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  [ EARTH ] : Bob Lazar : True or False?


In 1989, Robert Lazar came forward with an incredible story : He had been recruited by the US government to work at the top secret Groom Lake/Area 51 research base better known as "Dreamland" (actually at the S4 site, Papoose Lake which is a few miles to the south of Groom Lake) to reverse engineer alien spacecraft! Here are a few things he learned.

Was this craft built in the Zeta 2 Reticuli  solar system?

Description of Exterior : The exterior skin of the disc is metal which is the colour of unpolished stainless steel. The "Sport Model" sits on its belly when it's not energized and not on tri-pod legs. The entry hatch is located on the upper half of the disc, with just the bottom portion of the door wrapping around the centre lip of the disc.

Description of Interior : The interior of the disc is divided into three levels. The lower level is where the three "gravity amplifiers" and their wave guides are located. The
reactor is located directly above the three gravity amplifiers on the centre level and is centered between them. This center level of the disc also houses the control consoles and seats, both of which are too small and too low to the floor to be functional for adult human beings. The walls of the centre level are all divided into archways. At one point in time, when the disc was energized, one of the archways became transparent and you could see the area outside of it just as if the archway was a window.

View a "cutaway diagram" of these two levels!

The disc's reactor uses a fuel which does not occur naturally on Earth. This fuel is a super-heavy, stable, element with an atomic number of 115 and does not appear on our periodic chart. Element 115 has a twofold purpose : First, it is the source of a gravity wave that is unknown to Earth's scientists, the "Gravity A" wave. Second, it is the source of the anti-matter radiation which is reacted to provide power.

The Gravity A wave eminates from the nucleus of Element 115 and actually extends past the perimeter of the atom. The propulsion system of the disc amplifies and focuses this Gravity A wave to cause space/time to bend, much like space/time bends in the intense gravitational field of a black hole. The ability to direct gravity to cause space/time distortions allows the disc to cross vast expanses of space/time without travelling in a linear mode at a high rate of speed.

Inside the reactor, the Element 115 is transmuted to Element 116 which is unstable and immediately decays releasing antimatter. The antimatter is reacted with gaseous matter which causes a total annihilation reaction, the 100 percent conversion of matter to energy. The heat from this reaction is converted to electrial energy by a solid state, near 100 percent efficient thermoelectric generator. It is this energy that is used to amplify the Gravity A wave.


This mode of travel is one of the two methods of propulsion used by the disc. In this mode, the disc's gravity amplifiers [see right] are in the "delta configuration" and are pulsed sequentially in a rotational pattern. This amplified Gravity A wave is so powerful that the only natural occurring source of gravity that could cause space/time to distort this much would be a black hole!

The other mode of travel is the
"omicron configuration" and is used for short range travel near a source of gravity such as a planet or star. When a disc travels near another source of gravity, like Earth, the Gravity A wave, which propagates outward from the disc, is phase shifted into the Gravity B wave, which propagates outward from the Earth, and this creates lift. The gravity amplifiers of the disc can be focused independently and they are pulsed and do not stay on continuously.

Alien UFO propulsion systems according to Bob Lazar

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