Time/Space and Philadephia Experiment Theory


Hello, my name is Ben Stewart and I am a student at North Hennepin Community College in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. I am doing a honors paper (due in a week and a half, and I just signed up yesterday!) on the Philadelphia Experiment. The Experiment first caught my interest last week on the History Channel. While looking for sources on the experiment, I found your website ''http://www.zamandayolculuk.com/cetinbal/philaexpfromAZ.htm'' quite helpful, but I need to be able to site you as a source, so can I know your name so I can give you proper credit in the paper? Also, if you have any additional information for me (although you should keep in mind that I am by no means a physics student!) it would be greatly appreciated.

Now, there is something else in this that you might be able to help me with.Considering that I am not a physics student, and neither is the class that I am going to present to, is there a simple explanation, or an analogy for how the science behind it works? I am aware that there is more than one possible explanation (including the use of a thermal field, and one that just says that  the ship actually sailed to Norfolk). Thanks.


Çetin BAL:

Dear Stewart, I would like to write you a more detailed e-mail on Philedelphia experiment. But my English is poor and I write this e-mail by the help of a friend of mine. Even if it is so, I would be happy if I answer your questions by expressing my basic ideas on Philedelphia experiment.  

 In Turkey unfortunately it is too difficult to find financial support for the search of this kind of subjects. I guess that it is easier in US. I think so because I know that US gives huge amount of money on research in scientific areas. Because of this all scientists over the world wants to come US and live there. As a scientist I appreciate US for its respect to scientific researches. I am thinking to set up  a research and application center of time travel but as you know this kind of works can be made with a team! If I were in US I would already set up technical infrastructure of time travel! Neverhteless I will do it in the near or far future.  

Now as to Philadelphia Experiment; As you know there are too much speculation about it. Hovewer the base of it rest upon Albert Einstein’s idea that everything that has body (kütle) can bow space/time. But the mystery of this experiment is concealed in the nature of a particle and of wave in space/time.  

Now, whereas body-gravital space time bow set up by a particle  does not effect an invisibility, “quantity of bodical energy set up by EM vawes,” at even less minimum levels than Einstein’s prudence, when they gain intensity on a certain point in space/time, this energy cloud,  after a threshold of certain positif critical intensity, disappears by reducing itself into zero intensity in space/time and into negativ intensity. 

Now, in this event, it is not a matter of question an existence of any kind of real disappearance of bodical intensity of intensive energy cloud. Indeed when positif intensity is rised to a critical degree that intensity degree would be kept in itself at same level. But that magnetic intensity value at the point that it causes a change about factor of time that depends on space, begins to make negatif its own bodical intensity value due to changing time dimension(space that is being curved).

Suppose two wheel that spin speedy. And suppose also that these two wheel represent two seperate point in space/time elektromagnetic hologram plates. If we consider space/time as a heap of points and if we resemble a spinning wheel to a space/time point then we can resemble turn speed of each wheel to speed of time lapse. Speed of each wheel has a kinetismal value, that is velocity of light.  We can not measure this velocity in quant (foton). We can describe this energy by mechanisms of symbolical measure, as a flow of time . Do you understand now the scientific gist of space/time curve or change of time caused by magnetic intensity?

If we try to intensify all fotons in one volume at a high degree then because of the change  of turn speed of wheels (lapse of velocity of time) at  the meeting point of seperate wheels that spin rub-collide, and because of speed of time lapse that depends on foton at that meeting point  would be different from other points of universe, due to this differentiated time phenomenon  intensified energy field under a massgravital intensity changing physically its own time dimension would become invisible.

Here, be careful about the correlation between the velocity of wheel and the body of wheel!! Whenever the velocity of wheel changes (upward or downward) the body of wheel always would change from a positiv value to a negativ value. And this renders the theory of Albert Einstein, approach of body that is in relativistic velocity and that takes place on relativistic to infinity, useless. The change of time always effects disappearance of body by reducing it from positiv value into negativ value.

Indeed basically negativity of body is not the matter of question.   In more concrete terms, a body shifts its body slowly toward another dimension.  We are as observers recognize the body as if it is reducing and disappearing before our eyes.  That in true meaning there is nothing as passing from positiv intensity into negativ intensity. What occurs is the pass from an intensity level into another intensity level. That is, while the intensity of body regresses at our dimension, it gains intensity at other dimension it passed anew.

From a certain perspective, we can say that the change between dimensions can be defined as  body’s change of its bodical intensity from a dimension into another dimension.  We come to the same conclusion, that is, when we speak of a change of time, we confront also a bodical change. BODY, TIME, and DIMENSION relation!

(according to this theory what thought is the blackhole’s or neutron star’s change of time in intense matter and energy pile. But human beings, since they do not yet know completely physical dynamics in blackhole or neutron star, they have wrong judgement about this subject. The main reason why blackhole and neutron stars do not change their own time frame is due to the gravital affects in that huge structures are partical sourced . When we bring together million tons of neutron, proton and kuark then the kind of  space time curve what occurs would be a bodygravital  space/time curve, for this this huge systems could not make a change of time through which they can disappear in our dimension.)

But basicly, in an intensity field that is set up by free foton wave packets that has no particle characteristic we would create an independent space/time curve field that by itself has no central origin. Such a change of time  and space curve field concludes with a physical disappearance. In the intense energy clouds gained by electromagnetic waves we can create a stuation that can change time. Please care that it is not a field composed by particles but a field composed by WAVES!! And its characteristics is so that it has only the propery packet composed of light energy! By the use of wavey fields changes in time and space can be made.

The bodical intensity of bodies in this wavey field also changes by changing factor of time and it becomes actual in another dimension. Therefore as our physical reality is abandoned, body with its own energy fields begins to pass toward another physical reality.

And we perceive the body as if it passes toward a zero and negativ body. But the body again in itself preserves the same body of positiv value! The change of dimension brings with itself a change of time and  this change of time brings with itself a change about this body. In brief and in essence the matter is an energy. Enegy is a quantum intensity that has elektromagnetic quality. This each quantum has a vawe frequency and extention.

Space and time are a hologram that composed of wave packets. Indeed, space/time is an elektromagnetic mirage. Hence, when we begin to play with the wave extention and frequency value those belong to quantumic wave packets, by a certain tuning of intensity and frequency we can have a chance to have critical energy levels that can change the dimensions of time and space “in an energy field that particulary projected.”

There is nothing like an usage of special field as thermal field you say in your writing that you sent me. These are total speculations. But what is real about it is that an intense usage of frequence of radio wave field. As to thing that made the ship invisible and the basic element, fundemental factor that curved space/time intensity of field is more important than the kind (type) of field. 

Note:  frequency of the field is not a main factor. In a wide known meaning there is no similarity between time travel and time change.

For example, our dimension has anti-dimensions.  Or without going out of our time and space field by curving time and space a little, by creating space/time hole with which we can conceal ourselves by a time curtain we can play in our time and space a kind of hide-and-seek game.

Time and space are kind of plastic and dynamic structures those can be curved and revealed, and can be extended and shorthened, and even can be put one another so that they can be folded. Sometimes due to the plastic characteristics of time on the level of quantum vacuum geometric passages and tunnels through which subatomic particles jump toward future or past come into being. A particle, in whirlpools between descents and ascents of the level of quantum energy, in an instant, can find itself sowhere in the past or future. Excessive elektromagnetic density conceals  time/space dimension in a harmonic time frequency by bending it in itself. The ship physically disappears but it still exists in its own time/space field.

It is like a hide-and-seek game that we play in our time labyrinth. The ship hides itself by bending its dimension, and  by concealing itself in a shallow time hole (Time-Warp). But with this kind of time slide a kind of (ışınlama) - transportation - in space can happen. If, in a real sense, the creation of very time change and dimension change are wanted then we must concentrate on frequence structure of elektromagnetic field rather than the density measure of elektromagnetic field (this can also make time travel possible). By shortining and narrowing time dimension, Magnetic density under a  difference of time phase provides a disappearance. A rise of a certain magnetic frequence carries us into a higher dimension by widening present time interval more than what it actually is.


                                                                                      Çetin BAL -26-12-2004 -Türkiye/Denizli       


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