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The Philadelphia Experiment from A-Z


Philadelphia Experiment

September 21, 2000 - Death of a Legend Continued

    The Scrap Metal Trading Company stated that the Eldridge was transferred to a demolition company for dismantle/destruction, and that they will try to provide more information on the name of the demolition company, and any photos they may of taken.

October 22, 1999 - Death of a Legend

    I received a UPS Worldwide Express Envelope today marked Urgent. It was from a scrap metal Trading Corporation in Piraeus Greece the letter states;

"Subject: ex. USS ELDRIDGE
We have been informed of your interest for the abovementioned vessel. 
We have taken the liberty to write to you this letter in order to inform you that this vessel is now under our ownership. Therefore if you would still have an interest on this vessel please contact us at the abovementioned address and numbers, preferably in Piraeus - Greece, as soon as possible."

Looks as though they are looking for a buyer before turning it into scrap metal.

About the book

Yet to be released, this book ("The Philadelphia Experiment from A-Z") has been written to provide the reader with a complete overview of all acquired information to date on the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943. Currently there are more then 290 Pages (not including pictures) in 9"x6" format. Much of the book has been written by myself, with exceptional help from Rick Andersen in the science sections, Montauk, and editing throughout.

I have spent over eight years digging through books, making phone calls and meeting various people in an effort to compile the following information. I been interested in the subject of mass displacement, time travel, and other fringe topics for a number of years.

My interest in the Philadelphia Experiment goes back to the 1980’s with the release of The Philadelphia Experiment, a science-fiction movie drama based on the legend. Later that same week I was in my local public library, and found The Philadelphia Experiment: Project Invisibility in pocket novel form, by Charles Berlitz and William Moore. Knowing that books are often better than the movies, I decided to check the book out. Upon reading the book, it became very evident that the authors did not consider the experiment as a fantasy. From here I began to collect information on the experiment, and so the journey began. As we fast-forward over eight years, we find that the legend of the Philadelphia Experiment is far from dead. The slim facts that remain are continually being twisted and augmented; this book was written to pull the twisted information back into perspective.

At present the legend of The Philadelphia Experiment itself revolves around a small group of people that will not be quoted, much less named. These people claim to have unusual knowledge, or even to have been personally involved in the experiment. When these self-proclaimed witnesses do turn up and are asked any direct question, they usually brush it aside or respond using vague (or "technical sounding" to the layman) terms. In preparing this book, and wading through the recent claims of "inside knowledge" on the PX that some are asserting, I have often found myself lamenting "How about showing us some schematic diagrams!" or, as John Lennon might have said, "Just give me some truth!" Much of what is out there is pseudo-scientific psycho-spiritual fluff. Nevertheless, even though I feel that the credibility of some of the individuals and events discussed in this book are dubious at best, I have included them so that you can see what the present legend is, and how it continues to be embellished.

I think it is important that people start reading ‘The Full Story’ when pursuing any fringe topic like Ufology, the Bermuda Triangle, etc. There are plenty of paranoid delusionists writing books like "Aliens told me ‘Humans taste like chicken...’"

not done yet


Excerpt from my book:

The following excerpt from my book is taking from the beginning....

The Current Legend

The following account, culled from a variety of sources and "self-proclaimed witnesses," describes an event that may or may not have actually taken place. It is the story - or legend - of what has become popularly known as the "Philadelphia Experiment," also referred to as Project Rainbow.

Project Rainbow was allegedly an experiment conducted upon a small destroyer escort ship during World War II, both in the Philadelphia Naval Yard and at sea; the goal was to make that ship invisible to enemy detection. The accounts vary as to whether the original idea was to achieve invisibility to enemy radar or whether the prize sought after was more profound: optical invisibility. Either way, it is commonly believed that the mechanism involved was the generation of an incredibly intense magnetic field around the ship, which would cause refraction or bending of light or radar waves around the ship, much like a mirage created by heated air over a road on a summer day. The legend goes on to say that the experiment was a complete success... except that the ship actually disappeared physically for a time, and then returned. They wanted to "cloak" the ship from view, but they got de-materialization and teleportation instead...

It has been claimed that the Philadelphia Experiment was partly an investigation into how Albert Einstein's "Unified Field Theory for Gravitation and Electricity" might be used to advantage in the development of electronic camouflage for ships at sea. Einstein allegedly published his Unified Theory around 1925-27 in German, in a Prussian scientific journal, but it was later withdrawn as incomplete. This research was aimed at using intense electromagnetic fields to mask a ship from incoming projectiles, mainly torpedoes. This was later extended to include a study of creating radar invisibility by a similar field in the air rather than in the water.

The story begins in June of 1943, with the U.S.S. Eldridge, DE (Destroyer Escort) 173, being fitted with tons of experimental electronic equipment. This included, according to one source, two massive generators of 75 KVA each, mounted where the forward gun turret would have been, distributing their power through four magnetic coils mounted on the deck. Three RF transmitters (2 megawatt CW each, mounted on the deck), three thousand '6L6' power amplifier tubes (used to drive the field coils of the two generators), special synchronizing and modulation circuits, and a host of other specialized hardware were employed to generate massive electromagnetic fields which, when properly configured, would be able to bend light and radio waves around the ship, thus making it invisible to enemy observers.

The experiment, said to have taken place at the Philadelphia Naval Yard and also at sea, took place on at least one occasion while in full view of the Merchant Marine ship S.S. Andrew Furuseth, and other observation ships. The Andrew Furuseth becomes significant because one of its crewmen is the source of most of the original material making up the PX legend. Carlos Allende, a.k.a. Carl Allen, wrote a series of strange letters to one Dr. Morris K. Jessup in the 1950's in which he described what he claims to have witnessed: at least one of the several phases of the Philadelphia Experiment.

At 0900 hours, on July 22nd, 1943, so the story goes, the power to the generators was turned on, and the massive electromagnetic fields started to build up. A greenish fog was seen to slowly envelop the ship, concealing it from view. Then the fog itself is said to have disappeared, taking the Eldridge with it, leaving only undisturbed water where the ship had been anchored only moments before.

The elite officers of the Navy and scientists involved gazed in awe at their greatest achievement: the ship and crew were not only radar invisible but invisible to the eye as well! Everything worked as planned, and about fifteen minutes later they ordered the men to shut down the generators. The greenish fog slowly reappeared, and the Eldridge began to dematerialize as the fog subsided, but it was evident to all that something had gone wrong.

When boarded by personnel from shore, the crew above deck were found to be disoriented and nauseous. The Navy removed the crew, and shortly after obtained another. In the end, the Navy decided that they only wanted radar invisibility, and the equipment was altered.

On the 28th of October in 1943, at 17:15, the final test on the Eldridge was performed. The electromagnetic field generators were turned on again, and the Eldridge became near-invisible; only a faint outline of the hull remained visible in the water. Everything was fine for the first few seconds, and then, in a blinding blue flash, the ship completely vanished. Within seconds it reappeared miles away, in Norfolk, Virginia, and was seen for several minutes. The Eldridge then disappeared from Norfolk as mysteriously as it had arrived, and reappeared back in Philadelphia Naval Yard. This time most of the sailors were violently sick. Some of the crew were simply "missing" never to return. Some went crazy, but, strangest of all, five men were fused to the metal in the ship's structure.

The men that survived were never the same again. Those that lived were discharged as "mentally unfit" for duty, regardless of their true condition.

So, what had begun as an experiment in electronic camouflage, ended up as an accidental teleportation of an entire ship and crew, to a distant location and back again, all in a matter of minutes!

Although the above may seem fantastic, one must remember, that in the 1940’s the atomic bomb was also being invented.

That is the composite Philadelphia Experiment (PX) legend as it has stood up until very recently, when certain new details were added by a few sources who claim to be "remembering" their own participation in the project after years of brainwashing to remove such memories. We will explore these new claims later on in the book.


After reading the above some basic questions my come to mind such as:

These and many more questions will be explored in my book.


Topics Covered in My Book:

Current Table of Contents

The Current Legend

You can read this small opening chapter above!

Notes from the Author
Information about me (Andrew Hochheimer) and Rick Andersen
The Philadelphia Experiment Time Line

With all the different sources of information available on the PX (over 65 books, tapes, etc.) one begins to look at all the dates, and wonder if they all "jive?" This time line was created to give the reader an overall picture of events that took place. From a fire in the Eldridge's Galley, to every four hrs of the day to day running of the ship are detailed.

A Matter of Time

In the legend of the Philadelphia Experiment two dates are presented as being the date of the main "deadly" experiment, this chapter explores all the sources and dates given.

Carlos Miguel Allende or Carl Meredith Allen or..

Information on Carl Allen, his strange history, his involvement in the Philadelphia Experiment, and some NEVER published before accounts of what he seen while viewing the Experiment.

DR? Morris K. Jessup

This section addresses a lot of opposing information published about Mr. Jessup; Was he ever officially awarded his Ph. D. or was he as a few books state "a Used Auto Parts Salesman." Was Morris Jessup 'Troubled' just Before he 'committed suicide' or was the world 'His Oyster?' Did Jessup die in the park or in his own garage? Was his drunk at the time?

The Varo Edition

This section covers the mysteriously annotated copy of Mr. Jessup’s book, "The Case for the UFO" that was mailed to Admiral N. Furth, Chief of the Office of Naval Research, with a mysterious "HAPPY EASTER" written on the manila envelope. The unknown commentators implied knowledge of UFO’s and their propulsion systems, and of at least two different alien races.

Dr. Rinehart- Was that Reno or Von Neumann?

The name Dr. Rinehart first appeared in the fiction novel "Thin Air" by George E. Simpson and Neil R. Burger. Dr. Rinehart was later used by Bill Moore as a pseudonym for a scientist that had worked on some early calculations (possibly used in an experiment) on the bending of light. Alfred Bielek and Preston Nichols contend that Dr. Rinehart was actually John von Neumann (much to our amusement.) This section will examine the various comments made in regards to Dr. Rinehart.

Ships of the Experiment

A number of ships are described as being part of, or witness to, the Philadelphia Experiment. This section will discuss the various ships in detail, and their alleged involvement in the experiment.

Effects of the Experiment on the Crew

The after effects of the experiment are discussed.

Evidence of Teleportation?

This chapter covers such topics as: The "witnesses", Effects of teleportation, Some afterthoughts on our witnesses

Will The Real People Involved Please Stand Up

This section is a list of a few (over fifty) people that were said to be in some way involved in the experiment by various individuals. It also encompasses people that have researched the experiment. This list is by no means complete as the list of players continues to grow, and somehow change in the field of a witness’s ‘dream.’

The Navy Investigates Magnetism and Gravity

Navy has investigated and supported the scientific study into Magnetism and Gravity. This chapter includes information on PROJECT MAGNET

"The Philadelphia Experiment" The Movies

"Reportedly based on a true incident during World War II involving an anti-radar experiment that caused a navel battleship to disappear in Virginia..." 3½ Stars (rated Between Good and Very Good) "Video Movie Guide 1994" By Mic Martin & Marsha Porter, Pg 1032. This chapter discusses some of the following: Interview quotes from Doug Curtis producer of the PX, Alfred Bielek’s memory returns, Was the movie banned in the US as Mr. Bielek contends?

The UFO Connection

Discusses possible connections between Ufology and the Philadelphia Experiment.

The Soviet Version of the Philadelphia Experiment

What does submarines, electro-magnetic equipment and Mobius Strips have in common? They are all key elements in the Soviet version of the PX.

The Montauk Project: Experiments in Gullibility

Covers the ever evolving Montauk Project, including topics like: What connection does The Montauk Project have with the PX?, A trip inside Montauk AFB, A visit to Preston's "Space Time Labs", Montauk videos & books, Mars, Is the government erasing Montauk, Subtle changes in the story as time progresses, Was there a Montauk Project?

The Montauk Project Time Line

A breakdown of dates given.

The Unified Field Theory

This chapter explains the Theory in detail, rather then most books assuming you (a) already know it, or worse (b) not intelligent enough to grasp it.

Possible Science Behind the Experiment

In this chapter we explore the possibility that the Philadelphia Experiment really happened as described in the popular accounts. If it did take place, we had better have some scientific explanation for it, because if the PX is for real, then it goes without saying that somebody, somewhere, didn’t leave it alone after the 1943 disaster, but has since gone on to develop this thing into a new technology that will have an undeniable impact on our lives. Example of some of the topics covered: Did the Philadelphia Experiment actually take place?, Which were they trying to accomplish: radar or optical invisibility?, What is refraction? What is magnetorefraction?, What is phase conjugation?, What is resonance?, What is magnetic resonance? How can magnetism be "resonant"?, Decay vs. spin pumping, What kind of equipment was used aboard ship to perform the PX?, What has radar got to do with the PX?, How does radar work? and what is radar invisibility?, What part did Einstein’s relativity play in the PX?, What part do theories of "multiple dimensions" play in the PX?, Was time travel involved in the Philadelphia Experiment?

How To Create Optical Invisibility

Discusses Mirages, and a number of ways to create Optical Invisibility.

Possible Research
The Carlos Miguel Allende Letters

This chapter contains all the letters Carlos Miguel Allende (AKA Carl Allen) wrote to Morris K. Jessup. All words, UPPERCASE Letters, underlining, and spelling appear as in his letters.

Reference Materials - Books & Videos

list of all research material found on the Philadelphia Experiment, sorted oldest to newest where possible. This is a supplement to the Bibliography, giving much more detail about the various publications. A sample from this section can be found later in this page.

Reference Materials - Computer Files

Reference list of text files written about the Philadelphia Experiment. A sample from this section can be found later in this page, with files to download.

Reference Materials - Sifting through Cyberspace

Reference list of WWW Pages, and Newsgroups.


The bibliography contains items not already listed in the Reference Materials section, for example:

Bearden, T. E. Toward A New Electromagnetics Part 4: Vectors and Mechanisms Clarified. Tesla Book Company. 1983
Cho, C.W. Tetrahedral Physics. Tokyo, Japan: 449 Izumi, Komae City. 1971
Colombo, John Robert. Mysterious Canada: strange sights, extraordinary events, and peculiar places. Toronto: Doubleday Canada. 1988
Couhat, Jean Labayle. Combat Fleets of the World: 1982/83:Their Ships, Aircraft, and Armament. Maryland, Annapolis: Naval Institute Press. 1982. ISBN 0-87021-125-0
Hartree, D.R. The Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves in a Refracting Medium in a Magnetic Field. Proc. Camb., Phil. 1931
King, Moray B. Tapping the Zero-Point Energy. Provo, UT: Paraclete Publishing. 1989. ISBN 0962335606
Kramer, D. Exact Solutions of Einstein’s Field Equations. Edited by E. Schmutzer
Herbert, Nick. Faster Than Light: Superluminal Loopholes In Physics. Penguin Books. 1988. ISBN 0-452-26317-4
Physical Phenomena at High Magnetic Fields. Proceedings; Addison Wesley, 1992. ISBN 0-201-57869-7.
Seike, S. The Principles of Ultrarelativity. Tokyo, Japan: G-research Laboratory. 1971

List of people who helped make this book the most complete volume of information on the subject.


not done yet


Albert Einstein conferring with naval officers

in his study at Princeton, New Jersey, July 24,1943. (National Archives)



Awaiting the order


1/2 of a sheet from the comments section of the Eldridge's Log Books, notice the date.

Carl M. Allen - Appeared in "Revelations: Alien Contact and Human Deceptions" by Jacques Vallee

The whole story of the Philadelphia Experiment stems from Carl M. Allen’s letters to astronomer, researcher, and writer Morris K. Jessup. Carl provided most of the "facts" that are still used in books today, for example; The name of the test ship, the location and date of the experiment, etc. With most of the "facts" coming from one individual (and later being "confirmed" by others) one begins to wonder who is Carl Allen, and is he of sound mind.


USS Eldridge (DE-173) ca. 1944

U.S.S. Eldridge, July 25, 1943


Ceremony at the Boston Naval Shipyard, Massachusetts, transferring the ships to the Royal Hellenic Navy,  January 15, 1951.


Montauk Point Air Force Station, Main Radar & Power Station - Privately Taken (just a few of over fifty taking inside of Montauk)

The Montauk Project was allegedly (and unsupportedly), a continuation of the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943. The experiment was conducted at Montauk AFB, in the 1950’s. Montauk Air Force Station was designed to provide radar surveillance data, aircraft height determination, and Mark X IFF SIF identification data and to perform radar mapping prior to transmitting of such data to Air Defense SAGE Units...


Tesla's 'Egg Of Columbus'

From Tim Ventura



I've attached a photograph of the famed "Egg of Columbus" -- a rotating field experiment that was on exhibit at the World's Fair in 1893.
The Egg was created by Nikola Telsa and consisted of a complex polyphase field-coil located directly under a plate with a copper-plated egg positioned on top of it. When power was applied in sequence to the coils, the complex magnetic field arrangement not only inductively created a high-spin on the egg, it also made it stand up on end -- appearing to resist gravity.
The "Egg of Columbus" is famous for two reasons, the first being that Tesla placed a substantial bet on being able to stand an egg on end indefinitely in order to obtain venture capital for his early enterprises, and second because the specific polyphase arrangement of the magnetic fields shown in this device was said to also be the direct precursor to the field-coils used in the Philadelphia experiment.



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