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S-4 "Sport Model" (1989)


SCALE: 1/48


MEDIUM: Polystyrene




UFO Theories by ?

Let me tell first hand how a UFO really flies.It has an anti-matter reaction and anti-gravity amplification, propulsion system the physics are fairly simple if you know anything about physics.Let me explain how all this works UFO's fly by amplifing gravitational waves.Gravity is two waves gravity A ,and gravity B,gravity A is the atomic level,gravityAndoes not extend beyond the molecular bond except in element 115.This slight extension allows the wave to be accessed and amplified .gravity A is currently called the strong nuclear force ,the propulsion system is an anti-matter reactor in the discs.The reactor is a sphere about the size of a medicine ball,the top half is visible in the middle of the floor, the fuel for this reactor is element 115 Ununpentium in order to find this on the periodic table of elements you mus have one that has been updated after 1989 becuase that's when it was discovered.Ununpentium is a super heavy metal that when bombarded with protons it becomes element 116, an element that gives off anti-matter, in the reactor there is an annihilation reaction between matter and anti-matter.

The copper orange fuel pellet aliens use is about the size of a fifty cent piece and can be used for 20 or 30 years.Tha wave that is produced from the matter anti-matter reaction is preasent on the spherical reactor . Attachted to the reactor is a transparent wave guide which is tuned in such a manner that it provides an easy path for the wave to take .It takes less effort for the wave to travel up the wave than go elsewhere. The bottom of the tapered wave guide touches the top of the reactor while the top of the wave guide extends to the ceiling.Electric power is produced in thermoelectric generators located at the bottom of the reactor , the generators are virtually 100% efficient.The gravity amplifiers themselves are three tubes about two feet in diameter and four feet long ,they are arranged in a triangular configuration below a false floor and above the bottom of the craft .The reactor is centered between the three amplifiers becuase the wave is also present at the bottom of the reactor ,the reactor acts as a transmitter similar to a Tesla Coil in that each , in that each amplifier is independently tuned to function as an amplifying reciever .Gravity waves have amplitude wavelength frequency just as any other wave does ,as the amplitude is increased gravitational waves bend space around the disc,each of three gravity amplifiers produces it's own gravitational wave ,and depending on how the amplifiers are oriented gravity waves can be focused on a point or spread out.Each amplifier can operate independently.The waves are phase shifted ,which changes the waves orientation and plane from 0 to 180 degrees,thereby changing the attraction or repulsion of the waves.When a disc operates only on one amplifier standing on a pedastal of gravity ,it is operrating in an omicron configuration the other two amplifiers are freed for other uses.In the delta configuration the discs operate on all three amplifiers this configuration is used in space for long distance travel.In space the disc tilts over on it's back so that the gravitational amplifiers focus on where the disc is going,and the propulsion system is powered up amplifying gravitational waves that are out of phase with Earths gravity the amplified gravitational waves distort space and time or "space time" the waves warp time istself and space itself, a more complicated formula than S=D/T,is needed to describe what happens it is not so much that discs break Einstein famous rule,that nothing can travel faster than light;it's more accurate to say that discs avoid this rule all together.



In the mid-1990s, former U.S. government physicist Bob Lazar made headlines when he revealed that, in 1988 and 1989, he had been employed at the Top Secret S-4 research facility adjacent to the fabled Area 51 Groom Lake facility helping to "reverse engineer" alien spacecraft.  One of the ships he worked on he code-named the "sport model"; it was a classic "flying disc" purportedly powered by an anti-matter engine that allowed it to bend gravity.  The craft had no landing gear, but simply rested on its flat bottom when not airborne.  He claimed that this was just one of a half-dozen alien "flying saucers" with which the Air Force was continuing to experiment.  A decade earlier, Testors had made it big by supposedly producing the first model of the American Stealth Fighter.  Of course, its 1986 design was later revealed to be totally inaccurate.  Undaunted, Testors next "blew the lid" off the long-rumored UFO conspiracy with this large, 13-inch "real" alien spacecraft. 

The model itself was made from clear plastic that allowed one to view the interior, which consisted of...well...virtually nothing.  It made more sense to just paint the damned thing a nice shiny metallic.  Subsequent releases also contained a model of a classic alien "grey."

This model was built from an original 1996 issue.

This is an evaluation of this article. The entire article is shown in the yellow box, and the red text in brackets is my evaluation.

This was taken from this page from AboveTopSecret:
Element 115, the key to understanding how the ultra-secret "Black World" has aircraft capable of manipulating gravity and space/time, has been identified, and the aircraft capable of manipulating gravity and space/time, has been identified, and the recent discovery of element 118, which decayed into element 114, further helps identify the possibilities. The most important attribute of this heavier, stable element is that the gravity A wave is so abundant that it actually extends past the perimeter of the atom. These heavier, stable elements literally have their own gravity A field around them, in addition to the gravity B field that is native to all matter.

The Key To Gravity-Control Systems

No naturally occurring atoms on earth have enough protons and neutrons for the cumulative gravity A wave to extend past the perimeter of the atom so you can access it. Now even though the distance that the gravity A wave extends past the perimeter of the atom is infinitesimal, it is accessible and it has amplitude, wave length, and frequency, just like any other wave in the electromagnetic spectrum. Once you can access the gravity A wave, you can amplify it just like we amplify other electromagnetic waves. [Gravity waves exist, but they are not part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Gravity waves are ripples in space/time, created by large masses (stars, black holes, etc.).] And in like manner, the gravity A wave is amplified and then focused on the desired destination to cause the space/time distortion required for practical space travel. [I'm pretty sure whoever wrote this doesn't know how electromagentic waves are amplified. It requires energy to amplify waves, and you always put more energy in than you get. If you're expecting to save energy by amplifying gravity waves (this article fails to mention how; you can't amplify them like electromagnetic waves because they aren't electromagnetic waves), you're mistaken.] [Distortion of space due to gravity causes distances to increase, not decrease.] [In any case, the only way to distort space/time for faster space travel is to use negative energy (see here for details).] This amplified gravity A wave is so powerful that the only naturally occurring source of gravity that could cause space/time to distort this much would be a black hole. We're amplifying a wave that barely extends past the perimeter of an atom until it's large enough to distort vast amounts of space/time.


We synthesize heavier, unstable elements by using more stable elements as targets in a particle accelerator.

We then bombard the target element with various atomic and sub-atomic particles. By doing this, we actually force neutrons into the nucleus of the atom and in some cases merge two dissimilar nuclei together. At this point, transmutation occurs, making the target element a different, heavier element. As an example, in the early 80's, the lab for heavy ion research in Darmshtot, Germany synthesized some element 109 by bombarding Bismuth 203 with Iron 59. And to show you how difficult it is to do this, they had to bombard the target element for a week to synthesize 1 atom of element 109. And on that subject, this same lab has projected that in the future they should be able to bombard Curium 248 with with Calcium 48 to yield element 116 which will then decay through a series of nuclides which are unknown to them, but are well known to the scientists at S4 located within the complex of the Groom Lake "Area 51" installation. The length of time which an element exists before it decays determines its stability. Atoms of some elements decay faster than atoms of other elements, so the faster an element decays, the more unstable that element is considered to be. When an atom decays, it releases or radiates sub-atomic particles and energy, which is the radiation that a Geiger counter detects.

Alien Craft

The reactor found in the alien craft at S4, as widely mentioned by physicist Robert Lazar is primarily based on a superheavy element with an atomic number of 115. Element 115 will be designated as "Ununpentium" according to IUPAC guidelines. Its periodic designation and electron configuration appear in the diagram at the top of the page. [Bob Lazar is a liar. Most of the things he said weren't true, so for all we know, the S4 base probably doesn't even exist.] [This document continues, but everything beyond this point is not meaningful and does not really claim the extraordinary.]


This is a bunch of bull. First off, the reactor wouldn't work. Second, it would require enormous amounts of energy (that of a black hole). If somehow you got enough energy and broke the laws of physics and now the reactor works, it only produces the opposite effect that was intended.

Area S4 UFO Revealed!

How far is...Far Out?

June 1995

By Ted Skewes
© Copyright 1996.

In 1991 John Lear and Bob Lazar went public with a description of alien propulsion systems, as seen by Bob Lazar at Area 51. In short, the craft generate and amplify gravity which is directed towards the target region in space. Space-time is bent, attracting the target region to the craft and when the gravity amplification is turned off the target region, which now contains the craft, "snaps back" into it’s original position. Thus the craft instantaneously travels from one region in space-time to another, without actually travelling through space.

Conventional scientists state, ad nauseum, that travel faster than the speed of light through space is impossible and that Einstein’s theories prove it. On this basis, they say, aliens from hundreds of light years away could not practically get here (let’s ignore the closer ones for the time being).

So is there any scientific basis (ie. science as we know it) for the what Lazar has described?

Einstein’s theory of general relativity describes space-time as a four dimensional "fabric" curved or bent around massive objects and that gravity is the effect, caused by this curvature. Furthermore, the degree of curvature of a region of space-time is directly related to the amount of energy and matter contained within that region. Theoretically, if a craft could generate enough energy it could, therefore, bend space-time as desired.

An enormous amount of power is needed to achieve this. Lazar describes the power source as an anti-matter reaction which releases all the energy of the reacting matter and anti-matter (far more powerful than a comparable nuclear fission or fusion reaction). This principal has been known to our scientists since the discovery of the positron (anti-electron) in 1932.

The propulsion system described uses pulsed gravity waves to achieve the necessary distortion of space-time. Again it was Einstein who predicted the existence of gravity waves, waves in space-time itself, created by intense gravitional events like the collapse of a star to become a black hole. In other words, the abrupt switching on (or off) of an intense gravitational field causes a wave motion in space-time. So far our scientists have not been able to detect gravity waves, but a lot of very expensive research is being done using huge resonant bar detectors and laser interferometers. This is one theory being taken very seriously.

So it seems that Lazar has not proposed anything that is not theoretically possible by our own scientific standards, it’s not that far out after all!


Lazar's Claim  
KLAS-TV in Las Vegas, Nevada aired a UFO special during the evening news dealing with a UFO riddle and its cover-up. George Knapp, a news anchorman for Channel 8 in Vegas, stated that a scientific person would be featured on the program who claimed to work at Area 51, the government's super-secret test range at Nellis AFB in Nevada. A story was told by Robert Lazar, a physicist who claimed that he had worked on a project at Area 51 involving flying disks manned by alien intelligence. Robert Lazar an associate of John Lear, at that time, provided information to Lear regarding Area 51. Lear appeared on Channel 8 on numerous times together will Bill Cooper discussing Lear's famous ET Hypothesis. According to Lear, Lazar was instrumental in furnishing Lear with locations overlooking the test site which would provide a clear view of objects as they were flying in the evening sky.

Below is a transcript of the program that aired on 11/10/89:
Narrator: Lazar's story is by any standard, fantastic. He says he's telling it in order to protect himself. He said he was hired to work in area called S-4 which is a few miles south of Groom Lake. At S-4, he says, are flying saucers, anti-matter reactors and other working examples of technology that is seemingly beyond human capabilities.
Lazar: "Right. This stuff came from somewhere else. I know it is hard to believe, but it is there and I saw it. I know what the current state-of-the-art is in physics and it can't be done."
Narrator: Checking out Lazar's credentials proved to be a difficult task. He says he holds degrees in physics and electronics, but the schools that we contacted say they've never heard of him. He says he also worked as a physicist at Los Alamos National Labs where he worked with one of the world's largest particle beam accelerators, a half-mile long 'behemoth' capable of generating seven-hundred million volts. Los Alamos officialstold us they have no record of Robert Lazar ever working there. They were either mistaken or were lying. A 1982 phone book from the Lab lists Lazar right there among the other scientists and technicians. A 1982 news clipping from the Los Alamos newspaper profiled Lazar and his interest in jet cars. It, too, mentioned his employment at the Lab as a physicist. We called Los Alamos again, and an exasperated official told us he still had no records on Lazar. EG&G, which is where Lazar says he was interviewed for the job at S-4, also has no record. It's as if someone has made him disappear.
Lazar: "Well, they're trying to make me look non-existent to the places that I called...."
Interviewer: "Explain. Called where?"
Lazar: "Well, the schools that I went to; the hospital that Iwas born at; past jobs, and nothing comes up with my name on it."
Narrator: He smiles, but out of futility, knowing the whole thing must sound ridiculous. According to Lazar, his employer was theUnited States Navy. He says he and other government employeeswould gather near EG&G, fly to Groom Lake, then a very few people would get into a bus with blacked out or no windows and drive to S-4.
Interviewer: "You get off the bus, what do you see?"
Lazar: "A very interesting building. It's got a slope ofprobably about 30 degrees which are hangar doors, and it has textured paint on it, but it looks like sand. It's made to look like the side of the mountain that it is in, whether it's to disguise it from satellite photographs or what...."
Narrator: He says he was never told exactly what he would be working on, but figured it had something to do with advanced propulsion. On his first day he was told to read a series of briefings, and immediately realized how advanced the propulsion really was.
Lazar: "The power source is an anti-matter reactor. They run gravity amplifiers. There is actually two parts to the drive mechanism. It's a bizarre technology. There is no physical hookups between any of the systems in there. They use gravity as a wave using wave guides that look like microwaves."
Narrator: It took awhile, Lazar says, before he actually saw one of the flying disks, however there were hints everywhere.
Lazar: "Right. They had a poster, and it looked like a commercial poster, like it was lithographed, like you could buyit at K-Mart or someplace, but they were all over the place and it had the disk that I coined the term 'the floor model' which lifted off the ground about 3 feet out at the area, in the Dry Lakes area, and the caption on it said 'They're here.' These posters were all over the place."
Narrator: Later, he got to see the real thing. Lazar: "When I was led in, it was the first time that I saw the floor model in the hangar sitting down, and I was told theycould have walked me in the front door but they purposely wanted to walk me by it. I was told not to say anything and to keep my eyes forward and walk past the disk to the office area. And Idid. And as we went by it, I just kinda stuck my hands on it, just to run it alongside the thing and uh ....After that I got to see actually lift off the ground and operate."
Interviewer: "You actually got to see more than one?"
Lazar: "Yeah. The hangars are all connected together. There are large bay doors between each one. There were nine total that I saw, each one being different. Like they had the assortment pack."
Narrator: Security at S-4 was oppressive Lazar said, and his superiors used fear and intimidation almost as a brainwashing tool.
Lazar: "They did everything but physically hurt me."
Interviewer: "They put a gun to your head?"
Lazar: "Yeah."
Interviewer: "You mean they actually put a gun to your head?"
Lazar: "They did that even in the original security briefing. Guards there with M-16s. Guys there slamming their fingers into my chest, screaming into my ear, they were pointing weapons at me. Like I said, it's not a good place to work."
Narrator: That fear factor would surface later. Lazar agreed to undergo a polygraph exam as part of this report. Polygrapher Ron Clay asked about the technology that Lazar had seen.
Polygrapher: "Did you knowingly lie when you had actually seen anti-gravity propulsion in operation?"
Lazar: "No."
Narrator: The results of this exam were inconclusive. Lazar appeared to be truthful on one test; deceitful on a second. Clay recommended that a second examiner be brought in. Polygrapher Terry Tabernetti runs a corporate security operation and is a former Los Angeles police officer. He put Lazar through four tests and concluded there were no attempts to deceive. Tabernetti sent his test results to a third polygrapher who agreed the results appeared truthful. The charts were then sent to a fourth examiner who did not agree suggesting that Lazar might be relating information he'd learned from someone else. The polygraphers concurred and decided they would not issue a final statement on truthfulness until more specific testing can be conducted. And that's where it stands. Tabernetti believes the difficulty in determining Lazar's truthfulness stems from the fear that was drilled into him.
Lazar: "Well,I am telling the truth. I've tried to prove that. What's going on up there could be the most important event in history. You're talking about contact, physical contact and proof from another planet, another system, another intelligence. Thats got to be the biggest event in history, period. And, it's real and it's there. And I had an extremely small part in it. I'm convinced that what I saw is absolute proof of that. There is no way that we could have created those disks. There is no way we could have made the disks, the power supplies, anything that goes with it."
Narrator: Lazar says he has no intention of going on any UFO lecture circuit. He is not looking to do any additional interviews. In fact, he was not too crazy about doing this one. He did it after certain unfavorable things started happening in his life, and he did it because he feels that whoever is running the show up at S- 4 is perpetrating a fraud on the American people and the scientific community.

UFO Propulsion Theory

I feel that any alien craft must use the following type of propulsion. The reason I am sure of this is because this method fits in with the many accounts that involve the motion of these craft. Like rapidly speeding up, and more or less stopping dead. Turning right angles at speed, and the accounts of bodies of water bulging up under them. The method I put forward now will explain that any occupants and any loose objects would not be subjected to any g-forces, a glass of water would not even fall over. The craft would not even suffer any damage from friction in the atmosphere.

I have thought hard on a new way to propel a craft, and what I have come up with, is not an anti-gravity craft as such, but by the way it is moved, gravity and G forces would not affect it.

Instead of a force, such as the burning of fuel, to push a craft, we only use fuel to push or pull, I feel we will find a way to impel every individual atom to move. In other words we will impel every atom of the craft and every atom of the occupants to move. A force applied to each atom would mean acceleration or right angle turns would not even spill a glass of water. The craft ideally would be circular and flat like the shape that often describes a UFO.

The impelling energy devices for the best effect would be positioned as in the sketch (below), so that objects and occupants are not put under a stretching force, and ensuring every atom moves in the same direction. The force of the impelling devices could be set to energise atoms for a short distance outside the craft, impelling the air molecules to move also, removing any friction on the craft.

Other than heat, magnetism and nuclear bombardment what new methods move atoms, and is there a chance we could move an object. Once we can move a small object it will not be long before we build a craft similar to the one I have put forward. An alien craft I believe uses this method.

  UFO Propulsion

Free Energy, Anti-Gravity, Zero Point Energy, Inertial Propulsion

This web page is dedicated to research in the areas of new energy devices and novel propulsion systems. The premise is that UFO and flying saucers are real, and that their energy sources and propulsion systems can be duplicated through scientific investigation.

UFO and flying saucers are a class of aero/space ships that use a repulsive 'anti-gravitational' field for propulsions. These crafts are able to attain incredible speeds and acceleration and they opperate almost completely silently.

These unconvetional vehicles derive there energy from the Zero Point Energy (ZPE) fluctuation. The ZPE is an infinite energy field that surrounds all matter and fills the vacuum space. It is derived in quantum mechanics from quantization of the electromagnetic fields and is responsible for such observable phenomina as the Lamb shift and the Cashmiur effect.

The gravitational field is a manifestations of the of temperal and electromagnetic field. Its potential is related to the local density of ZPE. It is a pure acceleration field that acts on all bound matter. The gravitational field determines the local rate of time progression. These two attributed make incredible accelerations possible with no internal mechanical stress as well as 'weak' time travel possible.

Artificial gravitational fields can be generated by controlled powerflow of real electromagnet energy, opposing electromagnetic field and gradients,temperature gradients, vibrational energy, matter rotation and acceleration and matter stress fields to modify the ZPE field. Contrary to the theory of General Relativity, both a repulsive 'anti-gravitational' field as well as an attractive field can be generated.

What we know about UFO's

Information about UFO's has been compiled from thousands of eye witnesses over a time span of more than 50 years. UFO investigators have been able to make several conclusion about method of propulsion based on these observations.

1. Radiate intense electromagnetic (microwave) radiation and incredibly strong pulsed magnetic fields.

2. Method of propulsion utilizes a force field that works on metals as well as non-metals. This field is a non-shieldable field much like gravity but can be repulsive as well as attractive.

3. Can accomplish incredible aeronautical feets such as 100g accelerations and travel at speeds up to 9000 mph in the Earths atmosphere as well being able to hover motionless in in the sky.

4. Operation is almost completely silent compaired to conventional jets and rocket engins. No shock waves or 'sonic booms' are produced even when the ships are traveling several times the speed of sound.

5. Ships can travel through air, under water and through the vacuum of space.

6. A plasma corona is produced around spacific areas of the ship and is associated with its method of propulsions. The plasma is indicitive of corona produced by high voltage discharge, intense ionizing radiation or microwave radiation.

7. Commonly, the smaller ships are discoid in shape. Many of these ships exhibit a wobble like a gyroscope or a top. These ships have been observed to have rotary components on the underside or around the perimeter of the ship.

8. Low power operation of the fields is associated with a low frequency humming sound and high power opperation is associated with an intense high frequency or utlrasonic sounds. The UFO can not go from low to high power immediatly, it takes several seconds to build up to power.


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