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Theories of Time Travel





Time Warps

Time warps are generally gateways to other times. What is unique about time warps is that the time traveler can still be directly linked to his "home" time. Sometimes they resemble nothing more than a hole in the air, and on the other side is the exact same location in space but in a different time. Upon entering a time warp, the traveler is instantly transfered to the time on the other side.

The danger with time warps is that if the traveler goes into the past, any changes rapidly "ripple" up through time and then affect the traveler.

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Wormholes are gateways linking one black hole to another. It is thought that if one is able to go into a black hole without being stretched into a string of atoms, he will be able to go through a wormhole to another black hole, therfore transporting him to another place and time in the universe.

The danger with wormholes is that there are so many black holes in this universe, that the odds of finding a black hole that would transport back to your present time and space would be a million to one.

Tipler Cylinders

It is not known if Tipler Cylinders actually exist, as it is only a theory developed by US astronomer Frank Tipler. A Tipler Cylinder is a piece of material 10 times the mass of the sun, squeezed into a near infinitely long, incredibly dense cylinder, and made to spin a few billion revolutions per minute. A carefully plotted course could take you possibly billions of years from the starting point and maybe even several galaxies away.

There are no known dangers of Tipler Cylinders.

Cosmic Strings

A cosmic string is a purely theoretical, variation of the Tipler Cylinder. A cosmic string would be an infinitely long thin line. If two cosmic strings or possibly just one string and a black hole are maneuvered close together, it is theorized to create a "whole array of closed, timelike curves". To travel by means of cosmic strings, one should fire two infinitely long cosmic strings past each other, then fly his ship around them in a carefully calculated figure eight.

There are no known dangers of Cosmic Strings.

Tachion  Particle  Takyon parçacıkları ışıktan daha hızlı hareket eden  kuramsal parçacıklardır.Özel görecelik kuramına göre ışıktan daha hızlı giden parçacıklar zamanda geriye gidebilir.Buna göre takyon enerjisini kullanabilen bir uçak zamanın her türlü etabına girip çıkabilir. There are no known dangers of Cosmic Strings.
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