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                   Physics of Reality Manipulation

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Here, you will be given a crash course on some basic physical principles behind invisibility, antigravity, time travel, and teleportation. This article seeks to explain how such feats have been achieved by covert research sectors of the military. The Philadelphia Experiment which concluded in 1943 and Montauk Project forty years later were famous cases where these seemingly science fiction technologies have been successfully put to the test, albeit with horrific consequences.

Summary of the Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment was part of a larger project called Project Rainbow whose purpose was induction of radar invisibility in Navy ships. In the Philadelphia Experiment, tests were performed upon the U.S.S. Eldridge, a WWII Navy destroyer.

Research indicates that large degaussing coils were placed around the ship, between bulkheads, sides, and on deck, forming in essence a three-dimensional coil array with each coil at right angles to another. An additional fourth coil provided a random background field. When electricity of specific wave-shape, frequencies, phase, and amplitude were pulsed into each of the three main coils, the ship suddenly lost its physical coherence, even to the point of invisibility as seen by observers at longer distances. It then disappeared altogether, teleported several hundred miles north, and came back in a matter of minutes.

Upon inspection of the Eldridge after this event, men were found implanted in the ship’s walls; others walked around in a psychotic stupor, and the more unfortunate either burst into flames or vaporized when non-victims touched them physically.

Very few onboard survived in good health, but a close friend knew one such survivor and attests to the story’s validity. This friend has passed on some critical information pertaining to how the Philadelphia Experiment was conducted, from which some of the following theory is based.

The Main Principle

Let’s begin by discussing a few basic principles of physical reality vital in understanding how to manipulate it. Orthodox scientists have not been able to accomplish such feats because their education is a limited version of a more general theory where these phenomena are allowable. This is why you may not recognize some of these principles from what is remembered of your high school physics class. But if you read along, it will make sense. This will be kept simple, with non-technical terms and no math, so that anyone can understand this theory and add his own improvements where needed.

The hermetic axiom “all is vibration” is scientifically true since matter is made of electromagnetic waves. Matter, contrary to our eyes, is actually four-dimensional. It exists in a five dimensional matrix of aether which provides a medium for electro-magnetic waves to exist. This matrix is indeed five dimensional, but the three dimensional slice we see in this universe is so thin than moving through space

Each sea of aether is one universe or timeline, and parallel universes are stacked upon one another like flat pancakes to produce a six-dimensional stack correctly labeled as ‘reality.’

The key to making matter invisible, sending it through space and time, or making it weightless is to utilize vibration in one of these dimensions. In 3D space, you can shake something back and forth, up and down, or left and right with few interesting effects. But reality is composed of more than three dimensions, and creating an electric or magnetic field that grabs onto matter and vibrates it into higher dimensions allows you to alter the characteristics of matter, different characteristics depending on which dimension the direction of vibration.

Orthodox scientists are working within the 3D framework and hence are only able to produce the limited technology we see regularly today. Creating these hyperdimensional fields is achieved through special coil geometry and electrification of matter.

Here is a table summarizing the techniques to be discussed in the remainder of this article.

Direction of Applied Frequency



3rd dimension

electric and magnetic fields cross to produce a rotating gravity field coupled to light 


4th dimension

x-y-z coil creates fourth dimensional field coupled to target objects


5th dimension

Solitonic gravity field modulates magnetic flux to channel aether around target object


6th dimension

Caduceus coil produces scalar field

Time travel 


 For an object to appear invisible, light must either pass through or bend around it. In this section, a method of bending light will be the focus. Light can go through if the object itself is rotated out of this dimension, but this technique will not be included here.

Light doesn’t bend under an externally applied electric or magnetic field because photons themselves have no net electric charge. However, it is well known that gravity bends light. In the case of solar eclipses, starlight from behind the sun can reach earth because the sun’s intense gravitational field acts like a lens, diverting the starlight toward us. But producing the same intensity in the lab can be disastrous if not impossible.

 Light barely bends in a planet’s gravitational field because it is not strongly coupled to the field. Think of an opera singer and a crystal chalice; unless the singer hits the right frequency, there will barely be adequate transfer of energy between the sound waves and chalice to shatter it. Likewise, the gravity of planets is static in comparison to light. For one to influence the other, resonance (matching in frequencies) must be achieved. As soon as you modulate or vibrate gravity, light bends like a straw under its influence. The closer you reach resonant frequency, the less intense the gravitational field needs to be.

You may wonder how one modulates gravity. When an electric and magnetic field cross one another at right angles, gravity is produced in a direction perpendicular to both (Fig.1). By modulating either the magnetic or electric field, you get a gravitational field vibrating at the same frequency. Doing so is an easy task when using either alternating current to electrify an object or energize a coil.


                                                                               Fig. 1

Therefore, a light-bending object requires an oscillating, rotating gravitational field so that incoming light meets this field, follows it all the way to the other side, and leaves to continue its path. Let’s examine one example fitting this criteria.

Take the case of a charged spherical object immersed in a magnetic field (Fig. 2). If you plot the gravity vector, knowing it is at right angles to both electric and magnetic fields, you will find that it rotates around the object like a vortex (Fig. 3). To modulate this field, it is better to alternate the electric component using a tesla coil since its high voltage/high frequency ensures good field strength and closeness of charge to the object. This closeness is due to the “skin effect” where high frequency electricity tends to travel on the skin of an object rather than through it. The magnetic field can be produced by a Helmholtz coil (Fig. 4) or just a single loop of wire.                                                             


With this arrangement in place, let’s examine what happens when a photon enters the modulated gravity field. It enters the field and is immediately side swiped by a series of gravity vectors (arrows), sending it around the object. Due to conservation of momentum, such a photon must swing back around the field exactly the same amount it was deflected (Fig. 5). This won’t happen unless the photon exits the field directly opposite where it entered. Therefore, as far as an external observer is concerned, the light beam never altered course and hence no object blocked its path. The object has become invisible.


                                                                                Fig. 5


To understand antigravity, you must first understand gravity. Gravity is a push, not a pull. The most fundamental particles comprising matter suck aether from all around like a vacuum cleaner nozzle sucks air or your kitchen drain does water. When you pull the plug, the cheerios go down the drain, and in the case of planet earth, there is a rushing current of aether flowing down into earth and all caught in this current will be pushed down by it.

The trick then, is to channel this current of aether around you so that you are not affected. An interesting type of wave or vortex called a ‘soliton’ has the unique ability to travel efficiently through fluids because it channels the fluid around itself. If you have ever seen smoke rings, you might have noticed how permanent their shape remains for long periods of time relative to simple smoke puffs. These doughnut-shaped waves channel air around themselves because they are like rolling wheels stretched into a cylinder and then bent around. They roll through a medium with little resistance like wheels roll across the ground.

To produce such a soliton capable of channeling aether around itself (Fig.6), start first with a magnetic dipole. A magnetic dipole is an apple-shaped field where the magnetic flux comes out the top and goes in the bottom. This type of field can be seen in pictures of bar magnets with iron filings to show the field, or in diagrams of planet earth depicting the geomagnetic field. Also, a simple coil of wire connected to a power source will do the same. This dipole is already a soliton consisting of magnetic flux.


                                                                                    Fig. 6

 To couple it with earth’s flow of aether, this magnetic field must be modulated in the same direction by an oscillating gravity field. Such a vibrating gravity field has been discussed in the previous section, and it is only a matter of taking the invisibility example and altering it to produce a soliton instead of the simple vortex seen in Figure 3. If the vortex is turned on its side and bent around into a circle, it becomes a soliton. To replicate this in terms of electric and magnetic fields, start with a conducting ring, such as the hoop of wire used to create the apple-shaped field. Around the length of this hoop, wind another coil coaxially. Energize both coils with alternating current (DC current is shown in the diagram, requiring external modulation) to set up magnetic field, then connect both of them to opposite electrodes of a high voltage generator to create the electric field (Fig.7).


                                                                        Fig. 7

This setup shields all objects within from earth’s gravity field if the aether flow is sufficiently diverted. If the dipole field is too strong, too much flux will be channeled downward and the whole rig will lift upward. This can obviously be used as an antigravity drive.


 Teleportation is the removal of an object from third dimensional space, whereby it takes a shortcut through the fourth dimension before being inserted back into third. While in the fourth dimension, space may be easily bent, bringing the destination point to a teleporting craft before the field is turned off and the craft appears at its destination. To bend space in three dimensions requires ludicrous energy and gravitational fields, but in the fourth dimension it’s a piece of cake. For this section, let’s only discuss how to get into the fourth dimension.

In ordinary physics, there is a mathematical operator called a ‘cross product.’ When two vectors (arrows indicating the direction and strength of a field) are ‘crossed’ with each other, a third arises that is at right angles to both. Obviously, a gravity vector is proportional to the cross product of an electric and magnetic vector. However, when three vectors which are at right angles to one another cross, they produce a new vector perpendicular to all of them; such a vector points into the fourth dimension.

An x-y-z coil (Fig. 8) does this nicely. Each of the three coils produces a dipole magnetic field which at their centers are all perpendicular to one another. There is a fourth dimensional magnetic flux, or hyperflux, which is concentrated most heavily at the center. It is only a matter of coupling an object to this hyperflux to pull it into 4D.


                                                                             Fig. 8

But plain hyperflux is not enough. We are held to three dimensional space by an elastic force that can only be overcome by either expending a lot of power to charge an x-y-z coil, or to pulse the coil at the resonant frequency of fourth dimensional space. Think of space as a flat rubber sheet. To deviate a point on the sheet up or down, you can either push and hold it down with much effort, or you can vibrate the sheet so that the points on it swing up and down. If you get the mix of frequencies just right, you create a standing wave on the sheet, equating to minimal energy being used to get maximum warp in this sheet.

The resonant frequency of space is somewhere in the upper radio to middle microwave range. When such frequencies are fed into an x-y-z coil, it not only creates a rapidly vibrating magnetic field, it also generates electric fields. This is due to a simple physical principle relating to Maxwell’s equations, stating that changing magnetic fields produce electric fields. The added bonus here is that this electric field is also induced within objects to be teleported, automatically coupling them to the alternating hyperflux.

If the standing wave in the rubber sheet is of sufficient amplitude, this wave rips itself out of the rubber sheet and becomes a rubber balloon. If you map the magnetic field of an x-y-z coil, it looks like an unfolded hypersphere. If the resonant frequency is reached, this field collapses into a magnetic hypersphere, carrying all objects in its proximity out into hyperspace. The teleporting object is encased in a bubble of space floating somewhere in the fourth dimension, disconnected from three-dimensional reality.

It can be difficult to reach this resonant frequency, so sometimes it’s better to begin with a simple x-y-z coil to produce a rotating magnetic field, later modulated by white noise. This rotation is achieved by having each coil pulse its field, but with phases (starting points of the wave) offset from one another so that the cross product of each magnetic vector isn’t always pointing in the same direction. The main purpose of this rotation is to induce electric fields within the target object without worrying about modulation at the resonant frequency of space, something whose job belongs to a fourth coil. Also, if this set up is to double as an invisibility machine, the rotation serves to smooth out the bending of light and also extends the field such that light begins to bend farther away.

This rotating field is then modulated by a fourth coil fed white noise. White noise consists of all possible frequencies of a spectrum within a given range, and if this white noise ranges between radio and microwave, the resonant frequency of space is guaranteed to ring. This is one way of lock-picking your way into hyperspace.

Time Travel

Time travel is very similar a process to teleportation. Both involve travel through space-time without following a straight three-dimensional path. Only difference is in the direction of applied frequency. In teleportation, the direction was perpendicular to third dimensional space. Here, the direction of applied vibration is into the sixth.

 The sixth dimension is what separates one parallel universe from another, much like the first dimension (left and right) separates two parallel rails of a train track. Applying the correct frequency in the correct dimension allows an object to break free from five dimensional space, this timeline, and hop onto another timeline.

The production of a field that can resonate into the sixth dimension requires some interesting theory to understand. Simply put, all electromagnetic waves have higher dimensional components, which can only be accessed if the three-dimensional components are cancelled.

It is simply necessary to “phase conjugate” any electric, magnetic, electro-magnetic field. Phase conjugation is a fancy term describing the process of adding a field or wave to its mirror image so they cancel. This is better understood if the nature of waves is first explained.

Waves consist of energy oscillating between imaginary and real states. In other words, at one moment the energy is real and visible as a motion in the medium through which the wave travels, and a few moments later it is imaginary or potential energy, stored in the stress of the medium.

For example, in a vibrating string, the real component of a wave is visible by the vibrations of the string itself, while the imaginary component is evident at the peaks of string amplitudes where all the energy is stored in the stretch of the string. In this example, the stretch goes along the direction of the string (longitudinal) while the direction of vibration, the actual physical movement of a point on the string, is perpendicular (transverse).

In the case of a pendulum, the energy switches between all kinetic at the bottom of the swing when the pendulum is at its greatest speed, to all potential, when the energy is stored in the gravitational field at the height of swing. Just as the potential (imaginary) energy of a string is perpendicular to the kinetic (real), so in this example is gravitational potential energy perpendicular to kinetic. The only difference is that in the case of a string, the potential energy is one dimension lower than the kinetic, and in a pendulum it is one dimension higher.

For electromagnetic waves, the imaginary component points into the fifth dimension. In phase conjugation, one cancels out the real component, leaving the energy to be seemingly manifested entirely in the imaginary. Nevertheless, this phase conjugated wave must still oscillate somehow. But since it can no longer oscillate between real and imaginary as the real has been eliminated, it must oscillate between imaginary and yet something higher.

Since the imaginary points into the fifth dimension, this “something higher” must point into the sixth. Thus, phase conjugation of electromagnetic waves allows application of vibration into the sixth dimension.

From a three dimensional viewpoint, all an external observer sees is a scalar field where the value of the field is the same everywhere but bounces up and down in value over time. This ‘bouncing’ over time and not space is visible evidence that direct modulation into the sixth dimension is taking place, as the sixth dimension is time. Einstein said the fourth dimension was time, but there are at least two extra physical dimensions that account for some other physical principles beyond the scope of this article.

The coil configuration to produce scalar fields is the caduceus coil (Fig. 9). It is a hoop of wire given a half twist and bent back together, effectively creating two loops with counter-rotating currents and thus opposite magnetic fields. When given an alternating signal, the loop ensures that all generated fields in the middle are canceled with one another and turned into scalar fields. The coupling of an object to this field is recommended by charging it with a high voltage DC source such as a Van De Graaf generator, or an AC source like a tesla coil if you have the courage.                                                                                 


                                                                                 Fig. 9


Although no specific construction details have been given here, understanding the basic principles will allow new experiments to be devised and tested. Simply think in terms of aether flow, resonant coupling, and scalar fields, then determine the actual coil geometry and signal type to fulfill these specifications.

Be forewarned, however. Such techniques infringe upon the realms of the unknown. Consciousness can be affected in bizarre ways by applying these principles; the Philadelphia Experiment left many onboard sailors psychotic because their personal time was dislocated from our universe’s base level time.

Life resides not only in this dimension; it spans across timelines, dimensions, and levels of perception. Playing with scalar waves, especially in the form of phase conjugated lasers modulated with audio signals, has the potential to open portals, sometimes allowing malevolent forces to enter this reality and adversely affecting the experimenter.

It is fact that successful invisibility, teleportation, time travel, and antigravity techniques exist. Numerous eyewitness accounts, government documents, and physical evidence testify to this. The question is how and why these techniques work.

The principles written here barely begin to answer this question and are by no means complete, but they are a start. Experimentation based on these principles will produce results, but it is up to you to investigate with caution, discernment, and ingenuity.

If you have further information relevant to this article, please contact montalk@hotmail.com This information will be used for the utmost altruistic purposes, namely the development of defensive technologies to help level the playing field. Until our psychic faculties are activated and we can achieve antigravity, invisibility, time travel, and teleportation through mind power alone, technological crutches will be required.  

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