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White holes perform exactly opposite of black holes. A white hole emits everything, and has no gravity. Although white holes are not believed to exist they are mathematically possible. The possibility of white holes has been proven using Einstein's Theory of Relativity (Bunn). In short, the Theory of Relativity is a mathematical formula dealing with time, energy, speed, and mass. The possibility of white hole uses the time portion of relativity. If white holes do exist they might be in another universe, in a separate space and time from our own (Hawking, Black Holes 116). White holes are the output of black holes. Where a white hole spits things out is unknown ("Black").

The existence of black holes is real. White holes are mathematically possible and now the wormhole enters the picture. Wormholes are a special link between a black and a white hole. The special link is made when both the black and white hole are rotating or spinning in the same direction. If the black hole is spinning, matter will miss the singularity in the black hole. Second, both the black hole and the white hole must have the same electrical charge. Identical electrical charges are important such that matter is not changed passing through the wormhole. As a result of the special conditions, matter enters a black hole, misses the singularity, and pops out the white hole. The entrance of the black hole is in one place and time; the exit of the white hole is in an another space and time. All wormholes function as time machines ("Tech").

The illustration above shows a basic wormhole. On the topside of the plane is a black hole. On the bottom side of the plane is white hole. The entire assembly is called a wormhole. The plane represents space-time, notice how space-time is warped. The light emitted from a star is warped as it travels to us. The gravity of large objects causes the curvature of space-time. For example, to get from Earth to Alpha Centauri, a distance of 20 million million miles would have to be traveled around the curve. By taking a short cut such as a wormhole, only a few million miles would have to be traversed (Hawking, Illustrated 201). The wormhole is direct, whereas the curved route is much longer. The only other way to cut down on time is to travel faster than the speed of light. The Theory of Relativity forbids this outlaw speed. The speed of light limit has not been violated, because a short cut is taken. Relativity has no problem with the short cut. Travelling through a wormhole is not travelling faster, just covering a shorter distance. Like a rubber band, space and time are stretched inside the wormhole. Traveling one mile in a wormhole would be equivalent to millions of miles outside the wormhole. One could start a trip into one wormhole, and return via another wormhole. If these wormholes are set up correctly, the return time could be before one even departed (Hawking, Illustrated 202).


Wormholes could be the best method of travel to far distant galaxies. It would take a hundred thousand years traveling to the center of our galaxy and back at the speed of light. Taking a wormhole could get us back in time for dinner. As it stands now, wormholes are not within our reach. If a wormhole does exist, it most likely is not stable. If anything were to disturb a wormhole, such as a person, it would collapse. Wormholes are half black holes hence; the collapse of wormhole would result in entering a black hole. If a wormhole could be stabilized, theoretically we could use one for time travel. Our understanding of the universe disables us from the skills needed to stabilize wormholes. Most scientists do not believe wormholes exist because no proof has been found. At one time scientists did not believe humans could fly to the moon, but that was accomplished in the late 1960's. Our rate of scientific advancement is such, that in some distant future we may find a wormhole.

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