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Zero Point Energy Gravity Physics Of UFOs, Star Gates, Time Travel

                                             and Parallel Brane Worlds

A Pedagogical Introduction


Jack Sarfatti

     Click on the equations to make them bigger.[1]


1. Newton’s Classical Gravity Potential Theory in a Nutshell

2. Einsteins General Theory of Relativity in the Galilean-Newtonian Limit 3

3. Hawkings Holographic Universe Equations. 6

4. The Macro-Quantum Vacuum.. 15

5. UFO Star Gate Time Travel Warp Drive Physics. 18

1. Newton’s Classical Gravity Potential Theory in a Nutshell

The static near field

[2] Green’s function is




The universal

 [3] attractive static gravitational potential energy per unit test particle of mass at the field point with displacement 3-vector [4]  for source mass density at source point is[5]


The Newtonian gravitational local Poisson equation precursor to Einstein’s 1915 geometrodynamic field equation is


The universal force per unit test particle[6] mass field, is therefore,


In the special case of an isolated point mass source




Note from equation (1.7) for a point source mass , that taking the radial derivative gives a minus sign that is cancelled in the minus sign of the negative gradient. With this convention, one needs the sign in the static Green’s function to get an attractive force back to the source for a positive mass density.

2. Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity in the Galilean-Newtonian Limit

The local non-gravitational classical field [7]  stress energy tensor has the form of a general relativistic fluid


Where is the mass density and is the pressure.[8]  The trace [8]  of this second rank tensor is an absolute objectively real scalar invariant, i.e. the same measurable real number for all observers in arbitrary motion relative to each other all measuring the same properties of the same events.


A key qualitative physical difference between Einstein’s early 20th Century covering geometrodynamic theory of Newton’s late 17th Century theory of gravity is that pressure is a local source of gravity in addition to mass density. The equation of state connects pressure to mass density. Einstein’s local field equation, with zero cosmological local field, can be written as


The dominant term in the Newtonian limit is the time-time term i.e.


Where , therefore


Therefore, Einstein’s generalization of Newton’s Poisson equation in the weak field limiting approximation of large principal radii of curvature compared to the scale of the system is


A positive active source density giving an overall minus sign on the RHS of equation (2.6) is a universally attractive gravitating source region, similarly, an overall plus sign is a universally repelling anti-gravitating source region. Note that a dipole of opposite signs of active source density will self-accelerate as in “propellantless propulsion”, or Paul Hill’s “acceleration field”.[10] This was first pointed out by Hermann Bondi in the 1950’s when he was Chief Scientist of the British Ministry of Defense. I heard his lecture on this at Cornell when I was an undergraduate physics major in Hans Bethe’s senior honors seminar in 1960. I was also studying tensor calculus with Wolfgang Rindler at the time and was Paul Olum’s grader in the Cornell Math Department for engineering calculus. The full significance of Bondi’s remark was not understood until today more than 40 years later.

All classical equations of state have a strictly positive active source density, i.e.,


Indeed, this is a crucial assumption in the Penrose-Hawking classical spacetime singularity theorems based on global topology independent of details of the local geometrodynamical field equation and the classical action it comes from. Hal Puthoff is not cognizant of this when he claims that his ill-posed classical PV theory has no black holes. Quantum physics changes this. Indeed, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle combined with Einstein’s local principle of equivalence (EEP) implies [11] the following universal zero point energy equation of state for the vacua of all micro-quantum fields both boson and fermion


Therefore, in general, the active micro-quantum vacuum field source density is


Field Sign of Vacuum gravity
Boson Positive Repulsive
Fermion Negative Attractive

The micro-quantum vacuum Poisson equation is then


The local stress-energy tensor of this quantum vacuum in terms of the local cosmological is




Substitute (2.12) into (2.10)


This is our key equation in the weak field limit, which illustrates the key new insight on how advanced super-technology will work.

vacuum regions correspond to Kip Thorne’s anti-gravitating “exotic matter” needed to make Star Gates and Time Machines. At the cosmological scale they explain the observed acceleration of our visible universe. Similarly vacuum regions correspond to the “dark matter” that is at least ~ 80% of the total effective gravitating mass of our universe. A photon leaving a . region detected in a region will be blue shifted. Similarly a photon leaving a region detected in a region will be red shifted. Hawking’s equations for the holographic universe are modified as well.[12]

3. Hawking’s Holographic Universe Equations

From: Jack Sarfatti [sarfatti@pacbell.net]
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Subject: Hawking's Nutty Universe: UFO Beauties from The Future?

From “The Universe in a Nutshell” Ch V

“So if a beautiful alien in a flying saucer invites you into her time machine. Step with care.”

No, that’s not from Nick Herbert’s “Quantum Tantrum”


It’s not from

It’s on p. 144 of Hawking’s new book.

Also one finds:

“It’s tricky to speculate openly about time travel. One risks either an outcry at the waste of public money… or a demand that the research be classified for military purposes. …There are only a few of us foolhardy enough to work on a subject that is so politically incorrect in physics circles. We disguise the fact by using technical terms that are code for time travel (p. 133) … we have no reliable evidence of visitors from the future. I’m discounting the conspiracy theory that UFOs are from the future and that the government knows and is covering up. Its record of cover-ups is not that good (p. 142)…. You might wonder if this chapter is part of a government cover-up on time travel. You might be right. (p. 153)”

Thus, Hawking sets the stage perfectly for my book “Destiny Matrix”


See also “The Star Gate Conspiracy” by Picknett & Prince.



Previously Jack wrote:

Hawking gives two basic formulae for the world hologram entropy S and temperature T associated with classical curved spacetime that is effectively 3D rather than 4D (Ref: "The Universe in a Nutshell").


For our holographic universe pp 64-65 Hawking and


where for a nonrotating black hole


= Boltzmann's "imaginary time" quantum of entropy (disorder) ~ 1.4x10-16 ergs per degree Kelvin

= Planck's "real time" quantum of classical mechanical action or periodic quantum phase ~ 10-27 erg-seconds

c = speed of far field transverse polarized electromagnetic waves (real photons on light cone "mass shell") ~ 3x1010 cm per second

G = Newton's constant of gravity ~ 6.7 10-8 cm3 per second2 per gram = 6.7x10-8 per mass density-second2

is the quantum of area ~ 10-66 cm2. It is one quantum gravity c-bit of Shannon information of the World Hologram.

is the classical gravity radius for the event horizon [13] <http://stardrive.org/math4/> of a non-rotating black hole of mass M

is the quantum “Compton wavelength” of the mass M. If you probe a region inside this distance you create real particles and anti-particles of mass M.

is the superstring tension also called the reciprocal of the “spacetime stiffness factor” because Einstein’s local geometrodynamical field equation is


The cosmological "constant"  (not really constant) has dimensions of 1/Area.

Up until recently [14] <http://stardrive.org/math4/>  observation set a limit


Where is the Hubble constant. Therefore is the World Hologram “area” ~ 10122 bits.

The Wigner phase space density W(x,p)


 at "wavelet" scale factor p can have sub-Planckian structure as shown by W. Zurek in Nature, Aug 2001.

Think of adding resistances in a parallel circuit




Dark matter is / < 0 corresponds to macro-quantum weird gravitating vacuum where the normal fluid Wigner phase space density is negative from giant superfluid macro-quantum interference in the virtual fermion-antifermion bound state local order parameter of spontaneous broken symmetry from false 100% normal fluid high entropy micro-quantum random vacuum to two fluid macro-quantum lower entropy true vacuum.

Hawking's anti-gravitating "vacuum energy" is / > 0, e.g. "the effect of vacuum energy is the opposite of that of matter ... vacuum energy causes the expansion to accelerate" p. 96. Note the sign dependence. Anti-gravitating / > 0 decreases the effective mass and it also decreases the effective holographic entropy. Gravitating / < 0 dark energy does just the opposite.




Is the quintessent field correction to the effective mass.

Similarly for holographic Hawking entropy and absolute temperature of the horizons and holographic areas in general.



These are my quintessent / field corrections, or renormalizations, for quantum gravity thermodynamics started by Bekenstein and further developed by Hawking & Co

/ > 0 decreases black hole entropy and increases black hole temperature.

/ < 0 increases black hole entropy and decreases black hole temperature.

This generalizes to ordinary curved spacetime regions in the sense of the "world hologram" idea of Lenny Susskind [15]

BTW check my algebra above in case I made stupid errors. ;-)

This is the first time I have seen these relationships cosmic triggered by reading Hawking's popular book.

There are two senses of “hologram” in Hawking’s book. The first one is above in which information on three-dimensional space is coded on the two-dimensional bounding surface. The second meaning is that of a four-dimensional boundary of a five-dimensional space. I am not clear on how these two ideas connect.

“Information about the quantum states in a region of spacetime may be somehow coded on the boundary of the region which has two dimensions less. This is like the way that a hologram carries a three-dimensional image on a two-dimensional surface. If quantum gravity incorporates the holographic principle, it may mean that we can keep track of what is inside black holes…. If we can’t do that, we won’t be able to predict the future as fully as we thought.”

The second meaning is:

“we may live on a 3-brane  a four dimensional (three space plus one time) surface that is the boundary of a five-dimensional region, with the remaining dimensions curled up very small. The state of the world on a brane encodes what is happening in the five-dimensional region.” Hawking p. 64 “The Universe in a Nutshell”.

I somewhat disagree with Hawking’s statement on p. 124 where Hawking says that faster than light communication by quantum nonlocality is “ridiculous”. True, it cannot happen in orthodox quantum theory and Tony Valentini shows why in a way that shows a loop hole.

Hawking keeps talking about the need for negative energy density. We do not really need it when the quintessent field / > 0 in the macro-quantum vacuum in limited regions. Light diverges there just like Hawking needs.

The world hologram idea requires a coherent phase field. This is indeed my macro-quantum vacuum coherent complex numbered order parameter .


The sum is over all Feynman paths P in the false globally flat vacuum “Flat World”[16]  that terminate at event x. Define, the non-integrable renormalization factor[17]




 is the electromagnetic control renormalization factor for the macro-quantum vacuum of Curve World that comes from the spontaneous breakdown of the global symmetry of micro-quantum Flat World. This is analogous to my 1966 UKAERE paper with Marshall Stoneham on the “Goldstone Theorem and the Jahn-Teller Effect”. Note the Bohm-Aharonov-Josephson phase integral in the coherent sum over both future and past Feynman destinies and histories, respectively ending on event x in the “here-now”.


For now I only include the electromagnetic field and the virtual electron-positron pairs that Bose-Einstein condense into the same cell in phase space of volume ~ h3 in the center of mass coordinate. The relative coordinates are integrated out. I then form the virtual superfluid Wigner phase space density[18]  of the macro-quantum vacuum substrate of the classical Einstein world from this nonrandom zero entropy coherent order parameter[19]


There is also a corresponding virtual incoherent random “zero-point fluctuation” normal fluid component that carries all the entropy. The virtual superfluid component of the physical vacuum’s Wigner phase space density has zero entropy which explains the mystery of the arrow of time.


Negative regions of the Wigner phase space density of the “normal fluid” random virtual zero point fluctuations are the gravitating dark matter regions of .


We are free to choose complementary window 4-cell widths with as center points in a wavelet analysis. The window cell sizes in ordinary curved spacetime emerging from the long-range macro-quantum phase coherence must be small compared to the four local principal radii of curvature in a neighborhood of .







Einstein’s scale-dependent classical curved spacetime metric tensor is


Where { , } is the anti-commutator. Note that I have derived of Abdus Salam’s “f-strong-short range gravity” model[20]  from the 1970’s that was the precursor for modern ideas of strong gravity from extra hyperspace dimensions.

“Large extra dimensions are an exciting new development … They would imply that we live in a brane world, a four-dimensional surface or brane in a higher dimensional spacetime. Matter and nongravitational forces like the electric force would be confined to the brane … On the other hand, gravity in the form of curved space would permeate the whole bulk of the higher dimensional spacetime …. Because gravity would spread out in the extra dimensions, it would fall off more rapidly with distance than one would expect … If this more rapid falloff of the gravitational force extended to astronomical distances, we would have noticed its effect on the orbits of the planets … they would be unstable… However, this would not happen if the extra dimensions ended on another brane not that far away from the brane on which we live. Then for distances greater than the separation of the branes, gravity would not be able to spread out freely but would be confined to the brane, like the electrical forces, and fall off at the right rate for planetary orbits.”

- Stephen Hawking, Ch. 7

4. The Macro-Quantum Vacuum

The false micro-quantum vacuum of "Flat World" is from gauge source and force fields. There is no gravity as yet which is, as Andre Sakharov first suggested, an emergent macro-quantum collective mode - indeed Einstein's 1915 "geometrodynamic" local field theory of gravity is a "signal modulation" of the stable long range coherent phase of a virtual Bose-Einstein condensate of a huge number of gauge source fermion-antifermion pairs whose centers of mass macroscopically occupy the same "mother wavelet" bound state. Special relativity works globally in the false vacuum of Flat World.

Think of the false vacuum of Flat World as a ball, i.e. a Fermi sphere in momentum space, of virtual electrons closely packed into negative energy states, i.e. the "Dirac Sea" as required by the Pauli exclusion principle. There are also virtual photons but they play a minor role for now. To make life simpler in this broken (symmetry) toy model of the world, let's suppose there is only quantum electrodynamics. We can worry about the complications of weak and strong forces later. The edge of this Fermi sphere is not sharp because of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. Indeed the edge is fuzzed out with locally uncontrollably random quantum noise by a thickness of momentum ~ 2mc below the threshold for real electron-positron pair creation, where m is the rest mass of the electron. The edge of the Fermi sphere has momentum pf ~ h/Lp, where Lp2 ~ hG/c3 ~ 10-66 cm2 ~ 1 Bekenstein-Hawking bit of entropy. Therefore, what we have is a fuzzy noisy spherical shell of phase space volume ~ 4π(h/Lp)2(2mc)V = 4 π h2(c3/hG)(2mc)V = 4πh(c3/G)(2mc)V = 8  πhm(c4/G)V. There is an addition spin factor 2S + 1 = 2. So the phase space volume of the fuzzy Heisenberg edge of the Fermi-Dirac sea is ~ 16 πhm(c4/G)V. Note that c4/G is the super string tension of 1019 Gev per 10-33 cm (AKA reciprocal spacetime stiffness factor). Each “single-particle”[21]  cell of phase space has volume h3 therefore the false vacuum density of Planck action cells of phase space is 16 π(mc/h)(c3/hG) per unit ordinary space volume. The attractive Coulomb bound state energy of the virtual electron-positron (hole) pair is ~ -e2/(h/2mc). Therefore, the total "superconducting" energy density gap is:

Superconducting macro quantum vacuum "BCS" energy gap density

~ - 8π(mc/h)2(c3/hG)e2

= - 8πe2/(Compton wave length of electron)2(Planck area)

= - 8π(fine structure constant)mc2/(Compton wavelength)(Planck area)


Note that the ratio [(Planck area)/(fine structure constant)]1/2 i.e. is the Kaluza-Klein hyperspace compactification scale. Note that the superconducting vacuum energy gap density whilst enormous by everyday standards is still ultra tiny ~ 10-45 relative to the quantum gravity Planck energy density. In my new theory here there is never any direct quantization of the classical gravity field, which is an emergent collective macro-quantum mode out of this spontaneous broken symmetry of the gauge force and source fields in the false unstable micro-quantum vacuum of global special relativity. Thus, I complete what Andre Sakharov started in Moscow in 1967. The theory here can be called the “PV theory of gravity” where “PV” stands for “Polarized Vacuum” not what Hal Puthoff has called “PV gravity”[22]  which is purely a metaphor in a classical phenomenology with no quantum physics in it.

How interesting!

Since everything must be scale-dependent, I make a leap of faith for now that I have not completely justified mathematically, but one can see precognitively[23] , i.e., intuitively, where this is all heading. We now see where the “wavelet”[24] macro-quantum order parameter comes from. The phase of gives Einstein's classical Curve World geometrodynamic “wavelet” field along the lines shown by Hagen Kleinert of the Free University of Berlin. The amplitude of give the renormalized quintessent “wavelet” field that explains, I say:

1. Why the universe accelerates i.e.,
2. What dark matter is i.e.,
3. How to make Star Gate time travel machines to past, future and parallel brane worlds like the Universe Next Door[25] of Jacques Vallee's "Magonia" where the UFOs allegedly come from?
4. How to make weightless warp drive. (Clue: near field version of Ray Chiao's "gravity radio"[26] ?)


5. Why the arrow of time, i.e. low entropy early universe.


This is the real PV (Polarized Vacuum) theory of gravity not the False Idol, that still born thing, that Hal Puthoff has been Hawking.

Don't be put off by skim milk masquerading as cream!

5. UFO Star Gate Time Travel Warp Drive Physics

Exact supersymmetry is invoked to keep the sum of all zero point energy densities of all fields zero. However supersymmetry is broken so it is not clear if the argument works. The argument would go something like this. Take a toy universe with only electrons and photons. The boson photon has spin 1. Therefore, it has 3 independent spin polarizations tripling the number of field oscillators in a given quantized region of the lattice field oscillator phase space.[28]  Each field oscillator has a cell area in phase space. Each cell holds 2S + 1 field oscillators of a given type where the spin of the field is S. The photon’s supersymmetry fermion partner is the spin “photino” with two spin components. There is also the electron field with two more fermion spin components. Finally, the electron has a spin 0 partner the electrino with only one boson spin component. Therefore, each cell in phase space has four fermion spin components of gravitating negative zero point energy and four boson spin components of anti-gravitating zero point energy. This gives an ordinary non-gravitating vacuum. However, if we can control this balance we have something stupendous! This is the End of The Beginning of Our Conquest of Super Cosmos as we transform to “The Masters of Hyperspace”.[29]

To be continued.

Wormhole Technology

The history of Wormhole Construction

Wormholes are the most immediately impressive result of picotech and femtotech. Using exotic matter to control spacetime curvature they provide near-instant transportation across interstellar distances

Originally they were postulated in the second millennium, but they remained a dream for centuries. The main problems were how to create the exotic matter, how to catch a quantum-wormhole, generate enough energy to blow it up to macroscopic size, and, hardest of all, to ensire that only a minimal amount of exotic matter is required to keep it open.

The problems was actually solved in a number of stages.

The creation of exotic matter in the first place was well within the boudaries of AIs using picotech machinery to compress and transform ordinary matter into exotic matter. The rather misleadingly-named "Dark Matter Miner" (actually a Strange Matter converter) developed by Picolect Space Development proved very useful here, and made the start-up venture an instant system-spanning megacorp. (Picolect Space Developments was later to make some bad moves during the First Consolidation War, and the netire megacorp was destroyed thru stealth AI virus subversion. The original PicoSD AI complex is believed to have escaped and now residing somewhere in the Outer Volumes)

Despite being very energy inefficent, Dark Matter Miner clones, only minimally modified from the original specifications, are still in use, especially in the outer volumes. The device is basically a superturing AI in a massive fusion-powered nanomachine with a picotech head, the head chewing up ordinary matter, processing it and converting it into exotic matter bundles in self-contained magnetic field resonance containers.

With picotech exotic matter and zero point energy the problem of inflating a wormhole was solved by "borrowing" energy from the vacuum (the negative and positive energy cancel out exactly to give zero). Actually catching the Planck-scale wormholes constantly forming and dissolving in the spacetime foam turned out to be extremely challenging even for 4th singularity AIs.

During the interstellar expansion of the first federation many AIs and their megacorps were involved in widespread experiments with wormholes. Most took place in remote star systems in order to limit espionage, sabotage and the dangers of failed experiments - several wormhole opening experiments led to the destruction of whole planets as the exotic matter of unstable wormhole spontaneously converted into energy. The search led not just to many applications for picotech, exotic matter and new weapons but also to the first traces of femtotech.

Even more difficult was the problem of using a small enough amount of exotic matter to hold open the wrmhole mouth, without having to destroy gas giants or brown dwarves or entire stars in order to do so.

The problem was solved independently by a number of fourth singularity AI thinktanks and megacorporations including gNosis, Vega Geodesic, the now huge PicoSD R & D department, Hyperion Artilectonics, and Truth-Santaya Networks. All were working on various versions of the so-called StarPortal, essentially a vast quantum field phase array equaliser that sets up a harmonic scalar resonance field that amplifies the effect of the exotic matter struts, that enabled a stable wormhole mouth with only a relatively limited amount of exotic matter. Success was achieved in 4079 when the Vega Geodesic Triumvirate suceeded in opening and maintaining a 100-meter wormhole indefinitely

Because it is impractical to tow trillions of tons of exotic matter, the method was developed - still in use today - of using linelayer ships towing a much smaller "guide gate" which is then fitted into the main star gate structure that has already been assembled in the new star system. The artificial wormhole is then carefully inflated from there.

The new technology did not do away with some requitement for ordinary matter. An approximately 80 km diameter asteroid was still needed for a stable wormhole of 1 kilometer-wide wormhole. During the Age of Consolidation and the League of Empires period, this led to tremendous environmental destruction, with the big powers and megacorporations ravaging uninhabited star systems, mining them for mass which is converted to exotic matter and shipped back to the Capital where it is used to make more stargates.

After the Version War this solution was no longer possible, because the remaining asteroids were mostly inhabited, and there were too many destroyed stargates to replace. This led directly to the rise of the Sun Miner Culture, who skimmed the vast gaseous layers of stars (cool M-type dwarves were especially favoured).

During the ComEmp period the Sun Miners became especially powerful, and provided most of the exotic matter to rebuild the stargate nexus within the inner sphere. The Sun Miners have since schismed into a number of different clades, some actively hostile to each other, and their technology has also been adopted by most of the big powers, which further accelerated their downfall, at least in the Outer Volumes. In the Inner Sphere however the big Sun Miners clades like Helios, Surya, and Prometheus remain a respectable and important part of the interstellar economy.

Stargate Effect on Galactic Civilisation

As galactic society developed with local Federations, empires, and Dark Ages, the Stargates tended to keep things tied together so a catastrophe would effect everyone - however those empires outside the Stargate nexus would be immune or rather have their own seperate dark ages. Also, parts were broken off which could cause local dark ages. For example, in 5694 the Geteche system was attacked by an unusually virulent form of AI-viruses, developed by the now long defunct Hyperion-Charlwood alliance. The attack destroyed the local infrastructure and the governing AI, which led to the explosive destruction of all local wormhole gates. This broke off most of the links between the Orion arm and the young colonies in the Perseus arm. While the viruses were contained in the Orion arm and the perpetrators harshly punished, the remote colonies all succumbed. For several millenia they were isolated, often barbarous and only gradually reconnected to the main wormhole nexus.

Wormholes and Stargates today

Creating a wormhole is today done using a Weylforge. Weylforges are massive, temperamental and energy-consuming systems, usually tended by their own internal AIs. Practically all are megascale structures in stellar orbits, collecting energy as antimatter for the next time they are to be used. As they are activated, enormous amounts of energy is converted to zero point energy in order to blow up a quantum wormhole and then converted into exotic matter. If the process works the result is two wormhole mouths held stable by exotic matter frames. If it fails the least that will happen is a major detonation

Moving wormholes is possible, and interstellar links are usually laid down using special wormhole transport ships that transport newly opened wormholes from the origin system to their destination. Moving a wormhole through another is possible if done very carefully, but usually it requires at least picotech AI to handle the complex forces and interactions

Wormholes usually look like kilometer-sized polyhedrons of equipment, with the open faces showing a distorted view of the other end. By flying through the hole a ship emerges at the other end, an usually quick if slightly unsettling experience as tidal forces stretch and twist the ship. Surrounding the wormholes are usually massive space installations housing ferries, docking facilities, military defense, business, traffic control and maintenance systems. They are not unlike the major international airports of old Earth, especially since different wormholes tend to be clustered together in the same orbit for ease of transport.

Alýntý: ''wormhole technology'' ; internet sayfasýndan alýnmýþtýr.

Paul Zielinski is working on an update of all this based on ISEP/ISSO Workshop in late September 2001 in which Puthoff's theory and the Yilmaz controversy was examined. We, as a group are still working on this, and will be for next few months. Oct 2, 2001.
"The motivation is wrong. The result is wrong. The idea is wrong ... Anyone who looks for a magic formula for 'local gravitational energy-momentum' is looking for the right answer to the wrong question. Unhappily, enormous time and effort were devoted in the past to trying to answer this question before investigators realized the futility of the enterprise. Toward the end, above all mathematical arguments, one came to appreciate the quiet but rock-like strength of Einstein's equivalence principle." Wheeler, Thorne & Misner p. 467 on the Yilmaz idea Hal uses in PV. This is a pedagogical review (large file) to set the stage to see why the Big Guns of spacetime physics today do not take Hal Puthoff's PV theory, based on Yilmaz, at all seriously.

We can then debate who is correct. First we have to understand what the problem is. I am not taking a position on this issue except to say that my instinct sides with Wheeler, Thorne, Misner, Penrose, Hawking et-al on this because I can understand what they say in contrast to the other side where there is obscurity, to my mind, in the physical foundations. Hal Puthoff, my old fellow student Daryl Leiter, Yilmaz, Schatzer, Eric Davis in http://www.nidsci.org/articles/davis/davis_mufon2001slides.pdf and http://www.nidsci.org/articles/davis/davis_mufon2001.pdf, et-al must FIRST come up with a clear explanation of what the physical foundations of their new theory really are. They have not yet done an adequate job up to the high standard of Wheeler and his students that we see set below. Extraordinary claims require extraordinarily clear explanations and justifications. The burden of proof is on them not on Wheeler & Co. Wheeler who taught Feynman and Thorne and Misner. Thorne, who is Richard Feynman Professor at Cal Tech. Roger Penrose who is Professor at Oxford. Hawking who holds Isaac Newton's chair at Cambridge. Are we to uncritically believe, on ideological grounds that "The Truth" is found, every upstart Tom, Dick and Harry who comes along saying "Einstein is wrong!" and that Wheeler & Co are fundamentally not understanding this point? Not likely!

This is the problem. Einstein's geometrodynamics says that the energy of the pure gravitational field of the vacuum is nonlocal. If it were local it could be used as a "vacuum propeller" for flying saucers. This is why Hal Puthoff likes the Yilmaz idea - I surmise. However, Wheeler says that a local vacuum gravity energy violates the equivalence principle, which is the cornerstone of the Temple of Geometrodynamics.

Time Travel, Star Gates and Flying Saucers?

Warning this is a large .pdf file > 1 megabyte.
These considerations lead me to reject Hal Puthoff's PV model, as currently formulated, as a viable theory of metric engineering of Star Gates and propellantless propulsion of UFOs. Therefore, Eric Davis's MUFON paper of July 2001 http://www.nidsci.org/articles/davis/davis_mufon2001.pdf on this topic is incorrect at the end for suggesting that the Puthoff PV theory is a viable explanation for the UFO facts. New computations suggesting exotic short range Salam G* antigravity from hyperspace somewhat analogous to Dirac's discovery of negative energy states of antimatter. Additonal notes on Kaluza-Klein hyperspace, S & T dualities and propellantless propulsion as the self-determined timelike geodesic beyond the test particle approximation of general relativity. The latter is made possible by the finite self-energy of superstrings.
That is, the extra dimensions of hyperspace permit what appears to be a self-acceleration of the center of mass of the Unconventional Flying Object. See also http://stardrive.org/Jack/Hal1.pdf. New sections on detailed equations of time travel to the past and how to possibly evade Hawking's vacuum polarization instability disrupting time machines and killing the would be time travelers to the past with super gamma radiation.

To Hal Puthoff on July 20, 2001
But Hal here is my basic point - the BIG PICTURE. What we are both really after, of course, is some explanation for TRUFO data - and to reverse engineer and build our own! If not for TRUFO phenomenon there would be no NASA BPP effort at all. That is the simple truth even if Marc Millis tries to deny it - we both know what the truth is here from the inside.
The two fundamental obstacles that you, Eric Davis et-al are not really facing are that:
1. Space-time with Newton's G is simply too stiff to bend in a controllable way i.e.
G/c^4 = 1 fermi per 4 billion metric tons (Feynman's number) = 1 Planck length per Planck energy
Or equivalently, string tension of 4 billion metric tons per fermi is too stiff!
Ergo: Star Gate Metric Engineering is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE without hyperspace induced Salam G* >> G short range (e.g. f-gravity 1973).
2. Space-time, without hyperspace, does not leak! This comes from topodynamics that the boundary of a boundary vanishes! Nothing you can do about that. Therefore, no form of vacuum propeller will ever work if there is no hyperspace leakage. So, from where you start from with only 4 dimensions, curved or not, you will never get propellentless propulsion.
Ergo: NASA BPP http://www.grc.nasa.gov/WWW/bpp should start looking elsewhere.
Trying to evade 1 & 2 above is like trying to evade the Second Law of Thermodynamics with Baron Munchausen perpetual motion flying machines.

 Zero Point Energy Gravity Physics

 Of UFOs, Star Gates, Time Travel and Parallel Brane Worlds

[1]  Like in Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”. Only in htm not pdf versions using MathType5. It may not work in MAC OS. Go to

[2]  The dispersion relation (AKA “mass shell”) for far field gravity waves is violated in the near field for frequency Hertz and wave 3-vector . The entire 4-space contributes to dynamic near fields, unlike the case of far field radiation. The near field is a macro-quantum coherent state of “virtual quanta” of the boson field. All Bose-Einstein condensates (BEC) are macro-quantum coherent, but not vice versa.

[3]  Universality incorporates the Galilean principle of equivalence called the weak principle of equivalence in Einstein’s general theory of relativity (GR). That is, all bodies fall with the same acceleration in the same place in a gravitational field.

[4]  Relative to an arbitrary origin of coordinates in a global Galilean frame of reference.

[5]  Note that the dimensions of both sides of equation (1.3) are speed squared. The dimensions of Newton’s G are 1/(mass density) x (time)2. This is useful to commit to memory.

[6]  The test particle approximation ignores direct back-reaction by the test particle on whatever is influencing it. In Bohm’s realist quantum theory, the inability to clone a photon comes from treating the hidden variable as a test particle. That is, the qubit pilot field moves the hidden variable particle without the particle directly distorting the pilot field. That is the orthodox statistics of quantum theory with the linear evolution of the density matrix depends on this approximation of action without reaction. See p. 30 & Ch 14 of “The Undivided Universe” by David Bohm and Basil Hiley (Routledge, 1993) and Asher Peres “How the No-Cloning Theorem Got its Name”, <http://xxx.lanl.gov/abs/quant-ph/0205076>

[7] The Yilmaz theory, with a nonvanishing local pure classical vacuum gravity field stress-energy tensor, found implicitly in Hal Puthoff’s “PV” theory, is rejected as a violation of the Einstein equivalence principle (EEP) as explained in detail by Misner, Thorne & Wheeler in “Gravitation”. For this reason alone, as well as several others equally fatal, Puthoff’s PV gravity claims are completely without any scientific foundation in my opinion. For the record, my remarks here should not be over-extrapolated and misconstrued as a blanket condemnation of Puthoff’s scientific work in other more practical engineering physics fields.

[8]  Pressure is defined as the diagonal elements of the 3-dim space-space stress tensor piece of the 4-dim total local stress energy tensor of non-gravitational field, here assumed isotropic for simplicity.

[9]  Sum of the 4 diagonal elements.

[10]  “Unconventional Flying Objects” by Paul Hill who was a solid sober USG aeronautical engineer circa post WWII at time of Roswell. His book is the best technical engineering book on UFOs, indeed the only one that is not crackpot.

[11]  Eq. (1.88) p. 26 John Peacock, “Cosmological Physics”, Cambridge Press ,(the Cal Tech text book).

[12] Alleged alternating red and blue shifts from UFOs have been written about, e.g. Eric Davis’s 2001 MUFON paper <>

[13] Where time stops for external observer.

[14]  Before accelerating universe data.

[15]  I worked with Lenny Susskind at Cornell in 1963 where we were both grad students. I had brought “space kid” Johnny Glogower to Cornell with Phil Morrison’s help. All three of us worked on the quantum phase-time operator problem that I had started Lenny on. The problem was first suggested to me by George Parrent, a student of Emil Wolf’s, when I worked at Tech/Ops in Burlington, Mass between Brandeis and going back to Cornell. The problem is mentioned in my Nuovo Cimento paper on correlations in black body radiation that I wrote at Tech/Ops. Lenny went ahead, at Peter Carruthers’ suggestion, and published a paper in Physics in the same volume the famous Bell inequality paper, without putting my name on it. I was at Ford Philco Aeronutronics in Newport Beach, CA at the time with Fred W. Cummings who later became my Ph.D. dissertation advisor at UCR (August, 1969) though all my class work was done at UCSD in La Jolla. Indeed, Fred liked to come down to La Jolla to work at the Scripps Oceanographic Institute on the ocean.

[16] Flat World has the Fermi surface without bound state pairing of the virtual electron-positron pairs to a lower more stable energy. It is 100% “Dirac sea”.

[17]   can be absorbed into the Planck scale making is larger and variable. The phase has singularities (e.g. vortex lines) representing non-integrable hysteresis memories from both past and future (e.g. Yakir Aharonov et-al “Destiny and History quantum state vectors”).

[18] The Wigner phase space density can go negative. Indeed, the vacuum superfluid Wigner density is negative in huge regions of “dark matter” in the universe.

[19]  “Sub-Planck structure in phase space and its relevance for quantum decoherence”, W. H. Zurek, Nature, 412, p. 712, 16 August, 2001.

[20] I worked with Abdus Salam at ICTP in Trieste, Italy in 1973 on these ideas. See my papers in “Collective Phenomena” edited by Herbert Frohlich and my UCR Ph.D. dissertation advisor, Fred W. Cummings, (Gordon & Breach ?) in that period. Also my 1966 paper with Marshall Stoneham of Harwell UKAERE on spontaneous broken symmetry in solid state “Jahn-Teller Effect” in Proceedings of the Physical Society of London cited in American Institute of Physics “Resource Letter on Symmetry in Physics”.

[21]  The center of mass of a bound pair, real or virtual, acts like a single particle.

[22] http://arxiv.org/abs/gr-qc/9909037

[23] As in the Puthoff-Targ CIA-funded Remote-Viewing Stanford Research Institute experiments in 1973 when I first met them with Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Brendan O’ Regan and more of the others. See Martin Gardner’s “Magic and Paraphysics” in “Science, Good, Bad and Bogus”.

[24] There are still a lot of formal details to work out in the replacement of globally flat Fourier integrals by adaptive scale-dependent windowed wavelet transforms required in classical curved spacetime with the breakdown of global flatness of special relativity. So this is a “program” for continued R&D.

[25]  A brane parallel universe would have to be less than ~ 2 millimeters away from us in hyperspace according to current measurements. This number is changing with better experiments, e.g. Ch 7 Hawking, Aug 2000 Scientific American “The Universe’s Unseen Dimensions”.

[26] <http://stardrive.org/math4/> <http://xxx.lanl.gov/abs/gr-qc/0204012>.

[27] “Things are seldom what they seem.” HMS Pinafore, Gilbert and Sullivan.

[28]  Given a cell in field oscillator phase space, the cell can either be empty of a real fermion or have one real fermion of a given type in it. That’s the Pauli exclusion principle. The same cell can have any number of real bosons of a given type in it. However, the real quanta do not determine micro-quantum vacuum structure until they get very dense.

[29]  Coined by Michio Kaku in “Hyperspace”.

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