Gravity and Antigravity








 -  AntiGravity - Hi-Tech/Top Secret Projects - Main File



 -  AntiGravity And The World Grid  - by David Hatcher Childress



 -  AntiGravity - Holy Grail of the 21st Century



 -  AntiGravity on the Rocks - The T.T. Brown Story - from "Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries"


 -  Classified Advanced Antigravity Aerospace Craft Utilizing Back-engineered Extraterrestrial Tech.


 -  Cosmological Antigravity(pdf)


  - Einsteins Unified Field theory & Biefeld-Brown Effect(pdf)


 -  The Case For The UFO - Unidentified Flying Object - by Morris K. Jessup



 -  Einstein’s Antigravity



 -  Electromagnetic Fusion and ET Space Technology



 - "Electric Flying Machines" - Thomas Townsend Brown


 -  Antigravity and the Ultimate Spacecraft Propulsion System

 -  Advanced Space Propulsion Based On Vacuum (Spacetime Metric) Engineering(pdf)
 -  Antigravity and Propulsion Techniques
 -  Amerikanın yerçekimi kontrolü yürütme araştırması
  - Yer çekimi yokluğu - Anti yerçekimi

  - Işık Ötesi Hız / Takyonlar / Solucan Delikleri

  - Torsion Field Technologies
  - Ufo Gravity Manipulation
  - New frontiers in space propulsion sciences - EarthTech International(pdf)
  - ZPE spacecraft propulsion
  - Dr. Gennady Shipov on Torsion Physics
  - Skaler Tesla Dalgası ve Yeni Ufuklar
  - Scalar Waves - Electrogravity
  - Inertial and Space Warp Principles


Additional Information


 - Townsend Brown and His Anti-Gravity Discs 


 - Etherial Electrogravitics


 -  UFO Contact from The Pleiades - by Wendelle C. Stevens



 -  Electrogravitics Systems - Reports On a New Propulsion Methodology(pfd)


 -  Four U.S. Black Ops in 9/11 - Antigravity UFO - Tesla Time Travel - Directed Energy Weapon - Mini-Nukes


 -  How the U.S. Government Suppressed the World’s First Civilian Spacecraft Industry


 -  Pentagon Aliens - Formerly 'Space Aliens From The Pentagon'


 -  The Physics of Interstellar Travel - To One Day, Reach the Stars


 -  Field Propulsion Systems for Space Travel(pdf)


 -  Stream of Consciousness(pdf) - Spin and Antigravity Effects in Toroidal Coils - by Stan Deyo


 -  UFOs: The Physics Dimension


  Negative Energy, Wormholes and Warp Drive


 -  Teleportation, Materialization and Invisibility 


 -  Vortex Kinesis - Re-imagining Time and Space Warps


 -  Zero Point Energy - Main File

 -  Scalar Electromagnetics Technology   - Main File
 -  Hyperdimensions   - Main File

 -  Time Travel - Main File

 -  Dimensions and Hyperdimensions - Main File

 -  Montauk Project - Main File





 -  Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion - by P.A. LaViolette


 -  The Hunt for Zero Point - Inside the Classified World of Antigravity Technology - by Nick Cook


 -  UFOs and AntiGravity - Piece for A Jig-Saw - by Leonard G. Cramp



Related Reports


 -  Warp Drive propulsion (Interstellar Propulsion)


 -  Occult Ether Physics - Tesla's Hidden Space Propulsion System and The Conspiracy to Conceal It - by William Lyne


 -  The Physics of Time Travel - Is it Real, or is it Fable?


 -  Extraterrestrial Technology, The Black Budget, and International Politics


 -  Zero-Point Energy


 -  NASA Researchers Disclose the Truth about Time Travel and Dimensional Portals

   -  How To Travel Faster Than Light -  November 2014 BBC Focus (pdf)  
   From Antigravity To Zero Point Energy (pdf)  
 -  Einstein’s Anti-gravity-2
 -  Possible UFO Propulsion Physics
 -  Aether Control via an understanding of orthogonal fields By Rick Andersen



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