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gr-qc search results for 'wormhole' since 1992

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  42. The formulation of wormholes for calculating observations at low energies can be interpreted as quantum theory decomposing into noninteracting super selection sectors labelled by different values of effective coupling constants, called the alpha parameters. This paper examines the interpretation of the alpha parameters, and investigates whether wormholes just give rise to a classical degree of uncertainty in the effective coupling constants. The argument that one can replace wormholes by effective interactions by considering quantum field theories in one and two dimensions, in which the topology is not fixed in advance, is examined. These theories are Feynman diagrams and string theory, which exhibit many of the same features as wormholes; they have the great advantage of being well defined, and they can be evaluated exactly. It is shown that the alpha parameters are different modes of a single quantum field. This alpha field is a field on the superspace of the theory, in other words, a third quantized field.
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  44. Consideratin is given to the complementary roles of wormholes and Peccei-Quinn (1977) symmetries in solving the strong CP problem. It is shown that Peccei-Quinn symmetries provide a wormhole parameter that couples only to the QCD anomaly. This makes it possible to implement the wormhole solution to the strong CP problem constructed by Grinstein and Wise (1988) and Preskill (1989).
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  46. The Euclidian Einstein equations with a cosmological constant and a conformally coupled scalar field are solved, taking the metric to be of the Robertson-Walker type. In the case l = 0, solutions are found which represent a wormhole connecting two asymptotically flat Euclidian regions. In the case l greater than 0, the solutions represent tunneling from a small Tolman-like universe to a large Robertson-Walker universe.
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