants still contained the 150 thousand pesos that he carried upon leaving home. He asked about his truck which worried him more than the UFO and its occupants. He was told that the police had found it parked on a shoulder in Villa Bordeu, some 18 kilometers from Bahia Blanca, with the jack in place and one tire ready to change. His papers in the glove compartment had not been disturbed.

    It is still a mystery concerning what occurred between the time Dionisio awakened among the rail cars, some 10 kilometers from where the encounter took place, and the time when he was treated by Doctor Ricardo Smirnoff at the hospital. "I am a forensic surgeon. I had rotating duty on Sunday the 28th. About 9:30 Dr. Altaperro at the Spanish Hospital called me and said that he had a curious case. I arrived at the hospital about 10:15 and saw a young man of about 25 or 26 years of age in a state of total amnesia. He could remember nothing of his past. He did not know who he was, where he was born, who his parents were or anything about his past. He cried continually and asked what town he was in. The doctor told me that a man had left him at the hospital after encountering him wandering in the center of the city, like a robot, and asking everyone he met where a police box was. At first he thought that he had had an automobile accident on the road. He changed this as he had no injuries. When I touched his head or came near his hand he drew back instinctively as though it would produce pain. He had a bad headache in the right parietal temporal area. I notified the police and had him admitted to the Municipal Hospital."

    Dionisio Llanca is a simple, almost primitive man. In two days of interviews he remained withdrawn and did not even smile. He is serious with a remote sense of humor. One of the doctors characterized him as "innocent." When he is asked what he thinks about UFOs, he says "Nothing, It doesn't interest me." In reality, there are few subjects that -Interest Dionisio except his town, his parents and his work. He does not like to think about the events of that night.


    Occupant Encounter in New Hampshire (Lyndia Morel Encounter)

    Goffstown, New Hampshire - November 2, 1973:

    Date: November 2, 1973
    Location: Manchester, New Hampshire, United States

    Excerpt: "As the car approached a point opposite the middle of the cemetery the UFO closed possibly to within less than 500 feet... At this point she estimated the object to be at the height of a three-story building. The figure in the window was now distinct."


    Brian James, APRO staff artist, worked with Mr. Webb and the witness to execute the artwork above.


    Detail of occupant based on witness sketch.

    Walter Webb, APRO Bulletin, Vol. 12 No. 4 (Jan/Feb 1974)

    The following information is condensed from the very detailed and excellent report submitted by Mr. Walter Webb, one of APRO's Consultants in Astronomy, as well as that of Mrs. Betty Hill, F.I. in New Hampshire.

    At 2:45 a.m. on Friday morning, November 2, 1973, Mrs. Lyndia Morel signed out at the Swedish Sauna in Manchester, New Hampshire where she is employed as a masseuse. She then proceeded south in her 1964 Chevrolet Corvair, arriving at Ben Roy's Restaurant on South Willow Street in Manchester, about 10 minutes later, where she had two cups of coffee with a friend from work. After approximately 45 minutes, she and her friend left the restaurant and parted company. Mrs. Morel drove across the street to a gas station and purchased two dollars worth of gas. This episode, according to Mrs. Morel may have taken about 10 minutes.

    After crossing the Merrimack River via Queen City Bridge, Mrs. Morel proceeded northwest on Mast Road (Route 114A). As she passed the Bi-Wise Supermarket in Pinardville (outskirts of Manchester), her attention was attracted to a large, bright, yellow light in the sky to her left and ahead of her. Resembling a bright star, the object flashed red, green and blue colors. In fact, the witness couldn't tell at this point if it was moving and thought the object was a planet. Mrs. Morel also was aware of another bright yellowish "star" to the left of the object which undoubtedly was the planet Mars. The UFO was brighter and yellower than the other object.

    The witness continued to drive at what she believed was an average speed of about 30 miles per hour although she had no way of checking her speed since the speedometer was broken and disconnected. After traveling about a mile, Mrs. Morel said she looked at the object and saw that it was still in the same position but seemed to be brighter.

    Approaching the intersection of Routes 114A and 114, the woman lit a cigarette and at that moment, as she looked at the object, its light went out. Thinking that was peculiar for a planet, she entertained the idea for the first time that the object might be a UFO. However, she was not apprehensive and after passing the intersection the light reappeared in the same spot to the left and ahead of the car.

    The road was dark but up ahead on the right Mrs. Morel said she could see the lights of the Hillsborough County Nursing Home (the so-called "county farm") and across the road on the left, the lights of Moore General Hospital. As her car approached the farm, the object's light went out again. Immediately after this disappearance, a couple of cars traveling toward Manchester passed by in the eastbound lane. The witness recalled seeing no other traffic in either lane throughout the rest of the sighting, at least not until after her arrival at the Beaudoin house.

    About a half mile from the nursing home, near the Boston and Maine Railroad crossing, the light came back on again, perhaps at an even brighter level. For another two miles the strange object maintained the same appearance and relationship to the Morel car as before.

    On the outskirts of Goffstown (population 1050) about where the town's street lights began, the UFO's light vanished once more and after about .7 mile (mileage intervals from Mr. Webb's speedometer) reappeared for perhaps 15 seconds, according to Mrs. Morel. But as she veered right around a corner into downtown Goffstown, the light went out and remained out during the drive of .3 mile through the lighted downtown area.

    Veering left at the intersection of Routes 114 and 13 (near a popcorn stand) the witness said she was astounded to see the light dead ahead down North Mast Road (Route 114). The object appeared larger, quite a bit closer, and lower than before and positioned as if waiting for the observer. Mr. Webb had Mrs. Morel indicate the UFO's position and apparent distance and size. His estimate of the elevation/ true azimuth was 5°/287-290°. Although she could not really judge how far away or how large the object was the witness pointed out a landmark near where she thought the object might have been, and that was determined by speedometer check to be 1600 feet away. By holding various coins at arm's length, she guessed the UFO's apparent size was as large as a pea.

    Mrs. Morel said that she was amazed at what she perceived before her. According to her, the object appeared to be an orange and gold globe completely covered with a honeycomb design of hexagons except for an oval window of paler color situated on the upper left portion of the UFO. The witness thought the object was not totally opaque but had a peculiar translucent quality about it. The flashes of red, green and blue light were rays or beams emanating

    from a source in the center; these three colors constantly changed back and forth (as in the twinkling of a star). A steady, thin, high-pitched whine was emitted by the object and, according to the woman, this sound was felt through her body as a tingling sensation.

    Mrs. Morel said her amazement quickly turned to panic when she suddenly was unable to remove her hands from the steering wheel. Moreover, she reported that she felt her eyes pulled toward the UFO and had the sensation it was taking control of her body and drawing her toward it. When asked about any possible disturbances to the car's electrical system, she said she was not aware of any effects on her automobile's engine, lights or radio which was playing at the time.

    At no time during this phase of the sighting did the witness recall stopping her car. However, as she drove forward a "short distance" from the intersection she said she experienced a "loss of memory" (for nearly a half mile). She said she was unaware of driving a stretch between a church on her right and Westlawn Cemetery on her left although she felt her eyes followed the UFO without interruption. After the experience, she speculated that "they" may have retrieved and recorded her memory during this interval.

    Suddenly Mrs. Morel said she realized where she was and became cognizant that the car was moving at a high rate of speed and that the vehicle was out of her control. She had the definite impression that the UFO was pulling her car toward it like a magnet and getting closer, its apparent size having increased to an angle subtended by a dime at arm's length. The observer thought the object's actual size was "at least" as big as a large automobile." When Mr. Webb questioned Mrs. Morel closely about the car's increased acceleration, she replied she normally was a slow, careful driver, rarely driving very fast, but did admit she could have unconsciously stepped hard on the pedal from fright although she didn't think that was the case. It was at this point that she noticed the figure in the upper left window.

    As the car approached a point opposite the middle of the cemetery the UFO closed possibly to within less than 500 feet (perhaps considerably less) becoming larger than a quarter at arm's length. At the same time the object grew brighter and the whine seemed louder. At this point she estimated the object to be at the height of a three-story building. The figure in the window was now distinct (see drawings by Brian James which accompany this article). Mrs. Morel barely mentioned the occupants in newspaper accounts because she thought it would be too unbelievable and might discredit the whole experience.

    Mrs. Morel said that the figure's head, upper body and arms were visible while a dark horizontal surface occupying the lower portion of the oval window obscured the rest of the body. The woman guessed this humanoid could have been standing at a control board of some kind. Behind the figure was a white background. The occupant's body appeared darker than the face, with small shoulders, but it was uncertain whether the body was clothed in a uniform or not. The rounded head was grayish (between a gray and flesh tone) except for a darker color on top, and the face bore wrinkles or loose skin like an elephant's hide. Angling upward across the forehead, two large "egg-shaped" eyes with large dark pupils gripped the observer's attention so much that she felt unable to look away. She said she received an impression or awareness that "told" her "don't be afraid." A mouth-slit turned down at the corners, completed the description of the face. No nose or ears were noticed.

    Panic-stricken, Mrs. Morel believed she was in imminent danger of being captured by the UFO. Passing by the cemetery, she spotted a house ahead on the left. The globe became so dazzling that she covered her eyes with an arm and simultaneously turned the wheel with the other hand, entering the driveway of the Beaudoin house at an angle and coming to a halt partly on the front lawn. The witness had covered a distance of almost exactly a mile from the Route 114/13 intersection and now she was only 3/4 mile from home.

    Leaving the engine running and the headlights on, Mrs. Morel said she pushed open the door of the car. At that instant the Beaudoin's growling German Shepherd dashed up to the woman as she got out of the car. Normally afraid of strange dogs, she said she "belted" the animal across the mouth! Though she did not recall running to the house, she began pounding on the kitchen door, ringing the bell and yelling over and over again, "Help me! Help me! Help me!"

    Glancing to her right, she noticed the UFO had shifted its position from west to north as if to keep her in view and was now hovering directly across the road opposite the Beaudoin house. The object still emitted its high-pitched whine, which according to Mrs. Morel was becoming almost unbearable. (Mrs. Morel pointed out the globe's new position and Mr. Webb determined an elevation/azimuth of 12°/15°; the object had changed direction from about 280° to 15°, a drastic shift in azimuth of 95°.

    After what the witness estimated to be about 2 minutes of attempting to attract the attention of the residents of the house, the door was opened by Mr. Beaudoin as Mrs. Morel began sinking to her knees in almost a faint. The Beaudoins had been asleep upstairs and reluctantly came down in response to the persistent noise at the door. Mrs. Beaudoin said an obviously frightened woman, her eyes wide open with terror, fell into Mr. Beaudoin's arms, crying, "Help me! I'm not drunk! I'm not on drugs! A UFO just tried to pick me up!" Mrs. Beaudoin said the witness was covering her ears but neither she nor her husband remember hearing any unusual sound. Mrs. Morel said that the sound ceased and the numbness or tingling sensation she had experienced vanished after two minutes in the Beaudoin kitchen. However, she became aware of a bright spot much similar to the effect caused by staring too long at a bright light source.

    The clock on the kitchen wall read 4:30. Mrs. Beaudoin said the woman's story sounded impossible but she did phone the Goffstown Police Department and reported the occurrence. Goffstown Patrolman Daniel Jubinville, 23, received the call while on routine patrol and proceeded to the Beaudoin house, arriving there at 4:40 a.m. On his way to the door the officer turned off the lights and engine of the Morel car, then heard Mrs. Morel's account. In his report to Mr. Webb he stated: "This writer took note that the subject was quite shaken up and this writer did not note any evidence of alcohol or drug influence."

    This, basically, is the "meat" of the Goffstown incident. After officer Jubinville arrived the four went outside and spotted an object whose light seemingly went out when a flashlight was trained on it, and appeared to move slightly, occasionally changing colors. However, in his evaluation of the report, Mr. Webb said: "The multiwitness phase of the sighting, in my judgment, must be ruled ambiguous and therefore nonsup-portive of the Morel sighting because (1) the object, as described by all four observers, matched the appearance and behavior of both the planet Mars and the UFO (the latter when seen at a distance) and (2) the planet's known position was too close to the UFO's estimated position to entirely dismiss the planet from contention.

    Mr. James worked with Mr. Webb and the witness to execute the artwork which accompanies this report.


    Danish police officer has two close encounters (the Maarup sightings)

    Date: August 13, 1970
    Location: Hadersley, Denmark

    Danish police officer Evald Maarup was driving through the countryside near Hadersley, when he encountered a brilliantly lit UFO. Suddenly there was a fierce light beaming down on him, his car engine cut out, and the car lights and his radio stopped working. Above him, Maarup could make out a large circular object which he watched for about five minutes, before it moved away rapidly. Three years later, Maarup had another encounter with the same or a similar object at exactly the same place.

    Artist's impression of Maarup's experience. (Henrik Pedersen / UFO Nyt; credit Evans and Stacey)


    UFOs at Close Sight -

    On August 13, 1970, Danish senior police officer Evald Maarup was driving back to his home in Knud, using the patrol vehicle at about 10:30 P.M., on a country road connecting Kabdrup and Flestrup, not far from the border enters Denmark and Germany, when something out of the ordinary happened to him.

    At about ten kilometers in the North of the town of Hadersley, the car became bathed in a very powerful bluish light, and the car engine stopped suddenly. The officer tried to communicate with his police station by means of the car's radio, but it did not function at all. It was if if all the electricity had disappeared of the patrol car.

    Officer Maarup then realized that the temperature inside the vehicle had increased, and that it continued to increase quickly. In his report, he stated that he had the feeling that one would have during a hot summer sun when it hits a car's windshield.

    A short moment later, it was obvious to him that the bluish light seemed to be withdrawing. Maarup realized that the light actually surrounded a flying machine of elliptical shape, metallic appearance, and of a diameter of approximately 10 meters, which was now rising in the sky.

    Maarup noticed that actually, the rise of the craft was not the only cause of the withdrawal of the light which surrounded it. He realized that the extent of the light around the craft decreased as if the craft was swallowing the light into its body, from a defined point located at the center of the bottom side of the craft, in which the light was engulfed as if it had been sucked into there. This part of the craft appeared clearly delimited to him, by a dark part of a diameter he estimated at one meter. He also saw some protrusion on the underside of the objects (see drawing on the right).

    At this time, he remembered that he had a Fujaxa camera at disposal, as he is the rule, in the police car. He used it, and managed to take three snapshots of the object. Those, developed the following day, did not show much more than a gleam of light, without revealing any details.

    After the series of events which Maarup estimated the duration of about five minutes, the craft then flew away at high speed in the sky. During all the events, the craft was totally noiseless.

    As soon as the object flew away, the car's engine started again spontaneously, the power went back, so that the lights went back, and the radio functioned again.

    Maarup then went out of the patrol car, to look for clues or evidence of the event in the surroundings. He found none, but when he touched the car, he noticed that it had become heated.

    Very remarkably, Maarup had a second sighting almost three years to the day after this first encounter. On July 14, 1973, in the same area and at roughly the same time, he saw a similar shaped UFO above the countryside as it passed over the landscape. Once again he was able to take pictures of the object but once again, all the six pictures were disappointing, showing only an indistinct spot of light. He also saw several dome like protrusions on the underside of the object.


    Huge Ufo At West Point Academy In 1993!

    Grant tells us that it’s taken him 15 years to work up the nerve to share his UFO account.  It was about 2am on an August 10th 1993. Grant, a military policeman, was on duty with two other M.P.s at West Point Military Academy. Grant is quick to say that M.P. duty at West Point is actually rather dull, “…as nothing much ever really happened.”
    On this particular clear moon lit night the three M.P.s were parked next to the main parade field and out of their vehicles, just talking amongst themselves.  While they were talking Grant noticed that one of the other M.P.’s was distracted, he was looking over my shoulder. The other M.P. loudly asked, “Hey what the hell is that?”
    Grant thought the other M.P. was messing around but he repeated, “Hey what’s that?” Grant turned around, and that is when he first saw the object. What stunned him was the sheer size of it.
    “This thing was a huge UFO! It looked like a six story building lying on its side, and it was at least two stories high. It appeared black in the moon light and was totally silent. It had three huge square lights on the first story, the second story had three square lights on bottom as well.
    The three M.P.’s were mesmerized by what they were looking at. Grant tells us that they watched the craft for perhaps three or four minutes.
    “We were trying to figure out amongst us what we were looking it, and whether or not we should report it. None of us had a clue what to report. I can tell you for certain that it wasn’t a plane, blimp, or a helicopter.”
    Grant explains that while they were watching the huge UFO, all of a sudden the craft flashed a light like a camera flash in rapid sequence three times. He says the flash lit up the entire side of mountain.
    “At this time we were very alarmed. We jumped into our vehicles and started toward the object. As we made our way toward the object, it started moving slowly to our left, then it stopped for about perhaps three seconds. Moments later the thing darted to the right at an incredible speed and was gone. It vanished in the blink of an eye.”
    The three stunned military M.P.s discussed what they saw. They knew the military tended to frown on reporting this type of thing, so the three decided to not report it.  Grant admits that he was really rattled, “I was so shaken, that at the end of my shift I had to call my father and reluctantly told him what happened, I had to tell someone.”
    It was during the father and son conversation that another account was shared. The father related a sighting of his own while flying on a mission in Vietnam. In Vietnam, UFOs were routinely reported simply as enemy helicopters because the North Vietnamese didn’t have helicopters.


    Fisherman in Brazil watch UFO with portholes over sea

    Date: April, 1958
    Location: Brazil

    "When the machine was at a distance of some 40 metres from him and the group of fishermen, and about 15 metres above the water, it began to rock sideways, and then stopped and hung there. It seemed to have three distinguishable parts: the upper half was the colour of aluminium, like an inverted bowl, and on the top of it was a small protuberance or dome."


    "The sketch which accompanied the report."

    Gordon W. Creighton, FSR Vol. 10 No. 6, Nov.-Dec, 1964

    by Gordon Creighton

    ACCORDING to a report received by General Chassin's saucer-research organization in Paris (G.E.P.A.), the following very interesting sighting occurred at 6 a.m. one day in April 1958 on the Atlantic sea-board of North-Eastern Brazil. A Brazilian jeweller named Senhor Wilson Lustosa was travelling along the beach from the port of Maceio to a place called Parapueira. (As I know from personal knowledge of this beautiful coast, there are virtually no roads, and one simply drives for miles along the broad beaches of dazzling white sand). At a spot called Saude, the witness stopped to ask some fishermen what they were looking at. They said that it was a flying saucer. He could see nothing at first, but soon he heard a humming noise, which grew rapidly louder, and perceived something which seemed to be falling out of the sky towards him, from the direction of the sea.

    When the machine was at a distance of some 40 metres from him and the group of fishermen, and about 15 metres above the water, it began to rock sideways, and then stopped and hung there. It was from 15 to 20 metres in height, "and its width was approximately that of a travelling circus". It seemed to have three distinguishable parts: the upper half was the colour of aluminium, like an inverted bowl, and on the top of it was a small protuberance or dome, with a light as bright as that of an electric welding arc. The lower part was also a bowl, of the same size as the top, but dark in colour, and around the widest part, where the two bowls met, was a band with a number of square portholes, from which came a reddish light. The portholes nearest to the party of onlookers were darkened, as though there were people looking out through them.

    Beneath the machine, the water seemed to be boiling, or being sucked up, but without actually touching the under part of it, and a faint humming could be heard at brief intervals. From the under part of the machine a number of things like leather thongs were hanging, motionless.

    During the hour that they stood there and watched it, it rose again several times into the sky and then descended, as if crashing, "with a noise to shatter the ear-drums".

    This report comes from Senhor Walter Sa Cardoso, of rua Santa Cruz 291, Farol, Maceio, who had it from the eyewitness. I reproduce the sketch which accompanied the report, and suggest that this craft may be identical with the type photographed off the coast of California by Radio Officer T. Fogl one day in 1957. Radio Officer Fogl's saucer, like the Brazilian one here reported, has things projecting below it, but these seem to be metallic, and certainly nothing like "leather thongs".

    This seems to be a type of UFO which has been reported many times. Numerous reports of night-sightings have referred to "turtle-shaped" objects, or "jellyfish-shaped objects", with long golden streamers hanging down (the leather thongs?).

    I am not quite sure what would be the average Brazilian's idea of "the width of a travelling circus", but evidently this means that it must have seemed to the witness a very big craft, at least 100 feet or so in diameter.


    UFO with three beings hovers over boat dock at Minnesota cabin (Lake Movil)

    Date: August, 1962
    Location: Lake Movil, Minnesota, United States

    Marilyn Chenarides and Mrs. Mildred Anderson were vacationing at their cabin on Lake Movil in northern Minnesota when they saw a red glowing object which was hovering over the boat dock 50 feet from the cabin. In two of the windows of the object, the women could see the silhouettes of three man-shaped beings. After a few minutes of observation, Mrs. Anderson switched off the lights in the cabin, whereupon the lights on the object immediately went out.


    Drawing by APRO Staff artist Brian James represents what the witnesses observed. (APRO Bulletin)

    APRO Bulletin, Vol. 21 No. 2 (Sept./Oct. 1972)

    The 1962 Occupants Case

    The National Enquirer recently carried the account of Marilyn Chenarides and Mrs. Miidred Anderson of Grand Forks, North Dakota, who had an unusual experience while vacationing at their cabin on Lake Movil in northern Minnesota. Mrs. Lorenzen contacted Mrs. Chenarides and asked her cooperation in doing an artistic rendering of what they had seen. Mrs. Chenarides and her mother were most cooperative, and the drawing above by Staff Artist Brian James represents what they observed.

    The exact date cannot be recalled but it was an August night in 1962 when Mrs. Anderson was doing her daughter Marilyn's hair. Marilyn's younger brother, Roger, was in bed. Suddenly Marilyn became aware of an odd object outside, and both of the women stared out the window at a red glowing object which was hovering over the boat dock 50 feet from the cabin. The light from the object made the green painted boat dock appear brownish in color and the water a greenish-black. The side of the object toward the cabin had three windows which were lit up by a yellowish light and in two of the windows the women could see the silhouettes of three man-shaped beings. The object was hovering over the near end of the dock and appeared to be 8 feet high and 35 feet wide.

    Both of the women felt that the "men" were watching them and after a few minutes of observation, Mrs. Anderson switched off the lights in the cabin, whereupon the lights on the object immediately went out. Mrs. Anderson then had an irresistible impulse to approach the object and threw open the door and started running down to the boat dock while her daughter, almost hysterical, screamed for her to come back. When Mrs. Anderson was halfway to the dock the object lifted slowly in the air, then moved off at an angle and was gone as suddenly as it had arrived.

    The object, when first seen, seemed to appear out of nowhere. When it extinguished its lights when Mrs. Anderson turned off the cabin's lights, it was a dark blob over the dock so it may be assumed that the object could have been there for some time prior to Mrs. Chenarides' first glimpse of it, and it was called to her attention by the lights being turned on.

    Mrs. Chenarides also described an incident which had taken place three weeks prior to the "occupant" sighting. She, her mother and father (Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Anderson) and brothers Duane and Roger and the family dog Zipper were driving about 125 miles from their home to the cabin. When they were about 12 miles out of the town of Bagley the dog began to growl and Mr. Anderson spotted a large, green luminous object which appeared to be approaching them on a parallel course.

    Mr. Anderson said the object wasn't going very fast and he slowed the car and the object passed them. It was approximately 70 away from their car and appeared to be about the height of a two-story building. It appeared as a long oval, yellowish-green in color and with a haze or fog around it.

    After the object passed the Anderson car Marilyn and Duane watched it out of the rear window until it had passed out of sight. Duane said that they could see the thing hovering over a bare patch of land for a while, then it moved over a wooded area, made a half-circular maneuver and disappeared into the woods. They continued to watch but the object was not seen again.

    Inquiries indicate that the Andersons are highly respected in their city and by friends and business acquaintances.


    Location: Santo Antonio de Taua, Para, Brazil
    Date: October 12 1977

    Time: 2330

    Manoel do Espirito Santo, 20, high school student, local resident, was in front of his house with some friends, Julio, Paulo, Deca and Carlito when he saw a yellow light moving E/W slowing in speed and stopping about 20meters from the group. He said he could see two crew members inside who appeared to be human, one man and a woman, the “man” was on the left side and the woman on the right side of the “apparatus” both wore different shape goggles and communication gear (earphones) the one on the left seemed more attentive to the group of witnesses. At the same time, the other, behind a horizontal tube directed a ray of red light toward the group, having been hit directly, it felt like an electric shock, from the feet to the head, then felt paralyzed (arms and legs immobilized) and semi-conscious. The object gradually began to move away, gaining altitude and speed. Manoel was able to move again, feeling numb for some minutes. The object seemed like a reddish-yellow star from a distance, it turned more yellow as it came closer. Manoel observed a bluish light in the front top part. It had the shape of a barrel with a thin tube and another, more slender, horizontal (45 degrees) one which emitted the ray of blue light. The apparent size was 1.20 to 1.40m and gave the appearance of being transparent (in the bluish area) with a division between the two crew members. It climbed straight up in a wavy motion, until it reached a certain altitude, abruptly varying its speed.


    Electrician and wife in Indianapolis see domed disc shaped object

    Date: July 31, 1948
    Location: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States


    Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Swigert. S central Indianapolis, Indiana. 8:25 a.m. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Swigert saw a cymbal shaped or domed disc object or rounded coolie hat to the W, about 20 ft across, 6-8 ft thick, 3:1 ratio noted, white without any shine but shadowing on upper right (sun from the left or E), fly straight and level from horizon to horizon W to E heading 90°, first through window facing W then window facing S, altitude estimated at 2,000 ft covering distance of 5 miles (1,800 mph? distance 2 miles? elevation 10°?), shimmering in the sun as if spinning. No sound or trail. (Battelle Unknown No. 8; FOIA)

    Vernon Swigert, an electrician, was standing by the bathroom window of his home when he first sighted an object. He ran to his kitchen where he pointed out the cymbal shaped or domed disc object to his wife. It was about 20 ft across, and 6-8 ft thick. Total time in sight was approximately 10 seconds, during which the object flew on a straight and level course from horizon to horizon, west to east.



    • Korean War, 1950–53. North-East China Sea (13/p.133)

    A UFO photographed by a US Marine Air Group pilot over the North-East China Sea during the Korean War. The object came close to the aircraft before shooting off at over 1,000 mph. It had a very bright top, which 'burned' into the film emulsion, and a bronze colored base. (W. Gordon Allen)


    September 22, 1974. Launceston, Tasmania, Australia (14/p.241)

    The Case was investigated by the northern representative of the Tasmanian UFO Investigation Center, and subsequently reported to Flying Saucer Review by. W. K. Roberts.

    It was domed on top, emitted intense orange-yellow light. Beneath the dome, the UFO was silver in color. There was a wide band on which there could have been portholes, and six to eight horizontal bands below it, decreasing in diameter; their width was about 5 feet (1.5 meters) in all. At the bottom of the object was a small revolving disc, and below this what appeared to be a box or tube, which protruded from the base a short way.


    Landing and 'giant' occupant encountered by youth in Virginia

    Date: May, 1971
    Location: Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States

    Walking through a large, open field, a boy with his dog observed a glowing "thing" over a pond located in the open field. The object moved towards the youth, finally stopping near the youth, and slowly settled to the ground. After the craft landed, a door opened straight down toward him and a "man" walked out. According to the witness's description, the creature was "powerfully huge." The being returned to the object, and about ten minutes later the craft "just lifted off."


    Sketch by NICAP artist Fanny Phillips depicts encounter on Virginia farm.

    NICAP (1971)

    The case of the "Virginia Giant" remains unresolved, despite careful checking on many points in the account by NICAP investigators.

    Called one of the most interesting cases he has ever worked on by one of the investigators, the story of the "Virginia Giant" is actually a nickname for a pair of sightings, one of them involving an occupant, which occurred in late May 1971 outside a small rural Virginia community located near Fredericksburg.

    According to investigators John Carlson and Bruce Maccabee, who until recently were still gathering data about the alleged sightings, the case was hampered by the very attitude that made this "occupant" case such an interesting one — the family's strong desire to avoid publicity — a characteristic not always present in cases involving an "occupant."

    It was a dark, cloudy night that three boys and a German Shepherd had picked to camp out in a nearby field. Two of the youths had decided to investigate the sound of a car horn heard in the distance while the third youth and his dog "Lucky" decided to stay behind.

    Walking through the large, open field, the third boy noted that he had a strange feeling that something was behind him. He turned but saw nothing. Moments later he turned again and observed a glowing "thing" over a pond located in the open field.

    The object moved slowly from its position over the pond and moved towards the youth, finally stopping near the youth, and slowly settled to the ground. Before completing its descent, the object, according to the youth, extended "legs" from its underside.

    After the craft landed, a door opened straight down toward him and a "man" walked out. According to the witness's description, the creature was "powerfully huge," had long arms and was shiny in appearance. In one hand it carried a "glowing box."

    The creature looked around, then started moving in the youth's direction, who by this time was crouching in the tall grass. The witness's dog allegedly snarled at the "occupant" and began to approach it. The creature turned around in a "stiff, bouncing fashion" and returned to his craft. The door of the craft closed and about ten minutes later the craft "just lifted off."

    The witness was found a few minutes later still crouched in the grass and apparently in shock by his two fellow campers. The witness told his companions of his encounter and all three quickly returned to their homes.

    Two nights later another sighting occurred in the same vicinity. While the second sighting did not involve an occupant, it did add credence to the first sighting, according to the investigators, because of the large number of witnesses and the similarities in description of the UFO.

    Two sisters of the youth who reported the "occupant" were returning home from a night class along the family's long, winding driveway when they became aware of a humming sound and red lights apparently coming from above their car.

    Almost immediately, according to NICAP's file on the case, the car's engine stalled, the headlights went out, and the car radio went off. From inside the car the girls said they could see a disc-shaped, glowing white object hovering approximately 50 feet above their tree-lined driveway. After about five minutes the girls were able to start the car and race the remaining few yards towards home — as they did, the craft continued to follow them.

    Attracted outside by the sounds of a car racing up the driveway, two brothers rushed outside to investigate and observed a "gigantic saucer-shaped thing" following their sister's car up the driveway. The object followed the car up to the house and continued to hover above it for a few minutes before finally drifting off and out of sight over the horizon.


    The Valentich UFO Mystery

    October 21st, 1978. Bass Strait, Australia

    The Valentich mystery has endured as an insoluble enigma. The crux of the mystery is just what happened to the young pilot and his 182 Cessna light aircraft - VH - DSJ (Delta Sierra Juliet) - during that October evening. The circumstances behind the total disappearance of both pilot and plane have since been elevated into one of the premier mysteries of aviation and for many one of the most intriguing elements of the UFO phenomenon.


                                   Illustration of the UFO sighted over Hudson Valley

    25 years ago on this day Frederick Valentich disappeared over Bass Strait in very strange circumstances. It is a mystery that still has not been explained.


    It was the extraordinary disappearance of pilot Frederick Valentich over Bass Strait on October 21st, 1978, that thrust the subject of UFOs into the news headlines around the world. The Valentich mystery has endured as an insoluble enigma. The crux of the mystery is just what happened to the young pilot and his 182 Cessna light aircraft - VH - DSJ (Delta Sierra Juliet) - during that October evening. The circumstances behind the total disappearance of both pilot and plane have since been elevated into one of the premier mysteries of aviation and for many one of the most intriguing elements of the UFO phenomenon.

    The fact that the mystery has lasted so long is a direct result of the incredible aspects at the heart of the affair. Twenty year-old Frederick Valentich, 47 minutes into what should have been a routine 69 minute flight from Moorabin, Victoria, to King Island, reported in a radio conversation with Melbourne Flight Service Unit controller, Steve Robey, of seeing an unidentified "aircraft" near him.

    The only official report to emerge on the affair was an Aircraft Accident Investigation Summary Report, reference No. V116/783/1047. The basic relevant events and transcript of the conversation between Valentich and Robey - a "radio encounter of a weird kind" - included in the report are given here:

    The pilot obtained a class Four instrument rating on 11 May 1978 and he was therefore authorised to operate at night in visual meteorological conditions (VMC). On the afternoon of 21 October 1978 he attended the Moorabbin Briefing Office, obtained a meteorological briefing and, at 1723 hours, submitted a flight plan for a night VMC flight from Moorabbin to King Island and return. The cruising altitude nominated in the flight plan was below 5000 feet, with estimated time intervals of 41 minutes to Cape Otway and 28 minutes from Cape Otway to King Island. The total fuel endurance was shown at 300 minutes. The pilot made no arrangements for aerodrome lighting to be illuminated for his arrival at King Island. He advised the briefing officer and the operator's representative that he was uplifting friends at King Island and took four life jackets in the aircraft with him.

    The aircraft was refuelled to capacity at 1810 hours and departed Moorabbin at 1819 hours. After departure the pilot established two-way radio communication with Melbourne Flight Service Unit (FSU).

    Valentich reported in this transmission that "a large aircraft" appeared below him, then apparently passed over his aircraft. He felt it was an "unknown aircraft" particularly because of its apparent speed. It approached him from the east and seemed to be "playing some sort of game", "flying over me two three times at speeds I could not identify". Frederick Valentich emphasised, "It's not an aircraft ... it's flying past, it's a long shape." Then he described, "it seems like its stationary.

    What I'm doing right now is orbiting and the thing is just orbiting on top of me also it's got a green light and sort of metallic (like) it's all shiny (on) the outside." One minute later Valentich said the object was approaching his aircraft from the Southwest. Then the Cessna's engine started rough idling. Frederick Valentich's last transmission was, "...that strange aircraft is hovering on top of me again. It is hovering and it's not an aircraft." 17 seconds of open microphone followed with metallic like sounds hear, perhaps like the rapid keying of the plane's microphone, and then silence. An intensive air, sea and land search followed over the next 4 days. No trace of pilot or plane was ever found.

    The weather in the Cape Otway area was clear with a trace of stratocumulus cloud at 5000 to 7000 feet, scattered cirrus cloud at 30000 feet, excellent visibility and light winds. The end of daylight at Cape Otway was at 1918 hours.

    The Alert Phase of SAR procedures was declared at 1912 hours and, at 1933 hours when the aircraft did not arrive at King Island, the Distress Phase was declared and search action was commenced. An intensive air, sea and land search was continued until 25 October 1978, but no trace of the aircraft was found.

    The official report also refers to the following points:

    Location of occurrence: Not known

    Time: Not known

    Degree of injury: presumed fatal

    Opinion as to cause (of "Aircraft Accident"): The reason for the disappearance of the aircraft has not been determined

    Steve Robey, the FSU or Flight Service Unit radio controller, who spoke with Valentich during those 6 minutes leading up to his disappearance, said in a Melbourne Herald interview:

    "I think at first he was a little concerned about this other aircraft flying around him, and of course I had to assume that it was another aircraft until it developed and became a little mysterious. Towards the end I think he was definitely concerned for his safety; I considered that he would have had to have been a good actor to have put it all together the way he did."

    Robey did not believe he had talked to a disorientated pilot,

    "It was as though he was looking around for this thing as he was speaking on the radio ... a young fellow with little experience; it was getting dark, and visual reference to the ground is fading. In a situation like this, if this is what happened, it is understandable he is getting a little bit uptight.

    "It was a kind of rushed communication ... it was as if he was startled... he was definitely concerned ... it sounded as though it was rattling him."

    Apart from a very early attempt to suggest that Frederick Valentich may have been flying upside down, totally disorientated, with lighthouse lights producing his perception of an "unidentified aircraft", the Australian Department of Aviation has never officially addressed the question of what Valentich may have been observing prior to his disappearance.

    I tried to extract from the Department their opinion.

    At first the then Assistant Secretary (Air Safety Investigation), Mr. G.V. Hughes, advised me that he was not clear as to what was meant by my expression, "...the stimulus of Valentich's apparent UFO observation..."

    "However, a great deal of consideration has been given to what Mr. Valentich might have been looking at when he described his observations. A considerable number of suggestions have been put forward by persons inside and outside this Department. All have been examined. The Department is not aware of any other official body having undertaken such an investigation into this occurrence," Mr. Hughes wrote.

    However, when it came to an official investigation of a possible UFO connection, a veritable bureaucratic "Catch-22" loomed large. Mr. Hughes advised me, "As you correctly state ..., the RAAF is responsible for the investigation of reports concerning 'UFO' sightings, and liaison was established with the RAAF on these aspects of the investigation. The decision as to whether or not the 'UFO' report is to be investigated rests with the RAAF and not with this Department."

    At the time I was fortunately in a position to get a clearer picture of the RAAF role in the Valentich case. I had been given unprecedented direct access to the RAAF files. During my detailed explorations of the files in a number of visits to the Department of Defence in Canberra, I did not come across any documentation on the Valentich affair. The RAAF Intelligence Liaison Officer - DAFI told me that the RAAF did not investigate the affair because they were not asked to by the Department of Aviation! The RAAF saw it as more appropriately in the domain of an "air accident/air safety" enquiry. The Intelligence officer also volunteered that his personal opinion was that pilot disorientation was involved.

    In November, 1982, I was finally given official permission to examine the Department of Aviation UFO files, but was specifically denied access to the Valentich files on the grounds that they were Air Accident Investigation files and not UFO files. Mr. Hughes of Air Safety elaborated,

    "The file concerning this occurrence is no more or less restricted than any other accident investigation file. As a signatory to the International Convention on Civil Aviation, we subscribe to the Standards and Recommended Practices contained in Annex 13 to the Convention, in respect of aircraft accident investigation, specifically, when it is considered that the disclosure of records, for the purposes other than accident prevention, might have an adverse effect on the availability of information in that or any future investigation, such records are considered privileged."

    While in Melbourne examining the Aviation Department's UFO files, I was able to have a lengthy discussion on the Valentich affair with Mr. A. Woodward, the signatory on the official Aircraft Accident Investigation Summary Report, dated May 27th, 1982. He largely reiterated the official department line, emphasising that they were treating the matter as only an "air accident" investigation. He dwelt on a long list of prosaic explanations ranging from diorientation, suicide, to the unlikely prospect of the plane being struck by a meteorite, but conceded that the affair was still unresolved.

    Dr. Richard Haines, was a research scientist with NASA and an aircraft accident investigator, as well as an active UFO researcher, particularly in cases involving pilot witnesses. He took a particular interest in the Valentich incident. He was given access to the tape of the incident and undertook studies of it. He was not able to definitively identify the unusual sounds that appeared in the final 17 seconds of open microphone communications with Valentich. A metallic-like sound is noticeable. Dr. Haines found they were similar to the sound produced by the rapid keying of the microphone, but control testing did not confirm this absolutely. He published a book based on his study of the affair, MELBOURNE EPISODE - Case study of a missing pilot. He included 4 hypothetical accounts of what might have happened, namely "pilot disorientation/crash/death", "deliberate pilot hoax", "actual UFO in-flight abduction", and "military weapons test". While Dr. Haines seems to have favoured the final "hypothesis", in reality the evidence for it is slight and speculative.

    Many people reported seeing UFOs on the same day and during the night of Valentich's disappearance. A number of these reports are difficult to reconcile with the hysteria and publicity that escalated rapidly over the affair, elevating it to an international sensation. Some 15 or more distinct sightings survived the gauntlet of civilian group investigations. They all occurred between midday and 9 pm, on October 21st. Six occurred in Victoria, one on King Island, and the rest in New South Wales, Tasmania and South Australia. These reports seemed to confirm that something quite unusual was abroad that extraordinary day.

    A strange series of photos taken out over Bass Strait, by Roy Manifold, a plumber on holidays at Crayfish Bay, near Apollo Bay, only some 20 minutes before Valentich began describing his encounter, revealed something unusual. He had taken 6 photos of the setting sun. He saw nothing untoward, with the camera set to automatically take the photo series, but upon development the fourth and sixth photos revealed apparent anomalies. The fourth photo showed what looked like a dense "black lump" in the water, giving the impression of something rising from the water. The fifth photo appeared normal. The sixth shows a strange mass situated in the sky directly over the position of the anomaly in the fourth photo, which looked like an object caught in flight with a possible exhaust or trail of material. Film faults and processing defects were ruled out. The RAAF suggested a cumulus cloud breaking up, but the timing of the exposures would have required the "cloud" to have moved into view at a speed of up to 200 mph. Now that's some cloud for what was a calm day!


    Large reddish disc seen at close range in Draguignan, France

    Date: March 29, 1971
    Location: Draguignan, France

    Two young men from Draguignan named Pierre Calafat and Andre Bouchaud, members of a dance band, go to an isolated house which they have rented. When they drive up to the house, they observe a large reddish disc, flying around above a vineyard beside the house, about 150 metres from them. They park and watch the UFO performing zigzag movements, and then see it come to a halt at a height of ten metres or so above the ground and only about 50 metres from them.


    Reconstitution of Calafat's and Bouchard's sighting of March 29, 1971. On the left the house, rented by the musicians, and in which poltergeist phenomena occurred. Photo taken facing N.E. (FSR)

    J.C. Dufour, FSR Vol. 19 No. 3


    J. C. Dufour

    Translation: Gordon Creighton.

    [excerpt from article]

    MANY investigators of the UFO phenomenon have already noted that certain places seem to be more favoured than others by this type of manifestation. Examples of such so-called "repeater-cases," or "repeater-places," have been emphasised by Jacques Vallee in the USA, by Aime Michel in France, and by Antonio Ribera in Spain.

    Lumieres Dans La Nuit has carried material concerning certain regions in the Departement of Doubs (extreme eastern frontier of France, adjoining Switzerland) which seem to be frequently overflown by UFOs, or which have been the scene of particularly interesting landing cases.

    We have now discovered a similar site in the vicinity of Draguignan, in the Departement of Var (S.E. France). Lumieres Dans La Nuit (Contact Ixctcurs) No. 4, November 1971, carried an excellent report by Messieurs Jean Chasseigne and Francois Moll1 on one of the Draguignan sightings, which had taken place on March 29, 1971.

    I will recapitulate the facts briefly: two young men from Draguignan named Pierre Calafat and Andre Bouchaud, members of a dance band, go to an isolated house which they have rented for the purpose of practising there. On the evening in question, these two are the first to arrive. As soon as they start to drive up the little road leading to the house, they notice a reddish light overhead. Then they observe a large reddish disc, having the shape of a plate, flying around above a vineyard situated beside the house and at a distance of some 150 metres from them (Photo I). They park in the forecourt and watch the UFO performing zigzag movements, and then see it come to a halt at a height of ten metres or so above the ground and only about 50 metres from them. Then, two minutes later, the craft performed a roll and headed away towards Flayosc, which is in the same direction from Les Nourradons as Valensolc.

    It was not until September II, 1971, that we found the traces left by this UFO (Photos 2, 3, 4, 5).

    These traces are in the field which adjoins the vineyard on the north. The grass there is long, of the graminaceous sort, and very thick. When we found the marks they were so fresh still that they could not have been made in March, but much later, and in any case they could not in all probability have been more than two weeks old. The chief mark is a perfect circle with a diameter of 5'6O metres. Inside this circle the grass is discoloured. The vegetation is flattened only along the periphery of this circle, or, to be more precise, the grass is swept in an anti-clockwise sense. The width of this flattened ring is about 0-6 metre (see photo No. 1). "Inere were no holes in ihe ground, and no marks that would indicate that an actual landing occurred. To the east of this principal mark there was a second circle, about one metre in diameter, and presenting the same discoloration of the grass. The distance between the large circle and the small one was one metre. A Geiger check for radioactivity gave a zero reading.

    In the vineyard itself, we found no burn marks.

    Two trees, an almond-tree and a cherry-tree, were dead—still in bud. But as the analysis has not yet been carried out, we do not know whether these two trees died of some disease, or as a result of the UFO fly-over of March 1971.

    While looking through the archives of the newspaper Le Provencal (Var edition) we found a UFO sighting report of 1965. Ami the place overflown is the same....

    So it looks as though there might bs a good many areas in which the UFOs have the greatest interest. We shall have taken a big step forward when we are able to know what it is that attracts them to these places. In the meantime, we are going to concentrate our UFO detectors on this area of Les Nourradons, which has been the scene of a wave—or perhaps one should say, a "cluster"-since 1966. Maybe we shall get some valuable information. At least, that is, if our unobtrusive visitors are good enough to let us have the necessary time for it.


    1 See Investigations At Draguignan, by Chasseignc and Moll, in f-'SR Case Histories, Supplement 14, April 197.1.

    - Note that this young man Christian Fabre of Lorgues, who saw a craft "shaped like a flattened cone" near Draguignan in November 1965, is the same person who appears in Case No. 4 at Draguignan in March 1968, when he saw a glowing cigar-shaped craft drop down out of the sky over the centre of Draguignan. (See Chasseigne and Moll, op. cit., Case No. 4.)

    3 "Holy Spirit Field."

    4 "Field of the Spirits."


    Milakovic family encounter, Hanbury, England

    Date: November 20, 1968
    Location: Hanbury, England, United Kingdom

    A large, house-sized object witnessed by a family. It had a dark bowl-shaped bottom, with a clear dome on top. In the lit dome area, several humanoid figures were seen moving. Two physiological effects were reported: heat felt as object passed over and burning of the eyes when its light intensity increased.


    UFO and occupants as reportedly seen near Hanbury, England, November 20, 1968.

    NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomenon), 'Strange Effects from UFOs', by Donald Keyhoe and Gordon Lore

    Figures Seen on UFO

    The small, dank mining town of Hednesford, Staffordshire, England, lies near the southern end of Cannock Chase. Mr. and Mrs. Milin Milakovic and their 11 children live at 432 Cannock Road. On the afternoon of November 20, 1968, the Yugoslavian couple and their 11-year old son, Slavic, left Hednesford on a house-hunting trip. They journeyed through the English countryside to Rugeley, Abbots Bromley, and stopped at Hanbury to view Hanbury Hall.

    Hanbury, on the Staffordshire-Derbyshire border, is midway between Uttoexter and Burton-on-Trent. Three and one-half miles to the northwest is Central Workshop 32 R.E.M.E., an army installation. Two miles to the northwest is a Royal Air Force station, used as an ammunition dump "and there are very vague rumors that nuclear weapons are stored there." Three miles to the south is a World War IT airfield, used by the Ind Coope brewery firm for light aircraft.

    On the road home, the Milakovics stopped just outside Hanbury to look at an old house for sale. As they continued on, dusk was rapidly approaching. It was between 5:30 and 5:45 p.m.

    The couple saw a rabbit scurry across the road, followed by a number of other rabbits from a hedge on the left side of the road. Glancing to the left, the witnesses saw a brilliant object in the field. Milakovic stopped the car as the UFO rose slowly and flew over the car. The couple got out of the automobile and watched as the object moved over a field on the right side of the road toward a house about 100 yards away. As it got over the house, it stopped, hovered, and quivered "like a jelly."

    Doris Milakovic said that the air temperature appeared considerably warmer as the UFO flew overhead, but, as it moved on, the temperature dropped. She also said that the object looked "as wide as the house."

    For approximately five minutes, Mrs. Milakovic, her husband and son saw what appeared to be several humanoid figures walking across the bright top of the UFO. Intermittently, "some of the figures were seen to bend down as though looking at something in the part of the object below the rim. .. ."

    Then the object began moving up in a "pulsating or jerky" movement- Its light intensity greatly increased and Milakovic felt his eyes were burning.

    Thoroughly frightened, Milakovic, normally a brave man, pushed his wife and son into the car and sped away from the scene.

    N. M. H. Turner and W. Daniels investigated the report.


    UFO with occupants approaches witness and hovers over farm

    Date: June 14, 1974
    Location: Medellin, Spain

    Santiago Pulido Romero, 46, was going to his father's farm when he saw an object flying at low level. It was "round on the bottom and with a sort of cone-shaped tower on top." When he switched his car lights on, the object came towards him at very high speed, only to move away from he turned out the lights. Inside the craft, Santiago could see three tall men, "who seemed to be holding on to some sort of control levers" and wearing helmets.


    The object seen at Medellin, as described by Sr. Santiago Pulido. (FSR)


    Eileen Buckle, FSR Vol. 20 No. 3

    "Spanish UFO Fiesta"
    by Eileen Buckle

    [excerpt from article]

    UFO and occupants near Medellin

    The month of June produced yet another "creatures" case. It was published in the Madrid evening paper Pueblo of June 22, written by a journalist by name of J.M. Amilibia. Sr. Guerard adds that Sr. Amilibia specialises in reporting on UFO sightings for Pueblo, and seems honest and sincere. He also wrote to the witness, but did not expect a reply, since he is a simple peasant and may not be able to write. This was the newspaper report:

    "Santiago Pulido Romero, 46, married, the father of six children, born in and a resident of Medellin (Badajoz), a sunburned and weather-beaten outdoors-man, is the witness in a fantastic story, which he willingly tells to both sceptics and believers alike. Santiago isn't bothered by public derision, and if you tell him he's crazy, he doesn't mind. He really doesn't care, because he himself would have laughed just a few days ago if someone else had told him the same story that he now tells.

    He told me his story on the spot where it took place. In front of us, we can see the Castle of Medellin, on top of a meseta, an important landmark in our history, where Calderon de la Barca wrote his famous work 'Life is but a Dream.' We are now in a clay-coloured field; to our right is a clump of trees.

    "The affair took place at 5.30 a.m. on June 14, 1974, and according to Santiago, this simple man who is completely balanced, and would seem incapable of such invention, says: 'That morning (it was still dark), I was going to my father's farm, and on passing that clump of trees, I was hit in the eyes by a strong light. I saw a funny-looking contraption flying at a low level, some 100 metres above the ground, I suppose. It was travelling at an unbelievable speed, as fast as my sight could follow it. It was on one side of the castle, and as it seemed to be coming towards me. I became so frightened that I thought that I'd jump out of my skin. Then I switched off my car lights and continued on in second gear, going very slow. I was shaking all over. Listen! You just can't imagine what a tremendous impression a thing like that makes on a man! I'd just like to see another man in my shoes at a time like that to see how he'd act! The thing is that this apparatus followed me for about 70 metres on my right, and when I got to that hill over there, 1 switched the lights of my car back on, and the apparatus came towards me again at very high speed but only to fade off when I turned out the lights. I got to the farm and noticed that it stayed near the door, about 100 metres off the ground, moving upwards and downwards at times. My first thought was to lock myself up in the house, and I did just this. Then, after having recovered a bit, I came out with a pitchfork in hand, just in can imagine how frightened I was; so much so, in fact, that I was thinking of taking to the mountains where I know a few good spots to hide out...'

    "He still shows the remains of that panic on his countenance. Santiago speaks perfectly clearly, telling us what he saw, step by step. At times, he shakes with emotion as the chill of fear reminds him of the experience...

    " 'When I came out of the house, it was standing still over the farm. The light it gave off was so intense that it looked like daytime. It was precisely then that I got the idea of focusing my headlights on it in order to see what was going on. Then the thing headed for me like a bat out of hell; I turned out the lights again and it stayed quiet for a moment and then began to move up and down.'

    " 'How did the apparatus move?' I asked him.

    " 'At very high speed and spinning in the same spot, although at times, it zigzagged or remained still, or swayed like a pendulum of a clock. For a moment it would look like a star, and then, in the next moment, it was right there beside me. At times it seemed to me to move like a whirlwind, you know what I mean? — like an incredible maelstrom...Well, it's just that I haven't the ability to explain it; words fail me!'

    "What shape was it?'

    " 'Round on the bottom and with a sort of cone-shaped tower on top. The round part was transparent and a great yellow light came from inside it. The tower shone and looked like a metal structure.'

    "You say it was transparent. Did you see anything inside when it drew near to you?'

    " 'Yes. I could see three men clearly. Three very tall men, more than two metres tall, who seemed to be holding on to some sort of control levers, and they were wearing some sort of helmets on their heads. They were standing up. Listen, man, this was really something to see!'

    "How big do you think the thing was?'

    " 'The round part was about 20 metres in diameter; the tower, about 10 metres high.'

    "Did it make any special kind of sound?'

    " 'No. It moved in complete silence.'

    "How long did you observe it from the farm?'

    " 'Well, I'd say until the sun began to go down, around sevenish. It was then that it headed off towards Villaneuva at a tremendous speed. When my children arrived at the farm, I was still pallid, as while as a ghost...If I live to be a thousand, I'll never forget that experience! Never, never, never. I swear that it was a terrible thing. You and all the rest can believe me or not, it's all the same to me. I know it is true and that's all that matters. I was always very sceptical about such things; I used to think that they were the inventions of idlers and dreamers, just a lot of nonsense. But now 1 know that there's something to it.'

    "What do you think it is?'

    " 'Beings from other worlds. What I saw, that apparatus thing, is not from this world because there cannot be anything even similar. Well, at least, this is what I believe...because I never saw the likes of such.'

    "What was the closest you came to it?*

    " 'About 50 metres. It was awful, simply frightening. And so silent and so brilliant. Now I've stopped going out of the house in the early hours of the morning. Now I wait for the sun to come out before going to the farm.'

    "This is the testimony of Santiago Pulido. But then there were others from Medellin who also saw it. For example, there was a young boy, going to Medellin from La Oliva, who saw it from the road, as well as two residents of San Benito. They also say that two traffic policemen from Medellin told their families that they had seen it too. At any rate, it is a testimony worth investigating. One more story to add to all of the others..."


    Black sphere hovers near U.S. Naval Comm. Station at North West Cape, Australia

    Date: October 25, 1973
    Location: North-West Cape, Australia


    According to official reports, at 7.30 p.m. Lieutenant Commander M, of the US Navy, observed 'a large black, airborne object' in the airspace over the important US intelligence base at North-West Cape. US Navy Fire Captain L had also seen the object. The object was about 10 metres in diameter and was about 300 metres above the ground. It was completely stationary except for a halo around its centre, which appeared to be either revolving or pulsating.


    North West Cape UFO based on sketch by Fire Captain Bill L. (credit: Bill Chalker)



    Woman observes disk-shaped object moving over field in daylight

    Date: July 4, 1973
    Location: West Springfield, Massachusetts, United States

    On the evening of July 4, 1973, Cecile (age approximately early 70's) was sitting on her patio having a smoke while her husband showered. As she sat, she noticed movement from her left peripheral view (north east). She then observed a large, disk shaped object descending from just above the tree line into the field. It then rose slowly, just high enough to clear trees, moved slowly to the south and disappeared from sight. The witness had an unobstructed view of the object from a distance of 300 feet, in daylight.


    UFO as drawn by witness.


    Multi-colored flying object paces family in Temuka, New Zealand

    Date: July 12, 1981
    Location: Temuka, New Zealand

    Mr. and Mrs. Thew were returning to Temuka (New Zealand) from Pleasant Point with their three daughters when a multi-coloured flying object paced them along the Waitohi Road in the early hours of the morning of July 12, 1981, approaching to within 120 yards of their car and changing colours as it went. It was estimated to be around 32ft in diameter, with a height of 15ft, and with windows around the object.


    This sketch reconstructs the unidentified flying object the Thew family of Temuka claim they saw near Temuka this month. (source: Temuka Herald)


    Two large saucer-shaped objects encountered by family in car in Surrey, UK

    Date: September 15, 1985
    Location: Bagshot Heath, Surrey, United Kingdom

    David and Susan McMurray were driving home across Bagshot Heath, Surrey, to Famborough, Hampshire, with their two children when they encountered a "huge saucer-like craft about 50ft. long with brilliant lights coming from portholes around the centre. Then it suddenly took off." When a second craft began to tail the family's car David stopped, got out and went to investigate. But it too, took off.

    Witness David McMurray's drawing of one of the two objects the McMurray family saw. (source: Sunday Mirror)


    Bill Davey, Sunday Mirror (London, UK), Sept. 29, 1985


    A family had a bizarre close encounter on a day out—with two UFOs.

    The first flying saucer put butcher David McMurray and wife Susan in a spin when it hovered in front of their car.

    Minutes later a second "spacecraft" flew into view—and now the strange sightings are being probed by experts.

    David and Susan were driving home across Bagshot Heath, Surrey, to Famborough, Hampshire, with their two children Paul, 5, and Katie, 18 months.

    David, 35, said: "I saw something hovering above the road In front of us. I could not believe my eyes.

    "It was a huge saucer-like craft about 50ft. long with brilliant lights coming from portholes around the centre. Then it suddenly took off." When a second craft began to tail the family's car David stopped, got out and went to Investigate. But it too, took off.

    David said: "The whole family were weak and trembling for days afterwards."

    Susan, 25, a hairdresser, said: "When David tried to start his car the battery was drained." She added: "I saw the two things with my own eyes. It was an incredible experience."

    One UFO was also spotted five miles away by salesgirl Lyn Brookes. 24. of Wokingham, Berkshire.

    She said: "It hovered in one spot for about five minutes.

    "I was really frightened. It was as if it was watching me."

    Now David has sketched the strange craft and is sending his drawing to the Ministry of Defence who are to investigate.

    UFO expert Omar Fowler, 54. has also seen the drawing and said: "I have no doubt this report is genuine."

    Heathrow Airport say none of the strange craft could have been planes.

    UFO-watchers beileve. the area is a target tor flying saucejs.


    Betty and Barney Hill Abduction Case

    Date: September 19, 1961
    Location: Exeter, New Hampshire, United States

    The first abduction case to be brought to the publics attention was back in 1961. Betty and Barney Hill reported seeing a UFO and experienced a period of missing time while on a long car journey. Under hypnosis they both seperatly described how they were abducted by aliens and shown around the spacecraft before under going medical examinations. Betty also spoke of the origin of the aliens which were of the zeta reticuli system but at that time it wasn't discovered until 1969.


    Betty and Barney Hill.


    Artist's impression of the object encountered by Betty and Barney Hill. (credit: Brookesmith)

    The sketch by Barney Hill, showing the craft with figures, "fins" and red lights.



    Under hypnosis, Betty Hill described a map she was shown "by the leader aboard the ship." Later, she sketched it (above). She said she was told that the heavy lines marked regular trade routes, and the broken lines recorded various space expeditions. Years later, researcher Marjorie Fish was able to find a unique matching set of nearby stars which fit the map.



    Top: Barney Hill, under hypnosis, drew the above (top) sketch of the "leader" of the alleged abductors. Bottom: Two sketches by David Baker are based on two interviews Baker had with Barney, one under hypnosis. (credit: NICAP 1972)


    İnsanların dünya dışı zeki yaratıklar tarafından uzay gemilerinde alıkonulması yeni bir olgu değildir. Bu olayların en önemlilerinden biri Bety ve Barney Hill’in 19 Eylül 1961’de ABD New Hampshire’de yaşadıkları olaydır. Olayın yaşandığı sırada Barney 39, Betty ise 41 yaşındaydı.

    Karı-koca White Dağlarındaki US 3 karayolundan, Portsmouth, New Hampshire’deki evlerine dönüyorlardı. Düzensiz bir biçimde hareket eden ve bir sürü renkten oluşmuş ışıklar saçan cismi ilk Betty farketmişti. Cisme dürbünle ve çıplak gözle bakıp ne olduğunu görebilmek için birkaç kez kısa bir süreliğine arabalarını durdurdular.

    Derken aniden cisim onlara doğru yaklaşmaya başladı ve o anda oradakinin disk şeklinde, pencereli bir araç olduğunu fark ettiler. Barney, o anda sadece 150 m. ötelerinde sessizce durmakta olan aracın içindeki üniforma benzeri kıyafetli varlıkları ve arkalarındaki kontrol panelini görebiliyordu. Araç yere yaklaştıkça, iki yanındaki kırmızı ışıklı yüzgece benzeyen yüzeyi de görülebiliyordu. Tam bu sırada, Barney gördüğü bir figürden dehşete kapılıp, çığlık atarak park ettiği aracına doğru koşmaya başladı. Betty ve Barney, koşmaya başlamalarından birkaç saniye sonra duydukları bip sesiyle ürpererek uykulu bir hale geçtiler. Kendilerine geldiklerinde en son bulundukları yerden 55 km. ötede olduklarını farkettiler, fakat hiçbir şey hatırlamıyorlardı. Saatleri de durmuştu.

    Hill’ler eve varıp huzursuz bir uykuya daldıktan sonra Barney boyun ağrısıyla uyandı, ayrıca botlarının çok kötü bir şekilde aşınmış olduklarını fark etti. Betty, tüm arka yüzeyi parlak spotlarla kaplı bir araçla ilgili görüntüler anımsamaya başladı. Çift, bir önceki gece yaşadıkları hakkında tekrar konuştuktan sonra Pease Hava Kuvvetleri’ne göndermek üzere bir dosya hazırladılar fakat gördükleri varlıklarla ilgili tüm ayrıntıları bildirmekten çekindiler.

    Olaydan 2 hafta sonra, Betty, yaşadığı karşılaşmayla ilgili ve varlıklar tarafından tıbbi incelemeden geçirildiğine dair rüyalar görmeye başladı, Bu rüyalar günlerce devam etti. Birkaç hafta sonra sivil bir araştırmacının şahitlerle yaptığı görüşme sonrasında, çiftin Kanada’dan Portsmouth’a normalden en az 2 saat daha geç vardıkları anlaşıldı. Kaybolan zamanın hatırlanabilmesi için kendilerine hipnoz yaptırmaları önerildi.

    Dr. Benjamin Simon’ın Hipnoz Uygulamaları:

    Barney’in sağlığı kötüye gitmeye başlamıştı; ülser, bitkinlik ve yüksek kan basıncı rahatsızlığının işiyle bağlantılı olarak geliştiği düşünülüyordu. Ayrıca kasıklarına yakın bir yerde siğiller üremişti. O gece olanlar her ikisinin de kafasından çıkmıyordu. Bu strese daha fazla dayanamayıp Psikiyatr Dr. Duncan Stephens’ın tavsiyesiyle kendilerine geriye dönüşlü hipnoz uygulaması için Boston’lu önde gelen bir psikiyatr olan Dr. Benjamin Simon’a başvurdular. Bunun üzerine 1963 yılında Betty ve Barney’ye ayrı ayrı pekçok seans uygulandı.

    Ayrı ayrı her ikisi de araca alındıkları anı hatırladılar. Bu aracın içinden gelen bip sesini duyduktan hemen sonra olmuştu. Hill’ler, kendilerini kaçıranlarla telepatik olarak iletişim kurabildiklerini hatırladılar. Bunlar insana benzer, büyük gözlü varlıklardı ve çene üstünde ağız olduğunu tahmin ettikleri ufak, yarığa benzer bir çizgi vardı. Kendilerini alokoyan kişiler kedi gözlü, ufak tefek varlıklardı. Onların aralarındaki uzun olanını Betty grubun lideri olarak algılamıştı. Betty, onun diğerlerini kontrol ettiğini biliyor, fakat onu tarif edemiyordu, hafızasının o bölümünde bir engel vardı. Sadece onun farklı olduğunu söyleyebiliyordu.

    Barney, kasıklarının etrafında dairesel bir aygıt yerleştirildiğini söylerken Betty de göbeğine uzun iğneler sokulduğunu hatırladı. Kendisine bunun hamilelik testi olduğu söylenmişti. Betty’nin tarif ettiği bu tür bir hamilelik testi dünya tıppında tam 25 yıl sonra keşfedilecek ve kullanılmaya başlanacaktı. Çift arabalarına döndüğünde, köpeklerinin koltuğun altına saklandığını ve çok korkmuş bir halde olduğunu görmüşlerdi. Daha sonra cisim, portakal renkli bir küre gibi parıldayarak uzaklaşmıştı.

    Yıldız Haritası:

    Sonraki bir hipnoz seansında, Betty kendisine gösterilmiş olan araştırmacılar arasında geniş tartışmalara yol açan yıldız haritasından bahsetti. Bu harita Zeta Retucillinin de bulunduğu 3 takım yıldız grubuna benziyordu.

    Betty ve Barney Hill’in başından geçenlerle ilgili iki önemli nokta pek çok araştırmacının gözünde olayın inanılırlığını sağlamıştır. Birincisi; Betty Hill’in hipnoz sonrasında çizdiği yıldız haritasıdır. Betty bunun kendisine varlıkların lideri tarafından gösterildiğini söylemişti. Daha sonra harita üzerinde yapılan analizle, bunun dünyanın 30 ışık yılı uzağında bulunan Zeta Retucili yıldız sistemini gösterdiği ortaya çıkmıştı. Bu yıldızlar 1969 yılında basılan katalog çıkana kadar bilinmiyordu, başka bir değişle katalog Hill’lerin karşılaşmasından 8 yıl sonra basıldı.

    Diğer önemli olay, Betty Hill’in ulusal bir TV programında yalan makinesi testine tabi tutulmasıdır. Kendisine Yıldız Haritasıyla ilgili bilgiyi dünyadışı bir varlıktan alıp almadığı, anlattığı şeylerin yalan olup olmadığı sorulmuş ve Betty’nin verdiği cevapların yalan makinesi tarafından değerlendirilmesi sonucunda çok yüksek bir doğruluk gösterdiği kaydedilmiştir. O ve Barney gerçekten de sivil haklar ve yerel kilise hareketlerinde aktif görev alan güvenilir ve saygın vatandaşlardı. Böylece, Betty’nin çizdiği Yıldız Haritasının şaşırtıcı analiz sonuçlarını takiben hem hipnoz seanslarıyla hem de yalan makinesi testiyle Hill çiftinin doğruyu söyledikleri ispatlanmış oldu


    Two disc-shaped UFOs seen by marine engineer in Holland

    Date: August 7, 1952
    Location: Kerkrade, Netherlands

    On the night of August 6-7, 1952, Will Jansen, a marine engineer and designer, was visiting in Kerkrade, Holland. Just after midnight a disc-shaped craft with visible superstructure swooped down to low altitude, hovered, zigzagged and sped away. A second disc-shaped UFO, similar in outline, was then seen hovering farther away. Finally it tilted up vertically and shot up out of sight.

    First of two discs observed by Will Jansen. "Cabin" protruded from underside too on second UFO. (credit: NICAP / Hall)


    Technician watches glowing white UFO near Larson AFB

    Date: December 22, 1952
    Location: Larson AFB, Moses Lake, Washington, United States

    An instrument technician, while driving from a large city toward an Air Force base on December 22, 1952, saw an object from his car at 1930 hours. It suddenly moved up toward the zenith in spurts from right to left at an angle of about 45°. It then moved off in level flight at a high rate of speed, during which maneuver it appeared white most of the time, but apparently rolled three times showing a red side.


    U.S. Air Force Project Blue Book Special Report #14 (Battelle Institute Study), 1955

    An instrument technician, while driving from a large city toward an Air Force base on December 22, 1952, saw an object from his car at 1930 hours. He stopped his car to watch it. It suddenly moved up toward the zenith in spurts from right to left at an angle of about 45°. It then moved off in level flight at a high rate of speed, during which maneuver it appeared white most of the time, but apparently rolled three times showing a red side. About halfway through its roll it showed no light at all. It finally assumed a position to the south of the planet Jupiter at a high altitude, at which position it darted back and forth, left and right alternately. Total time of the observation was 15 minutes. Apparently, the observer just stopped watching the object.

    Entry on this case from Brad Sparks' "Catalog of 1,500 Project Blue Book Unknowns":

    Dec. 22, 1952. Larson AFB, Moses Lake, Wash. [??] 7:30 p.m. Instrument technician stopped his car to watch a hat-shaped glowing object rising vertically in odd spurts right and left, then level off at high speed, glowing white with a red side when rotated, and halfway through a roll no light, then held stationary in the sky with jumpy movements, S of Jupiter (which was to the SSE at about 151° azimuth 53° elevation). (Battelle Unknown No. 6)


    Multiple witnesses observe saucer above road in 1955, UK

    Date: July 17, 1955
    Location: Bexley, United Kingdom

    It was July 17, 1955 when Margaret Fry spotted the object as she was making her way to her GP's surgery in King Harold's Way from her home in Hythe Avenue. Mrs Fry described it as saucer shaped with a "blue/silver/grey/pewter texture, yet none of those colours". She said it had three spheres set into its base, one of which "flopped out", landing on the ground at the junction of nearby Ashbourne and Whitfield roads.


    An artist's impression of the UFO seen landing at the junction of Ashbourne and Whitfield roads


    The News Shopper, (London, UK), March 7, 2007
    [go to original source]

    Flying saucer’s famous landing
    By Linda Piper

    Memories of Bexley's most spectacular UFO sighting have been turned into a book by one of the people who witnessed it. LINDA PIPER reports.

    IT WAS July 17, 1955 when Margaret Fry spotted the object as she was making her way to her GP's surgery in King Harold's Way from her home in Hythe Avenue.

    Both she and her doctor Dr Thukarta, and around a dozen children playing in the street, saw the strange craft.

    Mrs Fry described it as saucer shaped with a "blue/silver/grey/pewter texture, yet none of those colours".

    She said it had three spheres set into its base, one of which "flopped out", landing on the ground at the junction of nearby Ashbourne and Whitfield roads.

    The children went over for a closer look before it rose into the sky and disappeared from view after a few minutes.

    News Shopper ran an appeal in 2002 for any of the children to come forward.

    Rodney Maynard, who was in his 60s and living in Belvedere, remembered the incident vividly.

    He was 15 at the time and working as a labourer on the building site in nearby Streamway.

    Multiple Witnesses Observe Flying Saucer Above Road in 1955, UK

    Mr Maynard said: "We were on our lunch break when we heard something was happening in King Harold's Way. So we went up there to have a look.

    "This thing had landed in the road."

    He added: "It took up the whole width of the road and overlapped onto the pavements.

    "It wasn't on the ground. It had about eight massive suckers.

    "The centre was still, but the outer rim was spinning slowly and it had white lights flashing, like a camera flash."

    He said there were about 30 people watching it and they could hear it humming.

    Mr Maynard recalled: "It had what looked like windows, but the glass was concave and moulded together so you could not see in.

    "A couple of us went forward to try and touch it, and it began to spin faster."

    He said the craft then lifted slowly, tilting lightly and hovered above their heads.

    Then it moved slowly until it was over Bedonwell Primary School, where it hovered again for about a minute.

    Mr Maynard said: "It shot up into the sky and disappeared."

    He says his brother, who was 16 at the time, also saw it.

    Mr Maynard says the craft was "black, sleek and streamlined, with a surface like polished metal".

    He added: "It was very fine and beautiful. It wasn't a prank."

    Mr Maynard said he had never forgotten the experience but did not talk about it because "people would think you were barmy".

    He said he and his friends used to talk about it among themselves, "but our mums kept telling us we had not seen anything".

    Mrs Fry, now in her late 70s, now lives in Abergele in north Wales.

    She relives the experience in her book entitled Who Are They? and gives details of other UFO sightings in the Bexley and Kent areas.

    Mrs Fry has also been helping UFO enthusiast and retired policeman John Hanson with his books on the subject.

    He has been trying to track down other witnesses to the July 1955 incident, some of whom were named by Mr Maynard as Ron Deadman, Tony Savin, Vic Clarke and Tommy Staggs.



    The Kelly-Hopkinsville 'Goblins' Encounter

    Date: August 21, 1955
    Location: Kelly, Kentucky, United States

    Billy Ray Taylor went out to fetch some water from the Sutton family well, when he saw a large shining object land in a gully about a city block away. A short time later, Carl "Lucky" Sutton and Billy Ray went out to investigate and saw a small 3-to-4 foot creature walking towards them with its hands up, as if surrendering. They later described the creature, one of several encountered that night, as having large eyes, a long thin mouth, large ears, thin short legs, and hands ending in claws.


    Drawing by artist Bud Ledwith, showing one of the creatures as described by the witnesses. (credit: UFOs Northwest)

    Drawing of the initial sighting by Billy Ray Taylor of the object which 'landed" in the gully. The drawing was made by Bud Ledwith on the afternoon following the sighting. (credit: UFOs Northwest)

    Loy Lawhon,

    The Kelly-Hopkinsville Case
    August 21 - 22, 1955

    Kelly is a small town, and Hopkinsville a small city, both located in rural Christian County in southwestern Kentucky. "Lucky" Sutton's family farm was located nearer to Kelly, but the nearest police were in Hopkinsville. Thus, this case acquired the name Kelly-Hopkinsville.

    At around 7.00 P.M. on August 21, a visiting Pennsylvania man named Billy Ray Taylor went out to fetch some water from the Sutton family well. While he was at the well, he saw a large shining object land in a gully about a city block away. He went back inside and told the others, but they laughed and didn't believe him.

    A short time later the family dog began barking wildly outside, so Carl "Lucky" Sutton and Billy Ray grabbed their guns and went out to investigate. They had walked a few yards from the front door when they saw a small 3-to-4 foot creature walking towards them with its hands up, as if surrendering. They later described the creature as having large eyes, a long thin mouth, large ears, thin short legs, and hands ending in claws.

    In a rural area in the 1950s, folks were likely to shoot first and ask questions later if they felt threatened. Even though the creature seemed to be peaceful, Billy Ray fired a shot at it with his .22, and Lucky blasted away with his shotgun. They couldn't possibly have missed the creature at that range, but it just did a quick back flip and ran quickly into the woods, apparently unharmed.

    Billy Ray and Lucky returned to the house, but before they could tell the others what had happened, the creature, or another one like it, appeared in front of a window. They shot at him through the screen, leaving a hole that investigators noticed later. When the men went outside to see if they had killed the creature, they found nothing. As they looked, one of the creatures, from the roof of the house, reached down to touch one of the men's hair. They shot at it, but it just floated to the ground and then ran off into the woods.

    They went back inside and soon the house was under siege by a group of the creatures. The seven adults and four children in the house at the time were terrified as creature after creature appeared at windows around the house, seemingly taunting them. The men's guns were totally ineffective against the creatures.

    After about three hours of this, the family decided to make a run for it. They piled into two vehicles and drove down to the local police station to report the event, arriving at about 11:00 P.M.. When police officers were finally persuaded to go to the farm and investigate, they could find no evidence of the strange events except for gunshot holes in the windows and walls.

    According to reports, Sheriff Russell Greenwell was among the twenty-five or so law enforcement officers investigating the scene and the family who had told this wild tale. By all accounts, the witnesses were determined to be sane, not drinking, and in such a state of terror that no one who talked to them doubted that they had seen something unusual. Neighbors reported hearing the shooting, and one person had seen "lights in the sky" earlier that evening.

    Shortly after the police left, at about 2:15 A.M., the creatures returned. As before, they began staring into windows, curious but not hostile. Again the men responded with gunfire, and again it had no effect. This ordeal continued until a half an hour before sunrise. On the morning of the 22nd, the police, along with the Air Force, investigated but again found nothing. Billy Ray and Lucky weren't there, having driven to Evansville, Indiana to take care of some sort of business. The Hopkinsville newspaper, The Kentucky New Era, carried the story on 8/22/55.

    Many people believe this case to be a complete hoax. If it was then it has to be one of the biggest and most useless hoaxes in ufology to date. The family made no money from the incident and did not want any publicity at the time. They had to make extensive repairs to the house which cost them a considerable sum of money for that year. In the course of shooting at the creatures, Billy Ray and Lucky had shot up the house pretty well. All seven adults told the same story with no contradictory evidence in their statements. Sketches of the creatures based on descriptions from different witnesses matched closely. Their stories were unwavering a year later when a thorough investigation of the case was conducted by Isabel Davis.

    No evidence of a hoax has ever been revealed in this case, and the Suttons still insisted that it was true years later. Now, over forty years later, it's likely that many, if not all, of the Suttons who were adults at the time have gone to their graves without changing their story.

    Noted astronomer and UFOlogist J. Allen Hynek took the story seriously because he discussed the case with two of the principal investigators of the story: Bud Ledwith, an engineer at a radio station in Hopkinsville and a personal acquaintance of Hynek's, and Isabel Davis, an investigator from New York City.


    UFO with occupants encountered by former mayor in Hasselbach, Germany

    Date: July 9, 1952
    Location: Hasselbach, Germany

    Oscar Linke, former Wehrmacht major, and his daughter Gabrielle, 11, had to leave their motorcycle when they had a flat tire. Inside the woods the girl noticed two men in silvery suits examining the ground in a clearing near a pink disk-shaped object, 13-15 meters in diameter, showing a double row of openings around the rim and a black turret on top. One of the men had a flashing box. Both men went inside, and the disk vibrated, rose along the turretlike cylinder, then spun faster and rose out of sight.


    Artist's impression of the Hasselbach encounter.


    Kathimerini newspaper (Athens, Greece), 1952, found in declassfied CIA files

    Berlin, July - Furnished with the sworn testimony of an eyewitness, Oscar Linke, a 48-year-old German and former mayor of Gleimershausen, West Berlin intelligence officers have begun investigating a most unusual "flying saucer" story. According to this story, an object "resembling a huge flying pan" and having a diameter of about 15 meters landed in a forest clearing in the Soviet Zone of Germany.

    Linke recently escaped from the Soviet Zone along with his wife and six children.

    Linke and his 11-year-old daughter, Gabriella, made the following sworn statement last week before a judge: "While I was returning to my home with Gabriella, a tire of my motorcycle blew out near the town of Hasselbach. While we were walking along toward Hasselbach, Gabriella pointed out something which lay at a distance of about 140 meters away from us. Since it was twilight, I thought that she was pointing at a young deer.

    "I left my motorcycle near a tree and walked toward the spot which Gabriella had pointed out. When, however, I reached a spot about 55 meters from the object, I realized that my first impression had been wrong. What I had seen were two men who were now about 40 meters away from me. They seemed to be dressed in some shiny metallic clothing. They were stooped over and were looking at something lying on the ground.

    "I approached until 1 was only about 10 meters from them. I looked over a small fence and then I noticed a large object whose diameter I estimated to be between 13 and 15 meters. It looked like a huge frying pan.

    "There were two rows of holes on its periphery, about 30 centimeters in circumference. The space between the two rows was about 0.45 meters. On the top of this metal object was a black conical tower about three meters high.

    "At that moment, my daughter, who had remained a short distance behind me, called me. The two men must have heard my daughter's voice because they immediately jumped on the conical tower and disappeared inside.

    "I had previously noted that one of the men had a lamp on the front part of his body which lit up at regular intervals.

    "Now, the side of the object on which the holes had been opened began to glitter. Its color seemed green but later turned to red. At the same time I began to hear a slight hum. While the brightness and hum increased, the conical tower began to slide down into the center of the object. The whole object then began to rise slowly from the ground and rotate like a top.

    "It seemed to me as if it were supported by the cylindrical plant which had gone down from the top of the object, through the center, and had now appeared from its bottom on the ground.

    "The object, surrounded by a ring of flames, was now a certain number of feet above the ground.

    "I then noted that the whole object had risen slowly from the ground. The cylinder on which it was supported had now disappeared within its center and had reappeared on the top of the object.

    "The rate of climb had now become greater. At the same time my daughter and I heard a whistling sound similar to that heard when a bomb falls.

    "The object rose to a horizontal position, turned toward a neighboring town, and then, gaining altitude, it disappeared over the heights and forests in the direction of Stockheim."

    Many other persons who live in the same area as Linke later related that they saw an object which they thought to be a comet. A shepherd stated that he thought that he was looking at a comet moving away at a low altitude from the height on which Linke stood.

    After submitting his testimony to the judge, Linke made the following statement: "I would have thought that both my daughter and I were dreaming if it were not for the following element involved: When the object had disappeared, I went to the place where it had been. I found a circular opening in the ground and it was quite evident that it was freshly dug. It was exactly the same shape as the conical tower. I was then convinced that I was not dreaming."

    Linke continued, "I had never heard of the term 'flying saucer' before I escaped from the Soviet Zone into West Berlin. When I saw this object, I immediately thought that it was a new Soviet military machine.

    "I confess that I was seized with fright because the Soviets do not want anyone to know about their work. Many persons have been restricted to their movements for many years in East Germany because they know too much."


    Landing in Wisconsin

    Date: March 13, 1975
    Location: Mellen, Wisconsin, United States

    On the night of March 13, 1975, many sightings of bright aerial objects were made in the vicinity of Ashland, Wisconsin, which is located on Lake Superior. However, the most interesting of the reports comes from the Philip N. Baker family of Mellen, Wisconsin, some 20 miles south of Ashland.


    APRO Bulletin, Vol. 23 No. 6 (Apr. 1975)

    On the night of March 13, 1975, many sightings of bright aerial objects were made in the vicinity of Ashland, Wisconsin, which is located on Lake Superior. Our investigation indicates that several policemen observed airborne objects which they could not identify, but not much more than the "flying light" variety.

    However, the most interesting of the reports comes from the Philip N. Baker family of Mellen, Wisconsin, some 20 miles south of Ashland. Fifteen-year-old Jane Baker had gone outside to take the cats to the garage where they are housed for the night, and was just at the garage door when she heard "strange high-toned noises." She turned around and looked up at the hill to the north and saw an object apparently sitting on the road into Mellen. The whole hill was lit up, she said. She described it as a silvery disc-shaped object with a domed top which gave off a yellowish-white glow. Around its midsection were located red and green lights which were flashing on and off (see accompanying drawing).

    Jane put the cats in the garage and went back into the house to get her father, who was sitting on the couch with his shoes off, watching television. The family is certain of the time because the "Harry-O" show had just started. Jane told her father that "there was a thing on the hill up the road." Mr. Phillips put on his shoes and they both went outside to look at it. At this point the glow was subsiding and the flashing lights had also turned out, and the noise was gone also. However, there was a square lighted area in the middle of it (see inset drawing in Lance Johnson's composite). This area, which appeared to be an opening, had the same yellow-white glow that the top of the object had had earlier when Jane viewed it alone.

    The two then walked to position three and at this time noticed a metal-on-metal banging sound. They then went back into the house where Mr. Phillips put in a telephone call to the Undersheriff. While he was talking on the phone they heard a loud boom and when Jane looked out the window the object was gone.

    During this period of time, the object was pointed out to Mrs. Phillips, who viewed it from a window in the house, and three other members of the family, 11-year-old Jeff, 12-year-old John and 16-year-old Montgomery also got a look at the object.

    The next morning, Jane went outside to see if she could find any traces from the previous night. She looked over toward the swamp near her home and saw the same or a similar object again — only this time there were no flashing lights or glow — but the shape and color were the same. It was hovering over some evergreen trees. Jane went back into the house to put on heavier clothing, then went back out, taking the family dog with her. She was proceeding toward the evergreens when the dog gave a big yelp and started to whine and paw at her ears. Then the dog became completely still. Jane says she didn't hear anything, but carried the dog into the house. When she came back out again, the object was gone.

    Later in the morning she and Monty and John walked to the spot where the object had been seen the night before. They noted that there was a round area on the road where the snow was "fluffed up." There were tire tracks over the area where a car had passed after the object had left, but there were also bicycle tracks leading up to it, then taking up again on the other side. These were tracks made by one of the boys riding his bicycle the morning before. The "fluffed up" area apparently obliterated parts of the bicycle tracks.

    The condition of the snow is a new phenomenon where UFO landings are concerned. We can hypothesize that it was a result of the propulsion system of the UFO but it could also have been a deliberate attempt to cover any tracks made by whoever or whatever was making the banging noise.

    All of the Phillips family agree that the object was on the ground for a total of no less than 10 minutes. The investigation of that particular night is ongoing because there seems to be more witnesses in the area who have yet to be interviewed and there may be corroborating witnesses in other homes in the area.

    [excerpt from article in APRO Bulletin]


    Disk-shaped UFO seen by group of teenagers in Messel, Germany

    Date: March 13, 1982
    Location: Messel, Germany

    Several 15-17 year olds were at a discotheque in the town of Messel, when they saw outside a steel blue luminous disk with a dome on top which appeared over the woods about 600 meters from where they where standing. It slowly approached the witnesses at very low altitude, a distance of about 100 meters. Its diameter was about 10 meters wide. After a few seconds the disc started to move in spiral curves down to the ground; it stopped for a moment before it flew away at a steep upward angle.


    Illustration of the object. (credit: MUFON-CES)

    Illobrand von Ludwiger / MUFON-CES, (1998)

    Disk-Shaped Object With Dome on Top Over Messel Near Frankfurt

    On March 13, 1982, several 15-17 year olds were on their way to a discotheque in the town of Messel, 20 km south of the city of Frankfurt. At approximately 9:10 p.m. they observed three groups of lights consisting of four round lights flashing in different colors. Each group formed a square of 1.5° diameter at an altitude of about 30°. The first formation moved slowly and then stopped to hover in the air. The second formation displayed a slow movement as well; but the third group flew very fast over these formations and disappeared. After a few seconds the other formations moved away too. At that time the teenagers went into the discotheque.

    At about 9:30 p.m. they were called out by friends to see something strange in the sky. A few minutes later all of them observed a bright blue flash coming from the sky like a spotlight. Soon after that, a steel blue luminous disk with a dome on top appeared over the woods about 600 meters from where they where standing. It slowly approached the witnesses at very low altitude, a distance of about 100 meters. Its diameter was about 10 meters wide. The dome was divided into several multi-colored segments. Inside the dome, something rotated like a "beacon". On the edge of the dome the colors yellow, green and red appeared, one after the other. Near the edge of the disc were four square white lights arranged at equal distance from each other. On the bottom of the disc a bluish-white light radiated in non-regular intervals, creating a cone-like shape. After a few seconds the disc started to move in spiral curves down to the ground; it stopped for a moment before it flew away at a steep upward angle. The excited teenagers immediately called the police. When the police officers arrived the disk could no longer be seen, but several unusual lights over the woods were observed by the police officers, too. (MUFON-CES Report No.9, 1983)

    Because of the many reliable witnesses the reliability index for the case is p = 99.99 %.


    Rotating disc with white lights

    Date: July, 1977
    Location: Anderson, Indiana, United States


    "I was staying in a motel in Anderson, Indiana, in the month of July of 1977, when my travelling companion burst in through the door to summon me outside. Once in the parking lot, I gazed up above the rooftop to witness a great disc gliding gently across our field of view, moving slowly and tilted at an angle."


    APRO Bulletin, Vol. 32 No. 7 (September 1984)

    "1977 DISC IN INDIANA"

    by David Roeck

    I was staying in a motel in Anderson, Indiana, in the month of July of 1977, when my travelling companion burst in through the door to summon me outside. Once in the parking lot, I gazed up above the rooftop to witness a great disc gliding gently across our field of view, moving slowly and tilted at an angle. It was slowly rotating clockwise and at so low an altitude (my guess is less than 1000 feet) as to make identification easy (for me, being familiar with conventional aircraft design). I knew right away that this aircraft was not a conventional earthly machine, and instantly felt the rush of recognition of once again beholding a magnificent craft from a more advanced world, or whatever. The last such time was ten years before. It appeared simply as a great frisbee-like disc with "gold-ball" white spherical lights arranged around the rim and all touching each other, and one spherical red light of about the same size on the top center of the craft. Within five minutes it had gradually moved out of view, having travelled in an arc, not in a straight line. It was as simple as that-- I only wished I'd been able to see it longer, and through binoculars. There were no sound, odors, or emissions. The time was 9:30 p.m., and the temperature was between 70° and 80°.

    Giant UFO over the Yukon Gold Fields / Indian River

    Date: July, 1996
    Location: Yukon Territory, Canada

    Twin sisters saw a giant cigar-shaped UFO. It had a row of rectangular windows. Small lights were flying in and out of the large object. The UFO appeared to descent or disappear behind a mountain, or into the ground. Missing time occurred.


    Depiction of the UFO viewed from Point "C" (Figs 6 and 7). Sue and Sarah attempted to count the 12 to 13 smaller glowing ships swarming about one end of the giant cigar at this point. They appeared to be going in and out of the larger ship.

    Depiction of UFO disappearing behind Haystack Mountain. To the twins the UFO appeared to "go into the dirt".

    Investigated by Martin Jasek

    The Sighting / Events:

    Sue and Sarah were travelling on the Hunker Road driving up a steep hill towards King Solomon Dome, a beautiful spot where one can see for miles from the divide between the Klondike and Indian Rivers (Point "A", Figures 6 and 7). It is above the treeline so the views are unobstructed. As they were nearing the summit, suddenly over the ridge to their left and ahead of them in the sky they spotted a strange sight indeed! They could not believe their eyes! Suspended in the sky was a giant cigar-shaped, "something". It had a row of rectangular windows and was sitting there motionless and at a slight angle (Figures 8 and 9). Sue looked at her watch, and recalls that the time read 1:50 am, however she also noted that her watch had stopped.

    Their urgency to get home had been considerably reinforced and they were only about 30 minutes away. They went over the flat summit and followed the ridgeline to the west.

    When they arrived at point "B" they don't recall seeing where the UFO was. Perhaps it was obscured by the ridgeline to the south, perhaps it was behind them, or perhaps they simply "don't remember".

    They do recall traveling down the Quartz Road to the south to start their descent into the Indian River Valley (Point C, Figures 6 and 7). They could see much more detail in the craft now and it was almost directly ahead of them. They noted a swarm of small "ships" buzzing around what they gathered to be the front of the object that were not there previously. The front they assumed was the end slightly tilted towards the sky. These small ships appeared as bright hazy lights, 12 to 13 in number as they did attempt to count them, and they were going in and out of the big cigar-shaped thing! (Figure 10). Their thought was "we have to get home!". Perhaps they could get Sue's son to verify the unbelievable sight they were witnessing.

    They drove down the steep descent along Quartz Road into the valley and lost sight of the objects behind a hill on their left (east) side of Quartz Creek. When they got to point "D", the Quartz Creek Valley opened up and they saw the object again. The "little ships" were gone, apparently they had "tucked themselves away" but they couldn't believe how close this thing appeared to be. It was ahead of them and appeared to be suspended right over their gold claim (Figure 11), only about 3 km away. They were not far from home now (point "D") and were able to travel more quickly along the flat bottom of Quartz Creek Road. They passed a placer mining operation on their right with the workers outside seeming oblivious to the UFO. They thought about pulling in and alerting the work crew but the draw to Sue's son was much greater.

    They reached point "E" and they were astounded to see this thing start to go behind Haystack Mountain, which was 12 km away from them on the other side of the Indian River! (Figures 12 and 13) With the mountain in front of it now, the realization of the enormity of the object was almost unbelievable. Up to now they thought it was over the Indian River at the furthest but now they realized it was much more distant. This thing was huge! Its angle of tilt had also increased as it continued to descend behind Haystack Mountain. They were expecting it to shoot off into the sky any second now, up and to the left, as they perceived that to be the front of the craft. To their astonishment this thing continued to descend at the same angle behind Haystack Mountain.

    When they reached point "F", less than a minute from their home at point "G" they were frustrated to see the last remaining portion of the "mothership" descend behind Haystack Mountain (Figure 14). "How could this thing fit behind Haystack unless it went into the dirt" was their thought. They came roaring into their driveway honking their horn. Their son came running out, the sisters jumped out of the car and tried to look for words to describe the awesome event. They were beside themselves. Their son managed to get in a few words in edge wise. "Where have you been, it is 3:30 in the morning!" he said. Apparently the sisters were missing 2 hours from their journey.

    As they slowly unloaded their vehicle, they continued to watch Haystack Mountain for a good 20 minutes to half an hour but saw nothing more unusual.

    The next day they visited the placer operation that they passed by during their UFO sighting and spoke with the cook. She had not heard anybody in the camp speak about seeing anything unusual at breakfast. Surely, the sisters thought that it would have been the subject of a lively discussion around the breakfast table. The cook was skeptical of the sisters so immediately separated them and had them each draw what they had seen. She was flabbergasted to see that their drawings matched. Although these original drawing are no longer available, this person was subsequently interviewed and confirmed the fact that the drawings were similar. The drawings were much the same as the ones depicted in Figure 12 that were drawn on March 8, 2000.


    Two-hundred people observe and hear disk-shaped object overhead (Redlands Sighting)

    Date: February 4, 1968
    Location: Redlands, California, United States

    On February 4, 1968, about two hundred residents of Redlands, California, either saw or heard what was apparently the same huge, low-flying, disk-shaped object as it passed overhead. A minister conducting services in a church in Redlands was recording his sermon at the time and obtained a recording of the sound, which many people present described as a high-pitched, modulated whining sound.


    The artist’s conception (see accompanying illustration) was based on a series of interviews with witnesses by Professor Brownfield. His composite painting was verified by witnesses. The composite painting was obtained from witnesses seeing the object at different angles. Therefore composite is probably a very accurate representation of the object.

    APRO / Ronald Story, 1980 / NICAP website (

    On February 4, 1968, from approximately 7:20 to 7:25 P.M., about two hundred residents of Redlands, California, either saw or heard what was apparently the same huge, low-flying, disk-shaped object as it passed overhead. A minister conducting services in a church in Redlands was recording his sermon at the time and obtained a recording of the sound, which many people present described as a high-pitched, modulated whining sound much like that of the “FLYING SAUCER” seen on TV program, “The Invaders.” An investigation was conducted for the AERIAL PHENOMENA RESEARCH ORGANIZATION by four University of Redlands professors: Dr. Philip Seff (geology), Dr. Judson Sanderson (mathematics), Dr. Reinhold Krantz (chemistry), and John Brownfield (art). The following information was obtained by them:

    The object apparently came down just west of Columbia Street and north of Colton Avenue, then proceeded slowly in a northwestern direction for about a mile or less, at an altitude of about 300 feet. Coming to a stop, it hovered briefly, jerked forward, hovered again, then shot straight up with a burst of speed. (Total time of the sighting must have been less than five minutes).

    The object’s size and altitude were estimated by Dr. Sanderson. The object seemed (if at 300 feet altitude) to be around 50 feet in diameter.

    The artist’s conception (see accompanying illustration) was based on a series of interviews with witnesses by Professor Brownfield. His composite painting was verified by witnesses. The lights on the base appeared to expel jets of bright orange flame and were seven in number. The light on the top (eight to ten in a row) were alternating in color (red and green), giving the impression that the object was rotating.

    The object was not detected in RADAR, by the nearby Norton air Force Base, but a USAF spokesman admitted that their radar was not the type that would have spotted it anyway. The closest radar that might have detected the object was a March Air Force Base near Riverside, but a range of mountains stands between Redlands and the location of the base.

    Professor Philip Seff, who headed the investigative team, reached the following conclusions:

    The object sighted can be attributed to no known type of aircraft. Since the atmosphere was clear and the object was low, witnesses obtained a clear view; also, no known aircraft was over Redlands at that time.
    As far as is known, the object cannot be attributed to any known natural phenomenon.

    The sound heard was that of the emergency rescue vehicle. In the excitement of seeing a UFO, witnesses naturally assumed that it was coming from the object overhead.

    The composite painting was obtained from witnesses seeing the object at different angles. Therefore composite is probably a very accurate representation of the object.

    Classification: UFO.


    Triangle Sighting and Close Encounter

    Date: October 2, 2004
    Location: Bristol, Tennessee, United States


    Witness began hearing a deep throbbing hum and a triangular craft emerged from the treeline moving directly toward him. He stood still as the craft, estimated to be some 300 feet in length, moved over him.


    Artistic depiction of event based on witness description. (Credit: James Neff / MUFON Tennessee)


    Kim Shaffer of MUFON Tennessee

    Kim Shaffer of MUFON Tennessee writes:

    Incident reported to me as having taken place on Saturday, October 2nd at 05:30 hours in Bristol, TN. Witness stated he was driving home that morning when he saw at a distance, what appeared to be a fire on a ridgetop. As he drove, he spotted the "fire" several other times through the trees and it appeared to be moving.

    He stopped at an intersection and exited his car. He began hearing a deep throbbing hum and the craft emerged from the treeline moving directly toward him. He started to run but realized that there was nowhere to run. So he stood still as the craft, estimated to be some 300 feet in length, moved over him. He noted the brilliant reddish orange domes which seemed to be filled with a violent, turbulent fire lluminating the bottom. He also noted equally spaced rib-like structures running the width of the craft which also appeared somewhat reflective and metallic (see graphic below).

    As it crossed him, he stated that he felt his skin burning, tingling and the sound seemed to penetrate his body, his hair standing on end. The giant object passed over him and made a westward turn without banking and moved behind trees.

    The following day the witness reported the sighting to me. At this time, his back and face was burning and he had awakened that morning with a nosebleed and a metallic taste in his mouth. He also noted that he brushed his hair and strands of it were coming out, unlike ever before. The witness was weak,lethargic and was filled with fear over the events of the previous day. It was also noted a loss of some 15 minutes on his watch, which had never lost time before or since. A follow-up interview by myself and Dr. Melvin Redfern DCH has found the witness improving somewhat physiologically and we have found the witness to be very sincere. There is no doubt that this incident took place and that much is left to be investigated in this case.

    --Mr. Kim Shaffer
    MUFON Tn. State Director


    Multiple luminous spheres during thunderstorm

    Date: March 23, 2005
    Location: Clifton, Virginia, United States

    The luminous spheres during the storm were described as a "very large object hovering over a nearby house about an 1/8 of a mile from our house. It was larger than the house, seemed to be at an angle to her view with the bottom exposed and had lights all around it evenly spaced."


    Norman Gagnon (MUFON Field Investigator) / UFO Evidence

    Date Posted: 5/6/2005 6:21:07 AM
    Sighting Time: 00:30 AM
    Day/Night: Nighttime
    Duration: 5 seconds
    No. of Witnesses: 1
    Urban or Rural: Suburban
    No. of Object(s): Multiple
    Distance to Object(s): 1/8 of a mile
    Shape of Object(s): bright circular obs
    Color of Object(s): white

    Full Description & Details

    Received an email from a Clifton, Virginia man, reporting that his wife witnessed something strange late in the night, during a storm that hit our area the previous day (Clifton is approximately 12 miles west of Springfield, in which Multiple luminous spheres during thunderstorm I reside). Email sighting account in part: "We had a power outage last night and my wife was awakened by the answering machine clicking on and off as the power tried to recover, and then it went out completely. She went to the front door to see if it was raining or windy and saw a very large object hovering over a nearby house about an 1/8 of a mile from our house. It was larger than the house, seemed to be at an angle to her view with the bottom exposed and had lights all around it evenly spaced. When it began to move away, several lightning flashes were seen and then it was gone. The power returned two hours later".

    A second email was received the next day stating that he had a chance to talk to his wife about this sighting and he added that it would seem that his wife might have actually observed "balls of lightning". He also wrote: "what she describes sounds just like a multiple ball lightning display which she says disappeared as she watched it, and then a bolt of lightning went up into the space above the house from the ground to where the lights had appeared to be".

    A little more details were obtained during a telephone interview that was conducted March 31st. Sighting took place around 12:30 AM, March 23, during a thunderstorm, as she was facing south, towards Manassas. The length of the appearance lasted just a few seconds, from the "balls of light" formation to the vertical lightning flash.

    It is my belief that this incident may have been a natural, Rare Atmospheric Phenomena (RAP) involving multiple ball lightning, or Mobile Luminous Spheres. To be a witness of one or two of these lightning balls are rare but witnessing a group of ten or more is phenomenal! According to Dominion Virginia Power website, their electrical outage legend summary dated 3/23/2005, indicated that there were about 24 homes that were affected by this storm in the Northern Virginia's Fairfax County area.

    March 23rd temperature: 44 degrees, cloudy with rain, average humidity 81, wind 13 mph NE.

    Personal Background:
    MUFON Field Investigator - Virginia

    Other Comments:
    This is a complementary report. A drawing/graphic will be sent shorlty.

    Reported Sighting? Yes
    Reported To: MUFON & NUFORC
    Name: Norman Gagnon
    Location: Northern Virginia


    Lighted 'panel of lights' gliding silently across sky

    Date: September 17, 2003
    Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

    "Witness reports that on September 17, 2003, he and his wife were out jogging near their home, approximately 12-14 miles north of downtown Atlanta, GA, when their attention was suddenly drawn by a bizarrely lighted "panel of lights" in the evening sky. They witnessed the object for only an estimated 3-6 seconds as it silently glided across the night sky. The husband, who prepared the graphic, has 20/10 vision, having undergone laser eye surgery to improve his distant vision."


    NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Center)

    Duration: 3-6 seconds

    My wife and I were jogging last night around 8pm. As it’s been getting dark earlier, we decided to jog through our own neighborhood. At about 8:30pm we were heading west down Old College Way. I glanced up and saw a panel of lights almost directly overhead. It was moving slowly and silently from west to east. It seemed to be approximately 1000-2000 feet off the ground. There was no erratic movement at all. After a few seconds the lights dimmed out, almost as if they had sensed me watching. The sky was very clear and once the lights went out, I could not make out any dark silhouette. My wife had not looked up in time to witness anything, but suggested maybe I saw a shooting star. As we looked at the sky, a small private jet went overhead, heading almost due north. It was quite audible and its black silhouette was easily identifiable. It did not appear to be chasing or even aware of the lights. My wife repeated that it must have been a shooting star. However, the lights were very clearly defined. They were three horizontal rows of six lights each. The lights were perfectly round and almost looked light a panel of stadium lights floating in the sky. They were very 3-D looking. They appeared to be angled over the ground at about a 30 to 45 degree angle. There was a definite dark shadow behind the lights like a short, stubby cigar, though the lights themselves seemed to be flat on the same plane. My most immediate thought was that I was looking at the Goodyear Blimp, but the moment the lights dimmed out, the black shape vanished as well. From my experience at football games, I have been able to hear the blimp even over the crowd noise. Whatever this was, was dead silent. The image I have included is a rendering in Photoshop of what I saw.

    ((NUFORC Note: We spoke at length via telephone with this witness, and we found him to be exceptionally lucid, objective, and credible. We have invited his wife, who also saw the object briefly, to submit a report, as well. The witness was certain, he said, that the object was not any type of blimp. PD))


    Low-flying, slow-moving triangle object passes over house

    Date: , 2000
    Location: Newtown Square, California, United State

    "We stood in our driveway as they passed directly over us, moving very slowly. The objects were the shape of an equilateral triangle with large round lights on each of the three tips. The closeness of the objects and the light polution of the suburb allowed us to see the shape of the object beyond the illuminated tips."




    Very low flying, slowly traveling, triangle UFOs passed directly over our driveway and house as we were getting in our car to go out.

    Sighting Time: 9:30
    Day/Night: Nighttime
    Duration: 1 minute
    No. of Witnesses: 3
    Urban or Rural: Rural suburban
    No. of Object(s): Multiple
    Size of Object(s): 60 feet
    Distance to Object(s): 200 feet above us
    Shape of Object(s): triangle
    Color of Object(s): very dark grey or black

    Full Description & Details

    On the night of the sighting, my girlfriend, sister, and myself spontaneously decided to run to the store for some ice-cream. We went outside and got in our car to leave. I had already started my car when my girlfriend noticed the objects and alerted us to them. My sister and I looked out our window and saw 3 triangle shaped flying objects passing not too far above the tree level (perhaps double the tree level).

    It was extraordinary enough that we were stuck there watching it. We didn't hear any engine noise so I turned off my car engine to listen more closely. However, it was silent. I rolled down my window to stick my head out and look up, as they were directly over us. After a few seconds, I got out of the car to join my girlfriend and sister who had already gotten out to see them closer. We stood in our driveway as they passed directly over us, moving very slowly. The objects were the shape of an equilateral triangle with large round lights on each of the three tips. The closeness of the objects and the light polution of the suburb allowed us to see the shape of the object beyond the illuminated tips. We could also see the center of the body of the objects and certain smaller and very dimly lit lights in the middle of them (another color, though memory fails us).

    The three objects were traveling in a south-easterly direction.

    They were moving very slowly. Our view would have been obstructed by forest and trees had they not flown directly over our driveway. So the only time we could see them was during that brief passing. However, even this short patch of sky took them a little over a minute to cover the distance.

    After it passed, we all talked about it and were excited that we saw a UFO. However, we considered them a UFO in the true sense. An "Unidentified Flying Object" - not necessarily an extra-terrestrial object. Our talk about it has subsequently referred to them as some sort of experiental government plane.

    Personal Background

    I am a database administrator and filmmaker living in Burbank, CA. I have a university degree in Sound Technology.

    Reported Sighting? No
    Location: United States
    Age: 27


    The Phoenix Lights

    Date: March 13, 1997
    Location: Phoenix, Arizona, United States

    The Phoenix Lights UFO incident is a complex series of events that took place on March 13, 1997 over the states of Nevada, Arizona, and possibly New Mexico, and which would quickly become known as the "Phoenix Lights" sightings. It involved sightings by tens, or perhaps even hundreds, of thousands of witnesses on the ground, and it gave rise to a storm of controversy over what had caused the event.


    Witness Tim Ley's computer illustration of a large V-shaped craft that flew over him.


    Car-stop UFO encounter near Velje, Jutland (Denmark)

    Date: September 29, 1995
    Location: Vejle, Jutland, Denmark

    A 24-year-old man was driving to visit his parents in Vejle in Jutland, Denmark, when he experienced a dramatic stopping of his car when a disc-shaped UFO with a powerful light hovered over his vehicle. The object was only 3-4 meters above the car, and he could see a number of circular lamps on the underside. After a short time the intensity of the light from the UFO diminished, and it slowly moved away and out of sight; he was able to start the car again normally.


    Artist's impression of the vehicle encounter near Vejle, Jutland, Denmark. (Evans and Stacey)


    Kim Moller Hansen, in Evans and Stacey (1997)

    Car-Stop Encounter in Denmark

    by Kim Moller Hansen

    This account of the event of 29 September 1995 [in which there was a dramatic stopping of a car where a very large disc with a powerful light hovered over the vehicle,] is based on the witness's written report and the investigation by Torben Birkeholm, SUFOI's Field Investigator in Jutland.


    It was Friday evening. A 24-year-old man was driving southward from Brande towards Vejle in Jutland, on his way to visit his parents. …His only companion was the black Labrador lying on the back seat. There was hardly any traffic.

    It was dark with dry, clear weather: the external temperature was over 10°C. ...The car's clock was showing 21.30, when suddenly he saw the speedometer shoot straight round to maximum and the other instruments started to go wild. The rev counter also went to maximum and the thermometer shot up into the red, where the needle stood vibrating. At the same time the windscreen wipers started going at great speed - though they were not even switched on! In bewilderment he tried flicking the wiper switch, but this had no effect.

    The dog started to become agitated on the back seat, and the witness had to tell it to lie down. […Soon] the engine went completely dead and the car came to a stop - in complete darkness - out in the middle of the country road.


    While the witness nervously peered through the windscreen and glanced repeatedly in the rear-view mirror, for fear of any cars that might be approaching, he tried immediately to re-start the car. He turned the ignition key, but nothing happened. The ignition light did not come on, there was no power. Everything was dead.

    …After three or four fruitless attempts [to restart his car] he suddenly became aware of a strange, oppressive sensation 'from above', like some sort of physical influence that he found hard to describe...

    Without warning - and without a sound - an enormously powerful light practically 'exploded' over the vehicle. The light came from above, and it was blinking or pulsing quickly at regular intervals. The witness saw the light through the windscreen, looked up and saw a huge disc above him. He was scared, but immediately opened the door, put his left foot on the road and leaned halfway out, his left hand on top of the door and his right hand on the steering wheel. His dog was whining and trying to hide, trying vainly to 'bury' itself under the front seat.


    The light was dazzling and he had to squint to see anything. He saw a large disc, 12-15 metres in diameter, just three or four metres above the car. The disc's outer edge was dark against the background of the starry sky. A little further in he could see a number of concentric circles of light, which were closer together the nearer they were to the centre of the disc.

    Each light-circle consisted of 'lamps' that were equally spaced all the way around. Each 'lamp' consisted of two circles, like a bulb in the middle of a reflector. The light itself seemed like neon and each 'lamp' shone as brightly as a halogen lamp.

    Near the centre of the disc the light was so strong that the witness could make out no details, or see whether there was a single light source or a cluster of small ones. He observed that the light's boundary was very sharply defined, going straight down rather than spreading out to the sides as would be normal.

    Consequently, the circumference of the light field on the ground corresponded to that of the disc above.

    ...The colour of the light was white and indigo, somewhat reminiscent of the light from a welding torch, but not nearly as strong. It 'quivered' in a strange fashion.


    ...After a short time he saw that the intensity of the light was slowly diminishing, as if someone were operating a dimmer ...Through the windscreen he saw that the disc was slowly moving forwards ahead of him. It carried on towards the trees nearby, still very low down, and as it reached the first trees it literally had to 'tip' its left-hand side up to avoid them. It carried on with a faint light and disappeared out of sight in a matter of a few seconds, still without a sound.

    As the disc glided towards the front of the car he could see that it was not flat. It looked peculiar, with something like 'triangles' or 'spikes' which he estimates were approximately one third of the disc's diameter, or about three metres high. The outer edges were rounded off, like a parasol…

    For a short while he simply sat in the car, trying to calm his still agitated dog while he collected himself after what had happened. After maybe three or four minutes he turned the ignition key to check if there was any power. The headlights came on and he noticed straight away that the digital clock stood at 21.31. He turned the key completely: the engine started immediately. Lights and instruments were functioning normally.

    He was still feeling afraid - his legs were trembling - but he drove oft. For a while he did not drive over 70 km/h, but he speeded up when he had calmed down a little.

    After driving 35 km the witness reached his parents home and immediately told them what had happened. The experience was still affecting him and he was shaking. His parents asked him to contact someone - there must be some 'UFO people' he could ring. But he was too frightened and upset and did not phone anyone…


    The 24-year-old man lives in Aalborg (northern Jutland), where he is a student nurse… He comes across as a surprised and honest person who gives no impression of being other than very normal.



    Four UFO sightings occur in Elk River area of Minnesota

    Date: September, 1992
    Location: Elk River, Minnesota, United States

    Since a woman told police that she spotted a UFO in her Elk River neighborhood, three more sightings of UFOs in the Elk River area occurred in mid-September, 1992. One man in Albertville saw a saucer-shaped object, 5-6 feet across. Then, a person who works for him, Terry Townsend, saw a UFO the size of a passenger jet that was ringed with lights. And a cab driver witnessed a UFO with 10 porthole-type lights.


    Drawing of the UFO described by Terry Townsend on Sept. 16. (Betsy Wait, Star News)

    The man from Albertville described this object, seen on Sept. 13, to graphic designer Betsy Wait of Star News. (Star News)

    Joni Astrup, Star News (Elk River, MN), Sept. 30, 1992

    "More UFO sightings reported:
    Four people say they saw flying objects in Elk River area"

    by Joni Astrup, Staff writer
    Star News

    Several more reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have surfaced since a woman told police that she spotted a UFO in her Elk River neighborhood earlier this month.

    In all, four individuals have reported seeing UFOs in the Elk River area in mid-September. Here's a rundown of what they saw and when:

    •Sunday, Sept. 13: A man who lives near Albertville looked out his patio door about 10:30 p.m. and saw a reflection of light on his neighbor's window. When he walked out into his yard to investigate, he spotted an object about 100 yards away and 50 yards above the ground.

    He said it was 5 to 6 feet across, 1 to 2 feet thick and tapered on each end like a saucer.

    The object had several diamond-shaped windows or lights in a row around the middle. An unusual yellow-blue light shone from the diamonds.

    The top and bottom of the object were stationary, but the center was spinning counterclockwise, he said. While the diamonds were located in the spinning region, they remained in place.

    The man said he watched the object for about 20 seconds "and then suddenly the lights went out and it was gone."

    He said the object was silent.

    •Wednesday, Sept. 16: Terry Townsend of Princeton, who works with the man from Albertville [who also had a sighting a few days earlier], said he encountered a UFO after midnight as he was driving through northeastern Elk River on his way home from work as an industrial mechanic in the Twin Cities.

    Townsend describes in detail what he saw in a letter to the editor on page 4. [not available]

    He said the dark grey object was the size of a large passenger jet and was ringed with white, red and green lights. The round, white lights could have been portholes, he said.

    Shining from the portholes "was a pure white light like you've never seen before." Each white light wasn't one beam like a spotlight, but was made up of about a dozen smaller beams similar to light coming through a prism.

    The light only extended about two feet beyond the edge of the object, he said. 400 feet off the road. Townsend said he was startled but not afraid when he came around a bend in the road and saw it.

    "You read about it, you see pictures and think that's not possible, it can't be," he said. "It's unlike anything you've ever been through. You don't fully understand it until you experience it."

    He said he doesn't feel the objects are anything to fear.

    •Thursday, Sept. 17: As described in last week's Star News, an Elk River woman reported seeing strange lights about 4:45 a.m. after getting up to go to the bathroom. The three huge lights were hovering about six feet off the ground in her neighbor's back yard. When she moved to another windowforabetter look, the lights had moved and she saw a large beam of light shining on the street.

    "The beam of light was there and then it was gone," she said. "That's when I thought I must have witnessed a UFO."

    She reported the incident to police.

    •Friday, Sept. 18: A cab driver traveling through Elk River about 8 p.m. told police he saw an object in the air near the intersection of Baugh Street and County Road 12 east of Elk River.

    The man, who declined to be named, said the passenger in his car also saw the object and kept an eye on it as they drove west into Elk River.

    He described it as fairly large and traveling close to the ground —too close to be a passenger jet. The object was quite far off in the distance and moving slowly in a northwesterly direction.

    The man said they were unable to make out its shape, but a row of at least 10 porthole-type lights were visible. It appeared light was streaming through the portholes, he said.

    "It was amazing," he added. "I just can't imagine what it was." The sightings have attracted the attention of an organization called the Mutual UFO Network Inc.

    Gary Thrash, a member of the group in the Twin Cities, said they like to go out and talk to the people who report UFOs and see where the objects were spotted, soil samples and have them analyzed.

    The Mutual UFO Network Inc. is a non-profit research organization with about 4,000 members worldwide.

    Thrash said people have reported seeing UFOs of a variety of shapes ranging from diamond, saucer and wing shaped to square, V and cigar shaped.

    People commonly hear a low humming noise from the object if it is very low or the person is directly under it. Otherwise, he said the objects are generally silent.


     27 Temmuz günü, 2013  - Nils Händelsen'nın hikayesi

    UFO Haberleri 3/14, Box 175,733 23 SALA

    Gözlemci Nils gece saat 01:15 te  araba ile giderken gökyüzünde açık yeşil, açık mavi ve mor ışıklar saçan bir nesne gördü. Görülen cisim o kadar parlaktıki güneş gözlüğü ile bakmak zorunda kalmış. Arabada dinlediği radyo aniden bozulmuş.  Sonra yol kenarında arabayı durdurup arabadan inmiş. Cismi daha net görmek için güneş gözlüklerini çıkartıp  yere doğru inen cisme dahada yaklaşmış. Cisim yerden bir metre yukarda havada duruyormuş. Cismin çapı yaklaşık 12-15 metre kadarmış. Alt kısmında kırmızı ve mavi ışıkları yanıp sönen dairesel bir kuşak dikkat çekiyordu. Nesneden bir tıslama sesi geliyordu. Üstünde aydınlatılmış şeffaf bir cam kubbe vardı.


    Soren Unnskog ve Peder Eriksson 'nın gördüğü UFO -  5 Temmuz 1980  İsveç

    Bu olay UFO  araştırmacısı Barbro Magnusson tarafından incelenmiştir.

    1981 yılında Barbro Magnusson ile röportajda Sören Unnskog nesnesi başlangıçta kırmızımsı-beyaz top andıran ve o zaman en az on kilometre uzaklıkta olması gerektiğini söyledi. Bu arada, sarı ve ardından kırmızı beyaza hızını rengini yaklaşırken. Dış kenarları kırmızı ve beyaz iken, orta bölüm, o çoğunlukla sarı veya beyaz olarak nitelendirdi.

     - Beyaz, açık mavi, koyu mavi, yeşil, sarı, beyaz ve kırmızı birkaç kez renk değiştirdi.



    1977 UFO olayı..   şeffaf cam kubbemsi bir aracın içinde büyük kafaları ve büyük gözleri olan canlılar vardı.. uçan araç hızlıca  gökyüzünden  arabamızın önüne doğru geçerek aşağıya doğru süzüldü. Bu sadece üst kısmı şeffaf bir gemiydi. Bu araç orman yamacından yukarı doğru çıktı ve gözden kayboldu.


    Close encounter with huge object, 20-30 occupants seen inside

    Date: February 3, 1983
    Location: Mobile, Alabama, United States


    Huge object witnessed by Pat Norris of Mobile, Alabama. "As the craft appeared Mrs. Norris' attention was drawn to a top deck with a long window which she estimates 53 feet and through which she viewed 20 to 30 persons, apparently oblivious of her presence, walking about as if they were changing shift."



    APRO Bulletin, Vol. 32, No. 2 (May 1984)


    The following case is the result of a lead furnished to APRO by Bob Gribble of Phenomena Research Hot Line, and follow-up and investigation was completed by Field Investigator Ed O. Brown. The name of the witness and some identifying names of the exact location have been changed to protect the principal, as requested.

    Mrs. Pat Norris, 28, lives with her husband, Carl, and three children in a suburb of Mobile, Alabama. On the evening of February 3, 1983, she had visited a friend in Mobile and when the friend's husband arrived from work, Mrs. Norris left and headed home on Highway 90. She had turned off the Highway and when about 90 minutes' ride from her home she heard an explosion. At this point, her car began to vibrate and continued to do so, making it difficult for her to steer. She negotiated another turn off the road she was on, brought the car to a halt, opened the car door and leaned out and down and looked to ascertain if the transmission could have been causing the trouble. It had not.


    Mrs. N. continued driving and the vibrating stopped. She executed another turn onto another road and saw that the woods ahead were brilliantly illuminated. At first she thought that there was a helicopter search in progress because of the lights and was very frightened. She again stopped the car, and at this point sighted a huge object about l/2 mile west of her. She now feels the explosion she had heard earlier was the object coming down over a clay and gravel pit in the vicinity.

    The thing was huge — later estimated to be 7 to 8 stories (70 to 80 feet) high and "six telephone poles" (210 feet) wide, and appeared to be moving toward her at 4-5 miles per hour. The evening had been clear and cool and she had driven with the car windows closed. After the explosion, she noted a "chopping wind, a high-pitched sound and a roaring sound" as well as the vibration. She particularly noted the "whipping of the wind — like a tornado."


    When the object reached a point fairly close it stopped and all of the noise stopped. It was completely silent and Mrs. Norris lost all of the fear she had felt before. She then got out of the car to get a better look. She strained to take in every detail — feeling like a child with "unbelievable happiness."

    Mr. Norris said that although Pat told him of her sighting after it happened, he didn 't realize how important it was to her until she started checking books out of the local library pertaining to UFOs and "related subjects."

    She estimates the time duration of the sighting as five minutes. As the craft appeared Mrs. Norris' attention was drawn to a top deck with a long window which she estimates 53 feet and through which she viewed 20 to 30 persons, apparently oblivious of her presence, walking about as if they were changing shift. The wall behind them was curved and white. There were no instruments. The people did not give the appearance of looking out. The beings were pale skinned, dressed in white one piece suits. She judged them to be about our height, five feet 10", quite slender but with chests larger than ours, the top of the head more prominent, no hair, and having the lower half only of ears similar to our own. She noted nothing out of the ordinary about the eyes. What did draw her attention was the great grace of their movements. The atmosphere seemed "sterile."


    Below this top deck window was an opaque window. The area around it was all white. This window was in sections and was inset. The glass was tinted.

    Below the center of the craft a door was closing from right to left. (See drawing). And she looked onto a street that was dark as if made of asphalt or possible concrete. Off to the side of this street was tubular rectangular equipment. All across the craft she saw rivets and portholes. She said she could see the portholes "inside out" as she peered into the craft. She saw some construction that included "huge I beams like they put ships together with and beams holding the glass in there." The bottom side was tiered upwards. The construction reminds her of a ship or submarine. She said it seemed possible, very likely, it could have been constructed here on Earth.

    The very bottom of the craft was formed into a cross made with one foot square mirrors and an observation deck hung down and around the bottom with beings in it. In this case, unlike the top deck, the people were peering out, while overhead she heard a very low pitched but clearly audible (almost like a growl) "announcing" coming from the area of the observation deck now closest to her.

    Mrs. Norris said she believes they didn't realize she was there until directly over her position.

    As drawn, she saw four pipes projecting six to eight feet out from the craft set in three or four foot square boxes. They had a hollow flange on the end like a tank cannon and she believes "it looked like a weapon."

    The craft took a southerly turn as it went on from where she was parked. She said it was staying in the wooded area and did not cross Highway 90 again. Possible it was doubling back towards Irvington and Pascagoula. It lit up the wooded area, and all beneath it as it moved on off. It had white spotlights and to the side blue and red lights that intermingled, pointing up to the clouds and then down to Earth.

    She told Mr. Brown she had prayed she might have such a sighting. She had extensive dream material both prior to and after the February 4 incident. The late dreams contain a detailed physical examination and scan of her emotions, which we expect to present later, when prepared.

    After the object was out of sight, Pat continued on home, arriving at 1:10 a.m.


    Two skiers encounter humanoid at Imjärvi, Finland

    Date: January 7, 1970
    Location: Imjärvi, Finland

    Aarno Heinonen and Esko Viljo were out skiing, when they encountered a 10-foot wide UFO that approached and hovered near them. A bright light beam was the emitted, and a thin, 3-foot tall humanoid creature appeared, carrying a black box with a pulsating yellow light. Severe and extensive physiological effects were suffered by the witnesses after the encounter. Two years later, Heinonen had a series of contacts with a female extraterresrial being.


    Artist's impression of the Imjarvi incident. (UFO-Nyt; credit: Evans and Spencer, 1987)


    Aarno Heinonen (left) and Esko Viljo return to the site of their encounter.

    Source: Kim Hansen, in Evans and Spencer (1987)

    'I was standing completely still. Suddenly I felt as if somebody had seized my waist from behind and pulled me backwards. I think I took a step backwards, and in the same second I caught sight of the creature. It was standing in the middle of the light beam with a black box in its hands. Out of a round opening in the box there came a yellow light, which was pulsating...'

    The time was 4.45 pm on Wednesday 7 January 1970, the place was lmjarvi, 15 km NW of Heinola in southern Finland. Woodman Aarno Heinonen, 36, and farmer Esko Viljo, 38, both active competition skiers, were out skiing. They came down from a little hill to a glade where they usually take a pause. It was sunset, and a few stars were visible in the unclouded sky. It was very cold (-17 Celsius) and windless.

    They had been standing in the glade for about 5 minutes when they heard a buzzing sound, and caught sight of a very strong light moving through the sky. It approached from the north, made a wide sweep, and came at them from the south, descending as it came. The faint buzzing sound became louder. The light halted, and then they could see that a luminous red-grey mist was swirling round it. Puffs of smoke were thrown up from the top of the cloud.

    The two men stood quite still staring into the air, saying nothing. The cloud was soon down as low as 15 m, and they could see what was inside it: a round object, flat at the bottom, metallic in appearance and about 3 m in diameter.

    Heinonen's account, as reported by GICOFF (the Goteberg UFO information centre) runs: 'The round craft hovered awhile completely motionless above us while the buzzing sound could still be heard, quite low. Then the huge disc began to descend along with the red-grey fog which became more thin and transparent It stopped at a height of 3-4 m, so near I could have touched it if 1 had reached with my ski-stick.

    'The craft was completely round. When it came down obliquely towards us we saw it had a dome on the upper side. Along the lower edge was a kind of raised part on which were three spheres or domes spaced equidistantly, From the centre of the bottom projected a tube, approximately 25 cm in diameter, from which suddenly there came an intense beam of light.

    'I don't think we said anything to each other at all. We were completely amazed. We saw the light move a couple of times before stopping and intensely illuminating a patch of snow about a metre in diameter, with round it a dark edge, almost coal-black and 1 cm wide.

    'I was standing completely still. Suddenly I felt as if somebody had seized my waist from behind and pulled me backwards. I think I took a step backwards, and in the same second I caught sight of the creature. It was standing in the middle of the light beam with a black box in its hands. Out of a round opening in the box there came a yellow light, pulsating. The creature was about 90 cm tall, with very thin arms and legs. Its face was pale like wax. I didn't notice the eyes, but the nose was very strange, it was a hook rather than a nose. The ears were very small and narrowed towards the head. The creature wore some kind of overall in a light green material. On its feet were boots of a darker green colour, which stretched above the knees. There were also white gauntlets going up to the elbows, and the fingers were bent like claws around the black box.'

    Viljo: 'The creature stood in the middle of the bright light and was luminous like phosphorus, but its face was very pale. Its shoulders were very thin and slanting, with thin arms like a child's. I did not think of the clothes, only noticing that they were greenish in colour. On its head was a conical helmet shining like metal. The creature was less than 1 m tall.'

    Suddenly it turned and directed the opening of the box towards Heinonen: The pulsating light was very bright, almost blinding. It was very silent in the forest. Suddenly a red-grey mist came flowing down from the object and large sparks started to fly from the illuminated circle of snow. The sparks were like tapers, about 10 cm long, red, green and violet. They floated out in long curves, rather slowly; many of them hit me, but though I expected them to burn me, I did not feel anything.'

    Viljo: 'The sparks were shining in several colours. It was very beautiful. At the same time the red mist became thicker and hid the creature. Suddenly it was so dense that I could not see Aarno even though I knew he was standing only a few metres away from me."

    Heinonen: 'I could only just see Esko. The mist was very thick and I could no longer see the creature.'

    Viljo: 'I saw the being for perhaps 15-20 seconds, no longer. Suddenly the beam melted, flew up like a flickering flame, and was sucked into the gap in the craft. After that it was as if the fog curtain was torn to pieces. The air above us was empty! I don't think you can say we were afraid. We were laughing and talking about this light. But at the same time we felt a little uneasy."

    They stayed there for perhaps three minutes, Gradually Heinonen became aware of a numbness in his right side. When he stepped forward on his skis, his right leg wouldn't support him and he fell in the snow. 'My right leg had been nearest the light. The whole leg was stiff and aching. My foot was as if anaesthetised.'

    Viljo: It was growing dark. I asked Aarno if we should be on our way. I thought he was joking when he sat down in the snow. But then I saw he couldn't get up though he tried over and over again.'


    Viljo had to half-carry, half-drag his friend to his home, some 3 km distant. 'When they got home,' said Heinonen's mother, 'it was dark outside. They knocked on the door, which they don't usually do, When I opened the door Aarno was outside leaning against Esko. I helped them in. Neither seemed frightened, but I could see Esko's face was red and swollen. We got Aarno over to a sofa."

    Heinonen: 'I felt ill. My back was aching and all my joints were painful. My head ached and after a while I had to vomit. When I went to pee the urine was nearly black, it was like pouring black coffee onto the snow. This continued for a couple of months.'

    Viljo: 'I hurried to the nearest neighbour, who lived some 600 m away; he has a telephone. The first two doctors I called couldn't come, but Dr Kajanoja said he would meet us at Heinola clinic in an hour's time. The neighbour drove us there.'

    To the doctor, Heinonen complained about his aching joints and his headache. The doctor prescribed sleeping pills, and next day sedatives, telling him the symptoms would be gone in 10 days. But they continued, and Heinonen was unable to work, in May he reported he was still ill, with pains in head and neck; the least effort tired him. The numbness in his right leg had gone, but he still had trouble with his balance. His memory was so bad that if be left home he had to say where he was going so that he could be picked up if he didn't return. A visit to the site of the incident made him feel worse. Several people who had visited the site, said Viljo, had felt sick for some days afterwards; he wondered if the place was infected in some way. He too suffered after-effects, including headaches and eye troubles. Dr Pauli Kajanoja reports: 'l think the men have suffered a great shock. Viljo was very red in the face and seemed a little swollen. Both seemed absent-minded. They talked quickly and incoherently. I could not find anything clinically wrong with Heinonen. He did not feel well, but that could have been his stomach reacting to the shock. The symptoms he described are like those after being exposed to radioactivity. Unfortunately I had no instrument to measure that. As to the black urine, it seems inexplicable. Possibly it could have been blood in it, but this cannot go on for several months. If blood samples had been taken they might have revealed changes in his blood.

    'Both men seemed sincere, and I don't think they had made the thing up. I'm sure they were in a state of shock when they came to me; something must have frightened them.'

    A strange thing happened in June 1970 when the two witnesses revisited the site together with a Swedish journalist, a photographer and an interpreter; the hands of the three strangers suddenly became red, and Heinonen had to leave the site with a powerful headache.


    On the same day and at the same time as the skiers had their experience, two other people saw a bright light in the sky. A farmer's wife, Elna Siitari, in Paistjarvi, about 15 km from Imjarvi, was on her way to the cow-house when she saw a strange light in the direction of Imjarvi. In Paaso, 10 km north of Imjarvi, the son of a household had gone out for firewood when he observed a light phenomenon; it was then 4.45 pm.


    Matti Tuuri, professor in electro-physics at Helsinki University, was very interested in the incident: 'We can't exclude the possibility that the injuries could have been caused by electrical radiation. But both state that the light was blinding and white, so it can't have been ultraviolet radiation, which is always bluish, Besides, it does not penetrate clothing, if the radiation penetrated Heinonen's clothing, it must have been a short-wave radiation such as X-rays; an overdose of these would cause symptoms such as those he reported...

    'There is much in electro-physics which has yet to be explored. One has only to mention ball lightning; we know it exists, but the physical laws defining its existence have yet to be established. According to the known laws of physics, ball lightning should blow up immediately - but it doesn't! The incident at Heinola seems likely to be an abnormal electrical phenomenon.'

    The Institute for High Voltage Research at (Jp-psala (University told GICOFF they did not think the phenomenon was related to any kind of atmospheric electricity.

    Soil, vegetation and snow samples from the site were sent to Chalmers Institute of Technology for radiation tests, but revealed no more than normal background radiation.

    SINCE 1970

    To complicate a situation which already defies explanation, we have to consider Heinonen's claim that between the time of the incident and August 1972 he had no less than 23 further UFO sightings. As if that were not enough, he has become a contactee; on two occasions he met an 'extremely beautiful' spacewoman, after a loud female voice had directed him to a secluded rendezvous.

    At the first encounter he also saw a man, standing about 60 m behind the woman. She was wearing a yellow trouser suit which rustled when she moved; she was 1.5 m tall, with shoulder-length hair and blue eyes - a description recalling Adamski's Venusian, She didn't walk like a human but 'floated' or 'hovered'. Though she looked about 20 she told him she was 180, as Menger's Venusian did. In her hand she held a silvery ball with three aerials pointing at Heinonen.

    Fortunately she spoke Finnish, and began her conversation with "Hyvaa paivaa" ( = How do you do?); she told him she came from a green and pleasant land. Three different species of humanoids had visited Imjarvi, she said, some smaller than her, some of her height (140 cm) and some about 2 m high. She said that the January incident had lasted 3 minutes, not just a few seconds as the two witnesses thought.

    At their second meeting Heinonen again asked where she came from. She told him to hurry home and he would see the beautiful craft she had come in. And indeed when he got home he saw an object some 5-7 m in diameter in the sky.

    On each occasion Heinonen spoke with the spacewoman for five minutes, but can recall surprisingly little of what was said. On another occasion both he and Viljo saw a being in Viljo's home: a being a little more than 1.5 m, wearing a grey suit with white stripes, suddenly stepped out of the wall and remained standing in the middle of the floor; the two men gaped at it for 30 seconds, after which it vanished.

    Swedish ufologist Liljegren has drawn attention to the failure of Heinonen and Viljo to offer anything by way of concrete evidence. On one occasion Heinonen received a green pen from the space beings, but he lent it to a researcher and never saw it again: he was given a stone but made to throw it away; when he tried to photograph the spacewoman both she and his camera disappeared! Viljo too tried to take a photograph of a mysterious light, but the camera was knocked out of his hand and the film was burned to ashes. All in all, Liljegren concludes, their accounts are more likes sagas and myths than a logical contact attempt by an intergalactic civilisation.

    Without question, these later accounts undermine the credibility of the witnesses and throw a dubious light on their original story. As in the Dewilde case in France, the Hill case in the United States, and many more, what seems at first to be an interesting and serious incident is made to seem doubtful by subsequent events.

    Is it that the real UFO experience causes the witnesses to subsequently have imaginary experiences? Or was the first, like those that followed, the symptom of some psychic state, triggered by some unknown cause to bring about a UFO 'sighting'? (In this connection it is perhaps significant that, according to Anders Liljegren, this was not Heinonen's first UFO sighting; he had had one six years previously!)

    Or is there yet a third explanation?


    In February 1969 a 16-year-old boy, Matti Kontulainen, had a strange experience only 100 m or so from the slope where Heinonen and Viljo had their encounter:

    'It was a cloudy winter evening about 11 pm. I was skiing home through the forest after visiting a friend. It was dark but suddenly the forest was lit up by an intense light which rushed just above the treetops at so low an altitude that I threw myself down in the snow. It was like a huge welding flame, and it disappeared in no time. 1 have never seen such an intense light; it was like staring at the sun! It was coming from the south and heading north. I heard no sound, so I'm sure it wasn't an airplane.'

    Matti Haapaniemi, 46, is a farmer in Imjarvi and a member of Heinola rural district council; his farm is only 1 km distant from Heinonen's home. He says: 'Many people in this neighbourhood have laughed at this story. But I don't think it's anything to joke about I've known both Aarno and Esko since they were little boys. Both are quiet, rational fellows, and moreover they are abstainers. I'm sure their story is true!'


    1 - UFO-NYT no 5, 1970
    2 - Flying Saucer Review vol. 16 nos 3,4 & 5; vol 26 nos 3 & 5
    3 - GiCOFF Informntion No. 4 1978
    4 - Personal correspondence Ilkka Serra/Kim Moller Hansen, September 1985.


    UFO sighted in Easley (SC)

    Date: September 9, 1980
    Location: Easley, South Carolina, United States

    There was something ' strange, and beautiful, and incredibly big floating just above the tree tops in front of Larry Joe Garrett's house on Fruit Mountain Road last Thursday morning. "That's the Goodyear blimp!" was my first thought. Then I realized it wasn't a blimp."


    Sketch of UFO made by artist Mickey Tate from description given him by Larry Joe Garrett. Garrett saw the object hovering over his house.

    Easley Progress (South Carolina), Sept. 17, 1980

    There was something ' strange, and beautiful, and incredibly big floating just above the tree tops in front of Larry Joe Garrett's house on Fruit Mountain Road last Thursday morning.

    It was unlike anything Garrett has ever seen before. It left him almost transfixed, in i a state of awe and exhilaration, The euphoria lasted 24 hours before Garrett said he felt normal again.

    Garrett saw the strange fly-, tag object at S a.m. About three hours earlier Jerry McAlister of Pamell Road in Anderson had seen something similar. McAlister also described a feeling of excitement and exhilaration after the sighting.

    The object has not been identified.

    But that does not make it any less real to Joe Garrett. He related his experience to The Progress.

    "I had gone out in the yard to work on my wife's car," he said. "She works on the second shift and was still asleep. I heard a buzzing sound, sort of like a big swarm of bees. Or like a Honda, way off In the distance. I looked down the driveway to see if a car was turning around, but I didn't see anything. As I turned back, toward my wife's car I got a glimpse of something over the top of the trees."

    "That's the Goodyear blimp!" was my first thought. Then I realized it wasn't a blimp. It was something a lot bigger. I couldn't see it very good, so I walked around to the front of the house. And there it was, out in the clear, right up over me. It was big. Real big. "How big?" he was asked. "Oh, it was as big as Belk's store. But a whole lot taller," he said.

    He staunchly stands by his estimate of the size of the object. He says when he looked at it, the object reminded him of a large battleship he had seen once in the Norfolk, Va. harbor.

    He described the windows as being very long, and totally black, except for one window that shone with a blinding, glaring light. Garrett said this could have been the sun reflecting off the window, but he couldn't tell for sure. The glare was too bright.

    He was specific about the color. He said it appeared to be a metallic, purplish-gray. He was sure the bottom side of the object was metal, of an exceptional smoothness. He saw no seams, although he said there was what appeared to be a metal pipe protruding from the underside.

    Garrett could not see the entire shape of the object. He said It appeared to be tilted backward, so that what he saw, primarily, was the bottom of the "saucer." However, he saw enough of the upper part to be sure that it was dome shaped.

    "It was shaped sort of like the big water tank up town," he said, "Except a whole lot bigger."

    The description given by McAlister in Anderson matched Garrett's in most respects except for the lights. Garrett, who saw the object in full daylight, said there were no lights on it. McAlister saw the object before daylight, and said it carried blinding lights all around its perimeter.

    Both men described the object to artist Mickey Tate of the Pickens County Sheriffs Department. Neither man conferred with the other, but the sketches Tate drew from their description were very similar except for the protruding lights reported by McAlister.

    The sheriff's deputy theorte-ed that the lights could have been retractable, to be pulled into the fuselage of the craft when not in use.

    Although several people were reported to have seen the "flying saucer" in Anderson, no one else, apparently, saw the big object in Easley. Garrett said his next door neighbor was not at home at the time, and the neighbor across the street was probably busy with her children inside the house.

    After he had watched the strange object for a minute Garrett said he ran into the house to call his wife. But when he got inside he stopped, thinking to himself that his wife would say he was crazy if he told her what he had seen. He hesitated a moment in the kitchen, then ran back outside to reassure himself that the object was still up there above the trees. When he got outside it was gone.

    Later in the morning Garrett's wife convinced him that he should report ^he sighting to someone. He called the Pickens County Sheriff's Department, and it was then that he heard for the first time that a UFO had been sighted in Anderson, also.

    Many theories nave been advanced as to the origin and the identity of the strange object. The Easlej Progresi called the Greenvllle-Spartanburg Airport's cantrol tower to ask if an unidentified craft had been picked up on radar.

    The individual contacted at the tower said the object did not show up on radar. He expressed considerable skepticism that there actually had been an unidentified flying object in the area.

    Some persons believe the flying object might have something to do with a Government project of some sort, possibly a weather balloon. Others wonder If it was something sent over from Russia or some other unfriendly country. And then there are those who fear that it was an interplanetary space craft.

    Whatever it was, it was not a figment of Joe Garrett's imagination. He saw something very big and beautiful in his front yard last Thursday. He convinces you, when you talk to him about it


    Vedder River UFO

    Date: August, 1980
    Location: Vedder River, British Columbia, Canada


    Cynthia and her family were driving home from a camping trip... A large, round, dark object moving to the right hand side of the car suddenly interrupted their pleasant drive. It appeared to be a disc, with a “shiny, metallic surface…"


    Drawing by UFO investigator Martin Jasek based upon witness drawings and description of the location. (Credit: UFO*BC)

    UFO as seen and drawn by witness.



    Landed UFO and humanoid encountered by four hunters in Spain

    Date: November 24, 1978
    Location: Gerena, Seville, Spain


    The four witnesses were hunting in the early morning hours near the Guadiamar River, when they encountered a landed object with a humanoid being standing next to it. The UFO looked like a large earthen jar, upside down, with a red light on top. The being seemed strong and tall (some 2 meters or taller), and had on a dark-colored helmet and silvery body suit. The witnesses become frightened when the humanoid approached them, and they left the area running.


    Illustration of the encounter. (credit: APRO)


    Ignacio Darnaude, APRO, Sept. 1979

    By Ignacio Darnaude

    One Friday in late November, 1978 (evidently November 24 — trans.), the four witnesses, plus another friend, were hunting just east of the Guadiamar River in the area between the towns of Gerena, Aznalcollar, and Olivares, in the province of Seville, southwestern Spain.

    They each had a six-battery flashlight. The night was dark, without any wind, with good visibility and temperature, under a rather cloudy sky. One of the friends decided to return to the car, so he saw nothing of what subsequently happened.

    The area of the observation is at approximately 6°20' west longitude and 37°30' north latitude. It is part of the estate "La Pizana," 3 kilometers (2 miles) southwest of Gerena. Its principal characteristics are: low hills with some farming, clumps of eucalyptus trees, vegetation located especially near the Guadiamar River, the remains of a Roman aqueduct, and beef cattle. The place where the incident occurred is a very dense grove, primarily of eucalyptus trees, with some open areas inside.

    Our four witnesses went into the thick grove, after having waded across the stream. It was about 3:30 a.m. They had been there several hours already, and, using their powerful flashlights, continued looking for their prey between the trees, following a road made by tractors. But let witness Manuel Gordillo tell us what happened:

    "While still on the other side of the river, I told the others, 'Wait a moment, look at the red lights of a car.' The gypsy who was with us (who could not be interviewed — I.D.) began to say 'Hey, what is that? In my mother's name, in my grandmother's name, what is that?' 'That is a strange thing.' We were seeing it on the ground in the distance. We put out the flashlights and approached. The closer we got, the more light was seen, and then I thought, well it isn't a car. If the car had its back to us, we would have been looking at the drivers, but since we were walking, it was not logical for it to be always red. Then we threw it off the track a little. We crossed the river to the other side, where it was. We began to hunt and forgot what we had seen, enthusiastic in what we were doing. I was practically alone, without hearing any of the others. I shone the light here and there and didn't see anyone. I turned off my flashlight and whistled for them to answer. Then they turned on their flashlights and I said to myself, 'There they are,' because with the trees no one could be seen. Then they came quickly and asked me, 'Hey, didn't you see that again?' I really hadn't seen it, until they told me about it. What we had seen from the other side was still in that place. There was really a light there, and then I told them, 'Are we going to get closer?' They were very scared. The red light was there and it was doing a strange thing, as if it was shaking. Then I told them, 'Watch me from behind, I'm going to get a little closer.'

    "The trees did not let us see the place completely. Another companion wanted to approach with me, and we went on ahead of the other two. There was a person or something walking around it."

    It was not just one light, but a row of lights. He could not see everything, and didn't know how tall the being was. But his legs were very big, and he saw just the legs.

    "The object seemed round to me, and it was near the ground, right close to the ground. The lights were low. They were about 3 meters (10 feet) high and they must have been about 4 or 5 meters (13 or 16 feet) across. The lights were of different colors. The man advanced about ten meters (33 feet) and we lost sight of him. He approached again and grabbed something. I don't know if he went in the object or around it, I couldn't see. I didn't see any door in the object.

    "I saw the man up to the waist, as I was stretched out on the ground. The light was behind him, and I couldn't make out well what he was wearing. It seemed to me he was wearing shoes or boots, and he was speaking. The voice seemed as if he was in a deep well, it was like 'Mnn, mmm.' The steps were slow, he came toward where we were and went back. I was a little afraid, and I thought of my wife and my children, so I didn't feel very safe.

    "The object was about 30 meters (100 feet) away, and the man approached us. Finally, we got out of there very scared. We no longer felt like hunting. So we left running, and I fell and the others fell on top of me."

    From Francisco Lopez Rivero's testimony we can indicate the following: This witness remained behind his companion, and observed the scene in a similar manner, though with additional details. The object seemed to him like a large earthen jar, upside down, with a red light on top, stationary. Toward the center of the object he saw several rows of lights of different colors, green , orange, red, and yellow. A little below he observed some bright-colored, silvery legs. He had the impression that at the height of the man's eyes and mouth there was a window, like on a motorcyclist's helmet. He only saw the figure to the waist, and didn't see any arms. The helmet was black or dark, and the rest of the body silvery. As to the sounds emitted by the being; as well as his movements, he agrees with the other witness. He seemed to be a very strong and tall being, of some two meters (6'7") or more.

    On Sunday, January 14, 1979, the investigators went to the site of the supposed landing with Francisco Lopez. After certain difficulties in finding the spot where his observation was made, they carefully studied the ground and observed the following:

    The place is, as a matter of fact, very wooded, and it is not easy to see. Nevertheless, the exact place where it is supposed that the object landed is a rather circular area, where the trees themselves are situated in this curious geometric pattern. The land was relatively soft, due to the rains that had fallen since before November. They found no sign of traces except for a curious footprint, which seemed to have been impressed into the ground many days before. After carefully drawing the mark, they measured it, and its size was 42 cm. (16.5 inches). Several meters (yards) farther on they found two more marks, made in the soil, and they were the same size as the first. The appropriate experiments showed the mark, in proportion to the height, would correspond to an individual some two meters, ten centimeters (6'11") tall. The distance between the marks was about 13 meters (43 feet).

    Thanks to this field investigation, witness Francisco Lopez Rivero gave certain additional details that allowed investigator Antonio Moya Cerpa to make drawings in his presence that he approved, which are included in this report.

    Investigators: J. Ignacio Alonso, Joaquin Mateos Nogales, J. Antonio Gutierrez, Manuel FUpo Cabana, and Antonio Moya Cerpa.

    The article orginally appeared in Vimana 1:4, pp. 34-35. Vimana is published by: C.I.O.V.E., Rualasal, 22; Santander, Spain. Translation (and slight editing) by Richard W. Heiden.


    Large triangular object hovers near campers in Patapsco State Park

    Date: March 22, 1978
    Location: Patapsco State Park, Maryland, United States

    Gary Oickle, 24, his brother David, 22, and two friends were camping in Patapsco State Park, when they encountered a huge triangular shaped object with large windows and three white lights at the corners. The object moved very slowly, hovering at times. When it appeared above them it was very low, approximately 200-250 feet, and made a sound like a "quiet wind" or "quietly rushing waterfall".


    Impression of the object. (credit: APRO)


    Construction worker sees massive disc-shaped object

    Date: March 1, 1978
    Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

    A Pittsburgh construction worker and his girlfriend claimed they saw a massive disc-shaped object settle about 2,000 feet over Highland Reservoir. He estimated its size as larger than the reservoir itself. Paul Oles, program director for Buhl Planetarium, also saw a bright light which he "can't explain," about one hour earlier.


    UFO described by Glenn Ricci and Claire Gallery. Illustration by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette artist Leo Walker.


    Several witnesses view oval shaped object

    Date: December 6, 1976
    Location: West Simi Valley, California, United States

    "It sat in one place in midair for approximately 45 minutes. It had a red light on top and green on the bottom. The position of these lights changed. There was a very bright white light in the center." All of the witnesses in this case were interviewed separately. All reported seeing the same type object as described.


    APRO Bulletin, Vol. 25 No. 6 (Dec. 1976)

    Witnesses: Miss S.S. 17, Mr. B.D. 18, Mr. M.S. 16, Miss C.S. 19, Mrs. J.L. 41, Mr. R.L. 16; Date - September 6, 1976; Weather Conditions — Clear night, warm weather; Location — West Simi Valley, Ventura County, California.

    On the evening of September 6, 1976, the above witnesses viewed an oval shaped object from their home in West Simi Valley.

    Mrs. J.L. describes the object in her own words as follows:

    "It sat in one place in midair for approximately 45 minutes (the sighting started at 9 P.M.). It had a red light on top and green on the bottom. The position of these lights changed. There was a very bright white light in the center. The red and green lights moved around this central light. It then moved straight to the left, up, and then back to its original position. (See diagram above). It kept moving in that pattern until approximately 11:15 P.M. The white light was much larger than the green or red. The shape seemed to be more round and not definite."

    Other observers mention:

    "It moved at 90° angles too rapid for a plane." Mr. B.D.

    "The object appeared to be 3 1/2 miles away judging from the mountains in the background." Miss S.S.

    "The object wasn't too large, airplanes and jets flying near it were bigger." Mr. M.S.

    The police department and the fire department were contacted by the witnesses. The fire department referred them to the Point Mugu Missle Range who in turn contacted a UFO group in Seattle, Washington. The witnesses were interviewed the following day over the phone. On September 7th, a similar type object was spotted at about the same time by Mr. B.D. who tried to follow it in his car and get some pictures. This was about the same time as the first sighting. The pictures never turned out, and the witnesses were unable to follow the object for very long, but did note that it repeated the same type movement as shown in the figure on the previous page.

    All of the witnesses in this case were interviewed separately. All reported seeing the same type object as described. They seemed very concerned and were often at times confused as to how to describe what they saw in normal language. Because the object made such strange flight patterns in the sky, and because the witnesses seemed to be highly reasonable people and not given to exaggeration, their story is highly believable. Unfortunately, Point Mugu's radar facilities do not pick up well in the Simi area below 3,500 ft. No other reports have been received from the witnesses to date, and this case remains unsolved.


    1964: Socorro / Zamora UFO Incident

    Socorro / Zamora UFO Incident

    Date: April 24, 1964
    Location: Socorro, New Mexico, United States

    The experience of Lonnie Zamora on April 24, 1964 stands as one of the most profound ufo events in the modern history of the phenomena. Lonnie Zamora saw a highly unusual device of unknown origin, what can only be described as a "craft" of some kind, and he reported seeing what he believes were occupants.


    Oil painting by Chris Lambright based on photographs taken of the actual landing site. The witness, Sgt. Lonnie Zamora, has seen this illustration and stated that it is a good representation of what he observed. (thanks to UFOs at Close Sight for this info)



    Sgt. Lonnie Zamora.


    Sketch by Sgt. Lonnie Zamora.


    The initial investigation. Left to right: Sgt. Lonnie Zamora, Mr. Burns (FBI), Maj. H. Mitchell (AFMDC), Coral Lorenzen of APRO, and Sgt. Castle of the Military Police.


    Socorro incident, USA. 24-4-1964. "Police officer Zamora saw what he though was a crashing plane and drove off the highway to investigate. he saw an egg shaped craft supported on legs with two small aliens outside. As he approached they noticed him and re-entered the craft which took of with a loud roar leaving burning bushes and imprints on the ground. Other officers arrived soon after and witnessed his disturbed state and the burning bushes." (Ilustration by Michael Buhler.)

    Source: Chris Lambright

    The experience of Lonnie Zamora on April 24, 1964 stands as one of the most profound ufo events in the modern history of the phenomena. To this day it remains a case in which all the facts involved support the witnesses claims and it is this kind of case that makes the ufo phenomenon such an enduring mystery. Lonnie Zamora saw a highly unusual device of unknown origin, what can only be described as a "craft" of some kind, and he reported seeing what he believes were occupants. Despite the controversy which often surrounds the subject of UFOs, the incident at Socorro remains an example of what the UFO phenomenon is, in fact, all about.

    The following information is based on facts I have gathered from various sources including conversations in person and by telephone with Mr. Lonnie Zamora. This is not intended to be a complete report on Lonnie Zamora's experience, but is intended to provide a source for some resh details about the case and to clarify others. More than anything else I have made every effort to ensure that what is here is the truth. I also owe a great deal of gratitude to Mr. Ray Stanford, one of the most thorough and knowledgable investigators I have met. He arrived in Socorro within four days of the incident and authored the definitive book on Zamora's experience and the subsequent investigation. I recommend it to anyone seriously interested in this case and in the subject of UFO's in general. "Socorro Saucer" in a Pentagon Pantry" is available in major libraries but can be obtained from the author. Check HERE for the address.

    Artwork Copyright©2000, James Neff. Reproduction prohibited. All Rights Reserved.

    Socorro is a small town located about an hours drive south of Albuquerque, New Mexico . In April 1964, Lonnie Zamora was a police officer with the town and late in the afternoon on April, 24th he had just dropped his pursuit of a speeding car to go check on what he thought might have been an explosion on the outskirts of town. Thinking that a small shack containing dynamite might have exploded, he made his way up a rough embankment and then moved slowly along a narrow gravel road that wound beside a small arroyo (a shallow dry gully). From this first more distant vantage point he saw what he thought might have been an overturned car down in the arroyo and radioed back to his headquarters that he was proceeding to check out this 'vehicle'. It was from here that he saw what he described as possibly two children or small adults, and he noted that one appeared startled at his approach and seemed to "jump somewhat".

    He moved further along the gravel road and finally stopped his car at the point where he believed he had previously seen the vehicle in the arroyo. It was at this point that he heard what he later could describe as several loud "thumps" or "slams", similar to metal hitting metal. As he left his patrol car and proceeded towards the gulley, he had not gone more than a few steps before he had a full view of an elongated oval shaped object on "girder-like" legs. In that instant a loud roar and bluish flame shot out of the underside of the object and it began to rise. Zamora did not hesitate...he hit the ground thinking it was about to explode, then got up running and jumped down on the other side of the gravel road. He heard a whirring noise and watched the object rise up out of the arroyo, the legs he saw moments before were no longer apparent. He noted that the object had risen to perhaps 20 feet above the bottom of the gulley when suddenly the sound stopped completely. There was no more flame visible and he watched as the now-silent vehicle moved off parallel to the terrain picking up speed as it left the area. He watched it move off into the distance and it eventually disappeared from view.

    Almost immediately upon the object having left the area, State Police Sargeant Sam Chavez arrived having overheard Zamora who had radioed wildly to his dispatcher hoping that someone else might be able to see the object. Together they noted the evidence left in the arroyo...a half burned bush, four angular impressions in the sandy soil where the "legs" had been, and several small footprints and other impressions.

    From an oil painting based on photographs taken of the actual landing site. The image portrays the object just as it began to lift off and from a viewpoint near where Mr. Zamora reportedly stood. Mr. Zamora has seen this illustration and stated that it is a good representation of what he observed, though he felt that the "legs" might have been extended slightly further than is portrayed. The dimensions presented however are taken from both the witnesses description and the exact measurements provided by investigators of the impressions in the soil.

    Ever since the first report that Zamora had seen some type of symbol on the side of the craft there had been some confusion about just what that symbol was. He had drawn and described this symbol to several people soon after the incident, and what appeared to be discrepancies in the description had arisen from various sources. There does appear to be some support for believing that the symbol that was widely circulated early on may have actually been a variation of the actual one. The idea that a substitute might have been circulated by the investigative personnel from the Air Force or other governmental agencies as a way to guard against copycat reports has some merit. Though the actual shape may not be ultimately important to the overall case I did make an effort to try to obtain an honest description of just what Zamora saw. In one of our telephone conversations he clarified to me that he had never been told -not- to relate the actual shape and he gave me a description which I realized was slightly different from what I had heard and seen before. I was curious about this and shortly afterward I sent him several pages of small sketches which covered various details of his sighting. I included several variations of this symbol including one that matched what I had seen in other places and one that matched what I thought he had described to me. I asked him to merely place a check mark by whichever sketch matched his recollection. Below are several sections of the sheets I sent him, and his check marks are visible. But on the section showing the symbols, he was nice enough to actually redraw what he had seen.

    Of all the evidence that could be presented to support the contention that what Lonnie Zamora saw was something totally unexplained, perhaps nothing is more compelling than this brief article. It appeared in the formerly classified CIA publication entitled "Studies in Intelligence" from the fall of 1966. It was written by Hector Quintanilla, Jr., the former head of the Air Force's Project Bluebook.

    It gives a history and methodology of the Air Force's investigation of UFO's, and after presenting many of the prosaic explanations that had been encountered, he concluded his article with a synopsis of a "Policeman's Report" in which he described the Socorro incident. One short quote from this article in itself makes a profound statement about the reality of some UFO

    Socorro, New Mexico landing, April 24, 1964

    "There is no doubt that Lonnie Zamora saw an object which left quite an impression on him. There is also no question about Zamora"s reliability. He is a serious police officer, a pillar of his church, and a man well versed in recognizing airborne vehicles in his area. He is puzzled by what he saw, and frankly, so are we. This is the best-documented case on record, and still we have been unable, in spite of thorough investigation, to find the vehicle or other stimulus that scared Zamora to the point of panic."

    This document was approved for release on January, 2, 1981 and is available to anyone under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act.

     Zamora'nın gördüğü ufodan çıkan varlıklar.

    It is my hope that this information is useful to anyone wanting to know more about the subject of unidentified flying objects. Even I find it easy to become disillusioned at times when I find that almost all the readily available information is made up of fantastic claims made by people who offer no valid proof. However, anyone who looks closely will be able to find that there are many cases, like the Socorro incident, that clearly indicate something physically real, and of a high degree of strangeness, is being seen by honest, reliable witnesses.


    1965: Valensole, France Landing (Maurice Masse Case)

    Date: July 1, 1965

    Location: Valensole, Basses Alpes, France

    Hynek Classification: CE3


    Shape of Object(s): Egg Shaped

    Number of Witnesses:

    Source: Michael Lindemann / Center For Extraordinary Explorations Source

    Summary: Farmer Maurice Masse was inspecting his field of lavender when he heard a whistling sound, then noticed an egg-shaped object with six thin legs and a central pedestal standing nearby. A classic close encounter case from France. At the same time, he also saw two “small boys,” humanoid-looking beings less than four feet tall, dressed in grayish-green one-piece coveralls.

    Artist Michael Buhler’s impression of the encounter.

    Valensole. France. 1.7.1965. "At 5.45 am. a UFO landed in the lavender field of Maurice Masse. Two aliens approached and immobilized him with a ray until they departed.He never disclosed the full story of what happened during the encounter. Lavender plants withered where the craft had landed and the circular area stayed barren for years." (Ilustration by Michael Buhler.)


    (Sources: Above Top Secret, by Timothy Good, p.133f; Dimensions: A Casebook of Alien Contact, by Jacques Vallee, p.24f)



    Full Report


    A Farmer is Detained by Aliens in France

    On July 1, 1965, at about 5:45 in the morning, in the region of Valensole, Basses Alpes, France, farmer Maurice Masse was inspecting his field of lavender when he heard a whistling sound, then noticed an egg-shaped object with six thin legs and a central pedestal standing nearby. Masse later said the object was about the size of a small car, and he could see two seats inside an open doorway. At the same time, he also saw two “small boys,” humanoid-looking beings less than four feet tall, dressed in grayish-green one-piece coveralls. Masse reported that they appeared to be gathering handfuls of his lavender. He said they had large, hairless heads, smooth white skin, large slanted eyes, pointed chins and small mouths with no lips. Masse heard them makesoft gurgling sounds, as if communicating. When he approached, one of them pointed a small “tube” at Masse, which immediately immobilized him where he stood. He remained conscious, watching as they finished their task and then entered the egg-shaped object, which rose off the ground, moved quickly away, then suddenly disappeared a few moments later. Masse was left standing paralyzed in his field, but regained his mobility about fifteen minutes later.

    Two years after the close encounter, Maurice Masse stands at the landing site. (credit: FSR)

    Masse reported his encounter in detail to local authorities, including the mayor of Valensole, his parish priest and the gendarmerie. The site was thoroughly inspected, and symmetrical marks were found in the ground exactly where Masse said the legs of the object had been. It was later discovered that lavender would not grow on that spot for a period of ten years. Four days after the encounter, Masse began to experience bouts of profound drowsiness which caused him to require more than twelve hours of sleep every day for the next several months. Despite his reported immobilization by the humanoid beings, and his later health difficulties, Masse said he had a positive feeling about his encounter. Masse was well-known and highly respected in his community, and all the local authorities who examined his claims reached the conclusion that he was telling the truth.

    The following account is drawn from a series of articles which originally appeared in the English Flying Saucer review (1965a b,c.)

    Valensole is a small village in the south-east of France, near to Nice. A significant event occurred there on July 1, 1965. In the month of June, Maurice Masse, a World War Two resistance fighter, and a trustworthy farmer according to local police; together with his father had noticed someone had been picking their lavender plants. At 5.45 a.m. Masse was standing by a tractor smoking a cigarette. The tractor was parked by a mound of pebbles and rakings, close to a small vineyard, in the lavender field.

    A whistling sound came to his attention which he thought was a helicopter. However, upon looking around the mound he saw an unusual object. It was shaped like a rugby football and the size of a car. It stood on a number of legs, stated to have been 6 in number by Bowen (1974:246) and 4 by Vallee (1990:108). There was a central pivot stuck into the ground beneath it. Masse noted what he first took to be two children, about aged eight years, close by the object apparently inspecting a lavender plant.

    Masse thought at first, from an initial distance of 60m, that these were the people who had been taking his plants. He decided to approach quietly through the vineyard. However, when he got closer he realised the figures were not children but unusual beings. He left the vineyard and walked though the low height lavender field.

    At about 5m distance from the object, one of the beings turned and pointed a pencil-like object towards him and Masse was frozen, unable to move. Vallee (1988:27) reports that masse could still breath and feel his heart beat present.

    The beings were described as follows. They were some 120cm tall and wore close fitting, grey-green clothes, but no head covering. Their heads were pumpkin-like, with high fleshy cheeks. The eyes were large and Vallee (1988:26) adds that Masse told him that the eyes con- veyed human expressions. These eyes slanted away around the sides of the face. The mouth was merely a slit or hole, without noticeable lips. Their chins were very pointed. Vallee (1988:26) adds their hands were small and nor- mal. Grumbling sounds came from their middles.

    Masse has consistently refused to disclose what – if anything – happened between him and the beings.

    After a while the beings re-entered their object. Vallee (1988:27) notes the door closed “like the front part of a wooden file cabinet. “ The beings were apparently visible looking at him from inside the object, while the legs whirled and retracted. The central pivot made a thumping noise. Then the object lifted offand floated silently away.

    At 20m distance from the landing spot the object simply vanished fromview. Masse, according to Vallee ( 1988 :27), says: “One moment the thing was there and the next moment it was not there anymore.”

    It took some 20 minutes forthe paralysis to wear off. After that Masse went back to Valensole. The proprietor of the cafe des Sports questioned him after being alarmed by Masse’s appearance. Masse told him part of what had happened, and the police were informed.

    The Digne Gendarmerie, lead by a Captain Valet, were called in to investigate.

    The traces:

    At the time traces were found at the spot where the object had rested. These consisted of a flat imprint just over 1m in diameter. In the centre, where the central support had been, was a cylindrical hole some 30cm deep and some 15cm diameter. From the hole radiated four flat grooves, making an x shape. Each of the grooves was 2m long and 25cm deep. The soil here was of a near-liquid consistency despite the fact that it had not rained for some time.

    That evening Masse and his 18 year old daughter went back to the site . The soil surrounding the central trace was as hard as cement compared to the surrounding soil which crumbled when held.

    After a period of time, a 3 m diameter circular area in the middle of rows of lavender plants died, with only a few weeds continuing to grow. Around the perimeter a num- ber of lavender Plants were stunted and withered looking.

    The calcium content of the soil, taken from the site, was much higher then in soil taken from other areas of the field (Phenomenes Spatiaux 1966:26)

    Masse reploughed the landing site and replanted, but these plants also died.

    After effects:

    Vallee (1988:27) reports that for several weeks after the event, Masse was overcome with drowsiness and found it difficult to stay awake for more then four hours at a time.

    Aime Michel visited Masse on Aug 8,1965, and at the end of the interview showed Masse a drawing of the Socorro object which Masse took to be his object.

    Michel reported that Masse appeared anxious, nervous and distressed at interview. Masse said of the beings: “They were good” and n they did not wish to do us any harm.”


    more  of  the ufo-contact story from 18th maj 1946; The Gösta Carlsson Incident:

    The meeting in the forest-glade /clearing in Sweden - in 1946


    It is the 18th of may 1946, the clock is 10pm. The sky is darkblue and clear, a light breeze is blowing from the east. I once again have taken a seat on the fort´s steeldome at Skälderviksstranden. I´m sitting and listening on the beutiful birdsong by the thrush, robin and other birds joining the choir. As usual the so called Sjödammarna has really started to bubble with life by all the different bird´s that nest here.

    These dams really is a wonderfull place for birds. Old trees are left standig making them excellent homes to owl´s, woodpecker´s and an unbeliveable ammount of other birds. Sure, it is hard for us humans to get here, but thats just the reason why nature has had it´s own way here. Time after time I have had this dream that one day I could make this place a bird reservation, and keep it just as it is for ever. But one of the most positive thing in my life is that one day, my dream would become true.

    It started to get darker, and I realise it is time to head back home. It is now 10:45pm, I turn on my orientationlamp which I always carry with me on my eveningstroll´s.

    I walked up on a little hill where you have a great view of both Kronans and Vegeholms forrestland. On the land of Vegeholm right after the birddam, a short way into a birchforrest consisting of big, old trees, there is a big grassglade, that I know of quite well.

    One of my youths "bad" virtues was amongst other´s to get hold of birdeggs of all kind. Then, as now, this was of course against the law. But as young boys we didn´t care much of what the law said, and the law was´nt that strict back then as it is now. In this very glade, yellowhammer, corn bunting, and different kinds of titlings, and in some of the old birches, tawny owl´s nested.

    By sheer coincidence, I look at the direction of the grassglade, which you can´t see to clear by all the trees. At first, I thought I saw something shiny at the grassglade, but maybe it was just a reflectance from my lamp. I turn it off, but the light is still there. It might be early season campers or some youth´s that is hanging around the place I thought. I decide to walk over there. I walk down the hill and jumped over a small hole that has been collecting rainwater. On my right there is a couple of sandhills with pines growing on them that obscure the glade a bit. I clear the pines and just as I am about to turn in to the glade i spot something that´s forever stuck in my memory.

    In the furtherst part of the glade, just a couple of meters from a lonely pine, there is a illuminated craft, one of which I have never seen before or after. My first thought was that it was a carrousel someone had drove there. But I soon realized that would be impossible, as there was no roads leading to the glade.

    The craft, or object, had the shape of a discus, and the craft is resting on a sturdy fin in the direction of the lonely pine, and two telescope legs, all three evenly spaced under the circle disc. In front of the fin on the crafts belly, the is a hatch open, with a ladder and leaders, like those ladders you see on boats. The hatch is about one and a half meter above the ground and I can see how light is coming out from the opening. I try to look inside the craft but the angel is to narrow. All I can see is the bright light.

    On the craft top there is a streamlined cabin that I estimate to be around 8meter in diameters. With roughly 1 meters spacing there is oval windows, maybe 50cm wide and 30cm high. While I am watching at the craft I can´t keep from thinking that someone is pulling a prank on me. One thought that goes through my head is that there is maybe German pilots that has escaped from some camp. But deep inside, I know I´m wrong.

    On top of the cabin there is a telescopepole/mast, almost like a periscope on a uboat. The height of the mast is about the same as the pine, and the thickness of the craft´s middlepart I estimate to about 4 meters, at the craft side´s about 1 meter, and the mast should be about 5 meter high. At the top of the mast it splits into four parts. Under the top of the mast i spot the lamp that emitted the strange violette light that I spotet from the trail. The lamp is pointing downward towards the craft and cover the whole craft like a "cheesebowl" with just a few meter of light "leaking" outside the craft. The light itself is sort of pulsating from the lamp, kinda like water from a fountain. And the strangest thing of all is that the light has a curved path. Where the light hits the ground or grass, is dissapear with a sparkling effect, like that of a sparkler. A smell, not to different from ozon is spreading throughout the air. Its like if an electric curtain has diped over the craft.

    The "body" and the cabin seems to be one piece. You can´t spot screws, studs or joint anywhere. Around the bellys rim on the craft there is a couple of holes, not unlike those found on turbines, pointing down and are covered with what loke like a damper.

    A few meter in front and outside the light´s circle, a man with a white dress on him, is standing. He is dressed like our astronauts is today. No matter how hard I look, I cant see any buttons, zippers or other "clothingattatchments". On his feets he has blue or black boots that wraps around his legs, around his waist he has a large blue or black belt, on his head something that looks like a rainhoodie or "windcheater hoodie" with the difference that it also covers the front of his face and are made of some transparent material. On his hand he got fingergloves. On his chest hangs something that looks like a folding camera, but other than that, there is no equipment. The man appears to be a guard. Where I am standing now I´m about 10meters from the craft, and about 7-8 meter from this man.

    The strange thing was, that when I approached the glade everyone turned to look at me. It was like if I was expected, but not wanted...

    On top of the craft by one of the windows there was an additional three men, evidently ocuppied by some kind of work. Right next to them, but below, I see two more men who is assisting and inside the lightcircle, turned towards me, there is three girls. All dressed the same way, in the same white dress, boots and belt. All the beings that are inside the light has the transparent face mask removed to the back of their heads.

    Gösta was now about 10 meters from the craft and maybe 7-8 meters from the guardpost. He could see that the men and women working on the craft had normal earthly featuers and the women, or rather, girls, had light or cendrécoloured hair, cut and managed in a modern manner. The mens hair Gösta never saw, because of the black hoodie they wore, kinda like the one tankdrivers have. From this hood there was something looking like earplugs and it looked like the men was talking to each other via these whitout moving their mouths. Suddenly something happened.

    "The man who was standing outside the light - which whom I now understand was serving as a guard - did a perfect stop sign with his hand raised. It is a sign that can not be missinterpried and I stoped. I still have my lamp on my head, but turned off. The guard point´s his "folding camera" looking thing against me, and I get the impression that he is about to take a picture of me. I think I hear a crack from my lamp on my head, that I have turned off, but don´t bother with that.

    "I´m about to take a few step closer to him, but he immidietly raises his hand and at the same time I hear a crack again from my lamp. I stand still, and the guard take a lap around the craft, allways on the outside of the light, the men and girls continue their work at the cabin....

    It is possible there is two guards, on the backside of the craft. This might explaine why there allways was a guard where I was.

    I feel just like a wild animal must feel  - there outside of the lightcircle  - like a safarihunter makes out in the bushes in the african night. Suddenly, a girl with dark curly hair steps down the ladder of the craft. In her hand she holds what looks like a bag and hands out cups to the men and girls.

    Everyone stops working a starts to drink from the cups.

    I get the impulse to step forward again and talk to them, but the guard once again raises his hand in line with my face and gives me the stop sign and everyone look at me with a seriousness in their faces. The guard too, like a police officer "this is as far as you get!" kinda look. He won´t take his eyes off from me for one second.

    It is like the "cheesecup/dome" of light scrrens of the craft from its surrondings and the guard is there to prevent anyone from entering it. Maybe the light would hurt me if I passed into it.

    When I take a step back, everyone continue their work and I feel slightly relieved. Two of th girls give me a beutifull smile and I can see their flashing white theeths. I can brag with almost never being afraid of anything, and I have spent enough time out in the woods to not belive in the devil or trolls. But this was something else.

    The people at the craft makes me think about folks from the pentecostal church or something similar. All are happy and glad. You get the impression that they hav´nt got a problem in the world, and what they had, they have solved allready.

    By the time I am standing there and watching, I can see the crew go in and out the craft, up the ladder next to the fin. When they do that, I observe how the two telescope legs moves up and down. They are spring loaded like the front wheel of an airplane.

    Just as I am about to take a step forward again, the girl with the dark curly hair steps outside the cabin again. In her hand she hold a bright shiny object which draws the atention from all the other in the crew. She takes a few step towards the outskirt of the lightdome and throws the object out with a quick motion. It falls right next to a little upslope.At the same time I hear a pearly happy girls laughter, and I realise this is the first time I hear a noise from them this whole time. But I have heard the crackling of twiggs by the gaurds feet on the grass which is spread all over the ground.

    The whole thing starts to be very surreal to me, and allthough I am one those person who has never tasted alchohol in any form, and can therefore not blame this on some kind of hallucination or some other kind of imagination, I decide to hike back to Skälderviksstrande and the come back to see if it is still here. It takes about 20minutes to get there. I take of my shoes and socks and wade out in the water to wet my feet just to make sure I´m not dreaming. It is freezing so I am awake allright.

    This begins to feel slightly fritgheening. I decide to walk along the beach for abit and take another path to the way back to the glade so that I come in from the "back" of the craft instead. When I am about half way there I got up on the sandhills/dunes again and sit down on a old fort to put my socks back on again and look at the direction from where I first saw the light. Where I am, there is dense youngforrest so I can´t see anything at all.

    Then, suddenly, I see a red light. At first I thought it was the moon rising, but after closer inspection, I realise that isn´t the case. Slowly, and majestic, the craft, wish I now see clearly, is rising. It´s almost like a ballon rising. Only a whining sound, like that of a vacuumcleaner can be heard. Higher and higher it goes with a halo of red light from the turbine holes under the craft. At about 400-500 meters altitude it slows down slightly, begins to pendle sideways a bit, I now see that the pole/mast is not up, and the two legs and the fin is nowhere to bee seen either.

    It is a little hazy outside now, but the whole manouver is clearly visible and the whole craft is illumintade by the red light and the cabin windows light. And then the craft tilts so it is now pointing slghtlu up or down towards the nightsky or the ground. The red light becomes more intense, and the craft shoots out with a tremendous speed, the red light turns into violette. The craft moves sideways from left to right and back again as it was searching for something, the light turns red again as the craft slows down for a bit, but the light turns to violette almost immediately and the craft is speeding again. Three times I watch the craft make the same thing before it finaly dissapears over Ängelholm.

    I stand still for a good ammount of time among the sanddunes and a quite disturbed by what I just had witnessed. We who lived through the second world war was used to see many new terrible weapons from both the allies and axis - reaplanes, atombombs, the Germans V1 and V2 bombs - that almost nothing suprised us anymore. Despite the war enden a year ago I was almost certain this was some secret but delayed weapon that "they" had kept testing. But had Hitler had one of these craft. surely he wouldn´t had lost the war.

    First severly years later when report of unindentified objects started to become more frequent, I started to make the connection between my observation and these new one. Maybe, it was´nt a secret weapon I had witnessed. Maybe not even a craft from this earth. ..This I can tell you, if the people I saw wasn´t from this planet and from some alien planet, there wasn´t much of a difference from human and them. Maybe alot more technically advanced than us, but other than that, like hight, looks and so on, if you took of their suits, I dont think you could tell the difference from them to us.

    I go back over the sanddunes to get to the usual way home. Landshövdinge-road is rough and hard to ride a bike on, so I walk a little, ride a little, walk a little and so on. It is now completely dark, so, to be able to see, I tried turning on my lamp. Allthough I flick the on switch, nothing happens. I screw off the bottom and take out the batteries. It feels hot, I figured a shortcircut had occured. For a moment I think of the guard and the strange cracking or flicking sound he made when he pointed the blach thing against me. But just seems to unreal for me. When I the day after put in some new batteries and tried the lamp, it worked lika a charm. Of course it could have a natural explanation, but it did occured during all this, because, I had it lit right up to when I went down towards the light when I shut it off because I wanted to sneak up to whomever it was there in the glade.

    It had never happened before, not after.

    When Gösta Carlsson continued along Landshövdinge-road home that night he followed the road and didn´t take any more trip out into the woods. When he lay down on his bed to get some sleep, he couldnt fall asleep. The incident in the woods had disturbed him too much, and his thoughs was on the strange craft and the crews. Before he finaly was able to sleep he decided that the first thing when he woke up was to head back to the glade.

    Early next morning, after a cup of coffe, Gösta took his bike and headed towards the beach. In a few minutes he was back where it all had happened. He had returned by one reason only; would there be any remains left from the craft, or crew?

    It was.

    When Gösta arrives to the glade just after 4am on the sunday morning a light rain begins to fall over Ängelholsmforrest. The sun is up since an hour ago and a lamp is not needed now. When he for the second time in under 6 hours jumps over the little hole withe the rainwater in it and follows the sandduned towards the glade his heartrate begins to rise. What will he find amongst the trees?

    This time he got a notebook and folding ruler. If there are any remains, he is prepared. He couldn´t be sure. And at first glance he was dissapointed. From afar he couldn´t see anything.

    - First when I got closer I saw the traces, he tells. The marks after the turbine holes was the most apparent trace. Where they where, the grass was burnt off completly. In a ring, about 3cm wide the sand was completely exposed. A greyish layer of ash was all that remained of the grass. The ring was that deep, just a couple of centimeters, so the liftoff couldn´t have had that kind of power as we are used to here on earth with our veichles. And that would be according to what I saw the truth. As what I witnessed wasn´t some known craft with any kind of propulsion system we know about.

    Beside the burned ring, Gösta also observed the markings after the fin and the two landinglegs. A few meters away, the branches on the pine that was closest to the craft is burned off. And some was covered in black ash, a couple of years later they wither and dies.

    Gösta measure the place and take note of the sizes of the circles. He make a crude sketch and estimate that the craft was 16meter in diameter. The prints from the two landinggears has a diameter of about 90cm.

    Further, you could see bootprints in the grass. Nothing spectacular, the sole of the boot is solid, with a rifle grove pattern. The lenght dont deviate either, Gösta mesure it to be about the size of 39-44m.

    The boot prints is located in a quarter circle from north to east off of the burned mark.

    But there is more findings.

    - Just as I was about to leave, I remembered the shiny object the girls had thrown away. I remembered the spot it landed in. When I looked for it, I saw somethin glimmering in the grass and lifted up what looked like shiny staff made of what it looked like, violette quartz, about 4 cm thick, 5cm wide, and about 12 cm tall. It had rounded corners and was burned and smelted in the other end.

    A few decimeter from there I found a ring with the size about 17 in some kind of a greenish metal and a beutifull stone in it. It did´nt look like our modern rings, this one was
    There where a couple of "X" markings on it, which I guess was kinda like initials. My first thought was that someone had dropped it and I should turn it in to the police, but I later connected it to the craft.

    Inside the lightdome, close to the burned pine, Gösta finds two of the cups the woman had served the crew. He picks them up and note the strange looks with the bent pip, almost like an old oillamp. When he shakes it he can clearly hear that it still is some liquid content inside it. With his findings in his pockets he starts to ride his bike home to write a report to the authorities. But, the report to Försvarsstaben (swedish defence staff) never gets sent away. Other, more strange, happenings stops him from doing so.

    - When I got home to show my wife my findings, the first thing she said to me was "But, you´re face is all yellow" I looked in the mirror, and right she was. I was all yellow. What was going on? For a moment I started to get really worried. Maybe I had touch on something dangerous. But then I saw that my coat also was yellow. And I could wash it off easily with just tapwater. I took some of it and put it under my microscope. Phew, it was pollen. And I knew from where too, the birches of course. The branches had scratch my face on my way to the glade.

    - It was about at that time I started to figure out a method, which succeded over my expectation, and made it able for me and my company I started in 1952 to gather pollen in an almost unlimited quantity, and made it possible for me to make a medical product solely based on a resource that has been around for all eternity but never been thought of. So yes, sometime i polish my quartzstaff a little (Sorry but I just hade to lol that one /Netlas OP) and think about the strange happening, the strange men and girls, and wonder where they could have come from, where were they headed, and will they come back.

    What happened to Gösta Carlsson in the grassglade these hours between may the 18-th and 19th 1946 would led to a series of unexplanied happenings. Gösta started to have vivid dreams in the nights, dreams that just maybe wasn´t dreams. Dreams that brought him back to the strange people he saw that night.




    There was a particularly interesting and pretty much forgotten case which got its own small article. This was "The Ivinghoe Flying Saucer" of February 1962, Aston Clinton, UK. The witness' drawings of the incident are at the left. The one witness was driving home at 3:30AM, when he spotted an low-hanging UFO [30 foot above ground or less] hovering above the road. It was oval shaped with squared dark marks around the disk edge. Its diameter was 40 feet. As he closed to twenty feet away, his car engine lost revs and no amount of "flooring it" made any difference. His lights, however, did not fade. Changing gears made no difference. The object paced his laboring car for 200 yards, when a white haze appeared to envelope it ["like a halo around the Moon"]. He knew that this thing was solid because his headlights reflected from it. The craft then veered sharply right whisking frost from trees as it passed nearby, and vanished with terrific acceleration. The witness went to the police, who assessed him as sober and sensible, and apparently convinced of the truth of his claim. UFO researchers met with him and walked the sighting area. No radiation was found, but several iron-containing objects were found to be "highly magnetic", which the team found interesting but not "conclusive" as there was no way to connect the remanent magnetism to the event. It's too bad that this was a single-witness case but it has the "feel" of a good one, nevertheless.


    Disc Zooms Down Snake River Canyon, Idaho

    Date: August 13, 1947
    Location: Snake River Canyon, Idaho, United States

    A farmer and his two sons, were at his fishing camp on August 13, 1947. He noticed an object some 300 feet away, 75 feet above the ground. It was edge hopping, following the contour of the ground, was sky blue, about 20 feet in diameter and 10 feet thick, and had pods on the side from which flames were shooting out. It made a swishing sound.


    Twin Falls Times News, (Twin Falls, Idaho) August 15th, 1947

    Flying Saucer Reported Flashing Down Canyon At 100 Miles Per Hour - Two Others Seen

    Twin Falls Times News
    By John Brosnan
    August 15th, 1947

    Just as Magic Valley and the nation were starting to let go of lampposts after reeling under a weiter of flying saucer reports, two more Twin Falls county men revived speculation on the mystery with vivid descriptions of discs they saw.

    From A. C. Urie, who operates the Auger Falls Trout Farm, six miles west of Blue Lakes Ranch to Snake River Canyon, came perhaps the most detailed account of any of the fast flying objects the nation has yet produced.

    The flying saucer Urie saw was skimming along through Snake River Canyon at a height of about 75 feet at 1:00 pm Wednesday. At 9:30 am the same day, L. W. Hawkins, Twin Falls county commissioner and former county sheriff, also saw two circular objects soaring along at great speeds near Salmon Dam 40 miles south west of Twin Falls.

    Here is Urie's eye-witness description of the flying discs, seen by him and his son, Keith, 8, and Billy,10:

    "I obtained a close-up view of the flying saucer as it passed the trout farm at 1:00pm August 13th going down Snake River Canyon at a height of about 75 feet from the canyon floor. I would estimate the speed about a 100 miles per hour."

    Urie explained that the incident occurred while the two boys were coming across the river from the north side in a boat. He had become concerned about what was delaying them, and walked toward the river to see if they were all right.

    "I had a side view of a distance of about 300 feet and almost was level with the thing," he continued. "Two of my boys, Keith and Billy were below me and they also saw it at about a right angle. They both a lower and a side view, and we and we were staring at it from the north side of the facing toward the north. The boys saw it coming from about a half a mile up the canyon, and we all lost site of it in less then a mile."

    While the the impression was still vivid in their minds, the three all got together and made rough sketches of what they had seen. These inturn were the basis of the artist conception of the strange affair by Vic Goertson of Twin Falls for the Times-News.

    "The canyon floor underneath at that particular point was that it rode up and down over the hills and hollows at a speed indicating some type of control faster then the reflexes of man. It is my opinion it is guided by some type of instruments and must be powered by atomic energy, as it made very little noise-just a s-w-i-s-h when it passed by."

    Urie described the size as about 20 feet long by 10 feet high and 10 feet wide, giving it an oblong shape. It might be described as looking at an inverted pie-plate, or broad-brimmed straw hat that been compressed from two sides.

    Pressed for his opinion of just what it was, he said he was convinced there was something to this "flying saucer" situation. "I know a number of people who have also seen them, and I know now that they're not just imagining seeing these things or trying to get their names in the paper.

    "I do know that it scared the boys, and made me feel uneasy," he added.

    Tracing down a rumor that county commissioner Hawkins had seen an unusual object in the air on the same day as Urie's experience, the Times-News called him at his Filer home.

    "Yes I did," he replied without hesitation. "I'll have to admit, I've been skeptical all along until I saw it with my own eyes.I can't say what it was, but I can say there is something in the air."

    Hawkins related that while at Salmon dam Wednesday morning, a sound resembling that of an echo of a motor caused him to look upward, and there he saw to circular objects that reflected light. They were traveling at a great speed, and higher then most airplanes, according to Hawkins.

    Aside from this, he declined to add details, except to say, "there's something in the air."

    His general description however, corresponded closely to hundreds of persons who reported seeing "flying saucers" after Kenneth Arnold, Boise business man, touched a deluge by telling of coming upon nine disc-like objects while he was flying in his private plane in Washington.

    Thereafter the nation became increasingly "flying saucer" conscious creating a state of mind for four teen age Twin Falls boys to cause a mild sensation when they built a model flying disc and tossed in a local yard July 10th. The was subsequently revealed as a hoax, following the investigation by the army and the FBI.

    There after the saucer reports tapered off into a few scattered incidents until the question was revived by this weeks occurrences.

    Speculation has ranged from mention that the discs could be army navy guided missile experiments, or they could be experiments by some foreign country, to something out of this world.

    What ever they are, alot of people have seen something.


    Valensole, France - 1 July 1965

    Farmer Maurice Masse meets UFOnauts.

    One morning in July 1965 Maurice Masse of Valensole, France, encountered figures and a UFO in a field.
    Mary Evans Picture Library


    Comparison of reported UFO configurations (APRO, NICAP, UFORIC)


    INVESTIGATIVE NOTE. The drawings which have a check mark next to them depict objects which were reported to have changed colour before flying.


    The character of the reports
    17 October 1973, Bucks County, South/Eastern Pennsylvania
        It was 8:20 p.m. at the Bristol Township Police Headquarters as Officer Evans stepped outside to routinely inspect the canine training area. Suddenly, a strange glowing object streaked across the night-time sky and abruptly halted. As Evans watched in amazement, the red glow of the object slowly subsided and the outline of a silvery disc appeared. It was a UFO! Still watching over his shoulder, Evans ran to his office and quickly burst into his locker in search of a pair of binoculars: upon returning to the grounds, the officer found the alien craft still hanging there, absolutely motionless, over the Blue Ridge section of Levittown. As he peered through his 10×50s, he noticed that this was a flying machine of most unusual design, totally unlike anything he had ever seen before.
        It looked like a big metallic cigar, he thought, had no wings or stabilisers, and it sported a red light on one end and a white light on the other. These flashed at a much slower rate than those of conventional aircraft, and he noticed a row of white lights, or windows situated along the thing's central edge. Abruptly, from a groove or tube positioned just beneath the windows, a red-orange glow emanated and quickly engulfed the craft's entire underside, casting a brilliant aura about 30 to 50 feet below the object.
        Then, like a tracer bullet, it sped away toward the turnpike and suddenly stopped again, hanging there in the sky as its crimson glow appeared to dissipate once more.
        Then the UFO suddenly flared up again as it zipped along in the direction of Route 13 and, after pausing at that location for a second or two, the UFO started up once more and skirted a parallel course with Bath Road.
        At this point, the officer realised that a curiously misshapen box-like aerial pattern was being flown. Evans raced back to the K-9 office and excitedly phoned his wife, for they resided nearby and she came running across the field and joined him at the bleacher section of the training area in a matter of minutes. While in each other's embrace, they stood watching in total fascination as a second craft (which looked exactly like the first UFO) suddenly came into view. At this point, both UFOs began flying in parallel formation performing even more odd patterns in the sky and, in what could only be called a spectacular finish, the gleaming discs flew in and out across each other's path, as if weaving a zigzag aerial trail.

    UFORIC drawing based on the description and sketch of the object which Officer Evans observed on 17 October 1973. (Dark area indicates the glowing red underside of the object.)


    UFORIC drawing based on the description and sketch of the object which Officer Pratt observed on 10 November 1973


    Date: April 24, 1964. Location: Newark Valley, New York. Witness: Gary T. Wilcox

    Gary T. Wilcox i USA who had an encounter with a similar craft earlier the same day, Friday 24th of April 1964.

    “At about 10 a.m., on April 24, 1964, a 27-year-old farmer named Gary Wilcox was out in one of the fields of his 300-acre farm spreading manure at Newark Valley, New York, when he noticed something unusual over by the edge of the woods. Curious, he drove his tractor over for a closer look.”




    Date of sighting:  January 8, 2008

    Location of sighting: Stephenville, Texas, USA

    Source: Associated Press, January 15, 2008

    Dozens Report UFO Over Texas Town

    Many, Including Pilot, Constable Describe Similar Huge Craft Flying Low Over Stephenville



    Police officer observes and photographs disc in Colfax, Wisconsin

    Date of sighting: April 19, 1978

    Location of sighting: Colfax, Wisconsin, USA

    On April 19, 1978, police officer Mark Coltrane was on patrol in the vicinity of Colfax, a small town with a thousands of inhabitants in Wisconsin, USA. At midday, he decided to stop the car to eat something, in a small isolated area. He noted that his radio was emitting crackles.

    He then noticed a metalic looking disc raising towards the the sky at a short distance from the parking space.

    While the object seemed to move towards him, Coltrane picked up his Polaroid camera, came out of the car and snapped some photographs. The object was so close in one of the images that it is possible to notice some details of its lower surface.

    In [the second] photograph the object is starting to move away.

    The total observation lasted a few minutes, the object being being lost from his sight when it accelerated and fled in the distance.

    Coltrane, shocked by the sighting, remained in amazement for two hours without saying anything, by fear of being ridiculed when he would have to submit his report to his chiefs.



    Disc landing in reservoir, part of series of sightings in New Jersey

    Date of sighting: September 15, 1962

    Location of sighting: Oradell, New Jersey, USA


    A series of New Jersey police sightings after a reported disc landing in a reservoir – important because police and several newspapers openly rejected an attempted “hoax” explanation.

    The action began on September 15. At 5 p.m., two shiny discs were seen over Oradell, N.J. At 6 p.m., two shiny round UFOs were sighted by former Navy flying officer J. J. McVickers, just across the state line. At 7:50, NICAP member Victor Cipolla saw a glowing object descend toward Oradell, and other witnesses saw it dart back and forth near the reservoir. At 7:55, three teen-aged boys saw a bright oval-shaped ob ject land in the reservoir, with a loud splash. A man working nearby also heard the splash, according to police. After a moment the strange device took off, climbed silently at high speed.

    As McGuire AFB began an investigation, new reports came in. On September 21, four Hawthorne police officers watched a device with two beams like headlights hover over a quarry. Officer George Jediny, in a report to NICAP, said the UFO – which he sketched as a disc – seemed to revolve. The quarry night watchman, Wm. Stocks, said the UFO had also appeared the night before. When he drove a Jeep nearer to check up, the object maneuvered to keep out of the headlights. (Similar reaction often reported. )

    Just after midnight, September 24, the same or a similar device was seen over the quarry by over a dozen Hawthorne police officers and the chief reporter of the N. J. State Press, George Della Penta. When a police-car spotlight was pointed up at the UFO, it began to move. Before it left, Mr. Della Penta shot 18 feet of color film. (Analysis not completed. )

    Later, Oradell police received a letter signed “The Bergenfield Pranksters,” purporting to be from some boys who said they faked the sightings with aluminum-coated model aircraft supported by helium balloons. This was promptly rejected by the police and newspapers that checked the facts, among them:

    The Newark Evening News, Science Writer Philip Del Vecchio. “It would have been impossible for them (the Bergen County boys) to put their model planes so high that they could be seen in Hawthorne… No object such as they could have put together could have moved at the lightning speeds attributed to the UFO. The light.., could not have been produced by amateurs. This newspaper makes an appeal to other residents …with the assurance that reports will be treated with dignity.

    The Hawthorne Observer, rebuking those who accepted an unsigned letter from a town miles away, said it was time to treat the reports seriously.

    The Riverdale Sunday Trend: “Suppose the real hoax is the letter purporting to explain the whole thing?”

    The Hawthorne News Record: “To imply so flippantly that our police officers spent almost half an hour looking at a balloon and then watched it speed away at an incredible rate – all in quite an opposite direction from Oradell–is insulting.”

    The Newark Sunday News: “Flying saucers are still a big mystery…are seen with great regularity by sane and logical inhabitants of the planet Earth. What they are and where they come from and what their mission is has not yet been satisfactorily explained.”

    Regardless of the final outcome, these New Jersey sightings have shown that an increasing number of newspapers no longer accept quick brush-off answers to sightings by competent witnesses.            



    Waves (or flaps) of reported UFO activity are particularly challenging to the UFO investigator because the number of reports that require his or her immediate attention puts a strain on the investigator's time and skills as well as those of their assistants.
        UFO flaps, like a number of simultaneous house fire incidents, are filled with a high emotional charge, much confusion, and the excitement of the moment - so, it's after the reports subside that the UFO researcher (much like a fire investigator) has the opportunity to sift through the data that they have gathered in an attempt to determine exactly what might have happened. The result is that an unemotional "holistic" report is created, along with a far more "objective" estimate of the UFO situation.


    September 1977; Parkstone, Dorset, UK:


    July 13, 1959, Blenheim, New Zealand:


    January 1, 1970; Duncan, B.C., Canada:


    April 16,1974, Casale Monferrato, Italy:


    May 3, 1975, San Antonio, Texas:


    Gnome - Imjarvi, Finland,Jan 7 1970.


    Humanoids - Bolton, Lancashire, November 1926.


    Humanoid - Tioga City, USA, April 24 1964.ğ


    Hairy Dwarf - Venezuela, Dec 1954.


    Isla de Lobos,Uruguay - October 28, 1972.


    Lima, Peru -February 1947:


    Sao Paulo, Brazil - July 23, 1947:


    Italy - August 1947:


    East Germany - July 1952:


    Valenciennes, France - September 10, 1954:


    Belo Horizonte, Brazil - August 28, 1963:

    The extraterrestrial case of the "Sagrada Familia" neighborhood, Brazil of 1963

    Considered a Brazilian classic, this case occurred on August 28, 1963, in the Sagrada Familia neighborhood of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais (Brazil), and was researched by the Brazilian ufology group CICOANI.

    The three boys Fernando, Ronaldo and José Marcos went out to the backyard after dinner with the specific purpose of washing the coffee strainer in a water barrel (used to be a metal barrel of gasoline), next to the cistern. José, the youngest one seven years old at the time, quickly went to the water barrel where he completely lowered his head and arms inside the barrel to collect water with a bottle he had in his hand.
    Then right behind him came Ronaldo who suddenly noticed a strange "glow" in the backyard. When he looked up to see what was causing the unusual brightness, he came across with a spherical object. The object was illuminated internally and its walls were transparent. The object was stationary and hovered over an avocado tree. Its distance from the boys was about eight meters (26 feet). Its size was estimated to be around three and a half meters (12 feet) in diameter. On top of the UFO was a sort of V-shaped antenna, each rod had a small ball at its upper end. In the middle, there was another kind of smaller vertical antenna.

    Due to its transparency, four beings became visible that looked quite like us, excluding a curious detail: instead of two eyes, they had a single eye in the middle of the forehead - just like a cyclops. At least one of them was a woman, because unlike the other three who had no hair, this alien had blonde hair neatly combed back. They were all seating on stools that had a single leg. The seats were arranged in a way so that one would be in front, two in the middle and one behind. Ahead of the front seat was a console that seemed to be the control panel of the craft.


    In a few seconds, after Ronaldo’s observation, the object emitted downward two beams of yellow light, forming two columns of light. Then between these two beams of light descended one of the aliens, floating slowly down. The creature began to walk toward the cistern where the child José remained with his head inside the barrel collecting water. Apparently, José was not aware of what was happening. When the creature was at a distance of about two meters (6½ feet) from José, he extended his arm making it clear that his intentions were at least to touch him. But Fernando got desperate and interpreted that as an aggression or that he was going to kidnap José.


    Without hesitation, Fernando ran and jumped on the child José, knocking him to the ground and stood before that strange being. Instantly, the alien withdrew and made a series of gestures to Fernando with his hands, which were accompanied by head movements. The creature began to speak several completely unintelligible words. Then the alien sat on the edge of the cistern facing the UFO, which remained hovering at low level.

    Since this one eyed being had given his back to Fernando, he grabbed a brick from the ground and managed to raise his arm to throw it at the creature. But, immediately, the alien got up and went toward Fernando. A yellow beam of light shot out of a small rectangle that was on the chest area of his clothes and was projected well on the hand that Fernando held the brick. The brick fell to the ground and, inexplicably, the three boys were tranquil and completely calm instead of running and screaming for help.
    And the alien stood there in front of the three boys, talking continuously in a language totally incomprehensible. And it was at this time that the boys could observe the creature well. The being was over two meters tall and had only one big eye in the middle of the forehead. His eye was dark, without sclera and placed on the base of the nose. The possibility existed that it was the pupil, because it stood out for being darker. Above the eye was a mark that seemed to be the eyebrow. His face was completely red. It was possible to see some teeth while the alien opened his mouth to speak. He wore a kind of diving suit and had his head wrapped in a round and transparent helmet, whereby his face was clearly visible. The clothes that the alien was using were brown to the waist, white to the knees and then black below (as if it were a kind of boots). His clothing seemed to be made of leather or something similar and had several "wrinkles" in parts corresponding to the limbs and the chest. Even so, the boys reported that there was a "copper" colored box placed on his back.

    A little later, the alien made a gesture slowly raising his hand and pointed to the moon, as if indicating that he was about to take a trip to our natural satellite. Shortly thereafter, the alien walked toward the UFO. When José Marcos saw that he was walking away, he asked him, "Will you return?" Surprisingly, the alien turned and nodded his head up and down, as if agreeing with what the boy had asked him. Then quickly, turned around again and continued walking towards the UFO. But before he got to the craft, the alien bent down and picked up a plant from ground with his left hand. When he finally came to the exact spot where he had floated toward to the ground, he waved his hand and the two columns of yellow light reappeared. As in his arrival, the being began to float slowly rising towards the craft. Once inside the UFO, the alien again sat down with others. Finally, the craft issued a glow and flew silently toward the east, fading and then disappeared.



    Only after the craft disappeared, the boys ran into the house screaming and calling for their mother. Dona Maria José, the boys’ mother, was alarmed by the appearance of her terrified children and sent a girl to a nearby bar to get her husband, Mr. Alcides Gualberto. He, in turn, came immediately to see what had happened. Mr. Alcides Gualberto found that there were small triangular marks on the ground of the backyard precisely on the path that the children claimed that the alien cyclops had made. The children were very frightened and refused to return to the backyard for several days.

    The above was compiled from several Brazilian sources and translated from Brazilian Portuguese to English by Nelson C. Rivera (PRUFON).



    Argentina - October 12, 1963:


    Aveyron, France - January 11, 1967:


    Pilar da Goias, Brazil - August 13, 1967:


    Zafra, Spain - 1968:


    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The Walter Rizzi Alien Contact – Most Fascinating Case You’ll Ever Read – Rizzi Begged Aliens To Go With Them
    The Walter Rizzi Alien Contact – Most Fascinating Case You’ll Ever Read – Rizzi Begged Aliens To Go With Them


    The Walter Rizzi Contact:


    Location: Grodner Pass, Dolomite Mountains, Italy
    Date: July 1968 Time: 01:00 a.m.

    The witness, Walter Rizzi, had been working with a Bolzano firm, as their representative for all Southern Tyrol. Since he had been born in the Dolomite Mountains himself (in Campitello di Fassa) it had always given him great pleasure to travel around in this region, and thus it came about that he had his UFO experience, one night in July of that year. He had spent the evening in the company of a Dutch girl who was holidaying at St. Kassian in the Gader Valley. He said goodbye to her at midnight and decided to go via the Grodner Pass and the Stella Pass to Campitello, where his aunt managed a Sporthotel. The weather that night was not very good. The sky was overcast with very thick, heavy clouds, and only rarely did he catch a glimpse of any stars. At times the road went through banks of mist which enveloped the mountains, so that he had to drive very slowly and stop to take his bearings repeatedly. Several times he had been within meters of driving off the road and over the edge so finally he decided that, at the first favorable opportunity, he would pull up and park beside the road and try to get a little sleep. After going over the Grodner Pass he came to a spot where there was a heap of sand beside the road, and he decided to stop near there. He lowered his seat so as to recline. It was about one o’clock and he was very tired and badly in need of sleep. Then suddenly he found himself awake again, and he smelt a strong odor as though from something burning. At once he thought his Fiat 600 must be on fire, or maybe he had a short circuit somewhere in the wiring. He jumped out of the car quickly and with his flashlight made a checkup but found everything in perfect order. As he was walking around the car he caught sight of a light, about 500 meters or so it seemed, further on downhill, on the other side of the road, shining through the mist. It looked like the light from the terrace of some hotel, and this made him wonder, for he knew very well indeed there were no hotels whatsoever in that area, and no houses either, the whole place being quite uninhabited. He knew the whole area like the inside of his trouser pockets, as he must have been through there a good thousand times in his life. Then the bank of mist parted, and he saw an enormous thing there with a very queer white light. His heart started to beat madly, and simultaneously he recalled his meeting with a strange hermit during his time in the Italian Army in 1942.

    Dolomite Mountains, Italy - July 1968:

    At the time of the meeting he was serving as an interpreter between the Italian and German Air Forces, and was stationed at the Gadurra airfield on the Greek Island of Rhodes. The civilian population of Rhodes was suffering extreme privation at the time, and almost daily a little Greek girl about ten years old came to Walter to beg for a piece of bread. He enjoyed a good deal of freedom in his job, for he was always with the senior officers, and in actual fact they did not have any control over him, as one time he would be at the German headquarters and at another time with the Italians. Consequently he had quite a lot of free time, and he was able to fix it for the little girl with the angel face to have some good food from the Mess. One day he asked her whether he took all the food home, and how many brothers and sisters there were in the family. She explained that she had only her parents and that she gave half the food to a Holy Man who had been living in the mountains for more than a hundred years and never came down into the valley, and she said she was the only person permitted to take food to him and talk to him. It took him many weeks before he could persuade her to take him to the see the Holy Man, and when he first set eyes on him he was struck by his thinness. His skin was all wrinkled like a shrunken apple, he was almost stark naked with very long hair and beard, and his eyes were pitch black and shining. He did not extend his hand to Walter in greeting, but did it by raising his hand in the air. His look went right through the witness and he said to him, “Esi kala” meaning; “You are good.” And so it came to pass that Walter spent a lot of time with the old hermit, sometimes for even as much as two or three days in a row. In order to absent himself for so long without anyone going to look for him, he would go the Italian Headquarters and tell them he had to go over with the Germans who needed him and then would tell the Germans the same thing about the Italians.

    The hermit told him he was over a hundred years old, and he taught him how to read the most important signs from the palm of the hand, and how to tell a person’s character from his face, and he also taught him a prayer in magical ancient Greek, words which had always to be pronounced at precisely the same time of the day and in trance. This was, he explained, good for purifying the spirit and for achieving a positive influence in the Cosmic Magnetic Field. Once a month the old hermit retired into isolation and remained immobile like a statue for two days.

    He told Rizzi that he was able to travel through the Universe, and there were countless numbers of planets far distant from our solar system and inhabited by completely different creatures. He prophesized that Rizzi would one day meet beings from the Cosmos and that they would provide him with the assurance and the certainty of the existence of life throughout the Universe. Rizzi asked him to tell him more about his future, and he said that the “voice of your conscience is already seeking for the Light, and that all he needed to do was to carry on along the same path.” He told him that once he had attained perfect concentration in the prayer that he had taught him, he would be able to give me a sign of his presence, and this would be simply by means of a powerful odor. Finally after many years, Rizzi did manage, every three or four months or so, to reach such concentration that, wherever he might be, he would receive a strong smell of roses and lilies of the valley.

    Returning to the matter of the enormous object, Rizzi was instantly convinced that the moment had now come that had been foretold by the old hermit. The ground sloped away down from the side of the road and as it was very dark he had to take his flashlight. Treading with great care, he made his way down to the level area where the huge object was standing, and as he got closer he could see it more and more clearly. There was now another break in the belt of mist and his heart started beating madly. He could feel the veins in his neck greatly swollen, but he had no fear, he was merely terribly excited.
    The object was wonderfully beautiful, silvery in color, and about 80 meters in diameter, standing on three legs about two meters long and about two meters thick at the bottom. The UFO was bathed in a fleecy white light, and the burning smell that had awakened Rizzi was intense and overwhelming. When he got to a distance of about three meters from the object, he felt himself suddenly halted, blocked with a sensation that his body weighed 1,000 kilos. He could not move another inch and found that great effort was needed to breathe. The transparent cupola on the top of the craft now lit up brightly and he saw two beings in it that were looking down at him. On the right hand side of the machine there was a robot, about 2 ½ meters high, and with three legs and four arms. It was holding the outside of the craft and making it rotate. From the center of the craft came a beam of light about 2 meters wide and alternating between violet and orange in color. And from within this beam of light he saw coming down out of the craft a being dressed in a tight-fitting suit and with a glass helmet over his head. This being was about 1m 60cms in height. He came right up to Rizzi, until he was no more than one meter from him and raised the right hand in greeting just as ‘the old hermit had done’.

    The being had very beautiful eyes, which gave Rizzi a strange and very sweet sensation. He felt himself as free and as light as a feather. At the same time he also felt quite calm and he gazed at the humanoid eagerly. He was very similar to a human. The glass helmet started at his shoulders and encompassed the entire head. In Italian, Rizzi asked the humanoid where he came from, and no sooner had he said it, that he already had the answer inside his brain, as though he had always known it. The planet from which he had come is far distant from our Galaxy, and is ten times the size of our Earth and has two suns, one large and one smaller. Their day is far longer than ours. One third of it is less bright than the rest, and their night itself is very brief. The vegetation there resembles Earth. There are very high mountains, and immensely tall trees. They have two icy poles as we do, and desolate rocky zones. They also have animals that resemble ours but of different structures and sizes.

    Then the thought came to Rizzi to ask them how they lived, and what they eat, and straight away he had the answer. The being’s mouth had moved slightly, but Rizzi heard no voice, and he believes the being used telepathy. The alien told Rizzi that they did not work, everything being automatic. They are all equal, and each has whatever he wants. There are also ape-like creatures there that perform certain work tasks, planting fruit and vegetables and reaping the crops, and so on. After Rizzi had study the alien very thoroughly from head to toe, the alien made him understand that this type of structure was the one best suited for life on his particular planet. The upper part of his head was wider than ours, because their brain is twice the size of our brain, and they make use of the whole of it. Merely by means of thought and by the emanation of waves of energy they are able to do things that we cannot even imagine. As his head and neck were completely visible under the glass helmet, Rizzi was able to examine him closely. His hair was quite short, and of the shade of a light colored beaver—-resembling fur. His eyes were beautiful, set further apart than ours and slanting slightly upwards at the outer corners and shaped rather like cat’s eyes. The area of the eye that is white in humans was chestnut color on the alien. The pupils themselves resembled ours, but their color was green, with blue reflections. In the center of their pupils there was a black spot which from time to time changed shape and became long and narrow. The alien’s nose was very small, also like a cat. His lips were small and thin, when he laughed no individual teeth were visible, but simply two very white uniform rows. The alien told Rizzi that they had no use for teeth, since they were not flesh eaters. The alien said that we, on the other hand have the body-structure of animals. Their food is fruit, vegetables and seed grain. Furthermore they possess devices which store up energy, and there is no sickness among them. The being’s skin was smooth and of clear olive-green shade, looking as though made of rubber, there was not a single wrinkle to be seen on his neck. Rizzi felt the urge to ask him why he had an olive-green skin and he told him that the color which he was now seeing was not the true one “because the system of the magnetic content of the color was not the same as with them.” Rizzi did not understand this (?).

    His shoulders were very broad and he had a very slim middle part to his body. Rizzi also had a look at his feet and arms. They were a little bit different from ours. The part of the leg running from the back-quarters of the body to the knee was considerably longer than the part below the knee, and it seemed to Rizzi furthermore that the feet were somewhat shaped like that of a horse’s hoof. The upper part of the arm was also longer than the lower part. Rizzi did not have a good view of the hands and had the impression that the alien was wearing gloves. His fingers must have been very long. He told Rizzi that their organism was less complicated than ours. They have only one digestive tract, and lack all the entrails that humans have. But their heart and lungs were very highly developed, since they required a great deal of oxygen to nourish the brain and to purify the fluid which flows in their veins and which, has a composition different from our blood. Furthermore they possess very powerful muscles, required as a result of the great atmospheric pressure on their planet. In fact when he came down from his machine, he came toward Rizzi using a hopping gait, just like the astronauts who landed on the Moon. This being due to the fact that our atmospheric pressure is much less, and also to the fact that their composition is different from ours. Rizzi was still fascinated by the being’s beautiful eyes and wanted to ask whether he was a man or a woman. His eyes glowed more brightly for an instant and he smiled, and he gave Rizzi to understand that he was neither, and that when they desired to propagate themselves they do not couple as animals do.
    Since he was only a meter distant from the being, he tried twice to touch him, but was instantly prevented. Meanwhile the robot was still at work on the other side of the object. It was like a ring, sticking out to a distance of two meters and two meters high. It frequently bet down towards the ground and its central part became sharp-pointed while one half moved towards one side and the other half towards the other side. Rizzi was about to ask the being whether that part of the robot that formed a sharp point was for the purpose of splitting meteorites flying at tremendous speeds against their ship. The being laughed again and made Rizzi understand that their preferred to disintegrate or ‘displace’ them. He said that the outer ring was used by them only when they sought to enter the atmospheres of other planets for the purpose of being able to remain there for a certain length of time. He added that in the depths of space they travel in their Mother-Ship, which remains outside of a magnetic field.

    Their mother ship is propelled by a different sort of energy. It is of the same shape of their craft, but is merely far, far bigger; Rizzi thinks the alien said that it had a diameter of five ‘kilometers’. The mother ship carries many more of the smaller craft, in addition to their own, and it also has very small type of unmanned craft (or drone) which is sent out to gather information. These are operated by a particular sort of magnetic drive. When not in an atmosphere these small drones are subject to no particular speed limit, and they suffer no effects from attraction or temperatures, etc. The alien said that aboard the mother-ship hundreds of their type of beings are living just as they do on their home planet. He said that they fly along ‘neutral channels’ which exist in the intermediate stretches of space. This is done in order to avoid being drawn into the magnetic fields of other planets or encountering meteorites or ‘dead planets’. Rizzi asked what sort of defensive weapons they had, to which the alien replied that they can disintegrate anything, even at great distances. He motioned Rizzi to pick up a stone that was lying about two meters from him. Rizzi picked it up and was told to attempt to throw the stone—which weighed about a kilogram—at the cupola of the UFO. Rizzi swung himself around twice to develop a better throwing speed and hurled the stone with all his strength at the cupola whereupon a whitish-lilac colored beam of light shot out from it and the stone exploded with a dull report and Rizzi did not even see a single fragment fall to the ground.

    Rizzi then asked why they were not willing to help us with their technology and remain in our planet and also how long it would be before we had their kind of technology. The alien made Rizzi understand that, firstly, they are not allowed to interfere in the development of another planet, and that the time they spend in our solar system makes them age far too rapidly. Secondly, he said that we would never reach their level of evolution, since the crust of our planet is far too variable and that in the near future there will be a displacement of the poles. In the process of adjustment to this Polar Shift, an enormous crack would develop in the surface of our planet and this would entail an upheaval on the Earth that would destroy 80% of all living things here, leaving the survivors to carry on, on a habitable strip of the planet. At this point Rizzi asked the alien if he believed in God, he seemed a bit surprised at the question, but made Rizzi understand with a cosmic turn of phrase that ‘everything’ is God—we, nature, the planets, rocks, grass—in fact everything that exists, Rizzi also asked them how they die and to what age do they live, the alien replied that they die when the cosmic energy within them runs out and that they live about a hundred times longer than we do, reckoning on the basis of our planetary time cycle.

    Meanwhile the robot had stopped working. It became smaller, the cylinder grew narrower and moved towards the center of the UFO, where an orange light came on, and it went into the craft as though floating. Consequently, Rizzi understood that they were leaving. Then the other being in the cupola signaled to Rizzi in salutation. He did not have a very clear view of him, but he looked the same as the one standing beside him. During the whole time that Rizzi had been talking with the being, the object had been enveloped in a fleecy white light which threw no shadows and did not hurt the eyes. He now asked the being whether he could give him something of theirs. He said no, since it would be harmful to Rizzi. Rizzi was so fascinated with this being that he asked him whether he could take him with them, saying that it would be all the same to him whether or not he ever returned. Then he was overcome by a great wave of emotion at the mere thought that he would not see them again and he started to weep. He even knelt down and begged the alien to be taken with them, he tried to put his arms around him but every time he did so he was stopped. The alien then motion to Rizzi to stand up, his eyes then glowed with a strange light which sent a feeling of warmth right through Rizzi’s body. The alien made Rizzi understand that he was very brave and that he had been lucky on two counts: firstly if he had gone as much as one meter closer to their craft he would have been disintegrated. But as they had been controlling the ring, their magnetic field had not been permitted to extend beyond the diameter of the craft. Secondly, he had been lucky to see them at such close quarters and to be able to talk to them. But that neither he nor any being from this Earth can be with them, and even less, travel with them in their spacecraft. The alien then raised his arm in a greeting, just like in the beginning of the encounter and Rizzi was flung far away from the object by a powerful force, while the being, returning to the machine disappeared into the brightly lit ring. Up in the cupola the other being waved to Rizzi with his long arms. The white light of the object was now growing dimmer, and meanwhile this force which he had just mentioned had continued to push him away until he was at a distance of some 300 meters or so, where he found that he once more was able to move freely. The light from the cupola had now turned to violet. The outside of the craft was violet also, with transitions now and then to orange. At this point the machine was making a noise like a circular saw being started up. It began to move, and rose to about two or three meters or so above the ground, and Rizzi watched the three legs, one after the other, being retracted. The violet light was now growing steadily whiter, until at last it was totally white. Then he heard for a moment a sharp whistle that he felt was going to blow his head off. The object then started to dip from side to side, as though bidding him goodbye, and slowly it rose to a height of about 300 meters or so. Then in the twinkling of an eye, it shot straight up into the sky at a terrifying speed and was gone. Rizzi, tears running down his face was overcome with despair. The air seemed warm, and he touched the ground and it felt tepid also. The mist had now cleared, it was quite dark and the sky was full of stars. 20 days after the even, he drove back to the spot where the UFO had stood, in order to take photographs of the marks left by the weight of the craft. (These marks can still be seen today). One thing that astounded him greatly was that near where the opening was in the craft, from which the light was beamed out, the grass had grown to be three times as long as the rest of the grass around.
    After the event, Rizzi found that his watch was losing as much as two hours in a day, he eventually had to discard it and for a mouth he felt very tired the whole time and lost a lot of his hair. He cured himself with fresh honey, coffee, egg-yolk and brandy—a preparation that he had learned from his grandmother. He also took garlic pills thrice a day.


    HC addendum
    Source: Walter Rizzi and Gordon Creighton in Flying Saucer Review 1980



    Palos Verde, California - Early 1970s:


    Rougemont, Quebec  September 20, 1972


    St. Cyrille, Quebec  - June 25, 1974


    Pittsburg, Kansas - August 25, 1952.


    Quarouble, France -1954:


    Rio Claro, Brazil - 1965


    Baracaldo, Spain - October 29th, 1976:


    Lucky Point Indiana - November 1st, 1980:

    A deputy sheriff on routine patrol had stopped to rest and was standing next to his police vehicle when he noticed a large black triangular shaped craft hovering at an angle about 200 feet away. The craft had large windows on its side and five humanoid figures could be seen standing inside from the waist up. The beings were gray colored with large heads, slim necks and slim bodies.


    Recife Brazil - March 2005:


    Istebna, Poland - June 8th -10th 2005:


    Komsomolskoye, Crimea, Ukraine - July 17th 2005:


    Drawing of Grey-type entity by L. D., Southern California adult female, in 1980.


    EBE Type II: Artist's rendering after encounter by
    Paula Watson in Mt. Vernon, Missouri. Illustration © 1990
    by Hingwah Hatch for Linda Moulton Howe.


    Ponce, Puerto Rico - Summer 1980:


    Finksburg, Maryland - Spring 1980


    Lake Cartagena, Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico - August 31st, 1990.


    Florentine tailor taken aboard UFO and given message
    April 10, 1962


    France - 08 /01 /1962


    Jim Sparks, born Jim Sparacino on November 15, 1954,
    to Italian parents. Photograph courtesy Jim Sparks.
    See More Information below about Jim's work.
    February 22, 2008 Las Vegas, Nevada - In 1995, at a conference about the human abduction syndrome, I met one of the participants named Jim Sparks, born Jim Sparacino to his Italian parents on November 15, 1954.


    Jim Sparks's depiction of the tall, reptilian humanoids, that had gold eyes with black vertical pupils like an alligator's eyes.
    Drawing by Josi Galante © 1996 for Jim Sparks.


    Seat Pleasant, Maryland - August, 1952.


    Old-Saybrook, Connecticut - December 16, 1957.


    (Editorial Note by Earthfiles Reporter and Editor Linda Moulton Howe: In September 1998, a source I interviewed at length who wishes to simply be called "Kewper" told me that he worked for both the CIA and the Army Signal Corps between 1956 and 1960. He was stationed at an Army school that taught encryption in the southeastern United States.

    His supervisor asked Kewper to join a highly classified CIA group to analyze photographs, drawings, documents and other evidence from around the world related to the presence of a non-human intelligence. Kewper said in August 1958, he, his boss and five other CIA colleagues flew to Nellis AFB, Nevada for a meeting with a USAF Colonel in an area built into the Papoose Mountains near Groom Lake called S-4.

    There, the group not only saw seven round craft inside a hollowed out area of the Papoose Mountains, but were taken to an office to communicate telepathically with a grey non-human being working in some capacity with the U. S. government. The drawing below is by Kewper of the being he saw in that August 1958 meeting. For more information about Kewper's story, see Radio Archives May 31, 1998 Dreamland and Coast to Coast AM about Kewper, CIA and Area-51.)

    Drawing © 1998 by "Kewper," former U. S. Army cryptographer who saw this extraterrestrial biological entity in August 1958 dressed in a human T-shirt at an underground installation inside the Papoose Mountains near Groom Lake called S-4, Area 51, Nellis AFB, Nevada.


    Found this other interesting book about the subject by David W Chase,its got a great cover - just look at the little blue chap on the left.



    Korbach, Germany - February 18th, 1990:


    Santa Rosalia, Veracruz, Mexico - April 1989:


    Soul Transfers from Body to Body
    [ Editor's Note: The first week of March 1991, I received a brown, legal-sized envelope by Certified Mail postmarked February 28, 1991, from Porterville, California. The envelope contained an audiocassette, letter and drawings from a woman named Linda Porter then 45-years-old, having been born in 1946.

    The incidents and drawings from her life time of interaction with non-humans is detailed in my book, Glimpses of Other Realities, Vol. II: High Strangeness - see Earthfiles Shop. One of Linda's experiences relates directly to Chapter 8 from In League With A UFO © 1997 by Lou Baldin.

    Linda Porter: “I was shown at some time a room with very tall, clear tube-like containers or cylinders on a raised platform, which seemed to be at the center of the room. Inside these tubes - standing upright, naked and appearing to be asleep - were humans, or at least they looked human to me. They looked like they were in some kind of suspended animation.

    “I don't think they were dead because their color was too good. They were floating in what appeared to be a purple gas. It was very thick and hard to see through, but it swirled around so much that you could see the people as it moved. I was never told anything, at least that I remember. It was just like I was taken into the room, showed them, and then brought back out, and that was it. I don't remember asking questions, and I don't remember the non-humans saying anything.

    Linda Porter said she was taken by a “grey-skinned scientist” to a room
    where three people were in tubes. She felt the people were alive, but in a state of suspended animation and that the man on far right in tubes was a younger clone she later saw activated by a “soul transfer” from his older body that died nearby. Drawing by Linda Porter for Howe © 1991.

    “There was a praying mantis being and light-filled room. I remember the being slowly coming around the corner and facing me. He stood very still and simply waited, as if he knew how frightening he appeared to me. Eventually he began to talk to me, although as yet, I do not have any memory of what was said. He seemed to possess a great deal of dignity and gave the impression of being quite old.

    “After he finished saying whatever he had to say, I turned around and he walked me to this room (filled with dense light). The memory ends with me about to enter the room and the thought, ‘Translated into the Light.’ Whatever that means, it has to do with what happened.”

    Linda Porter's drawing of praying mantis being and light-filled room
    she remembered from a 1963 abduction experience in Covina, California,
    when Linda was 17-years-old. She thought what happened in the light-filled room was connected to her later "soul transfer" into a healthier clone
    of her body.

    "I was taken abaord the craft that all of this occurred on. Even though it began with the praying mantis type, the alien who was actually with me through all this was whitish, about five feet tall (maybe a little taller), and had huge eyes with black pupils.

    “I was taken into the ‘room of light’ and shown a man about 46-years-old who was very close to death. He was lying in a rectangular container.
    “I do not remember the mechanics of how this was done, but his soul was then lifted up out of his dying body! It left the body in the area of the solar plexus (abdomen). It was about two and one--half feet long, five inches wide and was a breathtakingly beautiful, soft, iridescent yellow with a white, glowing inner core that radiated a very gentle heat. There was a pastel orange layer around the yellow.

    “The soul floated across the room to another body taken from one of the tubes. The tube body looked like the man would have appeared at about 25 years of age. The new body appeared empty. I don't know any other way to describe it - like an empty container. The 'old body' was now bluish in color and obviously dead.

    Linda Porter's depiction of dying man's bright “soul light” lifting out of his body, floating to younger cloned version of the man now in suspended animation outside the tube, descending through top of clone's head and settling into solar plexus. Drawing by Linda Porter for Howe © 1991.


    Linda Porter said she was taken by a “grey scientist” to a room where three people were in tubes.
    She felt the people were alive, but in a state of suspended animation and that the man on far right was a younger clone activated by a “soul transfer” from his previous older body that Linda watched die in a rectangular container. Drawing by Linda Porter for Linda Moulton Howe © 1991.

    Pennsylvania Turnpike - 1978 Abduction

    The huge room filled with tall and shorter humanoid bodies (abductee Wanna Lawson thought there was a mixture of humans and non-humans). The short, plump abductee female was transferred into a tall, thin preserved body and explored the craft with another tall, male humanoid.
    She did not understand how the transfer from her body into the cloned body was made. Illustration by L. Hoffman for Linda Moulton Howe © 1992.

    Wanna Lawson: “We walked through the ship. And we ended up in this humongous room with tubes. The walls were lined with these tubes. They appeared to be glass, but they weren't glass. The tubes were about 2-feet-wide and about 8 feet high. Cylinder tubes. Round. Wide enough to hold the tall, grey-white (other) bodies. ... And now, I change bodies (with tall, thin, dark-haired female in tube). But how I did it, I don't know. The only thing I can remember is that it was my 'other body' - that was known to the tall male humanoid guiding me.”


    Here's some more info on an occupant report from New Zealand in 1959:

    July 13, 1959 New Zealand

    Witness: Mrs. Frederick Moreland

    Color: Silhouetted, orange and green body lights.

    Dimensions: About 20 feet diameter, 4-5 feet high.

    Distance: About 40-50 yards.


    Britain’s Roswell: The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident

    Did Soldiers Really Encounter A UFO In The UK in 1980?

    Case File: Rendlesham Forest Incident
    Location: Woodbridge, England
    Date: December 26, 1980
    Description: The Rendlesham Forest is a large woodland park in Suffolk, England owned by the Forestry Commission with recreation facilities for walkers, cyclists and campers.

    The Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, also known as “Britain’s Roswell” has become famous, or perhaps infamous, in UFO lore.


    Sketch with notes by Airman First Class John Burroughs, 81st Security Police Squadron, Security Police Operations, Charley Flight, Bentwaters AFB, U. K., January 2, 1981.

    The Rendlesham Forest incident has been dubbed as Britain’s Roswell, which involved a series of strange sightings in December 1980. The event continues to fascinate the UFO and conspiracy worlds. Its popularity is not surprising because many witnesses saw clear lights in the sky and not some vague lights that are common today.

    Former Ministry of Defence employee Nick Pope believes that the UFO indeed landed.

    A security police commander that time, Sgt Adrian Bustinza, said that he saw a UFO going in and out through trees and hovering at one stage.

    In an audio recording, United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt can be heard saying that they’re looking at the thing from two to three hundred yards away. He compared the thing to an eye winking, and the flash is dazzling to the starscope that it nearly burns their eyes.

    Just last January 2015, a dog walker posted a video showing unidentified lights  above Rendlesham Forest and a new film about it has recently been released. But what actually took place and are we any closer to solving the mystery after 35 years?

    Through the years, it appears that facts have become blurry as new witnesses come forward, and statements change. But what is clearly known is that US military personnel stationed in the area spotted unusual lights over Rendlesham Forest.

    Blue, red, orange and white lights were seen by John Burroughs, one of the US military personnel who investigated the area. In Burroughs’ subsequent statement in 1981, he said that together with his supervisor and another individual, they saw lights moving back and then stopping in a bunch of trees. As they hit the ground, the lights started moving back towards the open field. All three of them got up to a fence and saw the lights disappeared.

    Jim Penniston, who was the companion of Burroughs into Rendlesham Forest on 26 December, claimed he spotted a craft with hieroglyphic-like characters about 3 metres tall and approximately 3 metres wide at the base. As he moved closer to the craft, he found out that the fabric of the shell was like a smooth, opaque, black glass.
    Both Burroughs and Penniston have since suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
    A different set of military personnel encountered the same series of events 2 nights later. Lieutenant Colonel Charles was there to disprove UFO, and alien rumours disperse widely in RAF bases Woodbridge and Bentwaters. Armed with a recording device, Halt produced an audio tape that is now considered as one of the most important pieces of evidence

    On the night of December 28, another group of men claimed to have witnessed something strange in Rendlesham Forest. Soldier Larry Warren and Sgt Adrian Bustinza, who were with a number of other military personnel, went towards the field where lights had been spotted on the past two nights.

    At the scene, Warren claimed he had seen disaster preparedness officers with Geiger counters and then a small red light appeared going the direction of the coast. Warren described the UFO as fast while moving in a downward arc. Warren also said that the UFO made a stop and hovered approximately 20 feet off the ground. He revealed that it was the same size of American basketball and self-illuminated by slightly red light.

    According to Warren, the red light then exploded suddenly, and a craft showed on the forest floor. Warren described it as no windows, no flag or country of origin, and no markings. The shape was clear as a bell, Warren stated.

    At this stage, a senior man asked Warren and Bustinza to retreat. Then they claimed to have seen Wing Commander Gordon Williams from a distance approaching the craft and encountering an alien being. Warren described that particular encounter as silent stand-off rather than communication.

    Warren returned to the base at around 4:30am, but Bustinza claimed to have observed the craft depart. He said that that the craft took off at around a 45-degree angle, and he may never saw it if he would have blinked. He heard no noise during that strange activity.

    Computer illustration of sketch by John Burroughs of lights in Rendlesham Forest, 3 AM, December 26, 1980.


    According to notes in Sgt. Penniston’s notebook shown here and his official written report, he and Airman John Burroughs got to within close distance of a highly strange craft on the ground.


    Sgt. James Penniston's Described “Craft of Unknown Origin”


    Staff Sgt. Jim Penniston said “black, shiny, triangle-shaped object was 3 meters long by 2 meters high (9.8 feet by 7 feet).”

    “Triangular in shape. The top portion is producing mainly white light, which encompasses most of the upper section of the craft.

    A small amount of white light is appearing from what appears to be the bottom of the craft.

    At the left side is a bluish light.

    And on the other side is red light.

    The lights seem to be molded as part of the exterior of the structure that seemed to be landed on the forest floor.”

    [ Could the mysterious woman in Martin Keitel’s dream from August of 2002 be Kiesha Crowther? And are some crop pictures with a binary code being sent back in time, just as for the time travelers from our future who visited Rendlesham Forest in December of 1980 and left a binary code?  

    Are magical technologies such as “time travel” or “messages sent through time” really possible? Can we receive messages from the future in our dreams? Are some crop pictures being sent back in time from the late 21st century, or say from a troubled period just after December of 2012? Will our future descendants on Earth eventually invent the means to travel back into their past (our present), so as to interact with humans of the current era?  

    As a long-term professional scientist with 35 years of practical experience, first at Caltech 1976-1981, then MRC LMB Cambridge 1982-1986, and finally CSIRO Australia 1987-2010, I would tend to answer “yes” to all of those questions, even if such answers might bring me into intellectual conflict my with peers. If those peers were to study UFOs, crop circles and/or psychic phenomena carefully over many years, they might hold different opinions, and then there would be no conflict. This article describes several important updates to our understanding of crop circles and/or UFOs, which not many people in the general public are yet aware of, even though those subjects are very interesting indeed!  

    During that voyage, will he perhaps send a coded crop picture back in time to August 15, 2002 at Crabwood in southern England, using wormhole technology as Martin suggests? Then will he send a psychic message back in time to August 18, 2002 in Finland, to help Martin decode the long ASCII message which he just sent to Crabwood? Quetzal will surely meet the current Mayan leader, Don Alejandro, during his voyage, and will perhaps even meet Kiesha Crowther, who is a friend of Don Alejandro, resident of southwestern north America, and partly of native ancestry. So if Kiesha assists him in sending the dream message back to Martin, everything would be explained quite nicely!  

    Quetzalcoatl’s goal in sending those two messages back in time, whether the Crabwood crop picture or Martin’s lucid dream, would be to change the past. Things may not have gone well for humans on Earth, during and after December of 2012 in our current historical timeline. By sending a coded crop picture back in time to Crabwood 2002, and by sending a lucid psychic message back to Martin a few days later, then having both messages made public through “interpreters” such as Martin and myself, our current historical timeline on Earth (their past timeline) may somehow be changed.  

    Many people such as George Lucas, Dan Aykroyd or Mel Gibson will become more aware that December 2012 is certainly not the “end of the world” , since we have already received several messages in crops or dreams from beyond the time barrier: 

    Those same people will also become aware of an urgent “need for change”. We can’t go on living in the same way as we do now, or else humans on planet Earth will be headed for ecological and/or geological disaster. Quetzalcoatl does not tell us exactly what those disasters might be, or exactly when they will occur, possibly due to an obscure law of physics called the “grandfather paradox” (see Appendix 2). Yet he does tell us (in my words): “Beware of an extra-terrestrial grey race, much pain but still time, believe, there is good out there, we oppose deception, spacetime conduit closing”. Likewise the mysterious young woman says: “We must listen to the Mayans, it is very important”. Will other clues to the events of December 2012 be revealed soon? Let’s certainly hope so!  

    Some crop pictures have predicted unexpected astronomical events in advance, again consistent with the idea of time travel  

    If certain crop pictures are really being sent back in time from the near (or distant) future on Earth, then the unknown artists who are making such crop pictures would surely know about unexpected astronomical events in our local solar system, which we have not encountered yet. Indeed, we learned in late 2007 that a whole collection of crop pictures from more than two years earlier, namely from the summer of 2005, had accurately predicted the sudden outburst of Comet 17P Holmes, and its subsequent travel through our skies:  

    The Hopis in southwestern north America call Comet Holmes their long-predicted “blue star Kachina”. It is supposed to herald the upcoming end of some great period in history. In fact, modern crop pictures have predicted three major “unexpected astronomical events” far in advance of the fact, from the years 1994 to 2007:  

    The reality of time travel was firmly documented at Rendlesham Forest in December of 1980  

    So far we have presented a lot of circumstantial evidence for UFOs and time travel. Now we would like to present the real thing: a well-documented case from RAF Bentwaters in December of 1980, which was witnessed by many US servicemen over three successive nights. Linda Howe has been one of the main reporters to research that case . She featured prominently with Jim Penniston and John Burroughs, two of the servicemen, at a 30th anniversary meeting in Woodbridge Community Hall on December 28, 2010:  

    Nick Pope was also there, as a former UFO investigator for the UK Ministry of Defence. The original incident involved multiple UFO sightings and at least one UFO landing, in nearby Rendlesham Forest on the dates of December 26, 27 and 28, 1980:  

    A small triangular craft was studied for almost one hour on the ground by Jim Penniston and John Burroughs, who made sketches of its details so they would not forget. Quite a few geometrical symbols of unknown meaning were etched onto one side of that craft, as shown above. Could these be hieroglyphics from the distant future? This Bentwaters UFO 1980 incident clearly involved time travel, as evidenced by transcripts of a hypnotic session with Jim Penniston in 1994:  

    “They have to be out in space to travel. They need speed to travel. To go backwards, they can’t go forward. They go to their past. It’s impossible to go into the future. It takes too much energy. These ships can go forty or fifty thousand years. They can’t go back much further. They might not be able to get back. The farther back it is, the better, the less effect it has on changing the future. They can’t control it (unwanted changes to the future). It’s too cumbersome.”  

    “The intelligence agents give me a warning: they tell me that I will hurt the world. It will breach national security and can destroy the system, cause wars, chaos in the streets. That’s why it’s important to keep it quiet.”  

    First reading of the long binary code which they gave to Jim Penniston by telepathy  

    Thus as early as 1994, Jim Penniston realized that he had been given a long binary code using telepathy, by the people (or whoever) will live on planet Earth in our distant future. Yet it took him another 16 years to reveal the first five pages of that code! Whether the long delay was due to special hypnotic instructions from the visitors, or simply the fact that his close encounter with them had been very traumatic, is hard to say. In either case, we should be grateful that he has finally come forward now, and we should applaud his courage in the face of what will probably be fierce skepticism from some of more negative members of our current human race.  
    Mike Reed and I recently helped Linda Howe to decode the first five pages of that binary code in terms of modern English. We found that most (but not all) of the code was written in 8-bit ASCII with small “separator spaces”  Thus it appears fairly similar to the coded message which we were shown in crops at Crabwood in 2002 (see time2007n.html or time2007o.html), as well as to several crop circle codes from 2010 (see or Could some of those crop circle codes likewise come from our future?  
    To summarize, Jim Penniston received 13 pages of binary code in total by telepathy in 1980. His first five pages have been released in 2010 for public viewing, and have been accurately decoded. Pages 1 and 2 are shown below: 

    On page 1, we can read “EXPLORATION OF HUMANITY” in 8-bit ASCII. Then we can see three “shift letters to numbers” characters from a 7-bit version of ITA2 or Telex. Those control characters are followed by three different sets of numbers in 8-bit ASCII which tell: (i) the year and month of their visit, namely (19)81, month 00, (ii) the precise latitude of their visit, namely 52.0942532 degrees North, and (iii) the precise longitude of their visit, namely 1.3131269 degrees West.

    Their mission here in December 1980 was to RAF Bentwaters, which lies not far from the small town of Woodbridge in southeast England. If we interpret their longitude value as “East” rather than “West” (maybe they do not understand our language very well?), then those latitude and longitude coordinates match Woodbridge town centre with a high accuracy of five digits past the decimal place in each case. That is very close to where Linda Howe, John Burroughs and Jim Penniston just held a 30th anniversary meeting in Woodbridge Community Hall!  

    The next part of their binary message on pages 3 to 5 says “CONTINUOUS FOR PLANETARY ADVANCE, FOURTH COORDINATE CONTINUOUS, (unclear) BEFORE” . The term “fourth coordinate” may refer to “time” in a four-dimensional space x, y, z, t. This phrase suggests that they are carrying out time travel missions to Earth’s distant past (our present) for the purposes of “planetary advance”. The final part of their message “before” remains unclear, and will require a decoding of pages 6-13 to be understood.  

    This new five-page binary code seems to confirm what was already suspected about the Bentwaters UFO case from hypnotic sessions in 1994: namely that the visitors are time travelers from our distant future. In an excellent video, Jim Penniston describes how he was shown a series of telepathic images which contained a long series of zeros and ones in December of 1980, just after he encountered a small UFO on the ground, and walked around it for one hour the night before . At the time, he had no idea what a “binary code” might be, or why they showed him a long series of zeros and ones.  

    Telepathic downloads and crop artist-human contacts 

    Experienced crop circle workers such as Stuart Dike or Palden Jenkins will be happy to see the Penniston video, since they have been telling us about telepathic crop-artist-to-human contacts for many years now. Palden wrote for example after he visited the Crabwood crop picture in 2002:

    “I felt a person-to-person contact with that being, experiencing a (telepathic) download lasting about 40 minutes. I permitted it, and focused on receiving it. This kind of stuff rattles rationalists, yet for me it was a surprisingly objective experience. It resembled meeting a person on the other side of a screen, a very different person with a different language and mindset, and a charismatic, high-energy presence. I don't know what we communicated, but a detailed exchange happened. Afterwards, a classic symptom of a genuine profound experience came up - a feeling of privilege, humility and blessing.”

    He later added: “One of the things that people who come into interaction with e.t.’s discover is that these beings are capable of direct mind-to-mind communication” ).

    Daniel Pinchbeck in 2003 likewise received a long telepathic communication from an avatar “Quetzalcoatl” when he was in Brazil. :

    “Quetzalcoatl Returns: I am an avatar and messenger sent at the end of a kalpa, a world age, to bring a new dispensation for humanity – a new covenant and a new consciousness. The end of time approaches. The return of Quetzalcoatl foreshadows an imminent closing of the cycle, and a completion of the Great Work.”

    Later he told the whole story in his famous book, “2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl” .  

    Two crop circle seasons to go, and a Prophets Conference in Glastonbury during July of 2011: Kiesha and Daniel

    So where does that leave us? Psychic messages sent back in time, crop circles sent back in time, a well-documented case of time travel from England 1980, and telepathic downloads from extra-terrestrials to humans. Surely those subjects are all the domain of science fiction, and not what any ordinary person would take seriously, no less a professional scientist?  

    Well, actually, no. Everything described above is factual and truthful. The mainstream newspapers and TV refuse to tell the public about such exciting conceptual developments, for reasons of their own which remain unclear. By any standards, our mainstream news media are now heavily censored, so that most people do not know what is really going on: whether in human politics (Wikileaks) or in extra-terrestrial developments (crop circles and UFOs).  

    Appendix 2. Time travel, crop circles and the “grandfather paradox”  

    Many people wonder why the messages given to us in crop pictures seem so vague. Why don’t they tell us directly what they are trying to say, in plain English so that everyone can understand? Why not carve out a dozen crop pictures all at once in nearby fields, and have them convey a long message in English that can be spread rapidly across the world with unambiguous meaning? 

    Well, it doesn’t seem to work that way. More typically, the messages given to us in crop pictures are often vague, cryptic or hard to understand. Indeed, if some crop pictures are being sent back in time from the near (or distant future), that makes perfect sense, according to an obscure law of physics called the “grandfather paradox” which hardly anyone knows about.

    Science-fiction author Gregory Benford first popularized the concept of a “grandfather paradox” in his 1980 novel “Timescape”. In that book, a small group of scientists, based mainly at the University of Cambridge, find that their world is being ravaged by ecological disasters in the year 1998. Even the oceans are dying. So they get together and send a tachyon beam out into space, to where planet Earth would have been located in the year 1962: 

    A junior professor in San Diego then picks up those strange pulses on his solid-state NMR machine in 1962, not knowing what to make of them. They seem to be written in Morse code, but with a lot of errors. Can he tell his colleagues about those strange messages, or will they just laugh at him, and fire him from his job? What kind of “scientific research” is that anyway?  

    I will leave it to the reader to find out what happens next, but the point here is that those physicists from 1998 intentionally jumbled their messages, and made them hard to understand, so that other scientists in 1962 would have enough information to begin solving the ecological crisis, but not so much information that the crisis would be solved completely. In which case by the year 1998, sending such a message back into the past would not have been necessary, and so it never could have happened!  

    That is the “grandfather paradox” from modern temporal physics. Could this be why the messages given in crop pictures are so vague? And could this be why the mysterious young woman from Martin’s dream tells us vaguely: “You must listen to the Mayans, it is very important” without telling us precisely what we should be listening to?  

    If Kiesha Crowther is truly that mysterious young woman (see above), then she told us recently: “The Mayan people, the only people who have lived through a pole shift, have only started talking a few months ago. And they are saying do not have fear, rejoice inside of your hearts. Grandfather Alejandro, the grandfather of all Mayan people, says that the very walls we see falling around us, are only the walls that kept us in prison”

    Many people have begun to criticize Kiesha lately (just like they criticize Red Collie) because they are jealous, not pure of spirit, or do not fully understand. Just look for example at the many crop circle “skeptics”, who keep telling everyone that all crop pictures have been made with rope and boards! Presumably also the ones written about in Nature 1880? Yet I believe there may be something to what Kiesha has to say. Why else would she (or someone who looks just like her) appear in a lucid dream to Martin Keitel concerning Crabwood of 2002, along with Quetzalcoatl the Feathered Serpent? In my opinion, we should listen with an open mind to what she and the current Mayan leader, Don Alejandro, have to say as we approach December of 2012, now with less than two years to go.

    Appendix 3. An update from Linda Howe on the 1980 Rendlesham Forest case: beams of light, columns of light, or bright lights that precede alien-human contact  

    Many crop circle researchers have spoken about beams of light or columns of light that come suddenly down from the sky to splash out some new crop picture, or to provide a psychic message to someone on the ground. Several researchers have told about “psychic messages from the future” which were received in that way. Here is an important update to the 1980 Rendlesham Forest case, in which Jim Penniston tells Linda Howe how a bright light commenced and then ended his telepathic receipt of a long binary code from a landed UFO. His story has been condensed here for brevity, but may be accessed in full from the website listed below.

    “We were within ten or fifteen feet of the craft. When I approached it, the physical air and surroundings changed, like for a feeling of electricity. Everything ran in slow motion. The fabric of the craft was very smooth like for black glass. Its symbols were three feet long and a only few inches high. I started touching them. They were rough like sandpaper. On touching those symbols, there was a bright light and I couldn't see! I just saw many zeros and ones in my mind. The numbers were coming at me fast. Then I saw that bright light again, and the coding stopped.

    I went back home to get some sleep, but remained awake, because I couldn't get those zeros and ones out of my mind. They kept repeating. So I said to myself, ‘Maybe it will help to write them down?’ I flipped open the pages of my notebook, and started writing those numbers down. All of a sudden they stopped! I didn't have those symbols (zeros and ones) running through my head anymore”

    Interestingly enough, the transcript of a hypnotic session with Jim Penniston in 1994 suggested that the general purpose of their binary code was to “explain mission purpose”, and also to help them as time travelers make contact with humans living today on Earth. So far in 2011, only the first five pages of that code (out of 13) have been released for analysis. Yet those first five pages do seem to “explain mission purpose”:

    Those first five pages also give time-and-space coordinates (subject to a few ambiguities) close to the start of a new year 1981 near Woodbridge, England, where they landed on three successive nights from December 26 to 28, 1980. In fact, the numerical coordinates from Jim Penniston’s 1980 binary code match the town centre of Woodbridge, England to six fractional digits past each decimal point!

    Geez, the whole thing looks real! Could this really be an H.G. Wells type of message, from people who live in our distant future on Earth? And could certain crop pictures, or crop artist-human contacts, also come from the near or distant future? Might there be humans living on Earth today who are in regular telepathic contact with those crop artists, and who might know beforehand which field pictures they plan to make in the summer of 2011, when and where? These are interesting subjects to which we may soon return, as new crop pictures begin to appear.

    P.S. We would like to thank Mike Reed and Alison Badesha for help. ]


    The Kelly-Hopkinsville Case: An Overview
    August 21 - 22, 1955

    The scene was a small farm outside of the Kentucky town of Kelly. Inside the farmhouse were eight adults and three children. The night was dark, clear, and hot. At about 7 PM, Billy Ray Taylor (a friend of the Suttons and owner of the farmhouse) came in from the well with the "wild story's that he had seen a really bright "flying saucer," with an exhaust all the colors of the rainbow, fly across the sky and drop into a forty-foot gully near the edge of their property. However, the Suttons did not take him seriously and laughed the story off as an embellishment of his seeing a "falling star."


    Half an hour later the family dog began barking violently and eventually put its tail between its legs and hid under the house. The two men, Billy Ray Taylor and Lucky Sutton, went to the back door to see what was bothering the dog and noticed a strange glow approaching the farmhouse from the fields. When the light came nearer, they resolved what caused it: a glowing three-and-a-half-foot tall creature with a round, oversized head. The eyes were large and glowed with a yellowish light; the arms were long, extended nearly to the ground, and ended in large hands with talons. The entire creature seemed made of silver metal. As the creature approached, its hands were raised over its head as if it were being held up.

    Understandably startled, the two men reacted by grabbing their guns: a 20-gauge shotgun and a .22 rifle. Withdrawing slightly into the house, the men waited until the creature was within twenty feet of the back door and then fired; the entity flipped over backward and then scurried off into the darkness. After a few minutes, when it did not reappear, they returned to the living room only to see another (or the same) creature at a side window. They fired through the window screen at it, and again the creature flipped and disappeared. Sure that they had hit and disabled the creature, the two men went outside to find the body. As they started out the front door Billy Ray, who was in the lead, paused for a moment underneath an overhanging roof. Just as he was about to step into the yard, those in the hallway behind him saw one of the creatures on the roof reach down a taloned hand and touch his hair from above. The people indoors screamed and pulled him back inside. Lucky Sutton rushed out into the yard, turned and fired pointblank at the creature, knocking it off the roof. There was another creature in the maple tree close-by. Both Lucky and Billy Ray fired at this one and knocked it off the limb; it floated to the ground and then ran off quickly into the darkness. Immediately, another entity (or perhaps the one that had been knocked off the roof) came around the side of the house almost directly in front of the group. Lucky fired his shotgun at point-blank range and the result was the same: no effect. A sound was heard as the bullets struck, as if a metal bucket lead been hit, but the creature scurried off unhurt.

    Understandably concerned that their guns were apparently useless, the men returned to the house to join the frightened women and children.

    The creatures generally moved in a peculiar fashion. The legs appeared to be inflexible and when they ran, movement was accomplished almost totally by "hip motions." Usually totally erect, when they ran off they bent over and moved with long arms almost touching the ground. The entities' ability to float was particularly evident when one was knocked off the kitchen roof and floated a distance of about forty feet to a fence, where it was knocked off again by a shot. While they did not appear to have an aura of luminescence, their "skin" glowed in the dark with the glow becoming brighter when they were shot at or shouted at.

    Mrs. Lankford, the mother of the family, counseled an end to the hostilities. Despite the fact that they had been shot at a number of times, no aggressive action was ever proffered by the creatures. However, the children were becoming hysterical and the creatures kept returning to peer in the windows at intervals; by 11 PM the family's patience had worn thin and they all got into two automobiles and headed at top speed to the nearby Hopkinsville police department

    After a half hour's travel time, the police arrived back at the farmhouse with the still-frightened family. The Hopkinsville police, the state police, and a staff photographer arrived to investigate the situation. A thorough search was made of the house, the yard, and the outbuildings. Nothing was found, and the tension ran high: When someone accidentally stepped on a cat's tail and it yowled, "you never saw so many pistols unholstered so fast in your life!" The searchers checked out the woods area but found nothing. One unusual item that was found was a luminous patch where one of the creatures had been knocked off and fallen to the ground. However, when nothing really extraordinary appeared, the searchers began to leave and by 2:15 AM., the Sutton family was alone.

    The family had been reassured enough to go to bed and shut off the few lights. Mrs. Lankford was lying in bed watching the window when she noticed a weird glow; the glow was one of the creatures staring inward with its hands on the window screen. Calling quietly to the rest of the family, she remained perfectly calm. Lucky Sutton, however, grabbed his gun and again shot at the creature through the screen. No effect. The creatures continued to make their appearance throughout the rest of the night, never doing anything overtly hostile and only seeming to show curiosity. The last creature was seen at half an hour before sunrise, at about 5:15 AM

    The next morning, investigators came back to search the farmlands during the daytime. Nothing was found even though some even climbed to the roof of the house to look for footprints. The press got hold of the story; besides the reporter who had accompanied the police out during the night, the local radio station and many reporters from other papers in Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee arrived at the Sutton house. As the news spread, the general public began to show up and cars were backed up for a considerable distance down the road from the Sutton farmhouse. Sightseers stopped their cars, walked through the property, in and out of the house, annoyed the family with requests for pictures and, in general, created a carnival atmosphere the upshot of which was to generally ridicule the family for having seen "little green men from space."

    However, on that same morning, Andrew Ledwith, an engineer with the local radio station, decided to stop into the station for a talk with the chief engineer (it was Ledwith's day off). He learned of the happenings at the Sutton farm the night before and because of his interest in UFOs and his previous experience as an artist, he decided to go out and interview the family. It is fortunate that he did. The publicity became so obnoxious to the Sutton family that they later simply avoided telling the story and refused to cooperate (one notable exception was with Isabel Davis, who prepared the Kelly report for CUFOS). The drawings that Mr. Ledwith created on the afternoon following the sighting are illustrated above.

    How can such a tale be accepted at face value? one asks. After all, the family itself was considered of "low social status" by the townspeople. Two of the men had worked for a carnival; it could be argued that they were familiar with the art of the trickster.

    The most telling criticism of the incident, however, is that there is absolutely no physical evidence whatsoever that the incident actually occurred. Skeptics point out that no footprints were found (the ground was extremely hard), no marks were on the roof (although the creatures seemed nearly weightless and may not have left marks), there was no blood on then, the bullets did no apparent damage), et cetera. One could thus conclude that the family "faked" the entire incident.

    However, investigators who interviewed the Suttons afterward painted a picture of them that is quite different from the sort of people who could fabricate an elaborate hoax: They were uneducated, simple farm folk with no apparent interest in exploiting the rather considerable publicity that they engendered.

    Did "creatures" really visit the farmhouse in Kentucky on that night of August 21, 1955? Or did the many witnesses, mostly adults, excite themselves to the point of exaggerating some lesser stimulus? The Kelly/Hopkinsville case still stands as one of the more provocative CE III events to date. - Allan Hendry, CUFOS



    Small Grey Beings Carrying Boxes and Canisters to Triangular Craft in Woods Also above, Falkland Hill, there was this orange ball of light that should not have been there. They had never seen that before either. Very bizarrely, they became aware of a blue mist that pervaded the front of the forest. And this is where it gets really bizarre because they claimed that contained within the blue mist, they saw hundreds of small grey creatures busily lifting up boxes and canisters and moving them further back towards a clearing in the forest, which appeared to one of the ladies to contain one of the triangle-shaped objects.


    January 28, 2010 London, England - On October 5, 2009, STV.TV in Scotland reported that “Scotland's biggest UFO incident is being made into a film, depicting the story of two men who claim they were abducted from their car on the A70 road in West Lothian in 1992.”

    The two men are Garry Wood and Colin Wright. On August 17, 1992, they were driving from Edinburgh around 8 PM toward the village of Tarbrax on the A70 when they encountered a black, aerial disc over the road near Harperrig Reservoir, Lothian District of Central Scotland, and lost 90 minutes of time.

    Suddenly Garry became aware of a pool of liquid like a man’s shaving gel that started to bubble up from the floor of this craft. Coming out of that was one small, grey being.
    [ Editor's note: The being either had prominent ribs or there was an unusual chest structure.]




    Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
    August 16, 1974


    Waterdown, Ontario March 18, 1975


    Montreal, Quebec January 6, 1977


    St. Hyacinthe, Quebec   July 20, 1971


    Duncan, British Columbia
    March 7, 1969


    Santa Isabel, Argentina - September 21-22, 1972:

    Date: September 21 1972
    Location: Santa Isabel Cordoba Argentina
    Time: 0540A
    Summary: Teodoro Merlo, 56, maintenance man of the Ika-Renault factory, entered the previously locked washroom and encountered a “man” nearly 8-feet tall sitting on a long washbasin; he wore very close fitting dark blue one-piece garment tight at the wrists, and held his right forefinger below his now. His complexion was very white, and his baldhead bore high, pointed ears. The figure disappeared unaccountably from the room, whose temperature was abnormally high. The witness later suffered repeated headaches, and pains in his lumbar region.
    Source: Dr Oscar Galindez for CADIU


    Villa Santina, Italy
    August 14, 1947


    The Dandenong foothills,Belgrave,Victoria,Australia - 8th August,1993:

    The Kelly Cahill abduction.


    The Robert Taylor 1979 UFO Encounter

    UFO Attacks Man’s Trousers By Attaching Spheres To His Pants
    UFO Attacks Man’s Trousers By Attaching Spheres To His Pants

    Location: Dechmont Law, Livingston Scotland
    Date: November 9 1979 Time: evening


    On November 9th, 1979, Robert Taylor, a forester in Scotland, had a weird encounter with a strange “craft” in Dechmont Woods near Livingston, Scotland.

    Bob Taylor, a forestry worker was inspecting young forest plantations on foot accompanied by his dog. In a clearing surrounded by trees he came upon a large dome-shaped object, dark gray in color, hovering just above the ground. The surface texture seemed to be periodically cha…nging from something like emery paper to smooth and shining. The object was about 13 ft high and 20 ft in diameter. There was a rim around it, like a hat brim, from which emerged small projections like propellers. Only seconds after first seeing this strange object, Taylor became aware of two smaller spheres which emerged from close to the larger and rolled quickly towards him. They may have been around 3 ft in diameter, and had spikes around them, which touched the grass with a sucking or plopping noise. When they reached him, each sphere attached itself to his trousers just below the pockets and he felt himself being tugged towards the larger object. His Wellington boots were dragging on the ground as he tried to resist the pull, and he was being overcome by an acrid choking smell. He lost consciousness and fell forward onto the ground. When he opened his eyes the object had gone and his dog around him barking. Taylor could neither speak nor stand at first, so he began to crawl to his truck and then was able to walk the rest of the way. Later he complained of a bad headache and a terrible thirst, his chin was painful; he felt sick and could still taste the acrid smell. On examination, marks were found on the ground, ladder like “tracks”, not more than four inches deep.

     HC addendum
    Source: UFO Sightings, UK Type: G?
    Comments: Crude abduction attempt


    Hopkinsville,Kentucky,United States - August the 21st, 1955:



    Minot, North Dakota
    November 1961


    Imjarvi, Finland
    January 7, 1970


    Canary Islands
    June 22, 1976



    Caracas, Venezuela
    November 28, 1954


    Puerto Rico - 1980:


    Mount Vernon, Missouri - July 1983:



    Torriglia,Italy - 6/7th December,1978:


    A guard, Zanfretta Fortunato, was the subject of an abduction by giant beings who seemed to have escaped from a terrifying nightmare.

    At his solitary job, Zanfretta was surprised by several creatures described as more than three meters tall, with yellow-green, triangular bright eyes.

    Their faces was filled with sharp spines instead of hair; they had no ears, Fortunato noted they also had horns. And in the middle of their foreheads, they had a third, very bright eye.

    Fortunato Zanfretta’s abduction story has become one of the most famous urban legends in Italy over the last few decades.Zanfretta has probably given more details about his alien abduction than any other person in history; his detailed accounts may cause even the most vehement skeptic to pause for thought. To this day, the Zanfretta case remains one of the most curious and fascinating ‘x-files’ around the world.

    According to his own accounts (originally made while under hypnosis), Zanfretta was abducted by aliens called Dragos from the planet Teetonia, and experienced repeated abductions by the same group over a period of several years (1978-1981). As frightening or creepy as this case might sound, it seems like we can paint a more optimistic picture of the intentions of these visitors when we consider the words of Zanfretta during one hypnosis section:

    “I know you are trying to come more frequently . . . no, you can’t come to Earth, people get scared if they look at you. You can’t make friendship. Please go.”

    Shortly after midnight on December 6, 1978, Zanfretta was on duty in Torriglia, a village near Genoa. It was a dark and moonless night. It was also very cold and snow had fallen during the day so that there was a dangerous film of ice on the roads. As Zanfretta approached a client's uninhabited country-house (called "Our Home" by the owner, Dr. Ettore Righi), in the area of Marzano, his patrol car, a Fiat 126, mysteriously stopped dead. The car engine, lights and radio all failed seemingly for no reason. At the same moment he saw four strange lights moving about in the garden of the house and stepped outside of his car to investigate with gun and flashlight in hand. At first he thought that burglars were behind the house. So he walked through the open gate and crept along a wall in an attempt to surprise them. But Zanfretta had underestimated the problem and ended being the one who was surprised by what he had taken for thieves. Feeling himself touched from behind, the security guard whirled around and saw something that filled him with terror: only inches away stood what he called: "An enormous green, ugly and frightful creature, with undulating skin, no less than ten feet tall".

    When he directed the beam of his flashlight on the being's face, he was so frightened that he dropped it, but quickly it up again and run away. While running, he became aware of a large and very bright light behind him. Turning around, he saw a huge, flat triangular form which was blinding in its brilliance. Zanfretta shielded himself from the light with his arm. This thing which he assured was a flying saucer, ascended from the back of the house. It was bigger than the house itself, and produced a hissing sound. Later, Zanfretta said that he felt an intense heat. He made it back to his car and tried to call his security company's operations center in Genoa. It was 12:15 A.M. Carlo Toccalino, the radio operator, has testified that Zanfretta was speaking in an excited and disconnected way. He kept saying: "My God, are they ugly!". The operator then asked if "they" were human and if they were assaulting him.

    The answer was: "No, they aren't men, they aren't men". At that point, the communication were abruptly broken Zanfretta surprised by aliensoff and Toccalino called the chief of the security service, Lt. Giovanni Cassiba. An hour later, a couple of other patrol guards, Walter Lauria and Raimondo Mascia, found Zanfretta in front of the country-house, lying on the ground. It was 1:15 A.M.. When he saw them, he jumped up, gun and flashlight at the ready. Eyes bulging, Zanfretta didn't seem to recognize them, nor to understand when they told him to lower his weapon. The other patrolmen rushed and disarmed him. To their surprise, his clothes felt warm even though the December night air was quite cold. They also noticed that the gate was closed as usual. The Carabinieri, the Italian military police, began an investigation on what happened that night and one of the first thing they discovered were clear imprint that some large and heavy object had left on the ground in back of the country-house. There were two of them in the frost covered grass, 9 feet in diameter and shaped like horseshoes. Antonio Nucchi, the commandant of the Torriglia station, has stated that he was every confidence in the testimony given by Zanfretta.

    In fact, he has known the security guard for many years and, when I asked him what he thought about him, he answered: "I can state with certainty that he is a clear thinking man with no strange fantasies in his head. When we went to investigate the scene the next day, he almost didn't want to come, he was so scared. Only something exceptional could have frightened him so." During the investigation Nucchi discovered that 52 residents of nearby Torriglia saw a bright glare in the direction of the country-house at the same time Zanfretta reported seeing it ascending. When the strange story of Zanfretta was published in the local newspapers, the articles were all tinged with amused curiosity and skepticism. Most journalists didn't want to examine the incident too closely because it involved a UFO.

    But nobody has been able to give any explanations to three fundamental phenomena:

    1) Zanfretta's inexplicable panic and confusion;
    2) the two 9 foot circular impressions in the grass behind the country-house;
    3) the sighting by the 52 people in Torriglia.

    The prevalent opinion about Zanfretta just after the incident was: "Since he says that he saw a flying saucer and a monstrous extraterrestrial being, he must be crazy." Many people thought that the Carabinieri were wasting their time. As for myself I asked is it possible that a security guard who was the father of two children and had a reputation for honesty could have invented a story like this, and thus knowingly put himself at the risk of being dismissed from his job? And is it also possible that it was mere luck that 52 people were able to provide an indirect confirmation of his story? My answer was "no" to both questions and that's why I decided to investigate Zanfretta's story further. Zanfretta under aliens' examinationGianfranco Tutti, the director of the Institute of Vigilance Val Bisagno, the security company that Zanfretta worked for, was worried about the possible negative publicity. But he believes that the guard was an honest man.

    When I met Zanfretta, I got the impression that he was shy and he felt uneasy. "People call me on the phone at all hours just to play jokes on me", he said, "I don't know what it was that I saw, but I saw it. I am not a liar". In another attempt to uncover the actual events of that night, according to the Institute Val Bisagno, Zanfretta agreed to be hypnotized by Dr. Mauro Moretti, a psychotherapist and member of the Italian Association of Medical Hypnosis, in Genoa on December 23. I was present on that occasion and noted that what he had to say was really astonishing. In fact, Zanfretta said that he was abducted by "monsters about 10 feet tall, with hairy green skin, yellow triangular eyes and red veins across the forehead" who brought him to a hot, luminous place where they interrogated and examined him. During the same session, Zanfretta also indicated that the creatures came from the "third galaxy" and that "they want to talk with us and that they will soon return in larger numbers."

    The aliens did not speak Italian to the guard, but used a "luminous device" to translate what they were saying. What Zanfretta was stating under hypnosis was too unbelievable, so I preferred not to write anything down at that time. But then something else happened. Three nights later, on December 26, the guard disappeared again. At 11:45 PM on that night, Zanfretta was at work as usual, driving a Fiat 127 inside the Bargagli tunnel, near the Scoffera Pass. Suddenly he lost control of the car. On the radio, he reported that the Fiat turned on its own and came out of the tunnel. Terrified, Zanfretta tried to work the brakes and steering wheel, but the car continued on its own along the steep road uphill. Speaking with the radio operator, the guard said that he was having difficulty with the patrol car, and couldn't see well because of the very thick fog.

    After going for about a mile, the car finally come to an abrupt stop, throwing Zanfretta's head against the steering wheel. He called the radio operator and this time, in a very controlled voice, said: "The car has stopped. I saw a bright light. Now I am getting out." Zanfretta and his car were found at 1:10 AM by other guards. The first to see Zanfretta was sergeant Emanuele Travenzoli. Zanfretta was in a field near the road. His clothes were warm and dry, and so was his head, despite the rain. The man was very scared, he was shaking and crying. "They say I must leave with them. What about my children? I don't want to, I don't want to...". Again the Carabinieri were called. During their investigation they found that, though the car had been in the cold and rain for a long time, the roof of the Fiat was as hot as if it had spent an entire day in the sun. The interior of the car was also said to be as hot as an oven. All around the car were disproportionately large footprints.

    As measured by the Carabinieri, the tracks proved were 20 inches long by 8 inches wide, with a distinct empty spot between sole and heel. In addition, the Carabinieri found that Zanfretta's gun, a Smith & Wesson 38 Special, had been fired five times. But theProf. Rolando Marchesan during the hypnotic treatment with Pentotal on Zanfretta guard couldn't recall at whom he had fired the weapon. All this data has been enclosed in the "Report on the Sighting of Unidentified Flying Objects by Fortunato Zanfretta" sent by commandant Nucchi on January 3, 1979 to the magistratès court in Genoa in an inquiry for what action should be taken. The report ended up on the table of Luciano Di Noto, a substitute attorney of the Italian Republic, who passed it on to Investigating Magistrate, Gian Rodolfo Sciaccaluga. Finally, Nucchi's report was delivered to Magistrate Russo who, one year later, on January 11, 1980, he certified that it could be filled away whit this declaration: "No crime committed". In addition, the Carabinieri's Command had informed the Italian Department of Interior and other military commands of the incident by two telexes sent respectively on December 8, and December 28, 1978.

    The Carabinieri defined the degree of reliability that the eventsactually occurred as "good". One must also point out that in December 1978, there were so many UFO sighting all over Italy that Falco Accame, at that time a Socialist member of the Italian Parliament, asked both Italy's Premier, Giulio Andreotti, and Minister of Defense, Attilio Ruffini, to inform the Italian Congress about their opinion concerning the nature of these recent UFO sighting in Italy. Getting back to Zanfretta, this second "encounter" had aroused much publicity. Once again, in an attempt to get at the facts, a second hypnotic regression was arranged with Dr. Moretti. But this time the regression was recorded and broadcast by a local TV station, TVS, and hundreds of thousands of people watched it. And this time, of course, I had to write an article. In a few days, Zanfretta became a popular personality. But many people who didn't believe in UFO stories, were going around saying that his mental health was probably not very good. Zanfretta had problems even at work.

    "If I could have, I wouldn't have reported my experiences, now that I see the consequences", he said. In an attempt to end any further disturbing discussions of the incidents, the Institute Val Bisagno asked Dr. Giorgio Gianniotti, a prominent neurologist at San Martino Hospital in Genoa, to examine Zanfretta. "The man is in a state of shock", Dr. Gianniotti diagnosed, "but he is perfectly sane". Dr. Gianniotti's diagnosis made the guard seem much more credible in the eyes of public opinion. But the Zanfretta story was now reaching audiences outside of Genoa. Enzo Tortora, in those years a very popular Italian TV personality, invited the guard on his national TV program "Portobello." Zanfretta was also examined while on camera by Dr. Cesare Musatti, a famous psychoanalyst called "the father of the Italian psychoanalysis". On that occasion, Musatti said that Zanfretta spoke in good faith even if it was hard to differentiate objective facts from subjective experiences. At the same time, articles about the guard began to appear in newspapers and magazines all over the world. He now became known as the man who was abducted by a UFO.

    For some months nothing strange happened to Zanfretta. I kept thinking that his story must have a logical explanation. What reason, if the UFO was real, did it have for abducting that man twice? What kind of role did Zanfretta's gun with exploded cartridge-casesZanfretta play? I didn't have any answers. And I was still questioning myself like this, when Zanfretta was abducted a third time. It was on the night of July 30, 1979. The guard was on duty, this time on a motorcycle, in the residential area of Quarto in Genoa and not in the hills nearby Torriglia. But he disappeared again as before and some other guards found him after two hours on the top of Mount Fasce, also near Genoa. There is only one road up to that hill and it was patrolled by security guards working for the same company as Zanfretta. They said that Zanfretta had not been seen on that small road. But there he was at the top of the hill. How did he get up there? The only way to find out more was trough hypnosis. But this time Zanfretta was taken to the International Center of Medical and Psychological Hypnosis in Milan where, on his own request, he was injected with a truth serum by Prof. Marco Marchesan. Zanfretta confirmed everything he has said before and he explained that the last time "he was lifted from the ground into to the alien spaceship by a mysterious green light". Professor Marchesan declared: "No human being can knowingly lie while he is under Pentothal treatment, so I think it's very probable Zanfretta had these encounters". But Zanfretta's adventure was not an end, yet. Perhaps the most exciting of his strange encounters occurred a few months later. At 10:30 PM on Sunday, December 2, 1979 Zanfretta disappeared for the fourth time while driving an Austin Mini in the suburbs of Genoa. While looking for him, four patrol guards clearly saw a very large UFO in the sky. It was over the hills above Genoa.

    Suddenly from out of a large cloud above the guards, two lights came on and shown down directly on the four men. The engines of their cars stopped dead and they got out of their vehicles, terrified. Only one of them, Lt. Cassiba, reacted and fired his gun at the UFO. The lights turned off and the cloud moved away. One of those guards was so shocked that he never completely recovered his mental stability. A few months later he killed himself with a bullet in the head. His name was Germano Zanardi, so the Zanfretta case has also a victim. In yet another hypnotic regression, made on Monday, December 3, induced by Dr. Moretti, Zanfretta said many interesting things. This account begins around 9:30 PM. The guard was in a self-service gasoline station on a highway near downtown Genoa. Zanfretta heard someone calling him from a shadow and he walked towards the voice. He said that he was helpless to resist that voice. And when the owner of that voice ordered him to drive into a small cloud, he obeyed. Then, and this is the most incredible part, he was Carabinieri, the Italian military police, investigate on a place of UFO sightingwhisked off in the cloud to a large spaceship.


    Zanfretta described the man who gave him the orders as being a bit taller than himself, with a bald egg-shaped head and dressed in a checkered suit that included something made of steel in place of a shirt. Walking around with the giant aliens in that huge craft, the guard said he saw transparent cylinders filled with a strange blue liquid. One contained a frog-shaped body that the aliens called "an enemy of ours from another planet". In two more were preserved a big bird and another human looking body that Zanfretta described as looking like a caveman. As you can see, all this sounds very imaginary. But something else occurred during that hypnotic regression which was quite astonishing. At a certain point, Zanfretta uttered these words: "Where have you been? And what do you want to do in Spain? Why? But all together? That will scare people!". The next day on the morning of Tuesday, December 4, the international service of the Italian press agency ANSA carried a news-item about a Spanish dentist, Dr. Alfredo Sanchez Cuesta who, on the Saturday night just pass, was driving in Guadalaiara, about nine miles from Madrid, when he saw a very brilliant UFO which followed his car for about an hour. The UFO was at fifty feet above the car and Dr. Cuesta, terrified and blinded by the UFO, lost control of his car and went off the road.

    Was this a coincidence? And why, if Zanfretta's story recounted under hypnosis is imaginary, did the guard mention Spain? And what about the coincidence in the dates? Zanfretta said he was abducted by aliens on Sunday night and gave his account under hypnosis on Monday evening. Dr. Cuesta's adventure occurred on Saturday night. Before Tuesday no one in Italy knew about Dr. Cuesta, and it was only on Wednesday that the Italian public was finally informed. I'll let you make what you will of these facts.Time went by and left many more questions without answers. First of all, why all these abductions? What reason did all those discussions between the guard and the aliens have? Perhaps an explanation may be found in an object that the mysterious beings wanted to give to the man. It was a transparent sphere with a pyramid inside. Something like jumping sparks were discharged from the pyramid's vertices toward the inside. With that sphere, the aliens said, it was possible to understand who they were and how they live. Under hypnosis, Zanfretta said that he didn't want to take the object: he had had enough of all these strange encounters and wished only go back to his normal life.

    But they insisted, and told him that he was to give the sphere to a man of whom name he had never heard before: Dr. J. Allen Hynek Don't ask me what kind of relation there was between the Zanfretta's aliens and Dr.Hynek, because I really don't know. Zanfretta with other security guards on a place of UFO sightingAnyway, you maybe surprised that wève still not finished yet! Zanfretta disappeared again on February14, 1980. But this time his car was in constant radio contact with headquarters and he was reached in a short period of time up in the hills. That chilly night I participated in the rescue operation. When he was found by his colleagues, the guard was freezing and in a state of shock. A villager living nearby said that a few minutes before the rescuers arrived, he saw a huge brilliant mass in the sky shaped like a football balloon. During the next hypnosis session, doctor Moretti faced a new problem. Zanfretta, suddenly, started to speak a strange and unknown language. He was uttering words like these: "Ei chi naila...isne se lai...go ghe ti snau exi ghe...sci nis che ixi kai snoue...chisnauag the...aiex piscinau kep na...tei sdei...".Moretti was not able to control the hypnotic regression. Zanfretta continued on his own and he said that he was contacting the aliens.

    His voice changed and in a very guttural way he said: "You can't work out anything in a case like this. To believe or not to believe doesn't mean anything: each thing in its own time".Zanfretta's last disappearance was on August 13, 1980. But this time, Zanfretta wasunder close observation 24 hours a day and he was reached before he made contact with the aliens.The last hypnotic regression was illuminating. The guard was absolutely out of control and didn't answer any questions at all. "What is happening here is scientifically inexplicable to me", said Dr. Moretti. Under interrogation, Zanfretta kept saying: "Question with negative answer, tixel", and it was useless going on. Fifteen years have passed now since Zanfretta's last encounter with the aliens.

    He has Location of the UFO sighting not been abducted any more and very few UFO are seen now in the Italian sky. Zanfretta, who recalls only a few things of his extraordinary experiences, says that somewhere in the hills near Genoa he is hiding the sphere given to him by the aliens. And he waits.


    Abduction on the North Canol Road - Yukon, Canada

    Date: September 3, 1987
    Location: Yukon Territory, Canada


    Yukon Territory - September 3rd, 1987:

    I came face to face (about 20 yards) with 2 grey creatures in blue jump suits, about 5 ft. tall with big insect looking heads, pointy faces, big eyes, thin arms, body and legs. I immediately thought "they're not little green men*, they're grasshopper people".


    Abduction on the North Canol Road Fig. 9. close-up of aliens in figure 8. Artwork by Patty D. & Jim G.

    Witness saw cigar-shaped object of green color, with portholes along side of it, flying low. Soon after, 2 beings/creatures were seen briefly nearby on the ground, and then abduction experience followed. Scoop marks found on hands afterwards.


    Graphic depicting UFO as it flew slowly from left to right. The photo is taken from the location where Kevin saw the UFO. The image of the UFO has been added to the photograph.


    Kevin's drawing the UFO made in February 2001.


    Kevin's drawing of the aliens he saw at the side of the road.

    Source: Martin Jasek, M.Sc., P. Eng.

    The North Canol Road is one of the most remote roads in Northern Canada


    By Martin Jasek, M.Sc., P. Eng. (Investigator)

    I first met Kevin on July 8, 2000 while attending a UFO conference in St. Paul, Alberta. I had just finished a presentation on Yukon UFO sightings when he approached me. He was very quiet and reserved and basically told me that he used to live in Ross River, Yukon and had heard and seen strange things up there. He proceeded to write down his contact information for me as the hustle and bustle of the conference prevented a personal conversation. The next day, as the conference was drawing to a close, Kevin approached me again. He said he was leaving now as he had a fairly lengthy drive home. But before he left, he wanted to show me something so that I would know what he was talking about when we later talked on the phone. He then showed me the palms of his hands. Wow, what he showed me certainly peaked my interest and he briefly stated some of the background. I'll leave it to the reader to read through "Kevin's Account" as not to take away from the incredible experience.

    After the conference I returned to my home in Whitehorse and Kevin returned to his life in a small Alberta town. It was fortunate that with my work I was able to travel to many parts of the Yukon and at my earliest opportunity (Sept 12, 2000), I traveled up the North Canol Road. Prior to the trip, Kevin provided a detailed description of the location where his experience took place and narrowed it down to a 6 km stretch of road, west of a vacant RCMP trailer. I took photographs of five locations along this stretch that would potentially match Kevin's description. There was one location in particular that matched every detail very well. I mailed all sets of five location photos to him and he quickly replied that one location, the same one that I favoured, was the correct one. There "is no doubt in his mind" he replied. He added information to the photos such as the trajectory of the UFO, the location where the aliens stood, etc. The graphics depicting what Kevin witnessed are of the actual locations. We hope that these along with the artwork add to the realism of Kevin's account.

    This article has been a long time in the making and I have got to know Kevin over the years. He is a very honest, sincere and reserved individual. Not at all the type looking for attention. I have no reason not to believe his entire story. I would like to thank him for his patience and understanding for the time it took me to put this presentation together.

    I would also like to thank Gord Heath, Paddy D. and Jim G. for their help with the artwork and illustration graphics.

    Kevin's Account

    In August or September 1987 (later determined to be Wednesday September 2, 1987), I left Ross River (where I lived) and headed up the North Canol Road by myself on my motor bike for moose (hunting). (Maps of the area)

    I was planning on spending 3 days in the area between Sheldon Lake and Macpass. A guy I worked with and a friend of his were to leave a day later and I was to meet them for some fishing. We were all to stay at a trailer at Dewhurst Creek.

    I left Ross River early in the morning and the temperature started to drop. Then it started to rain very hard and very cold. When I got to Gravel Creek, I stopped at Art John's Cabin and put on extra clothes while standing under the edge of his roof. I knew the rain would not stop, so I got back on my bike and headed off.

    I arrived at the trailer ½ hour before dark, very cold and very tired. I lit up a fire, cooked supper and went straight to bed looking forward to the morning hunt. Over night the rain had stopped.

    At daybreak (September 3, 1987) I put my gear and my gun on my bike and headed towards Macpass. A couple of miles down the road, I was putting along at about 10 mph looking into the trees and watching the hillsides. I decided to stop for a pee.

    I stopped where I could see some mountainsides and some valleys. I parked on the right side of the road. The sun was shining; the air was perfectly still and a bit cool.

    I was standing just in front of my bike watching the mountains to the south, when I noticed to the left out of the corner of my eye, what I first thought was an airplane. It was 400 to 500 yards away and about the size of a DC-3 plane or a full-size school bus.

    It was travelling north to south, at about 40 yards above ground and moving maybe 30 km/h. Right away I thought "boy is he low". I blinked my eyes because I couldn't make out any tail fin or wings.

    It had what looked like portholes all along the side of it. It was cigar shaped with a grey strip down the middle and a dark green on top and bottom.

    I thought to myself, "something's wrong with this picture", then I realised there was no sound! If it was an airplane, the roar would have filled the valley.

    As I watched, it seemed to partially dematerialize and then return to solid form, it did this as it was moving, a couple of times. Then it dawned on me, oh, oh, I don't think I should be seeing this; it's a UFO and probably doesn't want to be seen!

    I crouched down on the road, hiding behind the roadside grass.

    I then watched it go behind a cone-shaped hill and not come out. I stood up looking for it and feeling very excited and happy about what I saw and thinking they didn't even know they were being watched.

    I was standing beside my bike when I heard a loud metallic clunk behind me around the corner.

    Right away I thought, somebody must be here and I've got to tell them what I saw. The noise I heard sounded like a heavy trunk lid on a car slamming shut.

    I quickly walked along the edge of the road to the corner to see who was there.

    I came face to face (about 20 yards) with 2 grey creatures in blue jump suits, about 5 ft. tall with big insect looking heads, pointy faces, big eyes, thin arms, body and legs. I immediately thought "they're not little green men*, they're grasshopper people".

    *(before this, all I knew about aliens was that they were supposed to be little green men.)

    At that same instant, the one on the left raised his left hand to his waist, which held some type of flashlight device and I saw a bright flash of light come from it.

    I instantly felt paralyzed and was convinced time had stopped, everything was black, no sound. I tried to yell "No!" but all that came out was a distorted grunt.

    Next thing I knew I was standing on the side of the road scared, shaking and confused.

    Within seconds I remembered all of this that had just taken place and I thought, "I'm getting out of here before they get me again." I turned around to get my bike and for some reason it was not there, then I noticed it was on the other side of the road. I said to myself, "what the hell is this? I didn't put it there". Still panicking I rushed over and got on it and realized the keys were gone.

    I always left the keys in it, that way I could not lose them while sneaking around in the bush. I immediately started looking down the road and suddenly saw them in my hand. I started my bike and raced back to the trailer.

    I was feeling scared and amazed at the same time and then noticed that all the shadows of the trees were pointing in a different direction than that of the morning sun. About 15 minutes later I was at the trailer. Half an hour later it was dark. I thought "no way, I only left here an hour ago, what's going on?"

    I was really confused then, I said to myself, "I'm not telling anybody about this, I'll just forget the whole thing".

    I put on a pot of coffee and could then hear a soft humming sound above the trailer. I could also feel a soft vibration in everything (trailer, air, etc.). After about 10 minutes it had all stopped. I had a very strong feeling that they were outside. I did not look out the windows.

    Later that night I still couldn't sleep and while having my coffee I began to have flashbacks of the past events. I remember being in a dream-like state watching scenery flash by underneath as if I was flying. I watched mountains and rivers and forests go by at a very high rate of speed.

    I then became aware of other sounds and seemed to wake up. I opened my eyes and could see nothing but black, very deep and inky black. As I was looking at this, the blackness pulled back, revealing a face, I had been looking into the eyes of a grey type creature. I could hear in my mind a voice saying "there is nothing to worry about". I could hear him talking in my mind.

    There were 3 or 4 of these types walking around, but only one talked to me. The two I saw earlier on the road, I never saw again. (Note: the aliens that he saw at this point were of the typical "grey type" while the ones at the edge of the road were more insectoid.)

    I then sat up and had an idea of what might be going on and I asked, "Are you going to do experiments on me?" and the one said, "They've already been done." I felt really good then because, except for a strange sensation in my hands everything felt normal. I kept rubbing my hands together but did not look at them, as there was a totally strange environment to look at instead. I experienced no discomfort.

    The being nearest me asked if I would like to see my home planet and I said sure. I then walked over to the window, where there was a machine that looked like a big copy machine. He asked me not to touch it, I replied "Don't worry, I'm not touching anything in here".

    He then said, that bright white star is your home. I didn't know anything about astronomy at the time, but I always thought earth was blue, so right away I thought he's lying. He also explained to me about space and stars etc. but I can't remember any of it now.

    I was also asked if I would like to go on a trip. I replied "Not yet", I felt very honoured to be asked and I did want to go, but felt that the time was not right.

    Then I was told I would have to forget all of this. I was disappointed at hearing this. The first part of the experience was very scary, but once I was with them, I found them to be friendly, helpful and their looks didn't bother me. They actually seemed like old friends.

    They gave me a clear glass, ¾ full with a yellow liquid and said to drink it up, it would make me forget everything. I told them, I did not want to forget an experience like this. It should be remembered! I was told it was for my own good that I forget. So I took 3 little sips and put the glass down.

    Next thing I know, I'm on the road by my bike, scared to death and wanting to get out of there.

    The next day I met up with the other two guys and never said anything to them.

    Additional Notes

    1) When the being shot me with the flashlight device, I experienced what they call "the cone of silence". It seemed like time stood still and nothing existed but me, like I was pulled from reality. It was the most absolute quiet ever imagined. I was really scared and tried to yell "No!", but all that came out was a gnarly growl. Everything went dark and I had the sensation of hurtling skyward at a terrific speed. I also felt that I was being stretched, as if my feet were on the ground and my upper body was 20 feet above. My whole body shooting skyward.

    2) When I was watching the UFO move slowly in front of me, I thought, I better get a picture of this. My camera was just inside my jacket in my shirt pocket and was very quick and easy to get at. A sort of calming feeling came over me and I felt like, "It's no big deal", "don't worry about it", "I don't have to have a picture".

    Afterwards I thought, what bizarre behaviour. I kept 2 cameras on the go all the time and I was always on the lookout for photo opportunities. To think a U.F.O. photo is not important is insane.

    3) While driving from Ross River to the trailer, I had a feeling that something unusual might happen, but never expected this.

    4) Before this incident happened, I had no interest or knowledge about any of this. So one day I decided to write everything down that I could think of. (This original write-up has been misplaced) Afterwards I bought a couple of books on UFOs etc. and after reading them, realized that I'm not the only one, and that my experiences are not all just me.

    5) Although I wanted to tell people about this, I was very reluctant to tell this story. Since it happened, I have told it to less than 10 people. Every time I tell someone, I feel like I just broke a promise I made to them that I wouldn't tell anybody. This feeling may just be me or it may be programmed into me to keep me quiet. I don't know.

    I decided to tell it as more of an awareness thing. I'm sure other people have had experiences but are held back.

    6) When I got back to Ross River, I was thinking about the sensation in my hands when I sat up on the bed. (with the beings). I looked down at my palms and was startled to see a scoop mark in the palm of each hand. I had not seen these before. Over the next couple of years, I asked two doctors and four nurses if they knew what this was and they all said no, they had never seen anything like it before.

    In September 2000, I asked my doctor about it and he said yes he knows of it and he told me the name of it (can't remember it now).

    But they had no idea what causes it. Coincidence? I don't know.

    I still have them.


    • February 23, 1975. Kofu City, Yamanshi Prefecture, Japan

      Source: Yamanashi Nichi-Nichi Shimbun (Daily News, Japan), Feb. 25, 1975
      Source: Leonard Stringfield "Situation Red"
    Japanese youngster indicates area near vineyard where a UFO touched down on February 23, 1975; and a sketch by one of the boys shows the craft and occupant. (credit: Leonard Stringfield / Dennis Hauck, director, International UFO Registry)

    Masato Kawano (7 years old) and Katsuhiro Yamahata (7 years old). LANDING, CLOSE ENCOUNTER

    On February 23, 1975, about 19:00 hours, two elementary school children called Masato Kawano and Katsuhiro Yamahata, 7 years old, were skating around in Kamimachi Hinode, in the city of Kofu, when they observed two bright objects orange that evolved in the sky. One of these lights began to descend slowly to land behind a nearby vineyard. Witnesses said that emitted a strange light like a camera (others said it was similar to a Geiger counter noise) sound. Moved by curiosity, the children ran to the place where they had seen the  landing orange ball. Upon arrival they found a shaped object flying saucer about 5 meters in diameter and about 2.5 meters high. The huge disc, metallic appearance, had "three legs in the form of spheres" on its front surface had some "characters or strange signs", maybe 4, in relief. In those moments a hatch opened on one side and a ladder was deployed to the ground. The huge disc, metallic appearance, had "three legs in the form of spheres" on its front surface had some "characters or strange signs", maybe 4, in relief. In those moments a hatch opened on one side and a ladder was deployed to the ground. Immediately fell a creature of hideous aspect that caused astonishment in the young. His face was dark brown, eyeless and covered with coarse wrinkles. At its head stood out 2 large pointed ears and three huge tusks, 5 or 7 inches long, but the mouth is not appreciated. As described in detail and Yamahata Kawano, it was a humanoid being, 1'3 feet tall, wearing a shiny metallic uniform. His hands have 4 fingers and feet ended two "protuberances". Left shoulder slung one weapon similar to a "rifle".

    All elements existing at the Kofu close encounter, have the ingredients we would find in a children's story, space monsters, weapons, and many scares ...

    The grotesque visitor seemed inspecting the surrounding area ignoring the amazed witnesses. From a distance the children could see that within the device had another occupant, smaller than his companion, who was with a console full of buttons. But at one moment, the "being" walking along the outside,  quickly approached to Yamahata, giving two pats on the shoulder. The humanoid spoke in a strange language, like the sound of a cassette tape heard backwards. The boy fell to the floor, said his partner, because he felt scared to death when he saw the monster space beside him. Kawano reacted quickly helping to reincorporated his friend and both fled the scene. When arriving home, almost in panic and very nervous, the children narrated their terrifying encounter. Intrigued by the amazing story of children their mothers decided to go to the vineyard to check the testimony of the schoolboys. According to the press said women could see for at least 5 minutes a dazzling orange light flashing on the vineyard. Yamahata and Kawano wanted to approach the place, but before the group decided to approach, there was a powerful burst of light and the artifact flew up in the sky quickly. Many other witnesses were located by a local journalist, Yamanashi Nichi-Nichi Shimbun (Daily News), which confirmed the presence of strange lights in the área.


    The Pascagoula, Mississippi Alien Abductions - October, 1973

    THE HICKSON/PARKER CONTACT CASE, 11 October 1973, Pascagoula, Mississippi. According to Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker of Pascagoula, the two had their night-time fishing trip suddenly interrupted by three strange creatures which carried them on board a hazy blue flying saucer and subjected them to medical examinations. Hickson said he was terrified during the experience and Parker fainted as he was floated into the alien ship.

    The strange case of nineteen-year-old Calvin Parker, and forty-two-year-old Charles Hickson actually began a day before their famous encounter. On October 10, 1973, fifteen different people, including two policemen reported seeing a large, silver UFO slowly fly over a housing project in St. Tammany Parish, New Orleans, Louisiana. Only a scant 24 hours later, Hickson and Parker would have the scare of their lives; a frightening encounter with an eerie UFO.

    The strange case of nineteen-year-old Calvin Parker, and forty-two-year-old Charles Hickson actually began a day before their famous encounter. On October 10, 1973, fifteen different people, including two policemen reported seeing a large, silver UFO slowly fly over a housing project in St. Tammany Parish, New Orleans, Louisiana. Only a scant 24 hours later, Hickson and Parker would have the scare of their lives; a frightening encounter with an eerie UFO. The two men were both from the town of Gautier, Mississippi, and were doing some fishing in the Pascagoula River on a dark night about 9:00 P.M. They suddenly heard a type of buzzing behind them. Both men turned around to see the source of the sound, and were amazed to see a glowing, egg-shaped object with bluish lighting on its front side. The unusual craft was hovering just a few feet above the ground, and about 30 feet from the shore of the river. To their unbelief, a door opened in the object, and three strange beings began to float just above the water straight toward them. Though the beings had legs, they did not use them, they simply floated across the river.

    Parker and Hickson would later describe the beings as “about five feet tall, had bullet-shaped heads without necks, slits for mouths, and where their noses or ears would be, they had thin, conical objects sticking out, like carrots from a snowman’s head. They had no eyes, grey, wrinkled skin, round feet, and claw-like hands.”Hickson, frozen in fear and unbelief, was grabbed by two of these creatures, and the third one took Parker, who fainted from fright. Hickson would later relate that when the beings put their arms under his body to support him, he felt numb all over. He was then floated into a a brightly-lit room inside of the UFO. Inside this room, he floated, along with an eye-like device which examined him all over. Hickson-Parker, 1973After his ordeal, Hickson was left floating, while the beings left the room, probably to examine Parker. Approximately 20 minutes after the ordeal had begun, it was over, and Hickson was floated back outside of the strange craft. Parker was crying, and praying on the ground. Only a moment or two later, the craft rose straight up into the air and disappeared. As the two men began to regain their composure, they were uncertain as to what they should do. Reluctant to report their harrowing experience, they felt obligated to tell someone. Despite fearing ridicule, they telephoned Kessler Air Force Base in Biloxi. Kessler referred their problem to their local sheriff’s office. Afraid of what reaction they might get from law enforcement, they opted instead to drive to their local newspaper. Finding the office closed, they decided to take their bizarre story to the sheriff after all. Naturally the sheriff felt the two men’s story was some kind of hoax, and to get to the truth, he put Hickson and Parker into a room which was wired for sound, hoping that they would slip up, and reveal why they were perpetuating such a strange tale.

    Calvin Parker Depiction, Pascagoula Alien Charles Hickson

    Soon news of the event began to surface. The local press released the story first; quickly followed by the wire services. Within a few days, the Pascagoula incident was major news all over the USA. The Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO), sent University of California professor James Harder to investigate; Dr. J. Allen Hynek, representing the US Air Force, also arrived to look into the story. Harder and Hynek interviewed Hickson and Parker together. Harder hypnotized Hickson, but he became so frightened that the session had to be aborted. The two abductees were encouraged to take a lie-detector test, which they both passed. Harder and Hynek, both highly respected in their professions, believed the two men’s story.
    At a later date, Hynek stated; “There was definitely something here that was not terrestrial”.

    In what may be a related incident, a couple of weeks after this chilling account, Coast Guardsmen and fishermen had an encounter with an underwater metallic object.
    This strange object had an amber light on it, and the Guard chased it in the Pascagoula River. The object was close enough to touch, but each time it was prodded with a large boat hook, it would turn off its light, move a distance away, and turn its light back on. This unusual encounter lasted about 40 minutes before the craft disappeared.
    The Pascagoula encounter is one of the most unusual accounts of all UFO reports. Though the sighting and abduction involved only two witnesses, there were several other sightings of unusual flying objects on the same night. The two men have held to their story, though no earthly explanation has been offered for the strange events of the night of October, 11, 1973.


    Mississippi tersanesi işçileri olan Hickson ve Parker, 11 Ekim 1973 tarihinde Pascagoula Irmağı kenarındaki eski bir iskelede balık avlarken birtakım varlıklar tarafından kaçırılmışlardı. Olay şöyle cereyan etmişti;

    Bu iki adam, garip bir vızıltı sesinden sonra şaşkınlık içinde yumurta şeklindeki bir aracın, beyaz/mavi ışıklar saçarak kendilerine doğru geldiğini gördüler. Araç yere indikten sonra içinden çıkan 3 garip varlık kendilerine yaklaşmaya başladı. Varlıklar yaklaşık 150 cm. uzunluğunda, gri renkli, kırışık derili varlıklardı ve kulaklarıyla burunlarının olduğu yerde birer çıkıntı vardı. Ayrıca ağız bölgelerinde yine ağız yerine çok ince bir çizgi vardı. Bu anda henüz 19 yaşında olan Parker bayıldı. Ardından her iki adam da uzay aracına alındı.

    Hickson, büyük bir göze benzeyen hareketli bir aygıt tarafından taranarak tıbbi incelemeden geçirildi. Yaklaşık 20 dakika sonra iki adam apar topar aygıtın içinden göl kıyısına geri bırakıldılar.

    Bu iki adamın hikayesi, kendilerini gizli bir mikrofonun saklandığı odada yalnız bırakıp giden yerel şerifi çok etkilemişti. Şerif onların bu hikayeyi uydurup uydurmadıklarını öğrenmeye çalışıyordu, onların yalnız kalınca, uydurdukları hikayeden bahsedip gülmelerini bekliyordu. Ancak bu olmadı. İki adam arasında aşağıdaki konuşma geçmişti;

    Hickson : Hayatımda daha önce hiç böyle bir şey görmemiştim. İnsanları buna inandıramazsın.

    Parker : Ben burada oturup durmak istemiyorum, bir doktora görünmek istiyorum.

    Hickson : Artık uyanıp inanmaya başlasalar iyi olur. İnanmak zorundalar.

    Parker : O lanet kapının nasıl bir anda ortaya çıktığını gördün mü?

    Bu iki adam yakınlarda bulunan Keesler Hava Kuvvetleri Üssü yetkililerince sorgulandı ve vaka daha sonra, ABD Hava Kuvvetleri, Blue Book/Mavi Kitap Projesi’ne son verdiğinde kendi UFO çalışma grubunu kuran Dr. J. Allen Hynek tarafından da incelendi. Hickson’a hipnoz yapılmaya çalışıldı ancak büyük acı çekmeye başlayınca seanslara devam edilmedi. Parker ise, yaşadıklarından ötürü sarsıntı geçirmişti ve ardından bir sinir krizi yaşadı. Her ikisi de uzun yıllar boyunca yaşadıklarının etkisini üzerlerinden atamadılar.

    Pascagola’da kaçırılma 19 yaşındaki Calvin Parker ile 42 yaşındaki Charles Hickson’ın garip hikayeleri, esasında meşhur karşılaşmalarından bir gün önce başlıyor. 10 Ekim 1973’de aralarında iki polis memuru da olmak üzere on beş farklı insan , St. Tammash Parish , New Orleans , Lousiana’da bir inşaatın üzerinde , gümüş renkli , büyük bir UFO’nun yavaşça uçtuğunu gördüklerini bildirdiler. Bu olaydan sadece 24 saat sonra , Hickson ve Parker hayatlarının en korkunç gününü , yaşayacaklarını, korkunç bir UFO’yla karşılaşacaklarını bilemezlerdi.

    İkisi de Mississippi’nin Gautier kasabasından geliyordu ve saat 21.00 civarı gecenin karanlığında Pascagoula Nehrinde balık tutmaya çalışıyorlardı. Birden arkalarından gelen bir vızıltı sesi duydular . Sesin nereden geldiğini görmek için döndüklerinde, gördükleri parlak , yumurta şekilli ve ön tarafında mavi ışıklar olan cisim karşısında şaşkına döndüler. Garip araç , kıyıdan 10 metre mesafede, yerden birkaç metre yüksekte , havada duruyordu.

    Şaşkınlıkla izlerlerken , objeden bir kapı açıldı ve üç garip yaratık , suyun üzerinden uçarak onlara doğru gelmeye başladı. Yaratıkların bacakları olmasına rağmen , onları kullanmıyorlar , havada süzülerek ilerliyorlardı. Parker ve Hickson , daha sonra yaratıkları tasvir etmeleri istendiğinde şöyle anlatacaklar “ Yaklaşık 5 feet boyunda , mermiye benzer kafaları olan , boyunları olmayan yaratıklardı. Ağız olarak ince bir çizgi vardı ve burun ve kulaklarının olması gereken yerde , kardan adamın burnuna takılan havuç gibi küçük , konik çıkıntılar vardı. Gözleri görünmüyordu. Kırışık , gri renkli derileri , yuvarlak ayakları ve pençeye benzer elleri vardı.”

    Korkudan ve şaşkınlıktan şok geçiren Hickson , İki yaratık tarafından tutularak taşınmaya başlandı. Korkudan bayılmış olan Parker’ı da yaratıklardan biri taşıyordu. Daha sonra , olayı düşündüklerinde , yaratıkların ellerini değdirdiği yerlerinin hafiflediğini ve onlar da yaratıklar gibi havada süzülerek, UFO’nun içindeki parlak bir odaya kadar bu şekilde taşındıklarını hatırlayacaklar. Odanın içerisinde , Hickson , göze benzer bir nesnenin önünden süzülerek geçirildi ve bir çeşit teste maruz kaldı. Yaratıklar odadan çıkarken aynı işlem Parker’a da uygulanıyordu. İncelemelerin başlamasından yaklaşık 20 dakika sonra , işlemler sona erdi ve Hickson araçtan geriye uçarak çıkarıldı. Parker yerde ağlıyor , dualar ediyordu. Kısa bir an sonra , araç , gökyüzüne doğru yükselerek gözden kayboldu.

    İkisi de , kendilerine geldiklerinde , ne yapacaklarını bilemediler. Yaşadıkları garip olayları bildirmeye isteksizdiler. Fakat birilerine anlatmaları gerekiyordu. Alay edilme riskini göze alarak , Biloxi’deki Kessler Hava Kuvvetleri Üssünü aradılar. Üsten , yerel şerifleriyle görüşmeleri gerektiğini öğrenen ikili görebilecekleri tepkiden çekindiler ve yerel bir gazeteyle konuşmaya karar verdiler. Gazetenin ofisinin kapalı olduğunu görünce çaresiz şerifle konuşmak üzere polis merkezine gittiler. İkisinin anlattığı hikayeyi dinleyen şerif , onlara inanmadı ve doğruyu söylemelerini sağlamak , neden böyle bir hikaye uydurduklarını öğrenmek için onları ses geçirmeyen , izole bir odaya kapattı.

    Olay kısa sürede duyuldu. İlk olarak yerel basında yayınlanan hikaye daha sonra kablo televizyon kanallarında görülmeye başlandı. Birkaç gün sonra Pascagoula olayı bütün Amerikanın gündemine oturmuştu. Hava Fenomenleri Araştırma Organizasyonu, olayı araştırması için Kaliforniya Üniversitesi Profesörlerinden James Harder’ı gönderdi. Ayrıca Amerikan Hava Kuvvetlerini temsilen Dr. J .Allen Hynek’de olay yerinde incelemeler yapmak üzere gelmişti. Harder ve Hynek beraber Hickson ve Parker’ı incelediler. Harder , Hickson’u hipnotize etti fakat seans o kadar korkutucu olmuştu ki iptal etmek zorunda kaldılar.

    Araştırmacılar tarafından , yalan makinesi testinden geçmeye ikna edilen Hickson ve Parker , testlerden geçerek yalan söylemediklerini kanıtladılar. Uzmanlık alanlarında oldukça saygı duyulan Harder ve Hynek iki adamın anlattığı hikayeye inanarak şu sözleri söylediler. “ Bu hikayede kesinlikle dünya dışı kaynaklı bir şeyler söz konusu. “

    Bu hikaye ile bağlantılı olarak , birkaç hafta sonra ,Sahil Güvenlik Güçleri ve bazı balıkçılar suyun altından ilerleyen metalik renkli bir obje ile karşılaştılar. Cismin üzerinde kehribar sarısı bir ışık vardı. Sahil Güvenlik , cismi Pascagoula nehri boyunca takip etti. Cisim , dokunulabilecek yakınlıktaydı fakat ne zaman uzun , balıkçı kancalarıyla cisme dokunsalar , cisim ışığını söndürerek hızla uzaklaşıyor , belirli bir mesafeden sonra üzerindeki ışık yeniden yanıyordu. Bu karşılaşma , garip araç ortadan kaybolana kadar yaklaşık 40 dakika kadar sürdü.

    Pascagoula vakası , UFO olayları arasında en ilginçlerinden biridir. Kaçırılanlar iki kişi olsalar da , aynı gece tarif edilen garip aracı gördüğünü bildiren bir çok insan olmuştur. İki adam hikayelerine sadık kaldılar. Fakat 11 Ekim 1973 gecesi yaşanan olaylara kimse bir açıklama getiremedi.




    In 1954, Jose Ponce and Gustavo Gonzalez were driving their truck on an isolated road outside Caracas, Venezuela. When they turned a corner,  a luminescent sphere was blocking their way. More annoyed than scared, Gonzales went out the car to check and investigate. At that point, a hatch opened from the sphere and out came 3 hairy, short humanoids. One of the humanoids jumped on Gonzalez. Gonzales was unable to shake the alien off because it was very strong. The alien was able to throw him 15 feet through the air. Unhurt, Gonzalez was able to draw a knife and tried to stab the humanoid but the knife did not penetrate. Although they were outnumbered by one alien, the beings were intimidated enough to go back to the ship and fly away. The men reported their story to the police.


    Elisabeth Klarer contacts



    Like many of you, I get quite excited when I spot a mention of our favourite fine city in an unexpected place, so imagine my surprise (wow, I feel like a real journalist now I’ve used that phrase in a newspaper) when browsing the Eagle Annual 1965, I read of Norwich as the unexpected location of an unexpected visit, namely a friendly flyby from a flying saucer.

    UFO spotted over Norwich in October 1953. Picture: EDP Library

    If you feel you’ve successfully imagined my surprise, then you are wrong, because my surprise doubled on learning the encounter took place above the skies of South Park Avenue, not far from where I live in Norwich’s more fashionable western fringe.

    Having spent countless minutes researching the incident on Google, I can offer you the following medium-depth account of the incident.

    On October 6, 1953, A Mr F W Potter, an amateur stargazer and member of the Norwich Astronomical Society (which I hope is still with us, even if Mr Potter is not), was perusing the celestial firmament above our wide Norfolk skies with his 3.5 inch telescope.

    Now imagine his surprise when instead of seeing the moon, or some Clangers, Mr Potter viewed an unearthly craft speeding from one bit of the solar system to another. Mr Potter described the object thus: “Rays or beams of light could be seen distinctly from the dome and attached directly beneath it was a much larger and flattened dome with a protruding band running in a circumference around its edge.

    This was clearly seen in the telescope by the rays of light thrown out from the apertures in the top dome.

    The underneath of the large flattened bottom dome was hollow and appeared to be glowing red, but there were no vapour trails or gases to be seen.”

    Mr Potter did what any right-thinking local citizen would do, and contacted the Eastern Evening News (as it was then; I myself bought the word ‘Eastern’ off the paper for £5 back in 1992 as a birthday treat to myself, and I now keep it in the attic), who ran the scoop the following day, with a letter from Mr Potter on the subject also appearing in the following Sunday’s Observer, then going through a similar phase about UFOs as I did when I was a kid.

    The craft Mr Potter saw was a popular make at the time, thanks to a Californian named George Adamski, a UFO ‘contactee’ who in 1952 claimed craft, looking much like those seen by Mr Potter, were piloted by handsome Nordic-looking beings from Venus, who were into peace, galactic brotherhood and appearing to just one or two people at a time because anything else would obviously cause a panic.

    Adamski backed up his claims with photographs showing the Venusian ships either in extreme close-up, or viewed through telescope over great distances, with no background features visible.

    Despite seeing these saucers land, meeting their occupants and being taken inside a ship for a guided tour, Adamski was somehow unable to provide photographs of these latter events; a pity, as such pictures would have made his story more credible, if less lucrative.

    They (whoever ‘they’ are) don’t make saucers like that anymore.

    Since almost everyone possesses the means to take pictures, or make a film, in their pocket, the saucers became shy.

    No longer are incongruous objects, be they shaped like cigars, saucers, or spinning tops, to be seen in the corner of a box brownie’s eye; the days of the close encounter of the Instamatic kind are behind us.

    UFOs these days manifest themselves as dreary little points of light, or streaks in the clouds that could be anything, and are therefore likely to be nothing.

    A shame, but maybe the saucers have grown distant as we have sharpened our view of the solar system.

    Venus, covered in thick, impenetrable clouds for most of mankind’s history, is now known to more closely resemble Hell than a peaceful, flourishing utopia.

    The New Horizons probe, with its findings about Pluto and its moons, demonstrate we no longer need rely on the fantastic figments of our imagination to get excited about space.

    However, it is nice to know that, at least for one evening above South Park Avenue in 1953, some of that excitement, and the very human hope we might not be alone, glided across Norwich in full view of a Mr F W Potter.


    The LYA contacts of prof. Hernandez in the 70ths  -  Prof. Hernandeze ait UFO çizimleri..  temaslar sonucunda alınmış bilgiler doğrultusunda çizilmiş resimler.




    On Space Travel

    "The Universe is an immense spiral.' LYA told Prof. Hernandez. "The galaxies in some parts are superposed one upon others. They form parallel levels. They are controlled by agrupations, and even within the same celestial groups, they repel each other due to their own magnetic fields.1 It is like a right to have their own space and their own movement, the absolute right of individuality. This also you see among humans. Enormous networks of various energies surround all of the planets. Hyperspace is still a great secret to your community, nevertheless, once you have dominated the hyperspace, you will understand the why of the velocity of our ships.2 In the next decade news will be disseminated about three of the greatest nuclear accidents, space accidents and other similar catastrophes. However the accidents to space ships were due especially to the lack of adequate systems of propulsion to reach hyperspace. One of the most important space accidents will take place in the middle of the 1980s!3 Your energy problem will delay you more than fifteen years before you overcome your danger."


    "How do you travel in space?"

    "Well, we reach hyperspace employing our own magnetic field as well as utilizing energetic elements that have a great similarity to the mineral gasses that surround the universe, though many times we opted to make our travel through enormous energetic networks that impel us toward hyperspace and which likewise, in questions of energetic friction, helps to avoid being disintegrated in space.4 We also employ energy such as hydrogen and oxygen when we descend to your planet. We travel with our own magnetic field, which permits us to move in any atmosphere like a small planet within it's system. We are so enclosed to protect ourselves from characteristic viruses of worlds adjacent to our own. We avoid space bacterias of characteristics your humanity is unaware of. Nevertheless, the low density of ozone in some parts more than in others, reduces the filtration of some germs which slowly descend and fall on fertile fields of your world.


    When we have reached hyperspace, we travel by inertia through the normal networks with that which feeds our ship. However I can tell you that other civilizations which have came to your planet, supply themselves with electricity through powerful absorbers, which they then store in small receptacles. This is taken in through long tubes and stored in millimetric boxes. Other universes utilize gasses of various origins, over all energy that could be taken from your own world. However, not all the races that live in this galaxy have came to dominate hyperspace. Reaching that level is not easy. The most convenient is to utilize natural energy to avoid friction and pressure within and without the ships, with which they accelerate. At times (if not properly controlled) the metabolism of living organisms which travel in them is destroyed whether they are humans, animals or insects. The lower bacteria can resist high pressures. If natural energy is not employed can provoke alterations in the energetic lines of force, and these could provoke a much greater disaster in the interior of the ship. Very well, it is important to know the better metal with which to construct a ship. This must be made with elements which can not be repelled by this universe. We use hydrogen and oxygen to construct our ships."5

    "How can you achieve that?"

    "Well, we achieve this by using it in solid form.


    [The notes show that this dialogue took place in November of 1975.)



    1. Other ETs have attempted to explain the interrelationship of the various universes of being which co-exist in time and space, and of which our scientists of Earth have evolved no knowledge to date. Each of those other universes are said to also contain whole constellations and galaxies of stars, and some of them inhabited, totally unknown to us at this time, nor have we any conception of them. A lengthy discourse on this subject was provided by the ETs from a planet they called UMMO who have maintained contact with human beings in Spain for the past 38 years. (See UFO CONTACT FROM PLANET UMMO, Vol. 1, by Antonio Ribera, last part of narrative report.)


    2. It is becoming increasingly clear that many of the ETs coming here do not travel in the same space/time realm with which we have become familiar, that they resort to another which we have called "hyperspace" for lack of a better word, and which now is being adopted by them as a term that approaches the reality of the condition more than other words in our familiar vocabulary. The Pleiadians visiting Switzerland (UFO CONTACT FROM THE PLEIADES, A Preliminary Investigation Report) and the UMMOs visiting Spain (UFO CONTACT FROM PLANET UMMO) have quite specifically described this condition.


    3. These notes were made in November 1975, and indeed, the worst space accident in history up to that time, the explosive destruction of the United States sapceship Challenger, with it's entire crew of 7 aboard, not only took the most lives, but was the most expensive in material costs and program loss in the history of this world, and that occurred in the middle of the 1980s, in 3,janary of 1986!


    4. Another group of ETs has described great magnetic streams of energy forming veritable networks in space that enable those extraterrestrials to negotiate many lightyears of distance at super-light velocities many times over. (See UFO CONTACT FROM PLANET KOLDAS.)

    5. The ETs contacting what is called the RAMA Group in Peru have also described the use of metallic hydrogen and oxygen in structures, See the Appendix on those contacts attached to this report.



    From chapter 25


    Disseminate The Word


    [A further extract from the dialogue that took place in November of 1979, according to the Professor's diary and memos to himself.]


    "Listen Professor," continued LYA, "the knowledge is shared. The cooperation between the advanced civilizations and mutual investigations have made it possible for our race to advance in more and more knowledge. For this, for all that has been lost when ambition moves the great countries, we feel that it is time that the terrestrial begins to look beyond himself."


    "Why is it indispensable that all have access to this knowledge that you have given me? Do you think for a moment that anyone would really understand the message?"

    "You and your congenerationals, like the other races distributed throughout your world, pertain to the species we call EFIMERAS, as to say that your time of life is very very short conpared to races that succeed in living thousands of years.1

    The time of life of the human of your world is so short, and the damage that is inherited through your decent is so great, that we are worried. Really the damage left by past generations of thousands of years to the present time is minimal, compared to that which has been left you by only one hundred years of your generation. In less than one hundred years your inhabitants have produced much more damage than in all the previous epochs. This is due to your acquiring the knowledge of destruction, and this you view not only as a means of survival, but it also is seen as an augmentation to ambitions and the desire for power. Those who proceeded you did not have access to this knowledge, not in the proportion that you have. We believe that you are not aware of the transitory circumstances of your existence and the characteristics of your race. There is much that is absurd in the processes of your world, and it seems illogical to us that you permit this among yourselves. Those powers that engage in bloody invasions, mercenaries who kill only for the desire to do it, have killed to give way to a civilization still more criminal than that of Gengis Khan or Hitler...Why do you not understand that the time has come to reflect upon the damage wrought to your planet? Look, for example, due to the loss of the ozone, your climate in many parts of your world is changing. In this also you have the injection of an orbital change of 14.5 degrees that your terrestrial axis has deviated. You are beginning to lose your orbit,3 and for that the climate of your countries has changed. But of this, though it is a really significant signal, you have taken no account, immersed as you are in your own hallucinations... in your desire to reach powers in proportion without measure."


    "We are like unconscious creatures on the universal plane?"

    "Your changes are beginning to manifest themselves. There are really notable men in your world, men that authentically desire to live in peace, who respect it themselves and for others. But there is still the greater imperative of the enormous interests, that all those options that might be indicative of emotional maturity, (she looked at me)... dis-continue. There are races in the universe who have great interest in your world, races that surely are intending a great conflagration among yourselves that will allow them to take possession of your world and its inhabitants. They inspire all kinds of murderess feelings... in weak hearts and minds. The strong will try to move toward a system of conscience and balance, of harmony and respect. You are strong, Professor... though you still move in a circle from which there is no easy escape. The future of your planet is not alluring, Professor. There come times truly difficult, really dramatic. Your world and it's destiny worries us intensely, but it is precisely for this respect that we came to civilizations like yours. We can not interfere. We can only suggest a change, if perhaps you happen to be predisposed to it."

    "what can we do to avoid the apocalyptic destiny that you predict for my world?"

    "In many cases you can make it. In the first place you must stop your aggressive tendencies which today is a common thing on your planet. Even small children already show characteristics of aggression. The frustrations supplant the normal benefits in your life.


    Parents do not demonstrate love to their children for fear that it will be interpreted as a weakness... but that is no more than pride. Nobleness has been lost in 60% of the cases. There is a false value placed on principles."

    She moved her head slowly and said:

    "An intelligent being such as the human of your world does not deserve to terminate himself violently."




    1. A great number of ETs have claimed that their normal lifespan is a thousand years and more, notably those visiting Switzerland who say come from what we call the Pleiades. (See ALSO UFO CONTACT FROM PLANET ITIBI-RA, BY Pallmann and Stevens, A DATE WITH THE GODS by Charles Silva, THE SHOCKING TRUTH by A. Coe, and others.)

    2. Since the beginning of the so-called "Industrial Age", we have done so much to pollute our home planet and poison it's atmosphere, waters, and even the land itself, that we have put ours and all future generations at great risk, even to threatening the survival of life itself. Only we can undo this.

    3. The deterioriation of Earth's orbit around it's Sun due to the effects of atomic explosions and other human generated impetus, was also mentioned in the UFO contacts with L.Z. in Minnesota, still unpublished.



    The Alfred Burtoo Encounter

    Date: August 12, 1983
    Location: Aldershot, Hampshire, United Kingdom

    Alfred Burtoo was fishing along an isolated canal when a disc-shaped UFO landed nearby. The beings were humanoid, 4'6" tall, dressed in green overalls and wore helmets with visors. The beings gestured at the witness to follow them and he went up a stairway into the craft. He was made to stand under an amber light. The beings spoke to him in broken English telling him that he was too old and infirm for their purposes, he was then let go.

    • August 12, 1983. Aldershot, Hampshire, United Kingdom
    Alfred Burtoo's sketch of the craft.




    Source: CJ website

    Night Fishing

    As 77-year-old Alfred Burtoo was fishing the Basingstoke Canal in the peaceful early hours of the morning of August 12, 1983, he saw a brilliant light descend from the sky and settle on the nearby towpath. Thinking it must be a helicopter from the nearby MOD base, he took no notice, and poured himself a cup of tea from his Thermos flask. Then his dog, Tiny, began whining furiously and two figures emerged from the darkness.

    "They were about four foot high, dressed in pale green coveralls from head to foot," Burtoo told reporters. "And they had helmets of the same colour with a visor that was blacked out."

    The strangers gestured to Burtoo to accompany them. Calmly setting down his cup of tea, the intrepid pensioner follow them along the towpath towards a saucer-shaped craft. "I was 77 and didn't have much to lose," he later explained.

    Inside the Saucer

    Climbing up a set of steps into the saucer, Burtoo discovered that the ceiling was so low he had to stoop. He found himself inside a black, metallic octagonal chamber, which smelt slightly of decaying meat.

    "I did not see any signs of nuts or bolts, nor did I see any seams where the object had been put together," he recalled. "What did interest me most of all was a shaft that rose up from the floor to the ceiling. The shaft was about four feet in circumference, and on the right-hand side stood two forms similar to those that walked along the towpath with me."

    One of the beings told the old man to stand beneath an orange light, which appeared to scan him for a few minutes. "What is your age?" asked the entity, in a "sing-song" voice which sounded like "a mixture of Chinese and Russian". When he replied that he was 78, it declared: "You can go. You are too old and infirm for our purposes." Bemused, Burtoo climbed down from the saucer and returned to his fishing spot.

    "The first thing I did...was to pick up my cold cup of tea and drink it," he recalled. "And then I heard this whining noise, just as if an electric generator was starting up, and this thing lifted up then took off at a very high speed."

    Apparently unfazed by his bizarre encounter, Burtoo resumed the task at hand. "I got into what I had come out for - the fishing!" Despite his rather curt reception, he later declared his nocturnal adventure to have been "the greatest experience of my life".

    Quality Control?

    Alfred Burtoo is not alone in having apparently failed an alien medical test. American abductee Carl Higdon believed that he had been rejected as a guinea pig for a hybrid breeding program because his captors discovered that he had had a vasectomy. Likewise, Luis Oswald, an elderly Brazilian abducted in 1979 by beings who claimed to be from "a small galaxy near Neptune", reported that she had endured a lengthy examination then been told she was "of no use".

    Jenny Randles: Alien Contact: The First 50 Years, p102.
    Timothy Good: Beyond Top Secret, pp87-93.


    The Voronezh aliens and the UFO landing front of childrens

    Giant aliens encounter - Voronezh, Russia,September 27, 1989:

    It’s the most bizarre extra-terrestrial encounter ever reported, dozens of eyewitnesses claimed that in the autumn of 1989, a trio of three eyed aliens — along with their mechanical companion… visited them.

    Some of the children of Voronezh: Lena Sarokina; Vasya Surin; Vova Startsev; Alyosha Nikonov. (credit: Michael Hesemann)

    Tass, the Soviet press agency, has reported the landing of an extraterrestrial vehicle in the Russian city of Voronezh. The creatures who emerged were 10 feet tall, with little knobby heads and three eyes. They had a small robot in tow and went for a ”short promenade about the park,” Tass reports.

    Giants in the park, Voronezh, Russia.


    The story was originally published on October 11, 1989, in America, but its origin was the Russian newspaper TASS.

    The report recounts the adventures of several young children who claimed to have seen a three-eyed alien with a robot escort. The alien was said to be about 10 foot tall. The craft, according to eye witness testimony, landed on the outskirts of the city. Shortly thereafter, the tall alien appeared, and upon seeing the young lad, shot a type of weapon at him, causing him to vanish before the eyes of the other people around him. They saw a “three-eyed alien” about 10 feet tall, clad in silvery overalls and bronze-colored boots and wearing a disk on his chest. The TASS account also stated: “A boy screamed with fear, but when the alien gazed at him, with eyes shining, he fell silent, unable to move. Onlookers screamed, and the UFO and the creatures disappeared

    Several drawings were made by some of the children who supposedly witnessed the events of Voronezh. A couple of these are included here. One of the drawings showed the Cyrillic alphabet character “zhe” on the side of the UFO.

    ”It was not an optical illusion,” said Lieut. Sergei A. Matveyev of the Voronezh district police station, who said in a telephone interview that he saw the landing of the U.F.O. on Sept. 27.

    Lieutenant Matveyev confessed that he had not actually seen the aliens, but said he saw the spaceship and  “it was certainly a body flying in the sky moving noiselessly at a very high speed and very low altitude“.

    According to Tass, and a report today in the newspaper Sovetskaya Kultura, two boys and a girl from a local school – Vasya Surin, Zhenya Blinov and Yuliya Sholokhova – were playing in a park on the warm evening of Sept. 27 when suddenly, at half past six, ”they saw a pink shining in the sky and then spotted a ball of deep red color” about 10 yards in diameter. A crowd gathered, ”and they could clearly see a hatch opening in the lower part of the ball and a humanoid in the opening.”

    Sketches of the UFOs and robots/beings drawn by some of the witnesses. The top-left drawing of the UFO and robot is by sixth-grader Roma Torshin; and the top-right drawing by Genya Blinov. (credit: Hesemann / Jacques Vallee)

    From Hesemann book [Pages 251/253]


    Giant aliens encounter - Voronezh, Russia,September 27, 1989:

    Artist’s rendition of the Voronezh landing by Elena Penkova

    Voronezh, Russia, 1989

    A raft of sightings in the semi-rural city of Voronezh, Russia in September 1989 provide examples for Jose Caravaca’s “Distortion Theory” and study for UFO buffs, ET believers, debunkers, skeptics, and mass hallucinatory aficionados.


    “In the afternoon of September 27, 1989, several children in Voronezh, an industrial center with a population of about one million, were playing soccer in a local park when a giant red sphere, 30 feet in diameter, landed right next to them. A huge crowd quickly gathered. Suddenly, a hatch opened in the craft and two creatures stepped out. One was a short robotic-looking figure, the other was a gigantic humanoids (12 to 14 feet tall) walked about the town, perhaps sightseeing. The alien appeared to have “three eyes,” was wearing a silver jumpsuit, bronze-colored boots, and a round disk on his chest.

    Because there were so many witnesses, and because of the earlier wave of sightings, the event caused a huge sensation. The news agency TASS picked up the story, and before long, it was front-page news across the world. According to TASS, and a report in the newspaper Sovetskaya Kultura, two boys and a girl from a local school - Vasya Surin, Zhenya Blinov and Yuliya Sholokhova - were playing in a park on the warm evening of Sept. 27 when suddenly, at half past six, ''they saw a pink shining in the sky and then spotted a ball of deep red color'' about 10 yards in diameter. A crowd gathered, ''and they could clearly see a hatch opening in the lower part of the ball and a humanoid in the opening.”

    The three-eyed creature, about over 10 feet tall and fashionably dressed in silvery overalls and bronze boots and with a disk on its chest, disappeared, then landed and came out for a promenade with a companion and a robot. The aliens seemed to communicate with each other, producing the mysterious appearance of a shining triangle, and activated the robot with a touch. Terrified, a boy began to scream, but with a stare of the alien's shining eyes, TASS said, the boy was silenced and paralyzed.

    After a brief disappearance, the three returned, but this time one of the ''humanoids'' had ''what looked like a gun'' by his side - a tube about two feet long that it directed at a 16-year-old boy. The boy, whose name was not given in the report, promptly vanished, but reappeared. Immediately afterward, the aliens stepped back into the sphere, which took off straight up.

    Residents of the city of Voronezh insisted that lanky, three-eyed extraterrestrial creatures had indeed landed in a local park and gone for a stroll and that a seemingly fantastic report about the event carried Monday by the official press agency TASS was absolutely true.

    Lieutenant Sergei A. Matveyev confessed that he had not actually seen the aliens, but said he saw the spaceship and ''it was certainly a body flying in the sky,'' moving noiselessly at a very high speed and very low altitude. To be honest, Lieutenant Matveyev said, he was a little skeptical himself when he first saw the object. ''I thought I must be really tired,'' he said. ''but I rubbed my eyes and it didn't go away. Then I figured, in this day and age, anything is possible.''

    Vladimir A. Moiseyev, director of the regional health department, said in a telephone interview that despite reports of widespread fear in the city, none of the witnesses had applied for medical help. But he said that ''certainly we are planning to examine the children.'' There was no explanation why, with the passing of two weeks, such an examination had not yet taken place.

    Mr. Moiseyev, like other authorities in Voronezh, the editors of TASS, and indeed many of its readers, treated the report as a serious scientific phenomenon. No extra men are assigned to patrol the area because the department is short-handed, said the duty officer at the local Interior Ministry department, who identified himself only by his last name, Larin, but he said troops would be dispatched ''if they appear again.''

    The TASS correspondent covering the case of the mysterious visitors to Voronezh, Vladimir V. Lebedev, seemed insulted that anyone would treat the story with anything but the full seriousness that it was given by the agency. In a telephone interview, Mr. Lebedev described conversations with dozens of witnesses and with experts who had examined the evidence and spoken to the children. He said there were about three landings of the U.F.O between Sept. 23 and Sept. 29.

    In the latest development, not yet reported by TASS, Mr. Lebedev said that Genrikh M. Silanov, head of the Voronezh Geophysical Laboratory, asked the children to draw what they had seen. Drawings said to be similar. Though isolated from one another, he said, the children all drew a banana-shaped object that left behind in the sky the sign of the letter X.

    Such descriptions, Mr. Silanov said, were reported as typical of U.F.O.'s in a 1976 article in the now defunct American magazine Saga. Mr. Silanov said that a rock that was reportedly found at the site and described as being not something found on earth was actually a form of hematite, which is found in various parts of the Soviet Union. While not a witness himself, Mr. Lebedev said he had visited the site. ''The traces were still seen,'' he said. ''I could see holes of a clear shape that resembled the footprints of an elephant.''

    Several scientists investigated and failed to convince themselves that all this was hallucination. The landing was investigated by a wide variety of scientists including medical investigators, psychologists, criminologists, and more. It was discovered that numerous other people in the area had seen and even photographed the UFOs. Some of the witnesses suffered weird side effects such as insomnia. Others reported electromagnetic effects on their TVs and appliances.

    Most exciting, however, was the analysis of the landing site. Depressions in the ground showed that the object weighed several tons. Radiation was found in the soil, as were unusually high levels of certain elements—in particular, phosphorus. The Voronezh landing remains one of the most famous UFO landings in Russian history, and as of yet, it is still unexplained.”

    If the accounts are fabrics of a hoax, it’s a elaborate charade….but to what purpose?

    The things that stand out are the symbols, concocted or actually seen, such as the disk on the chest of the entities.

    Of course, Jose Caravaca’s “Distortion Theory” works to explain, somewhat, the event.

    A good case can be made for mass hysteria or group hallucinations certainly.

    For me, the extraterrestrial explanation doesn’t work, as once the entities debark from the “saucers” or UFOs, they resemble nothing like that reported in other UFO events, thus creating a whole otherworldly category.

    Whatever happened in Voronezh in 1989, fact or fiction, the events intrigue, for many reasons, all worthy of study within the context of UFO lore.



    Location. Near Springfield Missouri
    Date: 1975
    Time: night
    A horse farm owner and his son were driving home one night and as they drove in between two large grassy pastures and into their driveway they noticed a small gray suited figure whose head was encased in a clear glass-like bubble, standing near the gate. The witnesses stopped the vehicle and watched as the being slowly faded away into thin air. Horse mutilations were reported in the farm that same year.
    Source: Linda Moulton Howe, Glimpses of Other Realities Vol. I


    Denmark, Europe 1982: Danish Boy 15 years old draws this encounter.



    Varginha,Brazil - January 20, 1996:

    The Varginha Incident (Brazil)

    Date: January 20, 1996
    Location: Varginha, Brazil


    In 1996 in Varginha, Brazil, during the course of several weeks at least two and perhaps as many as six alien creatures were captured or killed and turned over to American authorities, and a UFO may have crashed. Eyewitnesses described the creatures as humanoid and 3 to 4 feet tall. They had dark brown, hairless skin, big triangular heads with three short "horns" on top, and huge red eyes that were vertically oval.


    Artistic rendition of the alien being witnessed by three girls in Varginha, Brazil. Artist: Thomas Feiner.



    Source: Press release by A.J. Gevaerd, Editor of UFO Magazine (Brazil), June 12th, 1996

    On January 20, Military forces captured two extraterrestrial creatures still alive in Brazil. The capture occurred in neighboring areas of city of Varginha, State of Minas Gerais, Central Brazil. The fact is to be considered one of the most significant ever registered in this country and in the entire world. Military authorities are keeping secret all details of the operation, but some information has already leaked to the UFO community due to the investigative job of Dr., Ubiraja Franco Rodrigues and Vitorio Paccaccini who lives nearby and recognized as serious and dedicated researchers.

    On the afternoon of January 20, about 3.30 PM local time, 3 young girls named Liliane, Valquiria and Katia observed a strange creature in a field of small bushes a few blocks from where they live. It was Saturday and they were coming back from their jobs when, crossing an empty area their attention was attracted by a strange being a few meters away. The ET was kneeling and looked like it was hurt, suffering some sort of pain. No UFO was ever seen. The girls observed it for a few minutes and run away, afraid that they had just encountered the devil....

    The three girls were extensively interrogated by above mentioned researchers, leaving no doubt whatsoever about what happened. Very simple kids, they described the ET's as being a dark brown creature, with a small body of 4 - 5 feet in height, no hair at all, big brown head, small neck. It also seemed to have some greasy, dark oil on its skin. A strange odor was noticed by the mother of the girls, when she went to the site. The head of the creature had 2 big red eyes, no pupils, very small mouth and nose and - what is interesting - 3 protuberances in the head. The girls described such protuberances as horns.

    Following the leads, researcher Rodrigues and Pacaccini started making inquiries everywhere in the town of Varginha, in order to know if anybody else had seen the same creature. They found several other people who also observed the ET's in the same location and maybe other ET's in different locations. While conducting their own investigations, both discovered that different witnesses has seen army trucks and other military vehicle and personnel that very morning of that day, a few blocks from the place the girls saw the ET's.

    In trying to find out what the military were doing, Rodrigues and Pacaccini came to meet a few soldiers and sergeants. One of them decided to talk secretly about their mission, in a confidential taped interview. This Sergeant confirmed that, about 9:00 AM, January 20. the Fire Department of Varginha was required to capture a strange animal in the area. When four fireman arrived in a truck in the place, they noticed that it was not any strange animal at all, and reported the fact to the Army Sergeant School Commander in neighboring city of Tres Coracoes (about 10 miles east of Varginha)

    Army truck was sent to the place and both forces captured the creature using nets and equipment regularly used to capture wild animals. The ET was placed till alive in a box that was then covered by resistant fabric. The box was placed on top of the truck, the vehicle headed to the Army Sergeant School and all personnel involved was ordered not to talk about it with anyone else "It was a Secret Operation" told them the lieutenant-colonel Wanderley, who commanded the operation. After such unusual, confidential report a few other military decided to come forward and speak about the captures as long as their identities were totally kept secret. They all confirmed, on taped interviews, that a second creature (possibly the same one seen by the girls that afternoon) was captured on the night of January 20, by personnel from the Army and the Fire Department. Details of such operation is fully known. This creature identical to the first one, was taken to the Regional General Hospital of Varginha that same night, stayed there for a few hours and then was transferred to a better equipped facility, the Humanitas Hospital.

    A few nurses and personnel from Regional General Hospital had confirmed some facts and they were all suppressed. Individuals who had contacts with the second creature were advised to avoid press and UFO Researchers and not to talk about it with anyone, not ever their families or relations. AT the Humanities Hospital the second creature was kept at least for 2 days and on the second night on January 22nd a huge military operation took place to remove the creature already dead.

    Interviews with some of the military who participated in this new operation, removing the creature from the Humanitas Hospital, declared that 3 Army trucks were used, each one driven by 2 different soldiers. It is believed that 3 trucks were used to remove only one body in order to avoid the soldiers to know in which truck would it be transported. The drivers and their follows couldn't see the details of the operations, as they were kept outside the hospital area. Military personnel from the Army Internal Intelligence (called "S-2" in Brazil and extremely violent and repressive) were responsible for getting the corpse from the interior of the hospital, placing it in a box and then in one of the trucks.

    All 3 trucks then were taken to a military facility in Campinas, State of Sao Paulo, about 200 miles from Varginha, in the middle of the night. There, the corpse was removed to the University of Campinas , one of the best institutions in the country. It is believed - and we already have detailed information to be soon released that the ET body was autopsied by Dr. Badan Palhares, worldwide acclaimed as one of the best professionals in that area alive (he was the one who autopsied German Nazi Mengele, about ten years ago) Palhares, as well as any other authority involved, denied he was involved in any such operations.

    UFO researchers from all over the country have been helping closely Rodrigues and Pacaccini, in order to discover each and every detail of the capture of the two ET's, Media in Brazil has never been so active and great majority of population believes that the case is real and that the military and civil authorities involved are keeping the facts secret. Many strange facts are happening simultaneously, such as prison of soldiers, Sergeants being transferred at short notice etc. The phones of many UFO researchers involved in the case are confirmed to be tapped and a few threats have been made anonymously.

    Up to now, almost all details of the whole operation are known to the UFO researchers and a few can already been released. In a matter of weeks, all information will be fully disclosed by the UFO researchers involved, throughout the UFO Magazine, to the entire world.

    Everyday new pieces of this fantastic puzzle are being received by researchers in many cities and more and more military personnel have agreed to talk. Meanwhile, the region where Varginha is located, in the South of State of Minas Gerais, is subject to one of the biggest UFO waves ever registered, the huge UFO's in close range observations, landings and contact



    20 Ocak 1996 tarihine yakın günlerde , Varginha bölgesinde ve çevresinde, korku dolu görgü tanıkları tarafından yüzlerce UFO gözlem raporu verilmişti. Afraino da Costa Brasil ( 31 ) yaşında ve dokuz yaşındaki kızı Emeline, 13 Ocak günü evlerinin yakınında havada duran garip bir gemi gözlemlemiştir. Emeline tarafından çizilen geminin diyagramının , sonradan olan biten her şeyle son derece ilgili olduğu ortaya çıkacaktı. Yoğun UFO faaliyetleri , araba sahiplerinden gelen çok sayıda raporu da içermekteydi , bunların bazıları garip kor halinde bir gemi tarafından takip edildiklerinden emindiler.

    20 Ocak Cumartesi gününün erken saatlerinde çiftçi Eurico de Freitas ve onun resmi nikahsız karısı Oalina Augusta, ürken atlarının gürültüsüyle, saat 01.00 de yataklarından kaldırılmışlardı. Onlar beklenmedik bir manzarayla karşılaşmak üzere evden dışarıya çıkarken evdeki üç köpek öfkeyle havlıyordu. İkisi de yerden 5 metre yükseklikte tarlaların üzerinde sessizce hareket eden gri renkli bir objeyi hayretler içerisinde izledi. Obje , gecenin karanlığında kaybolmadan önce onlardan uzağa doğru ilerlemeye devam etti.

    İlk karşılaşma

    Varginha ( nüfus 180.000 ) şehrinde , kasabadan yaklaşık 10 km uzaklıkta Jadim Andere kuzey banliyösü bulunmaktadır.

    20 Ocak Cumartesi sabahı saat 08.00 da Varginha şehri itfaiye bölümüne ad verilmeden telefon edilmişti. Bu telefon, onları Jardim Andere bölgesindeki bir parkta görülen gizemli bir yaratıkla acilen ilgilenmeleri gerektiği yolunda uyarmıştı.

    Brezilya’da vahşi ve tehlikeli hayvanların , insanların oturduğu bölgelerde dolaşması sıra dışı bir şey değildir ve bu öylesine çok olur ki itfaiye , böyle olaylarla ilgilenme yetkisine sahiptir.

    Sabah saat 10.00 sıralarında , bir itfaiye kamyonu bölgeye vardı ve 3 numaralı Switzerland sokağının dışındaki bir yamacın üstüne park etti. Onlar vahşi bir hayvan uğraşacaklarını düşünerek yanlarında kafes ve ağlarla gelmişlerdi , tahminen bir jaguarla veya domuza benzer bir hayvanla ( Güney Amerika’ya mahsus) karşılaşacaklarını sanıyorlardı ama dik bir eğimden ağaçlıklı bölgeye doğru aşağıya indiklerinde daha önce hiç görülmemiş bir yaratıkla yüz yüze gelmişlerdi. Tam önlerinde, 1.20 cm boylarında , kan kırmızısı gözlü ve garip yağlı kahverengi derisi olan iki ayaklı bir hayvan yere çömelmişti. Görünüşe göre yaralanmıştı, yaratığın alnında üç adet belirgin yumru yükselmekteydi.

    İtfaiyeciler derhal yaratığın üzerine çullandılar ve biraz zorlukla onu bir ağla yakalamayı başardılar. Pacaccini , daha sonra bana, yaratığın ağız yerinde küçük bir deliği olduğunu ve arı kovanından farklı olmayan garip bir vızıltı sesi çıkardığını söyledi.

    İtfaiyeciler , yaratığı yakalamakla uğraşırlarken , görevli memur 25 km uzaktaki Tres Caracoes üssünü ( Ordu Çavuş Eğitim Okulu ) aradı. Üsteki komutan General Sergio Coelho Lima , derhal taburlara parkı mühürlemeleri emrini erdi.

    Bir mütahitin asistanı olan Henrique Jose , yakındaki bir evin çatı katından her şeyi görmüştü. Daha sonra araştırıcılara , yaratığın yakalanmasına 4 itfaiyecinin katıldığını ve onu bir tahta kutuya yerleştirdikten sonra ordu yetkililerine haber verdiklerini söyledi, herkes bölgeyi çabucak terk etmişti. Yaratık , Tres Caracoes’teki askeri okula götürülmüştü.

    İkinci karşılaşma

    Aynı gün saat 15.30 sularında , 3 genç kız , hizmetçi olarak çalıştıkları işten dönerken , Beneveuto Bras Vieira Caddesinde 76 Numara olarak belirlenen yerde ( Jardim Arden bölgesi ) bir binanın dışında bir yaratığa rastlayıverdiler. Bu boş arazi , ilk yaratığın yakalandığı yere yakındır.

    Liliane Fatima Silva ( 16 ) , kız kardeşi Valquiria Fatima Silva (14) ve bir arkadaşları olan Katia Andrade Xavier (22) kendilerinden 25 adım kadar uzakta tam yollarının üstünde duran yaratığın alnından yükselen üç hörgüçten ve şok edici görüntüsünden dolayı kalakaldılar ve onun “ şeytan “ olduğunu düşündüler. Tam anlamıyla dehşet içinde , bulundukları yerden bağırarak kaçtılar.

    Gürültüden rahatsız olan yaşlıca bir kadın ve genç bir kız, üç kızı koşarken gördüler ve yaratığa belli bir mesafeden bakarak durdular.

    Kızlar , kısa sürede Liliane ve Valquiria’nın annesi olan Luisia Silva’nın evine vardılar ve anneleri şaşkınlık içinde onların hikayelerini dinledi. Bu sırada , Benevuto Bras Vieira Sokağında bir kalabalık toplandı. Onlar , endişe duyan mahalle sakinlerinin telefonlarıyla alarma geçen itfaiye ve askeri personelin , yaratığı uzaklaşmadan önce çabucak ağ ile yakalanmasını izlediler.

    Pacanni bana, itfaiyeciler yaratığı yakalamaya çalışırken kalabalıktaki bazı çocukların ona taş atarken görüldüğünü söyledi. Yaralı yaratığın taşınıp götürülürken çıkardığı vızıldama sesi anlatılanlara göre acıklı bir manzaraydı.

    Bölgesel UFO araştırıcısı Franco Rodrigues saat 15.30 da bir dizi telefonla olay hakkında bilgilendirilmişti. Rondrigues , o sırada o gün daha erken saatlerde olan olayların farkında değildi. Üç kızın hepsiyle röportaj yapmıştı ve onların samimiyetinden ve dürüstlüğünden hemen etkilenmişti. Aynı zamanda onların bu deneyimden dolayı şok geçirdiğinin farkına varmıştı.

    Kaderin garip bir cilvesi, bir diğer UFO araştırıcısı Rodrigues de Pacanni ise sabahki olaylardan haberdardı ama akşamki karşılaşma hakkında hiç bir şey bilmiyordu. Kaçınılmaz olarak iki ufoloğun yolları , görgü tanıklarını ararlarken çakışmıştı. Ellerinde dünya dışı varlıkların muhtemel yakalanmasıyla ilgili iki tam bağımsız vaka olduğunu keşfettikleri andaki şaşkınlıklarını hayal edebilirsiniz.

    Gizemi çözmek

    Brezilyalı UFO araştırmacılarından oluşan ekipler, meydana gelenlerle ilgili ilk elden anlatılacak olanları duymak üzere Varginha’ya akın etti. Halk toplantıları düzenlendi, basının dikkati çekildi, ufak kitapçıklar dağıtıldı ve çok geçmeden 60 görgü tanığı ortaya çıktı.

    İnanılmaz görünse bile , röportaj yapılan insanların bazıları ordu mensubuydu . Bu gibi birbirlerine yakın topluluklarda , birçok ailenin asker olarak görev yapan üyesi vardır ve 20 Ocak vakası , kahvaltı sofralarında açıkça tartışılmıştı. Çok geçmeden , araştırmacılara birinin kardeşi veya kocasının ya olay mahallinde bulunduğu, ya bir konvoy askeri kamyonla yolculuk yaptığı yada yaratığın hastaneden götürülmesine katıldığı söylenmişti. İsimler ve mesafeler de bildirilmişti ve araştırıcılar bunları araştırmada hiç zaman kaybetmedi.

    20 ocak günü , şehrin Jardim Andere bölgesinde iki ayrı olay meydana geldiğinden kesinlikle hiç şüphe yoktur. Ama bunda sonra ne oldu? Görgü tanıkları anlattıklarıyla birlikte öne çıktıkça , sonunda bir tablo belirmeye ve bulmacanın parçaları yerine oturmaya başladı.

    Cumartesi günü sabahı yakalanan ilk yaratığın Tres Coracoes’teki Çavuş Eğitim Okuluna götürüldüğü açıktır. Ona sonradan ne olduğu belirsizdir ama ikinci yaratıktan sorumlu olan askeri personel inanılmaz bir şey yapmıştır.

    Cumartesi akşam üzeri geç saatlerde , Varginha Bölge Hastanesine varmışlar ve yaratığı içeriye taşımışlardır. Ya aynı gün veya ertesi gün Pazar sabahı , yaralı yaratık Varginha’nın 1.5 km uzağındaki Humanitus Hastanesine nakledilmişti. Tıbbi kaynaklara göre bu hastane , onun yaralarıyla uğraşabilmek için daha iyi teçhiz edilmişti.

    22 Ocak Pazartesi , saat 10.00-18.00 arası Humanitus Hastanesinin dışında üç askeri kamyon park etmişti. Tıbbi kaynaklar , yaratığın saat 18.00 de öldüğünü açıkladılar. Askeri bir kamyon girişten içeri girdi ve kapıya doğru geri geri gitti. Kapının diğer tarafındaki manzara, orada bulunan birkaç görgü tanığı tarafından tarif edildi. İkinci yaratık küçük tahta bir kutuya yatırılmıştı, kutunun kapağı da oradaydı.

    Amonyağa benzer kötü bir koku adayı doldurmuştu. Bu ilginçti , çünkü Cumartesi günü yaratıkla karşılaşan üç kızdan ikisinin annesi olan Luisia Silva , o günün geç saatlerinde onun görüldüğü noktaya geri gitmişti. Ayak izleri görmüştü ve daha sonra araştırıcılar , güçlü bir amonyak kokusunun etrafı sardığını söylemişti.

    Orada Humanitus Hastanesinde bir odayı doldurmuş olan itfaiyeciler i polisler ve askeri görevlilerle birlikte en az 15 doktor vardı. Doktorlardan birinin elinde bir forseps tutarak yaratığa yaklaştığı görülmüştü. Forsepsi yaratığın yüzünün üzerinde gezdirmiş , ince ağzı yükselterek açmış , forsepsi içeriye doğru alçaltmış ve sonunda da siyah bir dili dışarıya çekmişti. Birkaç saniye sonra kavramayı bırakmıştı. Dil , aniden yay gibi geriye fırlamıştı.

    Görgü tanığına göre , yaratık 3 parmağa sahipti ve alnında yükselen üç hörgüç ( çıkıntı ) vardı. Hiçbir cinsel organ, hiçbir meme ucu ve hiçbir karın deliği yoktu. Dizlerde buruşmuş ve sıyrılmış görünen eklemler görülüyordu.

    Sonunda , kutunun kapağı vidalanmıştı ve yüzlerinde maskeleri ve ellerinde eldivenleri olan iki askeri görevli onu arkada park eden kamyona yerleştirmeden önce naylon bir çarşafla sarmaladı.

    İsimleri sayalım

    Daha önceden bahsedilen bölgedeki Brezilyalı askeri personel arasında şu kimseler vardı:

    Yarbay Olimpio Wanderley Santos ( konvoyun komutanı ), Teğmen Temente Tiberio, Yüzbaşı Ramirez, Çavuş Pedrosa ( s-2 Askeri İstihbarat ve görüntüleri bir JVC kameraya kaydeden kişi ) , erler De Mello ve Crillo ( bedenin içinde bulunduğu kamyonu sürmüşlerdi )

    Bu adamlar “Çavuş Eğitim Okulu “ndan yolculuğa çıkmıştı ve burası , onların hastaneyi terk ettiklerinde geri döndükleri yer olarak kabul ediliyor. Özetle, sarı bir Volkswagen kamyonun öncülük ettiği uzun bir askeri kamyon ve özel araç konvoyu 23 Ocak Salı günü , sabah saat 04.00 de Varginha’nın dışına yöneldi.

    300 kilometrelik yolculuk onları Sao Paulo eyaletindeki “ Subay Adayları Eğitim Okulu”na götürmüştü. Yaratığın daha sonra Unicamp’a ( Campinas Üniversitesi ) götürüldüğü bilinmektedir.

    Rodrigez de Pacaccini ile yapılan röportaj sırasında , Varginha’nın Santana bölgesine yolculuk yapmakta olan deneyimli bir avukattan bahsetti. İşine giden yol üzerinde , sıra dışı olduğunu düşündüğü, yol boyunca park etmiş olan birkaç askeri aracı geçmişti , bunun da ötesinde öğle vakti geri döndüğünde araçların hareket etmediklerini görmüştü. Meraklı bir şekilde arabasını belli bir uzaklıkta park etmişti ve kendisine manzarayı mükemmel bir şekilde izleme imkanı veren tedbirli bir görüş açısı almıştı.

    Savaş teçhizatı kuşanmış olan 7 askerin , araçlarından aniden inip birkaç metre arayla yakındaki ormanlığa yürüdüğünü gördüğünde şaşırmıştı. Adamlar kısa bir süre sonra ağaçların içinde kaybolmuştu, tanık üç ayrı tüfek atışı sesiyle irkilmişti. Bir süre sonra adamlar iki ceset torbası taşıyarak tekrar görünmüştü. Bir tanesi sanki hareket ediyor gibi görünmüştü.

    Bu şok edici olay sırasında iki Brezilya Hava Kuvvetleri jeti yukarıda daireler çiziyordu. Santana bölgesi , Jardim Andere’ye komşudur ve üç kızın yaratıkla karşılaştıkları yere çok yakındır

    Rodrigues e Paccacini vakanın bütün görünümleri konusunda çok açık ve dürüsttü. Ama son zamanlarda aydınlanan bir diğer gerçek konusunda konuşurken ölçülü bir sakinlik içindeydi. Görünüşe göre , cumartesi sabahı vakasında yaratığı yakalamaya çalışan bir polis yaralanmıştı. İki gün sonra genç adamın bir bölge hastanesinde öldüğü onaylanmıştı. Ölüm sebebine , resmi olarak i zatürree açıklaması getirilmişti. Ailesi bunu inanılması güç buldu ve otoritelere daha fazlasını sormak için çabaladı. Onların protestoları sağır kulaklarla karşılaştı; aileye bir şekilde “ gidin başımızdan “ denmişti. Oğullarının ölüm şartlarının açıklanması için çabalarına devam ediyor ve cesedin bağımsız bir otopsi için mezarda çıkarılmasını ümit ediyorlar.

    Pacaccini’yle yaptığımız röportajın sonlarına doğru , vakaya bir Amerikan müdahalesinin olduğunu söyledi. Başlangıçta Harvard Üniversitesi psikiyatri profesörü John Mack’in Varginha ziyaretinden söz ettiği sanıldı. Prof. Mack o üç görgü tanığı kızla iki saatin üzerinde süren bir röportaj yapmıştı. Mack bu konuda profesyonel olan meslektaşları tarafından davet edilmişti ve kızların doğru söylediğine, aksi kanıtlandığı takdirde diplomasını yırtıp atacak kadar ikna olmuştu.

    Pacaccini kısa bir süre önce , Brezilya Silahlı Kuvvetlerinin Amerika Birleşik Devletleri tarafından , Brezilya hava sahasına bir UFO girdiği konusunda uyarıldığını söyleyen bir Brezilya Hava Kuvveleri radar operatörüyle röportaj yaptığını açıkladı. Uyarı tam olarak enlem ve boylam koordinatlarıyla birlikte verilmişti ama Amerikalılar UFO’nun inmek üzeremi yoksa çarpmak üzeremi olduğunu anlayamamışlar. Pacaccini , bunun askeri otoritelerin neden hemen bölgede olduklarını açıklamaya yardım edebileceğini söyledi. Normalde onlar her şeyi belli ağırlıkta yapma eğilimindedirler . Bununla birlikte Pacaccini yine de onların yeterince hızlı hareket edemediklerini söyleyerek gülüyor. Zira kendisi ve diğer araştırıcılar kendi hükümeti ve ya Amerikalıların hayal edebileceklerinden çok daha önce bölgeye varmışlardı.

    Eğer bir düşme olayı söz konusuysa , konuyu örtbas etmekten sorumlu olan kişilerin , Brezilya gibi bir ülkenin en yoğun nüfuslu bölgelerinden birinde bir hayli ter dökmüş olmaları gerek.

    Pacaccini aynı zamanda bazıları telefonla yapılan bir çok tehdide maruz kaldığını ve bu hadiselerde kurşun geçirmez yelek giymeye mecbur kaldığını açıkladı . Ordudaki biri onun isminden çokça bahsettiğinde on günlük men cezası aldığı genel olarak bilinmektedir. Gerçekte, son raporlara göre , sıkı tedbirler alınmaya başlanmıştır. General Coelho Lima’nın ordu mensuplarının herhangi bir Brezilyalı UFO araştırmacısıyla konuşmaması konusunda emir verdiği rapor edilmiştir. Bununla birlikte , bu durum , araştırmacıların olayla ilgili olarak yeni ve özel bilgi sızdırmasını engellememiştir.

    Onlar artık şunları doğrulayabiliyorlar:

    İlk yaratığın bir askeri kamyona yüklendiği 20 Ocak sabahında Amerikalı bir sivil de vardı.

    20 Ocak günü, Uluslar arası Sao Paulo Havaalanında bir AC-5 veya c-17 USAF nakliye uçağı görülmüştü.

    Aynı uçak 22 Ocak günü Campinas Havaalanında görüldü.

    Pacaccini bir çeşit kaza olduğuna inanmıştı ama nasıl emin olabilirdi ki? Bu, zihinleri en çok meşgul eden soruydu. Bunun doğrulanması istendiğinde , Pacaccini güldü, sonra Varginha bölgesinden dışarı taşınan enkazı gören görgü tanıkları olduğunu söyledi. Daha fazla görgü tanığının ortaya çıkacağını ve bunların arasında bir veya iki eski hatıra avcısının da bulunabileceği ümidi var.

    Aynı zamanda Humanitus Hastanesindeki bir doktorun Varginha’nın çevresindeki şehirlerden ve kasabalardan ikinci yaratığın otopsisine katılmaları için uzmanlar çağırdığını keşfettik. Bunların bazılarına DNA uzmanları deniliyordu.

    Kayıp Arkadaşları mı Arıyoruz ?

    Varginha vakası esas olarak 20-23 Ocak 1996’da meydana gelen hadiselere dayanmaktadır. Ancak hemen hemen üç ay sonra , 21 Nisan günü meydana gelen olayları bir düşünün. 67 yaşındaki bayan Terezinha Callo Clepf , Varginha’daki hayvanat bahçesindeki restoranda bir akşam yemeğinin tadını çıkarıyordu.

    Yaklaşık olarak 21.00 da masasını bir sigara içmek için terk etti. Daha önceden rapor edile yaratığın aynısıyla yüz yüze geldiğinde , neredeyse kalp krizi geçiriyordu. Onun tarifleri, önceden anlatılanlara uyuyordu ve bütün ülkeye şok dalgaları göndermişti.

    Bayan Clepf , dünyada hayali bir hikaye uyduracak olan en son kişidir ve kendisi yoğun kamuoyu ve medya ilgisine maruz kalmıştır. Anlaşılır bir şekilde , Brezilyalı araştırıcıların zihninde ani sorular ortaya çıktı:

    Orada , 20 Ocak vakasından sonra hala kayıp olan bir varlık mı vardı?

    Yoksa arkadaşları , onları aramak için geri mi dönmüştü?

    Sadece üç hafta sonra, bir motorcu, ön farları 50 metre uzaklıktaki benzer bir yaratığı gösterdiğinde kamyonunu bir virajda sürüyordu. Şoke olan sürücü aniden frene bastığında, yaratığın kan kırmızısı gözlerini korumak için ellerini kaldırdığını ve gecenin içine kaçtığını görmüştü. Onun da her elinde üç veya dört parmağı vardı.

    Yaratıkla karşılaşan iki kızın annesi olan bayan Silva , daha sonra , 29 Nisanda saat 22.05 de 4 yabancının evine geldiğini belirtti. Silva’ya kızlarını bu yaratıkla karşılaşma konusunda yalan söylemeye ikna ederse oldukça iyi miktarda para teklif ettiler, Silva onları reddetti

    Adamların hiçbiri Brezilyalı değildi. Beyaz ve krem rengi Armani imzalı giysiler giymişlerdi. Kocası Jose Lopes de Silva bir otobüs şoförüdür ve o sırada dışarıda işindeydi. Adamlar geri geleceklerini söylemişlerdi. Adamlar deniz mavisi renkli 1994 model Linkoln Continental marka bir arabayla ( Brezilya Federal Lisans Plakalı) gitmişlerdi.


    Brezilya yıllarca bir çok olağanüstü UFO olayına tanık olmuştur, fakat bunlardan hiçbiri araştırmacıları 20 Ocak 1996’da meydana gelen olay kadar derinden etkilememiştir. 20 Ocak sabahı erken saatlerde, çiftçi Eurico de Freitas ve eşi Oralina Augusta tarlalarının üzerinde asılı duran puro biçiminde bir cisim gördüler. Ertesi sabah, Varginha’nın 10km. ilerisindeki Jardim Andere köyü sakinleri, yakınlardaki ormanlık arazide garip bir varlık gördüklerini söyleyerek İtfaiyeye başvurdu. Askeri yetkililerle birlikte olay yerine gelen itfaiye görevlileri yaklaşık 1 metre boyundaki bir varlığı ağlarla yakaladılar.

    Aynı gün, Liliane ve Fatima adlı iki kız kardeş ve arkadaşları Katia, bir duvarın arkasında büzüşmüş gördükleri bir yaratıkla karşılaştılar. Korkan çocuklar evlerine doğru koşarak kaçtılar. Bir kez daha yetkililere haber verildi ve yaratık yakalandı.

    Bunu takip eden günlerde, Brezilyalı UFO araştırmacıları aralarında doktorlar, avukatlar ve bazı askeri yetkililerin bulunduğu düzinelerce görgü tanığını sorgulayarak olay hakkında bilgi edinmeye çalıştılar. Olayı takiben bölgeye pek çok Amerikalı yetkili gelmiş ve enkaz kaldırma çalışmalarında yer almışlardır.

    Şahitler Konuşuyor:

    Deneyimli bir pilot olan Carlos de Souza, olay günü uçuş halindeyken bir kazaya şahit olduğunu; bunun Varginha’da ele geçirilen uzaylılarla ilgisi olabileceğini söylemiştir.

    Sauza, kendisiyle yapılan röportajda şunları söylemiştir:

    “Gökte gördüğüm cisim oldukça parlaktı; bir puroyu andırıyordu, sadece biraz daha genişti. Önce tökezleyen cisim daha sonra bir şeye çarpıp düşmeye başladı. Onu 20 km. kadar takip ettim. İndiği yere vardığımda orada askerlerin olduğunu gördüm. Beni durdurup geri dönmeye zorladılar.

    Cismin düştüğü yerde garip şeyler oluyordu. Ordunun 2 Mercedes kamyonu ve yaklaşık 30-40 asker, ormana dalmış bir şeyler arıyor gibiydiler. Bazı parçalar toplayıp kamyona yüklüyorlardı. Bu eğilmiş metal parçalarından birini elime alıp ovduğumda birden normale döndü.

    Bölgede genelde yaralıları taşımakta kullanılan oldukça büyük bir ordu helikopteri de vardı. Dikkatimi çeken diğer bir şey de helikopterin içinden yayılan keskin amonyak kokusuydu.”

    Olayın ilk şahitlerinden Eureka ve Oralina Freitas çifti ise kendileriyle yapılan röportajda olay günü uçan, fakat belirgin biçimde hasar görmüş bir cisim gördüklerini belirtmiş ve şunları söylemişlerdir:

    “Cisim gri renkteydi ve bir tür denizaltına benziyordu. Çayırların üstünde uçuyordu, etrafında ona saldırmaya hazırlanan kediler vardı. Ben ve eşim onu izlemeye başladık. Fakat etrafındaki dumandan dolayı onu çok iyi gözlemleyemedik.”

    Olayın baş araştırmacısı Vitorio Pacaccini ise olay hakkında şöyle konuşmuştur:

    “Varginha Askeri Polisi de gerçekleri inkar ediyor. Fakat askeriyenin olayda oynadığı rol daha esrarengiz bir gerçeği gözler önüne seriyor: 20 Ocak 1996 gecesi, ikinci varlığın yakalanması operasyonunda bulunan, gizli servis görevlisi asker Marco Eli Cheresi’nin ölümü.”

    Olayın bir diğer baş araştırmacısı Ubirajara Rodrigues ise bu esrarengiz ölüm olayı hakkında şunları söylemektedir:

    “Ölen polis memurunun annesi, eşi, kız kardeşi ve babası tarafından da onaylanan gerçek şudur: Brezilya gizli servisinde çalışan bu polis 20 Ocak gecesi yapılan yakalama operasyonunda yer almıştır.”





    26 Jun 1959 - Papua, Papua New Guinea

    The Father Gill sighting - Papua, New Guinea, 1959:


    William B. Gill, an Anglican priest with a mission in Boianai, Papua New Guinea, observed craft-like UFOs — one with Humanoid figures on top — on two consecutive evenings, June 26-27, 1959. About twenty-five natives, including teachers and medical technicians, also observed the phenomena. They “signaled” the humanoids and received an apparent response. This was one of sixty UFO sightings within a few weeks in the New Guinea area.

    On the evening of June 26, 1959, an Anglican missionary named Rev. William Booth Gill was walking out of his house in Boainai, Papua New Guinea when he noticed a bright sparkling object in the sky. For the next four hours, Rev. Gill took notes and watched the light with more than 30 other witnesses. When it disappeared after 45 minutes, it came back with three smaller objects an hour later. This “mothership” flashed a blue light from the center of its deck, and the object was so close that Rev. Gill and the other observers could see four figures on top of it. By 11 PM, the ships had vanished, and a heavy rain began to fall from the sky.

    The next night, Rev. Gill and some other missionaries saw the mothership near the same location of the first sighting, along with two other smaller UFOs. The four figures on top were again visible, and when Rev. Gill waved to one of the them, the figure waved back. Ananias Rarata, a native schoolteacher, began to wave too, and all four of the figures waved back for the next couple of minutes until they decided to go below deck. After a half hour, Rev. Gill left to go to dinner, and the other observers left to go to church. Nobody saw the UFOs for the rest of the evening, although there was an inexplicable explosion sound heard around 10:40 PM.


    Rev. Gill’s sightings caused a lot of excitement in Australia. The Victorian Flying Saucer Research Society thought Rev. Gill’s detailed reports were final proof that UFOs existed. The members of Australia’s federal parliament all received copies of Rev. Gill’s report, and the government launched an investigation to determine what exactly Rev. Gill had seen.

    The official conclusion was that Rev. Gill was a “reliable observer”, but that the incidents were probably nothing more than “natural phenomenon coloured by past events and subconscious influences of UFO enthusiasts.” Doubters thought that the objects were Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars, and the “human shapes” were explained as “various cloud densities”.

    Others thought Rev. Gill had made the story up entirely. Dr. Donald H. Menzel, a Harvard astronomer and notable UFO debunker, accused Gill of manipulating the testimony the “uneducated” natives had given. He also thought Rev. Gill wasn’t wearing his glasses at the time, and claimed that the position of Venus was left unmentioned in Gill’s reports. J. Allen Hynek, another astronomer and the head of the Center for UFO Studies, rebuked Menzel, and noted that Rev. Gill was wearing his glasses at the time and had, in fact, identified Venus in his reports.

    Before his sightings, Rev. Gill initially considered himself a skeptic. There had been sightings of strange lights across Papua New Guinea since the past year, some of which had been reported by missionaries. In a letter written the day before his first sighting (but never seen sent), Rev. Gill told his friend Rev. David Durie that he believed UFOs were “more likely some form of electric phenomena- or something brought about by the atom bomb explosions etc.”

    After a lifetime of teaching and traveling, Rev. Gill passed away at the age of 79 on June 13, 2007.


    UFO crash and recovery, 1968

    Date: March, 1968
    Location: Berezovsky , Russian Federation
    Source: (editor, B. J. Booth)
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    The Secret KGB UFO Files, The Russian Crash of 1969

    The details of a Russian Crash on or about 1969 are sketchy and somewhat suspect. This case comes from the so-called "Secret KGB Files," which were reportedly smuggled out of the former Soviet Union. Reportedly, $10,000 was paid for the information. The details of these secret files were first offered to the general public on 9-13-98 as part of a TNT special titled "The Secret UFO Files of the KGB." The show featured extraordinary film and still photographs of the UFO recovery, and also a portion of autopsy film on part of an alien body.

    The event itself, according to the files, occurred in the state of Sverdlovsky, which was formerly Yekatrinburg of the USSR. The crash story follows a familiar pattern normally associated with this type of report. The fiery crash of an unknown object occurred in March 1969. The site was secured by the Russian military, and one dead alien was found in the wreckage. The remains of the craft and alien were brought to a secure location, and the alien body was autopsied. Both still and moving pictures were taken of the craft, its retrieval, and the alien autopsy. The autopsy shows only an alien torso and arm. From the size of the body parts, the alien would have been an extremely small being.

    The TNT special features Roger Moore, veteran actor and former James Bond, who discusses other UFO events, along with interviews with UFO experts, CIA agents, and other film. Probably the most notable footage is from MIG gun cameras of confrontations with UFOs. There have been only a few still frames of this footage in America, and I have not been able as of this writing, 11-01-2002, to obtain the videos. The show itself is mediocre, and its only redeeming quality is the presentation of the UFO crash story. Supposedly, the crash story was validated by secret KGB documents.

    The footage at the crash site does seem to be authentic at least on several points. The truck in the film is a circa 1950 model ZIS151, which has not been used by the military for quite some time, and the truck would have been difficult to find to stage a hoax with. Other elements of the film do not exhibit any obvious signs of a hoax, as to the movement of the soldiers, the timing of the film as to shadows, and the UFO itself.

    There are also several documents shown to verify the event itself, and an eyewitness to the event who swears that the recovery mission did occur. The footage of the autopsy film shows personnel without caps and gowns, which seemed odd to me at first, but after some research I found that this was commonplace for that era in Russia.

    The furnishings in the room are acceptable, and in Russia have probably not changed much today. Three men in their 20's and 30's are performing the procedure, and one woman is taking notes. The note taker is identified as KGB stenographer O. A. Pshonikina. The alien's torso and arm are lying together on the table as the autopsy is performed, and there are documents shown to support the autopsy.

    Although the USA-Russia relationship is much improved over a few years ago, it still lacks. Any information received is subject to translation, and often times there are problems with interpretation. It is sad there is not more cooperation between the two countries. The case of the 1969 retrieval and autopsy are difficult to assess. Until more information is uncovered, it will remain unsubstantiated.

    Russian UFO Crash
    The Jaw dropping video below is from a UFO crash site allegedly filmed by the Russian KGB during March of 1969 in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia. The footage was later obtained from the Russian Black Market by filmmakers who then published the documentary, "The Secret KGB UFO Files". Did an extraterrestrial spacecraft crash land in this remote region of Russian farmland?


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