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Bob Lazar, a scientist with degrees in physics and electronics, claims to have worked for the U.S. Government on projects involving captured alien space craft. Originally a technician at Los Alamos, he was recruited into a secret group based at S-4, ten miles south of the mysterious Area 51 at Groom Lake, Nevada.

Below: The EG&G Building at Mcrann International Airport near Las Vegas where Lazar was interviewed for jobs at S-4.

Lazar later recalled the first time he saw a disk. "It was evening....they called me aside to see something. It rose about forty feet in the air. There was some distortion on the bottom - like a corona. It stood there. Stable. Silent. Just a little wobble, no rotation. It was awesome!"

In a television interview, Lazar, said former President George Herbert Walker Bush was very knowledgeable of the studies of flying saucers at S-4. Bush is a former CIA Director and was reportedly a member of Majestic. He was one of the few Presidents privy to the supremely classified information which the Top Secret group had on hand. 

Bush was the head of the CIA when President Carter was denied further information on UFO activity. Although Carter was the President, Bush found that he did not have sufficient clearance to access such information.

Bob Lazar worked on the UFO's from 1988-89. He claimed that nine 'gravity propelled disks' were housed in a secret S-4 installation. The craft he worked on was known as the sports model. Lazar said its power came from an anti-matter nuclear reactor in near perfect thermodynamic balance. The propulsion is gravity, created, amplified and vector directed aboard the craft. He added that time as we know it is altered and, when at full power, light is distorted around the vehicle.

He saw metal in one section of the craft turn a clear blue colour and strange writings scrolling on its interior. He saw a ship rise and hover over the desert surface.

Lazar states that his work was focused on the propulsion system, a reactor fuelled by a stale, unearthly element.
He was told that the propulsion systems use gravity waves and the energy needed is supplied by an irradiating Element 115.

The propulsion system is an antimatter reactor. In the disc Bob crawled inside, the reactor was a sphere, about the size of a medicine ball. The top half of it was visible in the middle of the floor. Fuel for the reactor is element 115, ununpentium. On a periodic table, ununpentium would be listed as UUP. It has 156 neutrons, and it is a super heavy metal. When it is bombarded with protons, it becomes element 116, an element that has very unusual properties. That is, when it comes into contact with any element, there is almost a 100% conversion of matter into energy.A kilo of the element releases the same amount of energy as 47 10-megaton bombs. As a result, each craft only needed 223 grams. The reactor generates "Gravity A" waves that distort the space/time continuum allowing the craft to travel vast distances in a relatively short time. According to Lazar, as the fuel transmutes and decays, anti-matter is released resulting in near 100% conversion of energy.

The gravity amplifiers themselves are three hollow tubes about two feet in diameter and four feet long. They are arranged in a triangular configuration at the bottom of the disc. The reactor itself is centered between the three amplifiers because the wave is also present at the bottom. The reactor acts as a transmitter, similar to a Tesla Coil, in that each amplifier is independently turned to function as an amplifying receiver. Gravity waves have amplitude, wavelength and frequency, just like any other wave. As the amplitude is increased, gravitational waves bend space around the disc.

Each of the three gravity amplifiers produces its own gravitational wave, and, depending on how the gravity amplifiers are oriented, gravity waves can be focused on a point or spread out. On gimbols, each amplifier can operate independently. The waves are phase shifted, which changes the wave's orientation and plane from zero to 180 degrees, thereby changing the attraction or repulsion of the wave.

Lazar said that the amplifiers attached to the floor with what seemed to be a flexible metal. He could move the amplifiers - felt their weight - yet they moved easily.

In the delta configuration, discs operate on all three amplifiers. This configuration is used in space for long distance travel. In space, a disc tilts over on its back so that the gravitational amplifiers focus on where the disc is going, and the propulsion system is powered up, amplifying gravitational waves that are out of phase with earth's gravity. The amplified gravitational waves distort time and space, or "spacetime" as it is referred to in the documents. That gravity distorts time is known in current physics.

For example, if you and friend have atomic clocks synchronized to each other and your friend climbs a mountain or goes up in an airplane, the clocks will be out of sync when your friend returns (your clock is closer to the center of the earth). That gravity distorts or warps space is also currently accepted. That is why astronomers at certain positions during an eclipse can see stars that are directly behind the sun (the sun's gravity causes the star's light to bend around the sun). In short, the disc warps spacetime, attaches itself to the warp and snaps back.

Imagine a thin sheet of rubber stretched out (this represents space). Now, put a ball bearing on the sheet (this represents the disc) Now, with your fingers under the sheet, pinch the rubber at a point some distance from the ball bearing keeping the rubber pinched, move the pinch to the ball bearing. As you bring the pinch back to its original position, the ball bearing will follow. This is an analogy of what happens.

When traveling at relatively slow speeds near a planet, discs again use gravity, but in a different way. This time discs balance on gravity waves and "fall" in the direction they want to go. Although discs are more unstable in this mode, they still can perform maneuvers that are beyond the capabilities of conventional aircraft, such as making 90 degree turns on a dime or accelerating rapidly. Those inside the discs experience no G forces during these maneuvers.

On March 29, 1989, Lazar took some friends, one of them John Lear, to Tikaboo Valley on the edge of S-4 to witness any UFO test flights with the aid of a telescope. Lazar claimed that there was to be another of the military's Wednesday night saucer tests. They brought along a camcorder and shot some fairly shakey, but discernable, video. They filmed a bright light rise, hover and briefly disappear.

The party returned to the area shortly after but were detected and arrested by security guards. It wasn't long after this that Lazar resigned his position but he also decided to go public about his experiences and to do it without anonymity (probably for his own safety).

The tape shows a small bright light rapidly darting about, to the oohs and ahhs of the suitably impressed onlookers. Analysis of the video is difficult, as there's no frame of reference to compare the motion against. It was, after all, a very dark evening. Some may claim the motion of the light was simply caused by the camera operator jerking the camera about however the others present verified that's what they did in fact see: A bright orb-like object darting rapidly about the sky.

In November 1990, Lazar told his full story on US TV.

His face disguised, the now former military worker claimed he had been part of a back-engineering team in the government's most highly classified operation, 'Project Galileo'. Quote from Van Dyk.

Bob Lazar, who claimed he worked on 'flying disks' for the military in the late 1980's He has said that the disks are powered by gravity amplifiers. A reactor is centered between three amplifiers. According to Lazar, the reactor serves as a transmitter, similar to a Tesla Coil, in that each amplifier is independently turned to function as an amplifying receiver. Gravity waves have amplitude, wavelength and frequency, just like any other wave. As the amplitude is increased, gravitational waves bend space around the disc.

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