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A Theoretical Warp Drive

Disclaimer: I am not a physics major so I have no idea if the material on this page is correct. However, in view of Einstien's theories of space-time, it definately seems plausible that what I'm talking about could very well work.

Many people are familiar with Star Trek in which a fictional warp drive is used to propel a ship many times faster then the speed of light. Of course, this drive is fictional. However, after many years of thinking about how this could be accomplished and finding out that NASA is working on a type of warp drive for intersellar travel, I have come to the conclusion that it is possible to use warp drive, maybe even to travel faster then the speed of light.

In order to travel incredibally fast velocities, we must look at some of Einstein theories. Einstien says that as a vessel approaches light speed the mass of the vessel approaches infinity. Thus, the energy needed to propel such a craft would also approach infinity. In order for this to all work, the speed of light must remain constant and as a consequence, time become variable. That is the key element that makes Einsien's equations work. So, the key to making warp drive possible is by making time a constant factor and the speed of light variable.

In space, the speed of light is indeed variable. What causes it to vary is gravimetric fields, or gravity. In a gravimetric field, light accelerates and when light leave the gravimetric field, it slows down again to the universal constant. This works because gravity itself is nothing more then a warp in the scace-time continuum. According to Einstien, the space-time continuum is structured, like liquid water at rest. Gravity is created by mass. Mass pushes space out of the way. The effect might best be described as space being several rubber bands tight and in a grid. When a marble is put on the rubber bands, the bands warp or change from their original static apperance to allow for the marble.

Fig 1: Two-dimensional representation of mass warping space.

If a ship could create a warp field large enough, it could indeed travel at rapid velocities. The problem comes with the above diagram in that a gravity field like that would accomplish nothing. If a ship were to generate a large field of that shape, it would just sit there. So, a field must be produced that is assymetric with respect to the ship itself.

Fig 2: Two-dimensional representatoin of assymetric warp field.

Fig 3: Two-dimensional represenation of assymetric warp field with ship.

It is very difficult to generate large amounts of gravity and then conform to the above mentioned shape. Mass the size of the earth generates enough gravity to leave us anchored to earth. The moon is 1/6 the size of earth but only generates 1/10 of the gravity. However, two metal plates a hair's width apart does generate a small amount of anti-gravity (the opposite of gravity). I believe this affect can be amplfied by charging the plates with electricity or plasma. The two plates can also be turned into one large plate and then coiling that plate in on itself. The final spacing of the coil would the nessescary width generate anti-gravity. Of course, the placement of the coils and the design of the ship still determines whether or not the ship will move.

I would like to suggest that the design put for in Star Trek Enterprise of the starship Enterprise is actually a very good design to create the needed assymetric field.

Fig 4: Enterprise top view.

Fig 5: Enterprise side view.

The naccelles (the large cylinders) would generate the antigravity field which would in turn generate a symmetric gravimetric field around the ship. This is because an inversion of gravity forces the surrounding space to form gravity. Once the gravity is very close to the gravity and is then sucked toward the gravity. This would cause speed and therefore warp drive. The affect would look something like this.

Fig 6: Enterprise generating warp field

I don't really know what kind of speeds can be accomplished with this kind of setup, but I would at least think that percentages of light speed should be able to be attained. This would make travel within our solar system much easier. If speeds above light speed were to be achieved, then this setup would work very well for interstellar travel.

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