Warp Energy Problems



Warp Energy

On this page the main problems regarding the theory of the warp drive are briefly discussed.

We Don't have enough power!


  Hydrogen Bomb

One of the fundamental flaws understood in warp theory today is the enormous energy requirements. A tremendous amount of energy is needed to warp only a small fraction of space-time, and not only is a tremendous amount of energy required, but a kind of "negative energy" is required as well. Let us dwell on the energy needed first, according to a work by Pfenning and Ford (Class.Quant.Grav.14 (1997) 1743-51), an energy of 1062 j is needed. So what you ask?, what is that, well it is a lot of energy, is it at an A-bomb level, no, H-bomb, no, supernova explosion, no but you're getting closer. According to modern theories gravity is believed to top of at an energy of 1034 j, in other words some billion trillion trillion times stronger than gravity at its shortest range known as the planck length (named after a physicists in the field of thermodynamics).


So according to conditions invented by Pfenning and Ford, the energy requirement is so large that not even a black hole is capable of producing it. In fact the energy required is several times that of what may have existed at the time of the Big Bang. In short from this perspective we can say the warp drive requires more energy than there is in the entire universe. However, through a work of Chris Van Den Broeck (Class.Quant.Grav. 16 (1999) 3973-79), we can ignore this statement to a degree, where the energy required by Alcubierre metric results to 1030 j, which closely resembles the planck length, thus making warp drive a possibility at the least.



                       Galactic Black Hole

Negative Energy

Negative Energy Graphic

From above the warp drive almost appears to be a physical impossibility, the thread holding it together is that perhaps harnessing a black holes power will allow such a field to be generated. Although there exist several other possibilities as well from example such an energy maybe able to be produced through the Casmir effect, however, modern physicists argue that such a technology may not be available for another 300 hundred years. The current crippling of the warp drive comes from a violation of the law of conservation, instead having a positive energy, a negative field of energy is required by general relativity. In quantum mechanics such an energy field is only allowed to exist throughout the Hesienberg Uncertainty principle, this is because through observation only a probable amount on energy can be deduced which can take both negative and positive fields. 

So you may now ask, well there must be a ingenious way to get around this problem, wrong! Currently there exist no solution to this problem, crushing the validity of warp drive, however it has been suggested that scalar fields may solve this problem. However, that idea is purely speculative, these are the problems of the theory of warp drive, from which a majority of scientific community rejects the theory.

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