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Wormholes are warps in space-time that create short cuts between two points space through a tunnel that has a length that is arbitrarily short even though it may connect two points that are arbitrarily distant. What this means is that a wormhole can allow matter, energy, and information to travel to a distant point without passing through the space between the two points effectively circumventing the light speed barrier that prevents travel faster than light through normal space.

Wormholes are a natural part of the fabric of space-time or the quantum foam. These natural wormholes are so small and so short lived that not even light can pass through them

Artificial Wormholes

Wormholes can be created artificially through the use of gravity generators. However artificial wormholes can collapse just as easily as natural ones so the configuration and power of the gravity generators has to be such that the wormhole throat creates a region within the wormhole itself that causes negative energy to breed out of the vacuum. This negative energy stabilizes the wormhole long enough for matter and energy to pass through. The length of time that a wormhole remains stable after creation is related to its size as well as the amount of matter and energy that pass through it.

Artificial wormholes come in two types, unbound wormholes or jumpgates and bound wormholes or star gates. Both are stable but unbound wormholes are only stable temporarily while bound wormholes are permanently stable as long as the devices maintaining them are working properly.


As stated above jumpgates are artificial wormholes created by the use of gravity generators in a configuration that warps the throat of the wormhole so that the wormhole is self stabilizing, at least temporarily, by its ability to breed negative energy out of the vacuum of space, the so called zero point energy field. The gravity generators for jumpgates can be mounted on starships allowing them to created wormholes at need.

Jumpgates can be created on planetary surfaces and can allow objects to travel between two points on the same surface. However jumpgates that are created in gravity wells like this are even more unstable and energy hungry than jumpgates created in outer space. This means that while it is possible to create jumpgates on planetary surfaces it is not practical energy wise to do so for mass transportation.


Stargates are like jumpgates but there is a permanent wormhole generator or portal used to maintain the wormhole link between two established locations. When not in use the wormhole used by the stargate is allowed to shrink to a microscopic level so as to save on the energy needed to maintain it. Since stargates are actively stabilized they are more reliable than jumpgates. Over short periods of time jumpgates are more energy efficient than stargates but over longer periods of time stargates are more efficient. The reason for this is that the creation of the wormhole is the most energy intensive part of the process and the maintenance while energy intensive itself is less so than the constant creation of separate wormholes. Another advantage is that a stargates two mouths are in fixed locations so there is no uncertainty in where one will come out at when traveling through an established stargate.

Stargates suffer from the same problems of instability when within a gravity well as jumpgates so are impractical for mass transportation on planets. Stargates must also be located far enough from a gravity well that instabilities are kept to a minimum this means that a Stargate should be a million km plus from a planet and several million km from a star for stability. This also a good idea as Stargates require large amounts of energy and this requires fission, fusion, or antimatter power plants for the functions.

When a stargate is established at the creation site equipment is sent through to the other end to establish a second portal to which the second wormhole mouth can be linked to in the same way the first mouth is linked to its portal. When both mouths are linked to a stabilizing portal the two portals and their wormhole mouths can then be moved to new locations as needed. Stargates become non-traversable though if either portal mouth moves at relativistic speeds until said mouth slows to a non-relativistic speed.

Wormhole Navigation

Wormholes have two mouths while the first mouth is at the site of wormhole creation the other is at a specified distance and general location from the first mouth. The distance between the two mouths is easy to establish. If you set the distance between the two mouths as 1 ly for example then the other mouth will appear one light year away, however without control the second wormhole mouth can appear anywhere along the surface of a sphere of space that is 1 ly in radius. To narrow this down to a smaller portion of the sphere requires varying the configuration, intensity, and frequency of the gravity generators in such away as to specify a general arc within that sphere at which to open the other wormhole mouth. This requires high-end computers that are some of the most advanced ever created.

The best kice computers to date can cause a wormhole mouth to open up somewhere within a region of space 10 light years away that covers 1/1000th of 1 degree of the spheres circumference. This means that the wormhole mouth can be opened anywhere along the surface of a 10 light year in radius sphere with an accuracy of 5 AU. This accuracy increases the shorter the distance between the two wormhole mouths and decreases the greater the distance between the two mouths.

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