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                         The Philadelphia Experiment :

                                       A Personal Saga in Time Travel
                                                       Part 1

by Drue, edited by Debra Cunningham

It was the early hours of August 15th, 1943, the intense chill of the brisk morning air was bitter and humid, penetrating deeply into each one of us, further compounding the already heightened tensions that we were enduring at the moment. While the majority of the surrounding populous were tucked snugly underneath their warm blankets sleeping, I along with four other civilian scientists were watching many of the 176 sailors report to work on board the decks of the ship. To them, it was just another routine work day after having a well deserved night of liberty. We were on the USS Eldridge, a newly launched navy destroyer, with special authority from the U.S. Naval Department to conduct our assignments; a highly secretive scientific experiment....

After many months of preparation and planning, we had at last arrived at the final stage of the project. It was necessary for us to gut the internal confines of the Eldridge to accommodate four immense generators along with Tesla coils, electron tubes and the many miles of inch thick cable that was laid throughout the ship’s cable raceways. While watching the young sailors report on board, I remember reflecting back on the events of three days earlier, August 12th.
It was on this day, we had conducted a dry run with the Eldridge using the awesome technology developed for the sole purpose of rendering inanimate objects invisible. I could not shake from my mind the horror that I witnessed when we placed small animals in metal cages made of different materials, and strategically positioning them throughout the confines of the ship, after which, we rendered it invisible. In this experiment we had attempted to determine the effects and affects of arcing living organisms with inanimate objects. The results were disastrous!

Having mix emotions, I was disconcerted with the military’s rationale to continue on schedule knowing that they knew the potential danger, however, there was an air of excitement that overcame my scientific nature in what we were getting ready to embark upon. The military authorities in charge of the project would not take heed of our advise to delay further scheduled operations, so that we could determine what went wrong. They knew, like I knew that this schedule was based solely on a window of opportunity, and we also knew another would not be available soon. I now understood what Dr. Nikola Tesla was dealing with before his decision to leave the project. I felt confident and content with the foresight in our planning, that as long as we maintained the control of our own destiny and could pull the plug to stop the operation at any sign of trouble, all would be well. We were at an extreme disadvantage not knowing what to expect.



Experimentation up to this date had always been controlled from external sources, whereas with this one, we would have control from within the confines of the Eldridge. We had worked frantically day and night in replacing damaged equipment sustained during the dry run, just to be ready for this morning’s scheduled run. This operation had much more at stake then all of the previous experimentation put together. For myself, it was a day in my life that I realized for the first time —- I knew, what I didn’t know! The valuable time spent with Tesla prepared me for the many possibilities that this day could hold — though, I didn’t like what I heard. The dry run confirmed to me what Tesla already knew of the eminent dangers, and at the very least — I knew we were in trouble, if not damned to be damned....

Preparing to pull up anchor from the docks of the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, the sailors seemed anxious about their next adventure at sea. It was shortly thereafter, under a cloak of darkness, that we had started our movement down the Delaware river with one small scientific research vessel following closely behind. As we moved out to sea, all heard and felt the unusual humming sound that was being emitted from the four powerful generators as they were slowly switched to higher frequencies — the vibration becoming increasingly stronger and stronger. Routine work on the Eldridge came to a complete halt as our hair now stood on end. We all felt a sense of apprehension with the uncommon electrical sensations flowing about the ship. Some men began to shake with uncontrollable fear, many others were looking cautiously about their surroundings not knowing what to think, while others tried to find comfort in their morning cup of coffee. For even the most fearless men of the ship, panic set in when men were electrocuted because they did not take heed to the instructions to stay clear from the cables that were laid out along the outer walls of the ship. Unbeknownst to the sailors who were trained only in the operation of a naval ship, for the first time were involved in an attempt to accomplish a scientific feat never before undertaken. However, they now knew this was not going to be a routine day in naval shipping.

Just prior to dawn and while out at sea, we rendered the USS Eldridge invisible by switching the generators to full strength. The men were now experiencing horrors beyond their beliefs. They were not prepared for what was to come, thus, many of the men’s minds caved and cracked. When we switched the generators to full power, it had created a strong electromagnetic field, which totally overcame and engulfed us within a heavy fog or a mist. It was at this precise moment that I sensed myself being shook violently from a strong vibration and at the same time I noted the ship disappearing from around and below me. With a generator to my back, all of a sudden as if in slow motion, I felt a tremendous impact in which I sensed my entire body being propelled outwards into hundreds of fragmented pieces. With this impact, there was a brilliant flash of light, so intense it was not only blinding, but consuming; the piercing sound forced me to the ship’s deck covering my ears with my hands in a desperate attempt to relieve the pain. Now bleeding from my mouth, nose and ears, nothing seemed to help the discomfort that I was experiencing, leaving me with the one and only thought I repeatedly recall saying to myself — “I wished I were dead”!

Eventually, these anomalies subsided and being extremely disoriented, “time” as I knew it did not seem to exist. I felt “stuck” in place, unable to move in a field of energy of total darkness. I began to realize that something had gone drastically wrong as Tesla had foreseen. Finally collecting my wits, and not allowing fear to become an overwhelming factor, I literally had to use my entire WILL and physical strength to break loose from the field of energy that encased me. Being successful in freeing myself, I was able to move about the ship taking note of many others who also were in the same predicament. There were those who were moving about in total panic, some consumed with fire and others seemed to glow. I had to reach the pilot room to locate the Captain of the ship in order to assess damages, but he too, was “stuck”. It was at this time I felt the necessity to shut down the generators to unplug the operation. The entire ship was transparent, like that of a dark red colored gelatin. Therefore, I was able to not only see through the walls of the ship, but able to move through the walls as well. An attempt made solely out of desperation, I reached through the wall for one of the generator switches —- it had no substance....

After we had rematerialized some 24 hours later and out at sea, the scene was chaotic. I was taken off the Eldridge by stretcher and immediately placed under medical sequester on board a U.S. Naval medical ship. With the sun shining brightly, I remember looking back at the horrific scene of the Eldridge still smoldering from its fires. Naval personnel were running about and working frantically to get things under control. Many of the men that were part of the rescue mission were overtaken by what they saw, and others became ill from the stench of the burning and decomposing flesh left behind for them to clean up. Things were so bad that some men from the other ships even refused to board the Eldridge. The USS Eldridge was no longer sea worthy, extremely radioactive and unstable; and of the 181 men, only 21 of us had survived. Forty men were confirmed dead as a result of radiation exposure, burns, electrocution, and fright. Twenty-seven of these 40 were men embedded within the structure of the ship, but who were not in all cases dead. Mercifully some were shot in the head using a standard military pistol, yet others were kept alive long enough for laboratory research. Lastly, the remaining 120 men were never seen from again. They were not on the Eldridge when we had returned — they were JUST GONE....

This incident that I just related to you is a personal account of my experience while on the USS Eldridge and was by no means easy to put in words. The horror and fear that every man went through is far beyond even my ability to put in words. What I personally experienced was of such a nature that I would never wish this on another. Today, many of you know this incident as the “Philadelphia Experiment”; an experiment that even to this day the U.S. government denies. In one sense this experiment worked and in another it was a failure. However, know this — where there is one failure, there are many successes!
Now, regressing a bit, the awesome technology that was used on the 15th of August, 1943, was technology that had been in the makings under Dr. Nikola Tesla’s guidance since the early 1930’s. Having had much success, the technology eventually was placed in the hands of our U.S. government and overseen by the Naval Department for national security interests. By the time our government got involved, the possibilities of the technology had already been proven beyond a doubt of its abilities.

Dr. Albert Einstein was also involved, and to a greater degree than most know. In fact, it was his “Special Theory of Relativity”, which became the theoretical cornerstone describing the release of nuclear energy, and concerns itself with relationships between energy, time, matter, and the speed of light. In his proposed “General Theory of Relativity”, he suggested that the universe is four dimensional — the three dimensions of space (length, depth and breadth) plus time. But space, instead of being flat as he had suggested in his special theory, was now curved, and that gravity was a consequence of his proposed space curvature. You see, Einstein’s general theory was so astoundingly successful that scientists world wide rapidly accepted it and who in turn after reevaluation, took their experimentation into the new direction in which Einstein had pointed. In short, Einstein vectored mankind onto a new “Timeline”! His theories made it possible for the warping, bending or the morphing of time, blackholes, traveling through time, and yes, even UFOs.
Einstein was also convinced that there was a link between the laws of electromagnetism and gravity, and that it could be expressed in a mathematical formula — known as the “Unified Field Theory”. Therefore, he himself was not thoroughly convinced that his theories of relativity explained our physical universe and/or reality in its totality. Many scientists were also out to prove Einstein wrong, one of whom was Tesla. Tesla had already conducted successful experimentation where Einstein was only on the fringes of understanding anti-gravity and anti-matter. History has been written depicting that Einstein did not live to complete his work on this theory.
I got involved with the project in 1938 and worked closely with Tesla, the government’s project director. Interviewed by a panel of men, mostly scientists, which included Tesla and some military, I was hired to work with the project primarily because of my abilities and training in physics, geometry and electronics. I was very much involved during the theorem and thorium stages and realize that we were just at the beginning stages of understanding radiation. There were numerous round-table discussions with many individuals from different walks of life and philosophies that were not only from the scientific and military communities, but also from religious and metaphysical societies. We all had our own assignments and timetables, restricting our involvement with other aspects in the development of the technology, additionally, much of the work was contracted out. It was designed so that the right hand never knew what the left hand was doing and vice versa. All issues were handled in this manner for the sole purpose of secrecy. My role also included the preparation and installation of the technology on the ship. Shortly after being with the project, I was able to distinguish the different motives by the different groups of people involved. The three key agendas that were very much part of this experimentation were:
A scientific agenda, which was to explore the time/space continuum for scientific discovery;
a military agenda, since we were at war (WW II) they wanted this ability as a weapon — to move personnel and cargo instantaneously from one point to another; and lastly,
an extraterrestrial agenda, which was to map out the earth’s planetary magnetic grid work for interdimensional travel.
However, there was a closely guarded CORE agenda by some that worked behind the scenes. I identify them as “those in the know”, and their hidden agenda was to REWRITE HISTORY....

The Philadelphia Experiment :
A Personal Saga in Time Travel
Part 2

Jolting upwards and finding myself in a strange bed, I awoke from a deep sleep in screams of horror. Bewildered and heavily sedated, I was completely covered in a cold sweat with a deep anxiety in the pit of my stomach. Extremely fragmented and physically fading in and out, I was experiencing reoccurring flashes of pulsating red and white light. The trickling of blood draining from my ears caused me to remember the intense shrill and paralyzing whining pitch that pierced my entire body sending me to near unconsciousness. I could still feel the agonizing vibration produced by the immense power used in the experiment. Although it all seemed like a dream, a terrible nightmare lasting for an eternity, I knew otherwise. With the loss of all my hair, the entire surface of my body was covered with open sores that burned down to the very core of my bones. The debilitating illness was without mercy! Dismayed . . . I knew without a doubt this was radiation poisoning. However, nothing seemed to match the great pain of sorrow and despair in remembering the horrific scene of the USS Eldridge — what in the world did we stumble onto...?
The above scene was just one of many that became a part of my daily reality, played over and over again, with the only difference being it was just another day. Those of us who had survived the experiment were never to see our family, friends, or the outside world again. The military kept the 21 of us confined, sedated and under close medical observation. We became laboratory research material for those who took everything we had, including our most precious belonging — our personality, our individuality! Debriefings took place directly after our return, and it was from these proceedings that I knew this was just the beginning — the beginning of a COVER UP....

The CORE AGENDA of what is known today as the “Philadelphia Experiment”, was to rewrite history! Take a moment and think about the immense power — would it not be awesome to have at your access the ability to move instantaneously from one cataloged event in time to another? I ask you not to pass this question up with just a fleeting glance. I am not talking about those who are responsible to rewrite a new version of our text books, although this has been done. I am discussing physical movement through linear time in a very real sense, to change cataloged events in our past history as we know it, subsequently changing the future. This is what motivated those behind the scenes with this experimentation. I write nothing for the glamour, sensationalism or whatever else will be tagged to my passages, except to give you the truth. You should be asking yourself, what does he mean by a ‘catalog event’? How does one go about rewriting history? Is it possible to move through linear time using technology? And, if so, maybe you should be asking, in whose hands is this technology? In what manner has this technology been used? Who is benefiting, and who is not? Many questions, but be prepared for many more after we have the answers to the first.
This type of experimentation could not have been possible without extraterrestrial involvement. As hard as it may seem to believe, our government had a pact with a group of extraterrestrial beings, for which they traded their knowledge and cooperation for our facilities and natural resources. They did this so they could accomplish their agenda, which was to map out the earth’s magnetic grid for inter-dimensional travel. Extraterrestrial beings have always had this ability to travel inter-dimensionally, but now more than ever before they needed to keep close track of the continuous flow of this grid. The two terms, the “earth’s magnetic field” and the “earth’s magnetic grid” used herein are synonymous with each other. Back during the 40s we knew only of the magnetic field, but Dr. Nikola Tesla had conjectured much about the magnetic grid. Most of you have been exposed to what the magnetic field of the earth looks like, and if you focused in on the earth’s magnetic lines of forces by using a magnifying glass, you would see the energetic grid lines of forces and fluxes that intersect each other horizontally and vertically. Tesla’s experimentation throughout the years had caused major fluctuations and disturbances to the grid which impeded the abilities of extraterrestrial to travel safely. Therefore, to keep track of the grid flow they needed access to our natural resources for sampling and measurement.

In 1942, Tesla was provided blueprints of a naval warship which he was tasked to equip. Additionally, he was directed to include the human factor in this next experimentation. Thoroughly and deeply concerned with this decision, Tesla made a desperate and passionate attempt to dissuade both the military and the scientists involved in the project. To his dismay, Tesla was overwhelmingly defeated. All believed that Tesla’s concerns were unfounded and overly stated, but this truly weighed heavily on his mind. He knew that the technology had NOT been perfected for human experimentation, and he also knew of the dangers that lurked in waiting for those who would attempt to enter such a tremendously strong magnetic field. His requirements were extensive, expensive and time consuming, and with the war effort heating up, military funding was going to be cut if they didn’t do something soon. Tesla, now a beaten man, excused himself from the project by portraying instability and as history has it written, subsequently died in January, 1943.
It was during the month of February 1943 they began building the hull of the USS Eldridge. And, it was while the ship was under construction that we installed the technology based upon Tesla’s blueprints. But again, because Tesla’s plans were so extensive for the purpose of precision, we were directed to take shortcuts. For example, instead of having all the cable laid out within the hull of the ship, we casually laid them out exposed along the outer walls. The USS Eldridge was silently launched on July 25th, 1943 then sent to the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard for further and final preparation.
The key to the experiment was magnetism! We had literally created a magnet laying out miles of cable about the ship which were connected to four generator banks. Modified Tesla coils were used to convert the direct current (DC) electricity to an alternating current (AC), and also for stepping up the frequencies. It was this steady current of electricity that was harmonically increased creating the awesome magnetic field that encompassed the entire ship. Each system bank was manned by one scientist, trained to manually go through a series of sequential steps, thus, there was great potential for human error. There were obviously other major configurations that were part of this experiment, one of which was —- salt water!

The chemical makeup of sea water is significantly different than that offered by fresh water, such as that of the Delaware River near Philadelphia. The fresher the water the less electrical conductivity is experienced — simply, fresh water is not a very good conductor. I want you to realize that the beast we were dealing with was a large naval warship. To conduct an experiment on this scale and of this magnitude we had to create the most perfect environment under whatever conditions that were to be expected for a ship out at sea. United States Naval warships do not patrol fresh water ways and the military had no intentions at this time of using this technology for anything other than for naval warfare during World War II. Therefore, the experiment DID NOT take place in the Philadelphia harbor nor the naval shipyard as so many have been lead to believe. The chemical makeup of the sea water further amplified this power and the USS Eldridge became a gigantic battery emitting forces beyond one’s imagination. By conducting the experiment out at sea in salt water, the USS Eldridge had been rendered to a molten piece of twisted iron, making her no longer sea worthy. Contrary to what you have been told of her whereabouts today, the USS Eldridge was NOT transferred to the Greek Navy back in 1951, nor still to this day serving within the Greek Navy and known as the “Lion”. The dis-information factor had worked hard and overtime to deceive all, but they too had made errors in their fabricated path of deceit. Just realize, that I say this without hesitation and have further documented evidence. This evidence, never before revealed nor documented by previous investigators will only add to the already overwhelming evidence collected and documented by so many that have proceeded me.

We used a steady current of electricity, slowly and harmonically building up the frequencies as we moved out to sea. We DID NOT use jolts or a pulsating current, nor had any intentions to. The amount of energy used for the experiment was more like an overkill! To give you an analogy, let’s say to do what we intended to do required just one stick of dynamite — we used 2000 sticks. In an experiment to bend cosmic rays conducted in 1937, Dr. Arthur Holly Compton out of Chicago used a 12 ton magnet and 40 billion volts of electricity. The volts of electricity used in the Philadelphia experiment exceeded that of what Holly had accomplished in 1937. We created a 1,540 ton magnetic using in excess of 150,000,000,000 (billion) volts! Once we connected with the earth’s magnetic grid, its pulsating nature clutched us in its grasp; the pulsating current that so many have talked about came from the grid, not the technology. Unanticipated, the magnetic field that we created not only caused electrical disturbances with the grid itself, but a PARADOX that will BEFUDDLE your mind.....
We were fragmented into multi-dimensions and magnetically pulled! I would like to emphasize — we were pulled magnetically! The frequency levels of the field were increased harmonically with the help of a prototype of the UNIVAC computer. This computer was huge and in itself took up entire compartments on the ship. Because the technology required manual input and was operated under the supervision of one scientist, again, the potential for human error was high. We were not able to deal with the shocking physical trauma that petrified and overwhelmed us. As a result of our inabilities to function adequately, the energies went unchecked. The physical structure of the ship and those of us on board were exposed to such violent frequencies that we were instantaneously elevated to levels greater than that of gamma rays.

During this high vibratory frequency we were pulled to different geographical locations and time eras that are depicted within the adjacent chart. This chart was developed for the sole purpose of simplifying for you the recorded movement of the USS Eldridge. Our initial intentions were to move the USS Eldridge instantaneously in time from one physical ‘linear’ location (point ‘A’) to another physical ‘linear’ location (point ‘B’). But unexpectedly, we had also changed time eras. The initial compressing surge arced us from August 15th, 1943 from our point of origin in the Atlantic ocean to the year of approximately 3543 and to a new location at Niagara Falls. Two of the generator banks were consumed by fire and the specialized electron tubes exploded randomly because of electrical overload. With this loss of power we started to decompress bouncing around the grid like that of a rock skipping across a pond. We were unstable and totally out of control! Since I am writing this passage in the year of 1996, by reviewing the chart you will notice that the USS Eldridge will rematerialize in the 3rd dimension on four more occasions in our linear ‘future’. The future dates and geographical locations depicted are only approximate since I am still conducting my research. Through my research, I have determined that the USS Eldridge will again materialize as early as 1997, either on the Colorado River or within the State of Maine. With further review, you will note that there were many other locations that we had materialized at, and that are now part of our linear ‘past’.

In 1977, we had fully materialized long enough at the Navajo Reservoir in New Mexico to make contact with military authorities. We were counting on having at least a 72 hour “window” to reassess our situation, prior to the anticipation of being pulled once again through the time continuum. When we had materialized, it was chaos undefined — panic and confusion was becoming the norm! The Captain of the ship was incapacitated and no longer capable of taking charge of his men, which in itself was a critical loss and only added to the confusion. With two of the generators raging with fire, we had to flood the compartments where they were housed.
Our radio communications was hindered due to equipment damage sustained during the movement, in addition to the geographical terrain that surrounded us. Therefore, it was necessary for us to be innovated in our abilities to construct a means of communications out of the remaining useable equipment. And in doing so, it was imperative for some of us to disembark from the ship to set up the required antenna. The military was not prepared for us when we made contact, but after confirming our position, they converged on and secured the area. Many on the ship were wounded and in badly need of medical assistance, and therefore, 33 men were taken off the ship. They gave us additional medical supplies and limited replacement parts for some of the damaged equipment, however, much of what we needed was not obtained prior to the “window” closing down. After we were pulled from of the New Mexico site, there was a massive effort by the scientific and military communities to develop the understanding to end this ordeal for those of us on the USS Eldridge — or, so they thought....

It was in 1983 (six years later) that the scientific community understood what it would take to stabilize our energy field. They now knew the crucial ingredients required to put the brakes on our movement —— importantly, one was fresh water! Conducting experimentation outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, their intentions were to induct our frequencies in order to pull us through to the Lake Mead site. However, this experimentation was not without the expense of more human life. Once stabilization took place, we were able to rematerialize and again damaged equipment was replaced to include two of the generators. Much like the 33 men at the Navajo Reservoir in 1977, an additional 87 men were taken off the USS Eldridge at this site. Without exception, these men were exposed to extreme levels of radiation, leaving their days numbered. For those who observed the experiment in 1943, these 120 men just disappeared and were never seen nor heard from again.

Provided with protective clothing, 21 of us out of the now remaining 61 were outfitted in garments similar to those used by NASA in the protection of astronauts while in space flight. These garments provided us the shielding from magnetic discharges, heat, and radiation that is experienced while residing within the time continuum.

All locations depicted within the chart experienced strong electromagnetic storms and electrical blackouts prior to our arrival in that vicinity. We literally drained each of the areas source of commercial power causing major blackouts to the communities supported by these power sites. By closely reviewing a map of the United States and comparing it to these geographical locations depicted within the chart, you will note that the majority of these sites have a major water basin created by man-made dams. It was the massive generators operating at these locations and the magnetic field created by these generators that pulled us magnetically! Many of you may be familiar with the previously written witness accounts of our movement to the Naval Base located in Norfolk, Virginia. This movement was not caused by generators of a man-made dam, but by generators located and in operation at that time on naval ships known as “Floating Power Stations”. These “Floating Power Stations” gave the navy the ability to provide ship-to-shore electrical power when no other means was available.
In 1983, military authorities at Lake Mead selected 19 men to board the USS Eldridge to assist us back home. These men went back in time with us to August 16th, 1943. Their mission — DAMAGE CONTROL and CLEANUP!

If, up to this point you have had difficulty in accepting what I speak of and have need for further verification, I recommend that you set your eyes on a recent development that may help you. This is a major breakthrough and should NOT be taken lightly.

If you currently have a subscription to the “Scientific American” magazine, pull out the February 1996 issue, and if you do not, take a few moments of your time and go to your local library to review this issue. Turn to the inside of the front cover and note the two page advertisement paid for and placed within by the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). This advertisement states in part:

“An IBM scientist and his colleagues have discovered a way to make an object disintegrate in one place and reappear intact in another.

It sounds like magic. But their breakthrough could affect everything from the future of computers to our knowledge of the cosmos.”

It has taken 54 linear years for this technology and understanding of the cosmos to come to us, the general consumer. Technology that many have insisted is “Science Fiction”, but now becoming reality. This is the same suppressed understanding through technology that Dr. Nikola Tesla had developed, tested and proven back in the early 40s. The technology that IBM is developing is obviously far more compact, sophisticated and will exceed that of what we had at our disposal in 1943. Therefore, I applaud IBM for taking the forefront to bring this technology to us, which only substantiates much of what has been denied by most pertaining to the knowledge of the cosmos.

The Philadelphia Experiment :
A Personal Saga in Time Travel

Part 3

The date, October 11th, 1983. Taking advantage of the secluded terrain, the scientific community was now in place to conduct “time” related experimentation to test out their theories. After having worked diligently for six years since the Navajo Lake incident and upgrading the massive generators needed for this experiment, their intentions were to pull through the USS Eldridge. Knowing the danger that the Eldridge posed to the public, the military had a critical role in keeping this experiment and danger zone tightly sealed up. The military, however, were none too happy with the selected location. How do you control crowds of people drawn into an area that was designed for recreation and tourism, let alone, a major thoroughfare for vehicle traffic between the states of Nevada and Arizona? Therefore, military strategists put in place their plan — purposefully using the peaked water levels to detour traffic from the area of experimentation. Taking advantage of a perfect scenario, a chain of events were created that would cause the water to crest above acceptable levels and forced to flow over the dam’s twin spillways. The location selected — Lake Mead, just 40 miles east of Las Vegas, Nevada.
Scientists had finally come up with the necessary ingredients to stop the movement of the USS Eldridge. And, to do so, they needed the fresh water and massive generators offered by Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. After four treacherous and deadly attempts, the USS Eldridge was finally harnessed and stabilized between the 17 generators. Thereby, allowing them to conduct the necessary repairs so that they could complete the final stages of the experiment. On November 18th, 1983, Lake Mead Project authorities directed 19 men to board the Eldridge to assist us in our movement back through time to 1943. What is critical to note, these same 19 men were now going to visit their recorded past. Their mission, damage control and cleanup!
We were successfully teleported back through time to our original point of departure during the daylight hours of Monday, August 16th, 1943. Immediate radio communications were made with those on the observation vessel who had diligently maintained a vigil in the area during our absence. With our return being some 24 hours later, personnel on board this ship became frantic as they were unprepared for what they were about to encounter. Struck by the physical condition of the ship and those of us on board, they swiftly radioed for urgent medical assistance. We were taken off the USS Eldridge and placed under medical sequester upon the arrival of a small U.S. Naval medical ship. Uncertain of the levels of radiation exposure to those on the observatin and medical ships, they too, were placed within medical confinement.

Accounts of men discharged from the Navy back in the 40s as misfits and unfit for continued military service are true, however, this was not the case for those of us on the USS Eldridge. It was those on the observation and medical ships, not exposed to extreme levels of radiation, who were eventually discharged as misfits. Consider what they were dealing with as the Eldridge disappeared and reappeared out of thin air, to include the condition of the ship and those of us on board upon our return. Not to mention, the unusual garments (space suits) that were foreign to those of that time era, and to encounter for the first time, men from their future. So many mind stretching, reality shattering events to contend with. Hence, should they discuss their experiences at a later date, the government could easily deny any allegations pertaining to the experiment. And, if deemed necessary, they would have discharge papers on file substantiating a history of mental instability of those who would decide to take a bold step into the pubic with their knowledge. Both minding bending hypnotic and subliminal methods were aggressively used on everyone involved, to include those women on board the medical ship. They knew, however, that without continual contact to suppress our memory, neither method would be a permanent solution. Therefore, future selective induction’s would be necessary.

Through vivid memory flashbacks, I have from time to time revisited some of the hypnotic sessions that I endured. Initially, I felt puzzled and confused as to what was occurring, because the facilitator always appeared to be yelling at me with such force that it came across as anger. I remember him bending over to my right side, and projecting: “You will find it hard to believe ... it’s unbelievable!”. I later realized that his yelling had nothing to do with his displeasure of me, but was solely due to the impairment of my hearing as a result of the experiment.

I was given hypnotic and subliminal suggestions of being involved in a crash with a military aircraft. It was imperative to have this falsified event overlaying my awareness of the incredible truth as I knew it, because they knew of the future potential of my memory unfolding. Therefore, the instilling of this hypnotic suggestion was crucial to their secret endeavors and agenda.
The mission of the 19 men, whom I refer to as the “Cleanup Crew”, was multi-purpose. You can more or less recognize their purpose upon knowing their background, such as, one was a presidential observer from the Reagan Administration who meet with those of the Roosevelt Administration. There were at least three hazardous waste experts who provided the knowledge on how to handle clothing, human remains and the samples taken of the ship for analyses. Two were medical professionals, one with a physiological background and the other psychological. One military historian, who was tasked to draw sketches of what he would witness. Others were scientists, and lastly, four “timeliners”. With their missions completed, 15 members of this “Cleanup Crew” boarded the USS Eldridge on August 18th, 1943, and returning themselves back to their point of origin in “time” — 1983. However, instead of returning to the Lake Mead site from which they originated, they returned to Montauk Point, Long Island, New York — this is the Montauk connection! The remaining four members, the “timeliners”, stayed in place to continue their mission.
Naval authorities in 1943 were now faced with a very serious dilemma. How do you explain the disappearance of an entire ship and her crew without raising eyebrows, and at the same time keeping this experiment extremely secret? Naval authorities initially wanted to declare the Eldridge lost due to enemy fire since we were at war, but, they could not.

One of the main reasons why, was that the Eldridge was launched and delivered to the Navy’s fleet on July 25th, 1943, but, she was silently launched due to the secrecy surrounding her and the technology on-board. Despite this silent launching of the Eldridge, postings and recordings of her delivery was still accomplished within the Navy’s purchasing files, inventory control records and financial ledgers. This was because of the submission of “Bills of Material” and completed work orders by the contractor to the Navy’s “Bureau of Ships”, who handle all the contractual paperwork for the building of new warships. Without this paper flow running parallel along with the releasing of the ship to the Navy, the contractor would not have been paid for their labor and materials used in the construction of the Eldridge. Therefore, we can assume that the date depicted within the Navy’s official history of the launching of the Eldridge, is correct.
The experiment took place on August 15th, 1943, which is prior to her commissioning. Commissioning of the USS Eldridge is officially recorded taking place on August 27th, 1943. This was the sole reason why they could not use the war as an explanation for her loss. Any attempt to do so would have raised too many questions by those in charge of records and files of the ship, but, who were not within the circle of those of this top secret experiment. They could not afford the mandatory investigation that would have been convened on the part of those outside of this circle.

According to the United States Congressional Code governing the military, material management and financial branches in the military are directed to convene investigations on all losses prior to adjustments being posted to inventory records and financial ledgers. If, circumstances surrounding losses are unknown, they are required to determine responsiblity and accountability. Any type of investigation would have involved hundreds of people and many branches within the government, to include, FDR himself. Causing even a more complex and serious situation, there were personnel losses. Therefore, the answer to all their problems — come up with a replacement ship! So, how did those conducting these experiments pull off the acquisition of another ship without making a big stink within the Navy’s rank and file?

Authorities came up with this replacement by utilizing the ‘prototype’ destroyer escort! Prior to going into mass production of any major weapon system, prototypes are initially built for testing to ensure that it will meet the needs and standards of the military, and to solve any unforeseen problems with its design. Prototypes are items that are not normally placed within the military’s operating inventories, thus, do not come under the same stringent rules of accounting. As a result, the Navy took advantage of their immediate access to a ship that closely resembled the Eldridge used in the experiment. According to the Navy’s very brief and uneventful official history, the Eldridge was commissioned on August 27, 1943, some 12 days later after the experiment. Upon conclusion of WW II, this decoy was decommissioned and taken out of service. Approximately six years later in 1951, the surrogate Eldridge was transferred to the country of Greece under the Mutual Defense Assistance program and is still in service to this day and known as the “Lion”. To see clearly through this smoke screen, further evidence of these allegations that I make is required.
Based upon my request, and after receiving several official photographs of the USS Eldridge from the National Archives, I noted significant differences between two of them. One photograph is recorded by the Navy as to have been taken on September 12th, 1943 and the other April 25th, 1944. The photograph allegedly taken on September 12th is in fact the USS Eldridge, however, was taken prior to the date of the experiment, August 15th, 1943. The date had been falsified for the purpose of misleading anybody who may investigate into the truth of the experiment. Why? Mainly because, the USS Eldridge was not sea worthy after the experiment and had already been moved through time to 1983 by the “Cleanup Crew” on August 18th, 1943. The Eldridge was extremely radioactive and was nothing but a piece of twisted iron. When comparing the two images, notice that the entire top deck of both ships are different. These differences would be considered major modifications. Assuming that the dates depicted for each photograph are true, the 227 days between each photograph would be sufficient time to accomplish such modifications. However, upon review of the Navy’s official recorded history of the Eldridge, it revealed that she was on escort duty from January 4th, 1944 to May 9th, 1945. Thereby, now reducing the time frame of 227 days down to 113 days to conduct these modifications. Now, for the 64 thousand dollar question — why would the Navy do major modifications of a newly commissioned ship directly after its commissioning? And, how could they justify these modifications directly after its commissioning since they were building hundreds of similiar ships to meet the war effort? The ship that is dated April 25th, 1944 is a dead RINGER! These photographs are the first piece of tangible evidence ever to be provided to the public, which supports and substantiates that there is a cover-up by some within the government.

A valuable source of information would seem to be the ship’s deck logs. Logs are officially established on the day of the commissioning and reflect all significant day-by-day events up until decommissioning. And, once you understand the above chain of events, you will also realize that the recordings within these official logs on file at the National Archives are those of a decoy, not the actual Eldridge used in the Philadelphia Experiment. Therefore, it should not surprising that previous investigations found it hard to match up the dates provided by witnesses accounts to that of the Eldridge’s movement recorded within the logs. Investigators and witnesses were dealing with two ships! Another significant discovery written of in an excellent book: “The Philadelphia Experiment: Project Invisibility” by William Moore and Charles Berlitz revealed that when they attempted to acquire the deck logs of the USS Eldridge, the first three months (August 27 - December 1, 1943) were missing. Thereby, stifling their brilliant, but now, incomplete investigation surrounding witness accounts of Carlos Miguel Allende. Nonetheless, these logs are of the decoy Eldridge.
Once the USS Eldridge and the “Cleanup Crew” returned to 1983, she was dismantled and pieces went to different locations around the United States for analyses. Mainly transported by rail, parts of the ship were sent to Northern and Southern California, Nevada, New Mexico and Atlanta, Georgia. The majority of the USS Eldridge, however, is currently housed in a large warehouse near a water basin. All parts of the ship are neatly tagged and identified to include a planograph depicting the inside layout of the warehouse, which is located on a wall near its entrance. As for the 15 members of the “Cleanup Crew”, they too had their memory whitewashed of their involvement.
The Philadelphia Experiment along with other parallel “time” related experiments had caused a major paradox, and as I had stated before, will befuddle the mind. It is of course knowing the true essence of “time” that is important. When I speak of “time”, I am not addressing it as you know and had been taught. “Time” is NOT linear (past, present or future), but parallel and is only an event, with all events happening simultaneously — NOW! This paradox was not just created by the use of excessive energy, but also, because men from 1983 had revisited time and space. When one revisits their recorded past and returns to their present existence of time and space, their movement through time and space is in a form of an ellipse. This movement in itself causes a shifting of energy on global scale that in turn CREATES a whole new 3rd dimensional timeline! Therefore, anything in existence to include everybody living on August 18th, 1943 was duplicated. This other 3rd dimensional timeline begins on the 18th of August, 1943 and does not include a world structure in which the Philadelphia Experiment ever took place. “Those in the know”, whom are located within the inner shell of our government, discovered this during the early 1950s. And, have been traveling not only between the two 3rd dimensions, but also, along both linear timelines.

The Naval Department was now faced with the grim task of having to inform family members of their loved ones demise; the initial 176 sailors who were assigned to the Eldridge on this fatal August day. The explanation given by the Navy —— Missing in Action (MIA)! Those of us who were civilians, the Navy had to handle our cases differently. My family was told that I had come into contact with a deadly strain of meningitis and was placed in a governmental quarantined institution, and later died. To refresh your memory, or for those who may not be aware, during this time period prior to the advent of antibiotics, meningitis was of epidemic proportions and those infected were placed within quarantined institutions. Treated as extremely contagious, the mortality rate was very high. Once death came, the body was not given back to the family for interment, but cremated under very strict controls. Therefore, both explanations given by the Navy were perfect to cover-up certain aspects of this experiment.

For reasons of secrecy, the military kept all of us out at sea on a small medical ship. When other arrangements were put in place, they moved us to different locations on land throughout the United States. I was bandaged from head to toe and moved to Northern California as a burn victim. Each of us were assigned a caretaker, who was specially trained in our area of needs by incorporating the technology that came back from 1983. This advance technology was new to those in the medical field in 1943 and was used to accurately monitor our medical status. Remember, we were just at the beginning stages of understanding radiation in these early years of the 40s. Therefore, this high tech equipment from 1983 was invaluable to those monitoring us.
In 1944, after many months of enduring radiation sickness and very close to a demise that many had already experienced, I was offered an alternative to physical death. Understanding my perilous condition, I accepted taking part in another experiment, a “time” transfer. In preparation, I was moved from my location in Northern California to a secret location in the State of Nevada, subsequently, typed and tested to determine my compatibility with another human being.
Locating a viable candidate, he was approximately 10 to 13 years of age, born in 1952 and was about to die himself of a rare childhood disease. Raised in southeastern Montana, he was known as — Howard Andrew Strom. Prior to his death, we were physically placed within the same environment, after which, they transferred his DNA memory over to me. Once Howard’s spiritual essence vacated his structure, I was transferred into his physical body and immediately took on Howard’s identity. However, I was now forced to use his DNA memory, not mine. This procedure was accomplished to allow me familiarity with Howard’s family, friends and surroundings. Howard’s family members were unaware of what took place with him, because of the ability to return individuals to their environment approximately at the same time of removal. Now, taking on the identity as Howard, after high school graduation, I immediately joined on with the U.S. Marine Corps in 1971 and retired 22 years later in 1993.
Since then, there was a continual need to interface with me to keep my memory suppressed. Being in the military, I was easily accessible for them to accomplish magnetic inductions. With my retirement in 1993, they no longer have this advantage. Thus, my memories of what is known today as the Philadelphia Experiment and other aspects of my life are now unfolding and breaking through the barriers that were placed within.

For right now, look at my individual case as one form of a “walk-in”! What is important is that we did not all necessarily come into this 3rd dimensional reality through the birth canal. This experiment is known as the, “ET PROGRAM”! I would like to emphasis that the acronym “ET” does not translate over to “extraterrestrial”, it means “ELECTRONIC TRANSMIGRATION PROGRAM”! Project Censorship, the code name as it was known then, was used on a very large scale up to approximately 1954, and as a method to seal up many who had knowledge of issues of importance. This was and is still to this day a worldwide program that is used even by those within our government for their own agendas, whom are located behind closed chamber doors!
In conclusion, I and Debra Cunningham would like to thank the “Light News” for this opportunity by allowing this information to reach you, the public. Additionally, for those of you who feel that you have had similar “time” related experiences or information, I would like you to know that I have an open door policy. To contact me, write to the address below.
Drue and Debra have appeared on NBC Television's Ancient Prophecies III and The Other Side, as well as on numerous radio stations throughout the world. Their lectures on Time Travel and the Philadelphia Experiment are internationally known . They have videos, Audio tapes, and booklets available on the subject.

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