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Omicron Configuration: Travel near surface of planet or moon.

When only one amplifier is being used for travel, they're in the Omicron configuration.

When a disc is near another source of gravity, like earth, the Gravity A-wave, which propagates outward from the disc, is phase shifted into the gravity B-wave, which propagates outward form the earth, thus creating lift. The craft then floats on the gravity field surrounding the earth like a ship on water.  Note that this is not anti-gravity.  It is "simply" taking natural gravity that exists within every atom, accessing it, amplifying it, and shooting it back at another natural form of gravity.  Note also this is not generating gravity either.  Everyone is searching for the concept of energy from nothing, or 0-point energy in an effort to "generate" gravity.

 Omicron Gravity Torroid :

The gravity amplifiers of the disc can be focused independently and they are pulsed in a rotational pattern and do not stay on continuously.

The amplifiers pulse individualy at 7.46 hz as this cycle revolves around the disc.



  • Changing the phase of the one wave against the phase of the other wave, similar to "tuning-in" a microwave signal is what constitutes lift. Or attraction for that matter.

  • This meant the craft could use only one gravity amplifier to hover over the ground and the other two to pick things up, make patterns in the terrain or positioned to create "wavefronts" for lateral movements.

0-90° Phase-Shift = Amount of Lift or Repulsion

90-180° Phase-Shift = Amount of Attraction

In the Omicron configuration, one amplifier is pointed towards the earth allowing the craft to floats on the neutral established by aiming these two gravities at each other and changing the phase. In this case, the other two amplifiers   are free to bias the craft in a lateral direction as well as being used to pick things up or funtion as a beam weapon. When the gravitational field around the disc is so intense that the space/time around the disc achieves maximum distortion, the disc can't be seen from any vantage point and, for all practical purposes is invisible. All you could see would be the environment around it.




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