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Photographer: Paul Villa

Prior to photographing his first UFO in 1963, Villa had seen about spacecraft over the previous five years and had even conversed with spacemen previously. His first picture-taking contact was his second in-person face-to-face meeting with the extraterrestrial beings who told him they came from a planet the star-group we call Coma Berenices. The first was in 1953 while he was working for the Department of Water and Power in Los Angeles.


Photo taken June 16, 1963.




June 1966 - The Controversial Villa Photos

Now generally regarded as fakes after much analysis, the UFO photos of Apolinar 'Paul' Villa Jr. of Peralta, New Mexico, nonetheless have been widely circulated and touted as authentic in copious books and UFO magazines, and now the Web. They were, at least, some of the more impressive "flying saucer" fakes ever put to film. Villa began photographing his UFOs as early as 1963, and maintained that his story was true to his dying day, and never seemed to attempt to profit from his experiences, which involved full contact with alien beings which he said were more akin to angels, sent by God to help humanity as we approached the possibility of complete self-annihilation. Later Villa began producing photos of flying saucers that were only small, crude models, some with rather laughable tripod landing gear that resembled nothing more than a rod with a ball at the end. The little ships appeared to be sloppily painted silver and in many of the photos, inexplicable little silver balls were shown floating around the saucer, perhaps to help conceal the wires that upheld it.


Foto feita por Paul Villa em Alburquerque
Novo México (EUA) em 1963



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